MMM: Sweet 116

Busy day. Totally pumped for the week. You pumped? GET PUMPED! Or don’t, no skin off my nose.


She’s giving me this really intense look. I like it.
Hot enough to be hosed down. Has a hose. Handy!
Interesting leotard, and she’s upside-down.
We haven’t seen Eva in a while. Let’s fix that.
Someone should tell her that horizontal stripes make you look fat.
Looks warm there. I think I remember warm days like this, but they’re hazy.
Is this pole dancing?
All right, y’all better be motivated. The Monday is upon us, and it’s not waiting for anyone.


  1. Nice return to form Leon.


  2. Meh. Motivation is for losers. Wake me up when it is slacker time.

  3. This is funny.

    Somebody posted a pic of a little girl with a massive .50 rifle.

    One commenter asks:
    Genuine question: for what reason would a civilian need a .50 cal Barrett anti armour rifle?

    Another commenter answers: because it is a bill of rights, not a bill of needs.

    Note the spelling of ‘armour’. The questioner is likely a limey.

  4. Anti armor? The gun hates plates of steel and kevlar?

  5. Tushar, he could be a fan of Armour hot dogs.

    You don’t know.

  6. Morning, children.

  7. I TOLD you Pepe was gonna show up, and you should have cleaned your blog!

    Now you’re in trouble!

  8. I should do an all-Eva one at some point.

  9. I should do an all-Eva one at some point.

    Do you have any pictures where it doesn’t look like her thighs wish to do me harm?

  10. That’s sort of the appeal, so I don’t know that there are any.

    Or that I’d use them if there were.

  11. You did one without a single girl. Awesome!

  12. That’s sort of the appeal

    No, I’d have to disagree. She has a pretty face and seems to be buxom for a fitness model, her arms seem more toned than veined and bulgy, nice flat well defined stomach. But those thighs look like a man,baby.

  13. Wakey wakey.

    I have sorta muscly thighs, but I always have had them. Gymnastics as a child did that to me.

    I don’t think they are bad as her’s, though.

    wakey wakey

  14. “Bad”? We are clearly not looking at the same pictures.

    Her full name is Eva Andressa Viera if you want to image search.

  15. Snowing like a mofo out there.

    Worst spring ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Leon, I once had a guy tell me he wishes he had my legs when he was playing football.

    How do you take that?

    I don’t really see the compliment in that.

  17. Leon is a trunk man.

  18. Car in,

    He’s now wearing a dress and going by the name Sylvia.

  19. Worst spring ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I blame Bush.

  20. He’s now wearing a dress and going by the name Sylvia.

    Yea, thanks but no. I don’t think that was what he was going for.

  21. G’Morning.

    They all do have nice hair today.

  22. It’s right over us. Lucky us.

  23. Laura left for school an hour ago and isn’t there yet.
    It’s normally takes 15 minutes.

  24. Gonna be close to 60F here today, Scott. You and Laura should move to the deep south, like Michigan.

    *plays banjo*

  25. Snowing like a mofo out there.

    Couldn’t get out of my street. Roads are insanely slick.

    Oh well… guess I won’t be going to a few of my jobs today…

    On the down side, heater repair guy can’t make it to my house.

  26. Laura said every stop is a long skid.

  27. I-84 is closed in Newtown due to numerous accidents.

    Can’t believe they haven’t canceled her classes.

  28. Stay safe and warm, NE Cabal Peoples!

  29. This was a total surprise and it peaked at rush hour.

  30. I saw that Newtown won the state hockey championship, wiser!

    National news!

  31. I visited with a young lady (20) this wknd. She was a year behind my daughter and they were on the same HS track team together a couple of years. She’s a two time state champ in the 200 meters and is now running college track. She’s exceptionally fit and I’ll have to admit that I had some un-Christian thoughts about her during the long extended hug. But she looks nothing like these freaks. She’s long and thin and has noticeable definition in her arms and legs, (didn’t check out her belly, would not have been prudent), but she still looks like a woman. I wouldn’t hit any of these hardbodies with xbrad’s dick.

    Digustibus non este dusputandum and shit.

  32. On second glance, she is built a bit like USA chick. A black version of USA chick. And thus, I’m going to go ahead and have some un-Christian thoughts about USA chick.

    But just her……..not the rest of these beasts.

  33. Not even the “pole dancer”?

  34. Yoga leotard girl?

  35. I saw that Newtown won the state hockey championship, wiser!

    National news!

    The word “Newtown” is like a flame to the media’s moths.

  36. This was a total surprise

    Meanwhile, climate “scientists” can predict the weather 100 years from now with total and complete accuracy.

    So give them billions of dollars for more and more research because the science, she is settled.

    Question: If it’s settled, why the need for more research?

  37. Well, Michigan had a chance to get two teams into the Final Four, but no go.

    So now I’ll root for Wisconsin.

  38. Why not root for an American team?

    Stupid Canadians.

