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Comment by leoncaruthers on November 25, 2022 9:37 am

Email my name at the g thingy if you want in on Secret Santa for this year. Deadline for submissions is Dec 2, and I’ll post daily reminders and an in-the-poat mention on Monday




  1. Each one has a special place in my Saturday morning heart.

    Thanks, Pups.

  2. Saturday Morning Heart is much preferable to Sunday Night Dread

  3. Hopefully your stone passed eventually Teresa. I’m good for about at least one a year and they are memorable events. I’ve done a little better now that I’m forcing myself to drink more liquids even if it means a nocturnal journey to the bathroom which wakes sleeping dogs.

  4. Bat with a teddy bear and I’m melting

  5. Comment by Jimbro on November 26, 2022 7:15 am
    Saturday Morning Heart is much preferable to Sunday Night Dread


    You are correct, Sir!

    And that bat with teddy bear got me too, Brother Tim.

  6. let’s get Thanksgiving started!

  7. 24 hours to my turkey going in the oven. It’s defrosting in the fridge and should be ready for the big event tomorrow

  8. Wakey wakey.

    32? damn! that must be a low cut top and push up bra!

    I don’t always make that much $$, but I am pretty good at what I do. Judging by the service I usually get, I’m a freakin rock star.

  9. I had someone tip a the bill basically and two $20 on $50 checks.

  10. This was a great collection. We might need that overly affectionate Aussie sign. Thanks Pups.

  11. Woweee what a memepost! Thanks!

    Good morning errybody. Scott said we need to go for a walk today then he had a leg cramp between here and the kitchen.

  12. When I think of Carin “battling” the other servers in the tip competition I feel like it’s a lopsided competition.

    See also the alleged Shakespeare saying, “I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed.”

  13. Merry Christmas lib nozzles.

  14. Brother’s former girlfriend snorted when she laughed, and it didn’t help that her name was Peggy. Pretty sure him calling her Piggy was the end of that relationship.

  15. Ferris wheel one made the dad joke list, and the dog sword fighting was shared on discord with the sword-jocks. Thanks, Pupster!

  16. I liked them all but the indifferent cat and “waking up from a nap not knowing where you are.” hhhahahahahah

  17. The APEC CEO summit 2022 (where Macron basically said we need one world government) the logo is a swastica with a design in the center. Huh.

  18. Mornin’, dirt tards.

  19. Comment by Sobek on November 26, 2022 11:23 am
    Mornin’, dirt tards.


    I don’t know what that is, but I feel that you’re right.

  20. A dirt tard is about as rare as a lib nozzle.

  21. Good news men, she’s single!

    She’s a fuckin Conehead. There is only one reason to stick with two modern iterations of the beehive.



  22. maybe she’s from France

  23. Mini-me is on her way back to MO. That week went by way too quickly.

  24. I think Ben’s school is mostly students from Maine because they only had 2 days off. He was here Wednesday night and went back to campus Thursday night because he had to fly on Friday with his instructor. He’s working both days this weekend.

  25. I need some of the more assholish among you to contact this place: https://is.gd/QaO2F5

    …and ask why they are still requiring all guests to be vaxxed (and boosted! Unreal) to help stop the spread and protect others, when it is a scientific fact that vaccination doesn’t stop the spread or protect others.

    I want to take someone special there on a day trip but I can’t go because this place is actually this stupid, on a famous college campus no less!

  26. Haha, I just read the comments on the “she’s single” article and this one stood out

    “Padgit8r undefined

    She’s still recognizable. Where most folks have a forehead…. she’s got an eighthead.”

  27. All the colleges are still all in on the bullshit, Lumps. UM needs to drop the Sciencia and Veritas from the motto.

  28. Wank Clown is definitely underutilized.

  29. That’s what we call your dad when your mom is out on one of her “dates.”

  30. hahahaha that gal is a level 11 attention whore. I wonder what happened during her marriage?

    Those tats though. She looks like she had one of those lives where at some point you are a prostitute because your boyfriend needs money for a new car.

  31. Mare paints a picture.

  32. Irene Cara has passed at 63. Unknown CoD at this time though.

  33. Mini-me passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam – yay! It was the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam when I was in school. It’s the first exam for getting a Professional Engineer (PE) license and it’s required for graduation, so that’s a big hurdle cleared.

