2022 BBF Semi-Finals Round 2

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Semi-Finals, Round 2.

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Your model for today was born August 9th, 1995 in Boston, Massachusetts. She stand5′ 3″ and measures 34 – 24 – 35 and 128 lbs. Please grab some nuggies with Miss Faryn Corey.

Comment by Hotspur on February 18, 2022 10:45 am
That is a two-dick mouth.

Comment by mare on February 18, 2022 11:00 am
She’s adorable.

Comment by MJ on February 18, 2022 4:57 pm
8/10 would smash


Your model for today was born on January 1st, 1993 in GermanyShe stands 5‘ 10” and measures about  36 – 26 – 36  and 160 lbs. Please willkommen Miss Leicht Perlig AKA Liesa / softsparkling.

Comment by lumps on March 25, 2022 7:09 am
Kinda funny how except for the first picture she did nothing to her hair, no makeup, kept the big utilitarian eyeglasses. And even in the first one it’s minimal. And the dress, with sneakers? She doesn’t look like a pro. She doesn’t do smoldering expressions. From the neck up its your second grade teacher.

Comment by lumps on March 25, 2022 7:11 am
Still, I can’t believe Rosetta is missing this.

Comment by MJ on March 25, 2022 7:38 am
6/10 would smash

This is very confusing

Comment by Senor Pendejo on March 25, 2022 8:06 am
Her nipples distracted me so badly that I have no further opinion at this time.

Comment by TeeRoy Jenkins on March 25, 2022 8:38 am
She looks a bit daffy.


Your model for today was born March 6th, 1996 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 37 – 22 – 35 and 128 lbs. Please honk for Miss MalaikTerry.

Comment by Jimbro on April 22, 2022 5:31 am
I really want to touch her …

… hair

Comment by Tex Lovera on April 22, 2022 6:40 am
For a girl who’s built, she’s very pretty. But 128 lbs seems a bit off.

Comment by Pendejo on April 22, 2022 8:20 am
This young lady looks like she could’ve been one of the Cosby kids.


Youmodel for today was born Marc7th, 1994 in Kyoto, Japan. She stands 5‘ 3” and measure42 – 23 – 36 and 130 lbs. Please welcome Miss Shion Utsunomiya AKA Anzai Rara Shiwon Utsunomiya / Siwon Utsunomiya / Rara Anzai / Rion / 安齋らら.

Comment by jam2 on July 29, 2022 6:12 am

Comment by roamingfirehydrant on July 29, 2022 9:46 am
BBF model is pretty when she smiles.

Comment by MJ on July 29, 2022 9:48 am
10/10 would smash

( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )


  1. Nice selection today! Happy Friday, y’all 😊

  2. Has TeeRoy checked in lately?

    Up again at 3:30. This time cause I was cold and schwetty.

  3. Haven’t heard from TeeRoy in a few months at least that I can recall.

  4. Once again threw my vote to the biggest skankiest rack.

  5. Jimbro for the 🏆

  6. The first young lady is down right cute.
    I must however stick to the contract and go skankrack.

  7. wakey wakey

    Once again, my vote is up for grabs! Venmo, cashapp, whatever.

  8. It has to be Number 1. She’s cute and has my birthday!

  9. Much like Jam2, I felt bad about voting for Number 1 when around here we’re more about skanking it up than cute.

  10. Does anyone else use the Random Book feature on Project Gutenberg to discover new (old) authors?
    I get their monthly email and usually skim through it before hitting delete. Does that count?

  11. The adulation of skankery is what led to the evolution of my voting Mare.

    For years I’d search for the ideal combination of physical attractiveness, modeling skills, take note of any marketable skills not tailored to the Only Fans universe and assess straight out cuteness and then after careful consideration cast my vote.

    My contestants rarely won so now I’m on Team Phuket and just look for the chick with the biggest grossest rack and lay my marker down on her (so to speak)

  12. Went to go play at pool league last night, but we had no team to play. Confusion, chaos and madness reigns at the Moose Lodge. The team we were scheduled to play we have already played, so they did not come. Got some practice in with some of the other teammates anyway. Pity, I was actually playing well for once.

    One of the other teams has a 14 year old girl playing for them, which caused some controversy and hard feelings amongst some of the other players in the league. Seems she’s a ringer as she regularly plays in tournaments and is quite good. I saw her leaving opponents with 4-5 balls on the table.

  13. interesting, most of the leagues I play in are age restricted, to bars

  14. does the moose lodge have cheese curds?

  15. Well, it’s a lodge so different rules though they certainly do have a bar there. Not entirely certain of all the details but this is what I think – she’s not eligible to be a member that’s for sure. Guests can only be brought in twice, so I assume her parents are members and so get around that rule. Dunno for sure about that. Since she’s a new player and female her handicap is very high, but she clearly plays above that level. Of course, her handicap adjusts as she collects wins but still very advantageous for her team starting out. This would probably strike a lot of people as a manipulation of a loophole. Of course, others can do this but generally don’t is my impression. And note there’s a significant amount of prize money for the top teams at the end of the season, as well as the champion’s tournament for the finale. Thousands of dollars are at stake.

  16. Also, no cheese curds on the menus that I’ve seen.

  17. and just look for the chick with the biggest grossest rack and lay my marker down on her (so to speak)

    Atta boy. Which Axis Power did you go with?

  18. I’ve always been a sucker for a pretty face which Is why, a) I’m married to a woman who is an A-cup, and b) voted for the fourth place candidate last week.

