Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born April 4th, 1988 in Boston, Massachusetts. She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 362536 and 135 lbs. Please show your support for Miss Maggie Geha.


  1. wow

  2. j’ames:
    “” Comment by Jay in Ames on September 8, 2022 11:19 am
    jam, can you weigh in on this? “”

    from what i know/remember the mechanism of action is quite different between ivermectin and paxlovid.

    I think:
    ivermectin (partially) inhibits viral entry into the host cell in order to allow a natural immune system response time to gear up.
    there are other effects such as subtle pH changes at the level of cell membrane channeling which inhibit viral replication too… and that may be part of your multiple vector question.

    paxlovid temporarily inhibits viral protein production – which kind of puts the infection cycle in neutral – so to speak. The host cells would already be infected.

    The brazil study would bear this out – i believe the population with the greatest positive outcome was the group which used ivermectin prophylacticly .

    if i have time this weekend i’ll try to put something together on it.

  3. Wow is for this fine bbf offering titmaster Pup has blerg’d

  4. Paxlovid vs ivermectin is a standard pharma fight.
    Pfizer and glaxo have marketing groups which are the 800 pound gorillas. They beat their competition to death without mercy or quarter.
    Ivermectin has known antiviral properties and early “studies” by some “researchers” were purposely conducted outside of the known micro molar concentrations required for viral inhibition.

  5. She seems classier than the average BBF broad

  6. It’s one more nail I would put in bourla’s coffin.
    And by coffin I mean capital murder trial.

  7. Big Pharma shifted its marketing from prescribers to consumers when the laws shifted to disallow pimping meds to doctors. I’ve seen the evolution over my career. As a student and resident we had regular “drug lunches” paid for by various drug reps. All the logo pens and other trinkets with the drug name on them. They’d pay for education and leave samples. I remember the chief’s office always had a shelf loaded with anti inflammatory meds for the taking. That’s all gone now

  8. Coupletree days ago, I tossed some extra homemade bread into the cellar freezer because I had made too much. Apparently I didn’t close the door well enough or it was so full it popped open. Heard the beeping this morning. I just threw away….*cries* sooooo many pounds of meat. I found a pack of chicken, a pack of sausage, and a pack of ground beef still frozen. But I think I should chuck those too, because who knows?

    To save bread. This happened. To save bread.

    Three big laundry baskets full of meat, going to the trash. I am sick. I better replace it quickly because this stuff is all getting more expensive by the hour. I can’t believe this shit.

  9. I initially saved a leg of lamb that was mostly still frozen. Threw it in the fridge to cook later. But I just threw that in the pile too because the edges were thawed for…how long? Ugh. I feel ill. Ill. That was a lot of money and effort.

  10. Great article about the current state of medicine.

  11. I’m so so sorry, Laura, that’s terrible. I felt just as sick when the GFCI in my garage didn’t reset after an outage and I only noticed two weeks later when the freezer with half a steer in it had a red puddle in front of it.

  12. Ugh!! Yeah, it’s the same terrible thing. In other news, I learned this morning that me in the cellar shouting “Noooo! Oh noooo! ” is not enough noise to wake up my sleeping husband.

  13. I had a fleeting thought to add up the money but I just can’t. It was all different wonderful things. Salmon, turkey breasts, about ten big slabs of beef strip roasts, chicken legs, nice polish sausage, lamb…*starts cutting self*

  14. Definitely over a thou. Maybe 1500, 2000…


  15. This shit doesn’t happen with the chest freezer. If I ever get another freezer it won’t be a standup.

  16. Oh no Laura, I an so so sorry! That’s awful.

  17. Pfizer and glaxo have marketing groups which are the 800 pound gorillas.

    I would think Merck would be in the same category.

  18. ugh, that suck, laura

    I get it about the chest freezer. But that upright is really convenient, for access. Don’t need to don winter clothing to dig to the bottom of the freezer.

  19. I was considering a chest for the garage freezer, but my sheep farmer was selling off the ones he’d had for the CSA and I got a really good deal on the stand freezer. If I’d had a chest I might not have noticed the power loss until I could smell the rot.

  20. That sucks.

  21. Thanks for your insight on Paxlovid/Ivermectin jam. I appreciate it. The summary explanation I had was not quite right I see.

  22. Laura, I’m about to join you crying. The thought of losing all that wonderful meat, hell it’s not even MY loss and it hurts…

  23. I’m so sorry, Lumps, that’s awful!

    **runs downstairs to check freezer**

  24. Comment by Jimbro on September 9, 2022 6:19 am
    She seems classier than the average BBF broad

    You’re just saying that cause she’s your homegirl. Well……close anyway. Same neck of the woods.