  39. Because they’re a Big Ten team.

  40. Wednesday’s (“Ronan Farrow Daily”) show was 708th among all programming ranked by Nielsen, in both total viewers and the 18-to-49 age group advertisers covet. The midnight airing of “Baggage” on the Game Show Network came in ahead of it, at No. 707, and the 8 a.m. “Golden Girls” on the Hallmark Channel (No. 700) crushed it.

    Crushed by the smoldering sexual presence of Bea Arthur.

  41. That’s silly. We all know it was Rue MacLanahan.

  42. 9 scorpion sprouts. No ghosts.

  43. How can that be? Ronan won that award! Everyone should be flocking to that show.


    *strokes chin thoughtfully

  44. Jay, do these need posts or anything to climb on? My serranos just grow out into a small sort of bush with any need for it.

  45. Can we just implement everything the Dems want right now? Just get it over with.

  46. Betty White back in the day would’ve been an adventure. Back in the day before Golden Girls.

  47. these are the same way, leon. The branches are quite woody.

    Peppers are perennials, if you bring them inside. I’ve had mine for multiple seasons.

  48. I’ll plan to do that this year. We decided to scrap the garden as we had it and all I did was save seeds.

  49. What I really want to do is build a greenhouse, but I might need to do some logging to make space.

  50. I think putting a 20 something guy/girl that can’t read a teleprompter on TV was a brilliant idea.

    Especially someone who is famous for being related to someone that was famous 40 years ago.

  51. They tried to pull the same shit with Chelsea Clinton. She wasn’t ready for prime time, or much of anything.

  52. Especially someone who is famous for being related to someone that was famous 40 years ago.

    Come on, everyone knows Ronan’s electric appeal is his familial connection to that rakish transgressive playboy, Woody Allen.

    You have heard of him, yes? No?

    What, I suppose you’re under 80 and not a pervert?

  53. At least Chelsea can look forward to once again being FDOTUS.

  54. All my peppers are in the ground, and I thought in southern Clownifornia they would make it through the winter. The one “super chili” seems to be hanging on, and has five fruits on it, but no leaves. The rest didn’t make it. I just planted six new “super chili” seedlings, and had to have an evening of slug murder. Picking the fuckers off by hand and smashing with shears. Put iron phosphate pellets around the peppers yesterday. I hate slugs. They literally are slugs.

  55. Dangit, I baited my opossum trap but left it “locked” rather than “set” and something took off with half an apple.

  56. Maybe you should try brains for bait, leon.

  57. Opening Day! Linking this just for Oso:

    If’n you want the backstory on that video, head over to my place –

  58. …had to have an evening of slug murder

    MIL sinks a tin can in her garden, then adds about 1-2″ of cheap beer. The slugs fall/crawl in, the salinity kills ’em. She adds more beer as needed, then disposes of it when the can gets too full.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  59. First girl, Miss USA, is quite cute.

  60. Well, beer is fine, but I would still shake them out of the can, dust them with salt, and watch with satisfaction.

  61. Dangit, I baited my opossum trap but left it “locked” rather than “set” and something took off with half an apple.

    Probably an OFA volunteer who lost his EBT card.

  62. Maybe you should try brains for bait, leon.

    None to spare. I really just hadn’t set it in so long that I sort of rushed through it yesterday.

  63. Plus the pond is still mostly frozen. My preferred method of dispatch will be tough to do. I may have to use a more violent approach.

  64. Can’t you use the Justified pack of cigs trick?


  65. Haven’t seen it. I’m thinking of a tarp and a dryer tube attached to the car exhaust.

    That or the hatchet.

  66. Or you could just shoot them, and put a bucket over them.

    That works well.

  67. I learned my lesson. The next one is getting beheaded if I can’t drown it.

  68. Nuke. Orbit.

  69. The tough part is opening the trap and then engaging in combat. I might use the car exhaust and then behead just to be sure. Or go break the ice with my axe and do it the easy way.

  70. What will happen to the zombie possums at the bottom of the pond? They will just walk out of the water at night.

    Pupster’s right.

  71. No no, the pond isn’t the grave, it’s the murder weapon. Trap with opossum goes in with the water line over the top of the wires. Leon goes into the house and drinks an entire cup of coffee slowly and sadly, then goes out to dig a hole, then retrieve the trap and drop the drowned animal in the hole.

  72. No no, the pond isn’t the grave, it’s the murder weapon.

    Good to know.

  73. Possums can scuba dive:

  74. Comment from Tushar’s link —

    “Awwww, daddy went to Barrett!”


  75. Your Friends at the NSA

    Oh sure, this you pay attention to, but when I say you’re wasting money having all the development done in the DC area with a bunch of job-hopping mercenaries I get nothing but deaf ears.

  76. I H8 the grammar/spelling assholes at the HQ. They should just go to their pathetic FB/twitter/blog accts and DIAF.

  77. You should hit them with some acronyms, oso.

  78. Subsonic 22 doesn’t make a lot of noise. I’ve heard.

    You got neighbors who would bitch about a little gunfire, Leon?