    That being said, #2 looks a lot like the bride of a former colleague from work. They’re about 20 years younger than me and she has caused me to break one of the commandments a time or two.

    That Jap to is massive to the point of almost being a caricature.

    #1 Is my choice. She’s just got that certain something.

  19. Which Axis Power did you go with?
    Deutschland über alles

  20. Fuer der Vaterland, nein?

  21. Apologies, should be “fuer den Vaterland”.

    Or, equally applicable

    Fur von dem Vaterland.

  22. Had to vote for the German girl with the V-2 rockets.

    She reminds me a bit of our accountant at work; she’s a 60+ girl from der Rhineland but still an absolutely stacked babe.

  23. So today I learned that Elizabeth Bathory (aka “The Blood Countess”) was only investigated by neighboring nobles because her husband had died and she herself was getting on in years and they thought they could take her land. All the “testimony” about her came from her own servants, who offered up details under torture you’d call a war crime today, and there was never any physical evidence presented at her trial.

    Witch hunts are good times, and a tradition going back many exciting centuries.

  24. Amusingly, just like in Salem, it was Calvinists doing the hunting. I’m sure they were the Elect, so it’s fine.

  25. I had to cast my vote for the Canadian this week; great combination of bewbs, hips and butt. I could not in good conscience vote for the Kraut; not with my Polish heritage and her crazy eyes.

  26. It looks like in the early voting at least, Sasha Obama is getting curbstomped.

  27. I just vote for the biggest tits.

  28. hard feelings amongst some of the other players



  29. I thought “perverts” when I read “balls on the table”.

  30. My contestants rarely won so now I’m on Team Phuket and just look for the chick with the biggest grossest rack and lay my marker down on her (so to speak)


    hhhahahahha. Indeed.

  31. Love it.

  32. It warms my cold little monkey heart that we are aligning our BBF values with teh founding father’s prime directive.

  33. One of Pup’s funniest comments re: bbf was from a few years ago when he decried the use of vpns and declared “monkey business” in the final vote.

  34. Matt Walsh demonstrates the articulate non-profane way to say, “Shove it, cunts.”

  35. The fbi needs to be disbanded.

  36. It warms my cold little monkey heart that we are aligning our BBF values with teh founding father’s prime directive.

    Then what’s the point of the smash index? If it was just prime directive, we wouldn’t need to vote; just go by the bust and weight stats.
    Sorry, I always was a curmudgeonly contrarian.

  37. It’s not just size, most of the moo-moos don’t make the finals. You have to vote your heart, and some folks don’t like things others dig.

    A cute face and nice smile almost always triumphs, and red hair carries bonus points.

  38. Lauraw’s Rutherford article is really good.

    The crux? “If you can’t say fuck you, you can’t say fuck the government.” Quote from Lenny Bruce.

  39. That fat POS FBI agent is a real winner. Those cowards are pathetic.

  40. Maybe the FBI was always crooked, but in the past decade, they’ve completely trashed their reputation as held by a huge portion of Americans. Maybe that’s for the good.

    I wonder if they are seeing a noticeable dropoff in peoples’ willingness to voluntarily talk to or help them? I know that I wouldn’t.

  41. A cute face and nice smile almost always triumphs, and red hair carries bonus points.


  42. “Vote your heart” … reminds of a night in Montreal on St. Catherine’s Street when an inebriated co-worker was absolutely sure that that stripper he’d been handing cash to all night long really, really cared about him, so he just had to find an ATM.

  43. https://tinyurl.com/4w8cfs4a

    My all time favorite winner

  44. Ace posted this as the last video in his “Is This Something” thread, if you didn’t click remedy that mistake:

  45. LOL. Brandon: my economy produced 260 K new lobs last month.
    How many illegal aliens did you let in to occupy those jobs? I bet we’re still dealing with a jobs deficit, you fucking derelict!

  46. A while ago somebody posted a little video of a lady petting a cat that kept trying to bite her but she kept scolding him off.
    Eventually he bit a pillow or a toy instead. Does anybody still have that one? It cracked me up.

  47. Peak Sweet

  48. https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/47/95

    Dark -Field MicroscopicAnalysis on the Blood of 1,006 Symptomatic PersonsAfter Anti-COVIDmRNA Injections from Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna

    — All but 52 patients had weird looking blood.

  49. Yes, the FBI was always corrupt. That’s why they were invented…to do what they’re doing.

  50. Movers will be at my door 8-10 am. It was probably around last November I told my boss about my intention to leave Las Vegas. It’s been a long ride.

  51. Damn, Susanna Hoffs aged well.

  52. That song was written by Michael Nesmith of the Monkees.

  53. Well, one way or another, I won’t be in this specific role at the end of the year. Not sure where I’ll be, but it turns out there’s a lot of interest in someone with almost 20 years of experience and a rare mix of skills. (No offers yet, but there’s enough interest that I’m confident there will be at least one)

  54. How big was your move, Mitch? 10,000 lbs? 20,000 lbs?

  55. A big move for me is 3000 lbs, but I am old.

    Got one coming up soon where we have 66 pieces going up a flight of stairs. That will suck. I plan on 5 minute breaks per Car in.

  56. It’s officially winter. Moose hopped into bed with us.

  57. There are pictures at my link.

    So if accurate, what do you think is going to happen to all the mRNA takers? Will they expire early or will it pass down to their offspring with continued problems?

  58. Dwight’s ego remained problematic.

  59. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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