  25. I got Dr. Eric Berg and Dr. Ken Berry mixed up. They both talk about keto and intermittent fasting, but I think Berg is the one selling supplements.

  26. They don’t make them like this anymore:

    WWII uncovered: James Maitland Stewart: Decorated Pilot Flies 20 Combat Missions Over Germany
    “James Maitland Stewart, of Indiana Pennsylvania, had over 400 flight hours as a civilian pilot when he enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1941, and became an instructor for both the B-17 and B-24. He was 33 years old.”

    According to the National Aviation Hall of Fame: “In November 1943, Stewart was sent to England as Operations Officer for the 703rd Squadron, 445th Bombardment Group of the Eighth Air Force, transferring to the 453rd Bombardment Group in March 1944. Then Major Stewart flew 20 dangerous combat missions as a B-24 command pilot, wing commander or squadron commander, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross with two Oak Leaf Clusters, The Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm.” (Source: National Aviation Hall of Fame)
    Colonel Stewart remained in the US Air Force Reserve and was promoted to Brigadier General in 1959.
    During his two weeks of active duty in 1966 Stewart requested a combat assignment, and he was duly sent on an inspection tour of Vietnam, where his stepson, 1Lt Ronald McLean, had recently been fatally wounded at the age of 24. Stewart insisted on participating in a strike against VC targets, flying a mission at the controls of B-52F 57-0149.

    I didn’t know he flew a mission in Vietnam, to avenge his stepson.

  27. I like the black and white pic of her cause you can’t tell that she’s a fuckin’ redhead.

  28. Aww, teacher exposed by Project Veritas flees, hides in dentist office when confronted by O’Keefe

    And the dentist’s office complies and closes the blinds and hides her. I love NYC.

  29. I had a short girlfriend who hated dealing with chest freezers. I finally asked if the reason she hated chest freezers is because for her that described what it did?

    She said she hated standing on her head to get stuff out of the bottom, but if she took a long time she might freeze her chest.

  30. I have to rearrange the freezers, getting some seldom used stuff over in the chest freezer, and more used to the upright. Dog food getting moved to the upright.

  31. I don’t like the new header.

  32. 8/10 would smash

  33. There are inexpensive automatic power failure alarms you can put on outlets. They sound a loud alarm and flash. Wouldn’t work for just the door going ajar though, because the freezer still has power.

    Miss Maggie is another fine winner of the genetic lottery.

  34. King Charles?

  35. Isn’t that a type of spaniel?

  36. yes, yes it is, elliot had a grandpa that was King Charles, so he’s smaller than a regular spaniel

  37. vegetarian science is off the hook

  38. This shit doesn’t happen with the chest freezer. If I ever get another freezer it won’t be a standup.
    Years ago when we had our small chest freezer in the basement the older boy with severe ADD went down to grab a frozen pizza and left the lid open. It was a few days before we went down for something else but by then the contents (which were significantly less than yours) were ruined. He was barred from accessing the freezer without an adult in the house to remind him to close the lid.

  39. cause she’s your homegirl
    Her hometown did stand out but she was also young enough to be my daughter as opposed to granddaughter as most of these models are

  40. Ace’s post is pretty good. I was wondering what was going to come of that story.

    We are now at the point where a recorded event, attended by thousands of people, is not sufficient to disprove a claim.

  41. Kind of interesting how Ace posts race-related stuff and then tells people in the comments to simmer down. I can’t tell where he wants to draw the line.

  42. preemptive. People get carried away, and trolls are there, to push it.

  43. If i can just get through today with everyone caring about the jogger and no one giving a shit about the four other people who died in Memphis, I think I’ll have made it.

    In honor of THOSE victims, I’m going to drive around going about my day. PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO ABOUT THEIR DAY W/O BEING MURDERED.

    hey I learned the jogger ran the SAME route every day at 4 in the morning. BUt hey feminist warriors – keep up the narrative that you should be able to do whatever you want without evaluating the risk.

  44. This blog needs more jogging at 4am through the ghetto.

  45. Very nice!

  46. “God Save the King” sung in St. Paul’s Cathedral for the first time in over 70 years.

    Brought a tear to my eye.

  47. /stuffs MJ into the trunk of his car

  48. She is a top ten here.

  49. LOL

  50. Long distance dedication to our English friends:

  51. […] H-2 has BBF or, Big Boob Friday, with a stunning redhead […]

  52. Okay, just catching up with the links. The “model” gif had me laughing. It seems incomplete, like maybe there’s a Part 2 or at least there ought to be one.

