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  1. Foist and moist

  2. I saw an article about the Obamas revealing their official White House portraits. Thought they already did that? The one of TFG on a chair in a bunch of leaves and some other tranny that looked nothing like Mooch.

  3. Lumps’ late night music reminded me of this one.

  4. Oh, that’s a good oldie.


    I love all the excerpted allegations in this lawsuit. I eat them up. Faster please.

  5. The Obama’s already had one tongue bath from the media for their unconventional portraits when they were first revealed a couple of years ago. This was the “unveiling in the White House” ceremony that Trump declined to do and rightfully so.

  6. Yea, no one wants to explain why there are two official portraits. They are somehow blaming Trump. I can only guess on the official backstory. My guess is that Trump didn’t want to have the ceremony – so they went and got those god-awful portraits done and held the ceremony wherever the fuck they did it. But now with Joe struggling, it’s a really good time to do the thing up right – so they got two more done (realizing the other two were – lets be honest – gross) and had another unveiling.

    There are some claims about the other portraits belong to National portrait gallery or something, but I never remember there being two OFFICIAL PORTRAIT ceremonies.

    wakey wakey

  7. The video of him in the car – whatever the fuck he is saying …

    But nope, we don’t need to have any national discussion about WTF is going wrong with our youths – mostly black ones. Nope keep feeding them bullshit about how it’s the racism that’s keeping ’em down, and educating them on black history instead of math and reading skills. It is working out wonderfully.
    Also, keep the social programs going that encourages young women to have sex with whomever, have babies they can’t raise, with zero men in their lives. Because A1.

  8. Bets on whether Trump and Melania will have official portraits?

  9. I didn’t realize they were different portraits. The 2 seconds I spent looking at them did make me wonder if they were the ones that generated so much controversy before. But then I read a story about a man harassing Litter Collector Karen and lost any desire to read about it further.

  10. They should wait to unveil their portraits during his second term.

    That would be sooooo Trump.

  11. Yeah, their first official portraits were over-self-consciously artsy and horrible and we all laughed at them. Looked ridiculous next to this line of traditional portraits of the prior officeholders and first ladies. Can’t blame them for wanting a re-do.

  12. This new jerb I’m potentially maybe perhaps going to take requires vaccination.

    They asked me if I was ok with it and I put on a giant smile and said OF COURSE!

    LOL – we’ll see where it goes. If they make an offer I want, I’ll have to become suddenly religious.

  13. Good luck MJ. But be careful. You never know what the little lemmings will want to do to you next.

  14. It was nice knowing you MJ.

  15. Tawanda T. Epps, a fan on Facebook, notes that the skirt in the portrait reflects the patterns of the Gee’s Bend Quilt-makers.

    I have seen the Gee’s Bend quilts in person. There’s no pattern. They took whatever fabric they had on hand from clothes that couldn’t be worn any more and made quilts out of them. The artsy types make a big deal out of the “artistry” of the quilts, but it’s bullshit. Think of lots of pants legs sewn together.

  16. Wow. The artist really captured her RBF.

  17. The Memphis shooter out early got three years when he plead down from first degree murder and other violent charges.

    Remind me what some of the Jan 6th protesters got? Also, remind me how the judges when beyond the sentencing guidelines put forth by the prosecutors?

  18. twitter: Working from home

  19. Roamy, turning yesteryear’s function into trendy clothing is gentrification. But it’s ok when they do it.

  20. We had a patchwork rug in my basement when I was a kid. Someone had just put a single backing on a whole bunch of carpet remnants and made a 10’x12′. I bet I could sell it to a hipster for $1k today.

    MJ, you do you, but I’d have laughed and hung up on them.

  21. This is a good piece. https://buttonslives.substack.com/p/my-i-would-have-been-trans-story

  22. I’m about to lose my shit over all the runners talking about the Memphis chick. I SHOULD BE SAFE WHEN I GO RUNNING! BS.