  34. Was there ever any doubt?? HOORAY for Mini-you!! So nice to get a hurdle like that behind you.

  35. Congratulations Mini-Me. Hard work pays off.

  36. Mare paints a picture.
    Yeah, straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel

  37. Congratulations Mini-me!

    Standardized exams can have a winnowing effect that, when used appropriately, benefit society. For example, I want to drive over bridges designed by competent engineers.

  38. Ohio U is getting smoked.

  39. Biggest game of the year and breakroom TV is on Argentina/Mexico. Killing me. I’m ded. Fire Ryan Day.

  40. Ohio State..

  41. That happened to me yesterday.

  42. For example, I want to drive over bridges designed by competent engineers.

    Ablest dip goblin.

  43. Paula just called me and told the story of her exciting adventure at the Y today. She went for a swim this morning and remembered why she never goes on weekends when she saw the crowd in the pool. She asked an old lady if she could share her lane and was rudely refused. After waiting longer and getting a lane she got about 6 laps done when she heard the fire alarm. The lifeguard got everyone out of the pool and made them wait outside dripping wet except for a towel over her bathing suit. Turns out a 4 year old kid pulled the alarm. His 10 year old sister who was supposed to be watching him was bawling her eyes out. Paula reassured the kids’ mother they’d always have this memory to share. They had to wait for the fire department to come and clear the alarm per protocol. Of course the guys in the fire department are the same ones who bring patients in on stretchers to the ER she works at. Lots of comments from the guys as you might expect. It was windy and in the 30’s at the time. I don’t think she’ll swim on a weekend again.

  44. Geor’quarius!

  45. So, does she look good in a wet swimsuit on a windy chilly day?

  46. 5/5 firemen from the Belfast Fire Department agree

  47. Went to mom’s to claim Thanksgiving leftovers today. Going to former houseguest’s place for another turkey dinner tonight with her family. And tomorrow I’m secretly cooking a turkey.

  48. Her suit is more of an athletic cut than what you’re imaging, think black swim shorts and a matching top that looks like a sports bra. I know this because she was walking around the house and adding layers to that outfit as she prepared to drive there this morning.

  49. I’ve made the secret turkey a few times over the years. Left mom and dad’s with a cooler full of leftovers from turkey dinner there only to cook another one soon after.

    See also Secret Fruitcake

  50. Gyms with pools always cater to kids and not lap swimmers. The Y always has family swim and the jazzer size swim. I no longer swim. Walking. Lots of walking.

  51. Yeah, I don’t know what she was thinking. She usually checks the schedule for lap swimming time and maybe even reserves a lane during the week. I think this was supposed to be an “easy swim” and the pool was half lanes and half disorganized family mayhem. Her focus was more on meeting a fellow nurse to do some Christmas shopping at a store in Rockport. Live and learn.

  52. I get it. It really grinds my gears though. I used to pay the alumni price at UNM to use the pools. Dungeon pool was always reserved for scuba. Olympic pool started allowing kids and narrowing the lap swimmers.

  53. Been years since I listened to this. Still lights my fire.

  54. Not that I ever bought Calvin Klein before, but I definitely won’t now. Yuck.

  55. I’m glad I’m not the only secret turkey bad person in the world.
    Really, I’ll only use maybe one breast and thigh, cooked sous vide, for traditional meals. The rest of the bird will be separated for making other stuff like turkey sausage and turkey soup/ broth for canning etc.

  56. From sobek in the last thread:

    I don’t get why a guy named Fuentes is a white nationalist in the first place

    Yeah, I know he’s “Mexican” on the father’s side, but look at him. This guy is not an indigenous. He’s a Spaniard.

  57. LSU is getting a thorough gigging.

  58. Teresa, my mom is the oldest of the three sisters (MG is almost 10 yrs younger than my mom). I think you are thinking of my other aunt. Anyway, regardless, she appreciated your kind thoughts very much. Thank you 🙂

  59. Happy Michigan destroying Ohio State day!

  60. Happy Birthday, Mesa.

  61. Deanna enjoys research projects.

  62. Well, now I feel silly, Mrs. Peel – all this time I thought your aunt was your mother! (Boy, does that sound redneck, or what? 😂😂😂).

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