  53. The second video link of Vermont Summer 2018 was a little weird with two guys and only her in it. I kept expecting the bow-chicka-bow-bow music to start in. Apparently she’s not that kind of “actress”.

    I have many fond memories of Vermont trips for weekends at all times of the year. It is a beautiful state with a lot of wide open fields and ample recreational opportunities. Getting to Vermont from Maine is painful given the lack of a good East-West highway. Every time one is proposed lawfare kills it.

  54. sobek – i gotcha brother

  55. btw the model gif looks painful

  56. that faith no mo singer has a little bit of a David Bowie thing going on at some points

  57. We got broken into again. Dan and I are behind a cop car on the way to work. He turns at our turn. Oso “I really hope he isn’t going to the Club”. Narrator “He was.” Only took 1 1/2 hours to clear the Club. Used the empty cash drawer to break into the gold jewelry case. Took the cash drawer, not knowing it was empty. First LEO asked the manager if they took more than $500? Manager was all “One of the chains was more than $500.” Brought a CoW in on her day off to do an audit…$5500.

  58. “We got broken into again.”

    Why did society make him do something like that!?!

  59. Between the push outs and the breakins, our Club has lost over $20,000

  60. Not sure our Sam’s has anywhere near that amount of theft. Who knows, maybe they do but given the area I doubt it.

  61. Everything in New Mexico is free.

  62. Could of been a her…….or a ghee.

  63. So today was Ben’s FAA exam. I thought it was on Wednesday but that was his MOCK exam by his instructor. We were on tenterhooks about the whole thing. He texted Paula around noon to say he passed the oral exam and was leaving for his check flight. Got the word around 4PM that he passed that too.

    Needless to say, we’re pretty excited. It takes me off the hook for a huge chunk of change if he didn’t pass it and had to get it through the college … like 20 grand worth of hoorays. Dodged a bullet there.

  64. Congratulations Jimbro

  65. Woo Hoo!!!!

  66. Scott, exactly. Walgreens forgot to turn on the classical music on Wednesday. 6 transients in their parking lot. Today, music so loud, we could hear it a block away while LEO was clearing the building. No transients. Hobos if you will

  67. How does he qualify for bigger planes? Employers?

  68. How many lobsters fit in the smaller planes?

  69. This is the first step only. He’s got the VFR rating – visual flight rules (I think that’s what that means). He needs a lot more flight hours before getting instrument rating. His first instructor was Pete, a young guy in his late 20’s getting hours by being an instructor. He got called up to the big leagues to fly for Cape Air (which is more like Triple A ball than the big leagues now that I think about it). His current instructor Dave is a retired airline pilot in his late 60’s or 70’s

  70. Reading about the pilot shortage and where new pilots are coming from…yay Ben

  71. He is gonna kick butt. I just know it.

  72. To find something you were meant to do at that age?

    It took me 45 years to figure that out.

    Good on him.

  73. 4 on the wings and one in the back

  74. Scott, exactly.

  75. He’s not entirely sure what pilot job he wants but he’s got time to figure that out. He sees the guys flying private jets for rich people at the Bar Harbor Airport and thinks that might be okay. The rich people paying for private jets range from super nice people to absolute dickweasels so that’s something to think about. Who knows – cargo, regional carriers, big airlines – he’ll figure it out.

  76. If he wants to fly lobsters to Hartford I will sign up.

  77. Scott, if he wants to bet $5 parlays on Unders for Sunday, he’s got my vote

  78. I’ll mention it in the morning, he’s already headed to his room to sleep. He’s been pulling late nights to prepare for weeks. Just going to school will seem like a relief compared with what he’s been doing.

    Lobster prices are low now because the economy sucks plus some environazi group labelled them problematic because the Feds claim lobster trap lines kill endangered whales (which is false). As a result a lot of restaurants in typical knee jerk fashion are pulling lobster off their menus.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  80. That was a long ass day.

  81. that’s awesome news about Ben.

    close family friend is a private jet pilot, made a really good life for himself. Travels all over the world. When he got tired of the structure, he was able to fly airlines for a more standard schedule for a while. Options are all there, good for him!

  82. At least you aren’t one of the 35 trump allies raided by the FBI that Bannon reported to Charlie Kirk.

  83. oh for pete’s sake, Zelensky speaking at a defense industry conference. This is getting ridiculous

  84. $4 on $150 tonight. Barely English speaking Mexicans. Not a surprise – I’ve waited on them before. But they literally order really expensive things. Porterhouse steak, filet etc. 4 top shelf margaritas and then 2 shots of Don Julio. I still walked with 24% after tip out, but it’s annoying. I also outsold everyone by hundreds of dollars.

  85. Dudley expressed remorse penitently.

  86. some just don’t understand

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