    Well, how about that man who was shot dead yesterday at the auto parts store? He won’t see his family anymore either.

    And BOTH of these criminals had priors and got released. When obviously they shouldn’t have.

  23. Over-entitled twatwaffles who only care when it’s their ox being gored, not those icky other people.

    The term “AWFL” could not possibly be more apt.

    Also, I guarantee not a one of those mental and moral lightweights will ever connect the crimes they complain about to the people they vote for whose policies make them not just possible, but inevitable.

  24. Come On Eileen is 40 years old. Huh. I want a do-over.

  25. Your tax dollars at work:

    Pfizer Inc., New York, New York, was awarded a $4,852,867,500 modification (P00004) to contract W58P05-22-C-0001 for the oral therapeutic PAXLOVID. Work will be performed in New York, New York, with an estimated completion date of March 31, 2023. Fiscal 2022 American Rescue Plan Act funds; Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds; Coronavirus Preparedness Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act funds; and Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act funds in the amount of $4,852,867,500 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity.

    It is my understanding that Paxlovid(Pfizermectin) is a protease inhibitor that ‘pushes the snooze button’ on Covid-19 replication for a week, or so. If you have an intact immune system that will attack the virus during that week, perhaps it will help. If, on the other paw, you are “Vaxxed & Boosted”, your immune system is busted, and Covid will proceed on its merry way. See Antony Fauci…

  26. Saskatchewan guy who got stabby on ten people had a rap sheet as long as Michelle’s scrotum.

    MSM seems to be unaware of this.

  27. I believe Paxlovid is a protease inhibitor with only a single vector. Ivermectin is a protease inhibitor with 29(?) vectors.

  28. jam, can you weigh in on this?

  29. MJ, you do you, but I’d have laughed and hung up on them.
    I always listen and agree to everything and then negotiate if it makes sense.

  30. True story: I was engaged to a young woman named Eileen when that song was still being played on the radio. Did not end up marrying her but did follow the song’s directive

  31. I can’t help but wonder if “10% for The Big Guy” applies to that $4.8 Billion Paxlovid contract…

  32. I lol’d but also said, ‘gross’ out loud.

  33. It’s not just me seeing this:

    Unrelated meme:

  34. I don’t even care if they do blame Trump (and I do think he is at least partially to blame anyway). They can’t stick it on DeSantis.

    (Also still secretly hoping for Texit)

  35. Would ya kindly delay Texit until I can figure out some way to decamp to there? I’d rather be on the right side of the line when the time comes, thanks.

  36. The fact that Trump still brags about Warp Speed and getting a vaccine in record time shows a lack of situational awareness. I know he’s pointing out how Brandon is falsely taking credit for its rollout but you would think his advisors would let him know the impending liability of his position. Occasionally I think he’s made up his mind NOT to run but is remaining in the spotlight to allow the left to focus their anger on him and not Desantis. Probably not a realistic assumption but it might explain some of his behavior.

  37. I’m not THAT optimistic we can make it happen…but the TNM did get the state Republicans to make a Texit vote a plank of their party, so maybe there’s a chance we get a vote when the legislature meets next.

  38. I grew up in one of those neighborhoods depicted above. When I was in elementary school the woods beside my house were bulldozed and they built several houses so my brother who was 5 years younger than me had the same experience with a bunch of new kids who moved in to them.

  39. Probably not a realistic assumption but it might explain some of his behavior.

    It isn’t even in the same zip code as realistic assumptions.

  40. I don’t want Trump to run again. He’s a spent arrow. And at some point the drip drip drip about the clot shot will become a firehose and they’ll wrap that hose around his neck and strangle him with it.

  41. It would run counter to everything we know about him so, yeah, I won’t argue with that mailing address

  42. AFAIK there is no democrat politician that has opposed the vaccine vocally so they’d be on equal footing.

  43. And we just got a tornado warning for our area. Exciting.

  44. Do dems still believe in science?

    Because they are always so sciencey?

    And follow the science.

    The science following money.

  45. The rumble of thunder is nigh constant, though distant. Fairly calm right here, but it’s mid-day and it’s VERY dark out. Spooky.

  46. In other news, my meeting notes from one meeting yesterday say, “YES! [Name] took the bait! MWA-HA-HAAA!”

    Sometimes meetings go on a little too long around here.

  47. Storm cell is directly over us now. Lightning is close. No funnel clouds spotted! Pray for Oso.

  48. Zeus is big angry. Very much smiting. Huge POWS. Sphincter tightening.

  49. We had one of those a couple weeks ago. The dog had gone out to pee when a particularly loud crack ensued. He yelped and tore back inside yelping and barking, and then peed in terror in the kitchen.

  50. Democrat science:
    – Men can get pregnant
    – Women can have a penis (besides in their mouth)

  51. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

  52. Last of the great ones. It’ll be downhill from here on out.

  53. And it’s moving on, we’re out of Danger Zone now aI think. Several sirens circling the general area though. Something got hit.

  54. As if Britain wasn’t boned enough, they have lost a true Monarch, and now are getting a fucking jackass in her place.

  55. King Charles!

  56. Is he going to use Charles as his regnal name? Seems a little…French.

  57. Charles could theoretically become ‘King Philip’, ‘King Arthur’, or ‘King George’ after his grandfather.

    My bet is King Arthur, for this self important figurehead.

  58. King Abdurrahman I.

  59. If William has him whacked for the good of the Kingdom, I won’t cheer, but I will nod approvingly.

  60. King Chuck

  61. God save England.

  62. Comment by Hotspur on September 8, 2022 1:38 pm
    Democrat science:
    – Men can get pregnant
    – Women can have a penis (besides in their mouth)



  63. Charles is an actual idiot.

    I don’t care about Royalty. I’m American, however, Queen Elizabeth but England first and did so with dignity. I liked what I saw.

  64. …put England

  65. It’ll have to be God if it’s anyone. The English are a conquered people.

  66. I heard on TV he’s going with King Charles III. He will wind up being Chuckles the Last.

  67. King Chuck U. Farley

  68. We haven’t had a monarch with a name that great since the Dickinner Dynasty in ancient Egypt.

  69. Today is the day for Franz, Duke of Bavaria, and heir to the Stuarts, to make his move.

  70. Ok, just got back from a long drive to have lunch with the MIL.

  71. I can’t stand the stupid of the internet today.

  72. I think I’ve pinpointed why it’s pissing me off so much. These keyboard warriors with their tribute runs, etc …they’re upset about the possibility she was raped and they’d think it means something to say that women shouldn’t be raped. Their message basically boils down to – sexual violence is bad. Tell your boys to stop doing it.

    OH REALLY. Well, that’s just genius. Why didn’t I think of it? We just tell everyone it’s bad and to stop.

  73. “I just got back from a run and survived. You don’t know what it’s like to fear for your life just for your hobby”.

    – every female runner on the internet today

  74. Is this about the woman kidnapped and killed by that black guy?

    It’s news because it doesn’t happen all that often. Ladies, run in pairs or run where you feel the safest…if that is, you have fear.

  75. Democrat science:
    – Men can get pregnant
    – Women can have a penis (besides in their mouth)
    Great. I’m in a meeting and just died laughing.

  76. Run in small groups and carry.

    Otherwise, get your ass on your peloton

  77. Run in small groups and carry an axe. If you’re carrying an axe, the bad guy hiding in the bushes will think “I’ll wait for the next one.”

  78. If you carry two axes you can get a nice balanced workout. Just be careful when you are pumping your arms.

  79. Comment by lumps on September 8, 2022 4:38 pm
    If you carry two axes you can get a nice balanced workout. Just be careful when you are pumping your arms.



  80. Bannon arrested on money laundering and conspiracy charges


  81. So, what exactly are a shot and a chaser? Two drinks taken in quick succession, or what? Are they supposed to be two different kinds of drink?

  82. Anyone who believes Gannon was charged in good faith is a dumbass.

  83. And the fed DOJ and the NY DOJ need to be burned to the ground. Salted, etc.

  84. So, what exactly are a shot and a chaser? Two drinks taken in quick succession


    Are they supposed to be two different kinds of drink?

    Yes, the first one is straight alcohol in a shot glass- like tequila- and the second one is something to immediately cool your throat after the shot and taste good, like a fruit juice.

    Although some people use a mild alcohol to chase the hard liquor. Like ‘a shot and a beer’ type of thing.

  85. Just a SWAG, but queuing up an old Sex Pistols song would be inappropriate right now, especially if there are limey’s looking. RIP Liz.

    On another note, crazy idea about Soros prosecutors and judges. State legislatures make their base salaries based on 2080 hours at minimum wage, then offer monthly or quarterly performance incentives based on piece work.
    Nahhh, That’d never work….

  86. https://is.gd/lmQ50G

    (Imgur video with sound)

  87. For Sunday:


    (Imgur video with sound)

  88. https://is.gd/6YkTYe

    (Imgur video with sound)

  89. Connected to Lauraw’s blood clot link, coroners during autopsies have found numerous fibrous growths in bodies.

    Such a mystery. Such a mystery.

  90. Celina seems fun.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  91. Ah, so it’s kind of like a handful of M&Ms followed by a spoonful of smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream.

    *gets idea for dessert*

  92. “For Sunday:”

    That was wonderful. Nothing quite like taking a joke waaaaaaaay too far. Also, much easier to understand the words than when Cartman sang it.

  93. https://is.gd/_Scene_outside_of_Mares_condo

    (Imgur video with sound)

  94. https://is.gd/_Scene_inside_of_Osos_condo

    (Imgur video with sound)

  95. https://is.gd/wmwY5B

    (Imgur video with sound)

  96. Beagle Freedom Project is getting lots of press. No one is talking about why 4000+ beagles were suddenly available for adoption. The gnome from NIH cut all of the demons off from govt money. Mare needed a Condo gun. So did Oso.

  97. Dessert Idea, Crunchy peanut butter with an equal amount of white corn syrup thoroughly stirred in. The sugar rush is AWESOME!
    Don’t do it as a bed time or mid night snack unless you have things to do.

  98. Young CoW told me to watch Blow. 2001 is such a blur to me for the most part. True Story. John Wick was supposed to be Dans’ birthday movie. His dad passed the day before his birthday. We ended up not watching John Wick until it came out on Red Box.

  99. I can’t tolerate candy anymore. Cookies are even a bit much sometimes. And I’ve become a total snob wrt ice cream.

  100. DNH, that and hot flour tortillas. Super serial. That’s been a New Mexican dessert for several Type II generations.

  101. Wonder who’s guest-hosting WarRoom while Bannon’s in Kangaroo Kourt.

  102. Beagle Freedom Project is getting lots of press.

    A crap ton of them landed in Fort Wayne, all found homes within a day or two. People from Indy were in line to get them.
    Just goes to show ya rural Trumpie hicks are more sympathetic than the simps where the pups came from.

    Civil war…wants to be waged by democrats that want to torture puppies for science. All Hail Science!

  103. Saw the story but didn’t read it until you mentioned it


    Other than that I haven’t seen anything on it

  104. Saw the Spirit Of Halloween store at the Bangor Mall yesterday as I drove by. Situated in the now vacant Bed, Bath and Beyond store next to the vacant Toys R’ Us store.

  105. Walgreens forgot to turn on the classical music. 8 homeless in the parking lot yesterday. No William Tell. DEI shopping carts.

  106. I know that Gain of function research that involved lots of human deaths should anger me more than Beagles, but yet it doesn’t. Gnome boy needs to die.

  107. Oh no, I’d curse him with immortality and then put him in a septic tank forever.

  108. Sand fleas and no vocal chords. Lois Lerner set a precedent that we will never recover from. McCabe. Strozk. Page.

  109. Heh. Even John Rich tweeted this. Viral funneh

  110. Lumps, I tried. I preached to familia and CoWs. I went all in and risked my job. I have been blocked by family. The WHO, CDC, and MFM should be sued out of existence. CoW vaxxed her kids. I’m so afraid. Dan is like you told her. You gave her links. She chose.

  111. That Twitter thread reminded me of a thought I’d had. Ayn Rand would have listened to you describe Fauci and then considered him as an antagonist, then dismissed him as too one-dimensionally evil.

  112. A few years ago, Formula One had this ridiculous range of 7 different colors for the tires, and someone put together an image of the tires and QEII in outfits the same colors as the tires. I have never been able to find that image again.

  113. I have an huge problem seeing a doc that requires me to wear a mask. She’s fat.

  114. I’m fat, but I’m not writing receipts.

  115. Me: Yeah, I’ve never actually had a cavity in my life.
    Kids’ dentist: Wow! I’ve never had anyone say that before!
    Me: *gets suspicious*

    (We don’t see her anymore)

  116. Good. I have dentist stories. Optometrist stories.

  117. My wife hasn’t either, Peel. There’re some folks blessed with a benign strain of streptococcus mutans in their saliva that doesn’t cause dental caries. The rest of us suffer them even with solid dental hygiene.

  118. Fire her.

    I fired a dentist over this crap.

  119. Scott knows.

  120. https://beckernews.com/donald-trumps-political-enemies-dumbfounded-after-finding-classified-mar-a-lago-document-folders-are-empty-46767/

    A chess-playing fellow who was suspicious of his adversaries would absolutely lard his stack of documents with empty CLASSIFIED folders. 100%. Just to fuck with their heads.

  121. Given that the average German is searching high and low for firewood to not freeze to death this winter, I don’t doubt that the pulp shortage is just as serious as the energy.

    Shoulda grown some loofahs, Krauts.

  122. We had our pool league tonight – I won three out of my five games! Strong team too – only one of our player won one of his games. Three other players had no wins tonight.

  123. https://mobile.twitter.com/GoldTelegraph_/status/1567916056810852353

    If China finally starts on that long-delayed civil war I’ve been waiting for for 20 years, I may just have to celebrate with a cigar or two.

  124. It’s happening on schedule.
    Get your shit together.

  125. If we’re lucky and God’s providence is with us, Xi will be too busy with the civil war/insurrection/coup to project power outward, giving us some needed time to settle some family business of our own.

  126. Europe, like the US, has a large contingent of useless dependents. Dependents are notorious for being ill-prepared for everyfuckingthing, by design.

    So, while the wise ants have insulated their homes and piled firewood and canned goods in their cellars, what will the government-leeching foolish grasshoppers be doing?

    When there’s an energy crunch and the government is rationing and allowing major industries to die, will there be a reckoning for the entitled layabouts?

  127. That’s a very nice story about the queen. Recalls a song lyric like; Her magesty’s a pretty nice girl, but she doesn’t have a lot to say.”

  128. Kind of ironic I was wearing the same black polo shirt today that I had packed just in case the Queen passed while we were in the UK. (Mr. RFH still razzes me about that.) Co-worker said in the photo of her meeting Liz Truss on Tuesday, her hands were gray.

  129. Snorted at “Charles the Turd”.

  130. Lumos,

    That letter on the non-ferrous metals is interesting. Aluminum production has to have constant power. If not the pots they use to reduce the aluminum oxide to aluminum will cool and the electrodes break. They have to be completely rebuilt. Normally a pot will last many years if I remember correctly. The cost to shutting down is enormous. However the massive increase in cost of the electrical power makes the whole process unprofitable. Those producers are screwed.

  131. Dennis exploited Robin’s phobias.

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