    I’ve been too close to trapped possums before. I’m not doing it again without a firearm, an extra magazine, and a backup pistol.

  79. They’re trying to ruin my Opening Day euphoria. Go Reds.

  80. Honestly, it’s been too long that I’ve been saying I needed a .22 that’ll take shorts and not getting one. I’ll take some time this week and shop around. I know there are some lever guns out there that’ll take .22S, .22L, and .22LR, which would be ideal.

  81. Nobody got upset when I shot the .38 3 times in the middle of the night, but quieter would be better.

  82. Nobody got upset when I shot the .38 3 times in the middle of the night, but quieter would be better.

    Well, that ‘effin horse had it coming. Grass munchin foot stomping no trabajo grain vacuum.

  83. Well, that ‘effin horse had it coming. Grass munchin foot stomping no trabajo grain vacuum.


  84. That was the two misses and a “lethal” hit on opossum #1.


  86. I’m going to have to rent out a movie theatre that allows “beverages” and show that movie for a meatup or something.

  87. I finally figured out that Mare gave us up for Lent.

  88. Why for lent? We’re practically saints.

  89. The timing is about right. Then again, her tweets about you being a jackholepoopyface might belie that.

  90. I think we were too fattening.

  91. And because Cyn is a doodiehead.

  92. H2 is a very silly thing to give up for Lent.

    She should have given up just HHD.

  93. Comment by Pupster on March 31, 2014 1:28 pm
    Subsonic 22 doesn’t make a lot of noise. I’ve heard.
    Or not heard, as it were………………

  94. Maybe she gave us up for Lint.

  95. PJM gave us up for Lent… that xtranormal video on her return was hiiiilarious.

  96. PJM is a myth.

  97. Mare is in the pocket of Big Horseshoe.

  98. Who is the grammar Nazi here? Is it Hotspurt?

  99. I’m back on the road for a couple of days.

    MJ, let me know when you are going to be in Nashville.

    I really don’t have a lot of time when I’m on a business trip, what with all the revenue generating and stuff, but maybe we can have coffee or something.

  100. Mare goes to church?

  101. Betty White back in the day would’ve been an adventure. Back in the day before Golden Girls.

    Back in the day before gold.

  102. I’m going to have to rent out a movie theatre that allows “beverages” and show that movie for a meatup or something.

    The Movie Tavern just had that as one of their “Retro Cinema” features – couldn’t convince Mr. TiFW to take me, and DD#3 was out of town.

  103. Betty White, c.1979 (age 57):

  104. The State Department is planning to spend $400,000 in taxpayer funds to buy a sculpture for the new American embassy being built in Islamabad, Pakistan, according to contracting records.

    The work, by noted American artist John Baldessari, depicts a life-size white camel made of fiberglass staring in puzzlement at the eye of an oversize shiny needle — a not-so-subtle play on the New Testament phrase about the difficulty the wealthy have in entering the kingdom of heaven.

    Because there is no need for nearly half a million taxpayer dollars to be spent on anything else, like orphaned childrens’ care or vet’s prosthetic limbs or even books for the blind.

    No, ’tis far more urgent to line the pockets of a single man who pleases some assbrownies in the State Department.

    You know, the department managed with such skill by Clinton’s Beard.

    This lousy republic is as corrupt as the worst of Imperial Rome.

  105. I love the pic of the little girl with the .50 cal, and I love the weenie comments even more.

  106. I am not a grammar nazi. I just help out when I can.

  107. Well, I wish we had a grammar Nazi. Because it would be cool to annex the Sudetenland, just so we could have their umlauts.

  108. Well, I wish we had a grammar Nazi. Because it would be cool to annex the Sudetenland, just so we could have their umlauts.

    Euro-envy. Nice.

    Fecking Democrats.

  109. If you like your umlauts, you can keep your umlauts.

  110. I’d like a farmer’s umlaut with a side of saurbraten, please.

  111. Umlauts are very important. You need them to properly spell things like Mötley Crüe, Lääz Rockit and Hüsker Dü. Later, we’ll invade Scandinavia to get their ø’s so we can spell Dëthkløk.

  112. I hate to rip off the apex of VDH’s latest, but it’s that good:

    There is a great sickness in California, home of the greatest number of American billionaires and poor people, land of the highest taxes and about the worst schools and roads in the nation. The illness is a new secular religion far more zealous and intolerant than the pre-Reformation zealotry of the Church. Modern elite liberalism is based on the simple creed that one’s affluence and education, one’s coolness and zip code, should shield him from the consequences of one’s bankrupt thoughts that he inflicts on others. We are a state run by dead souls who square the circle of their own privilege, who seek meaning in rather selfish lives, always at someone else’s expense.

  113. I don’t do umlauts. That fucking shit is un-american.

  114. My office is being moved again. The new one doesn’t suck, but it won’t have this awesome chalkboard.

  115. Among English speakers, the use of umlaut marks and other diacritics with a blackletter style typeface is a form of foreign branding intended to give a band’s logo a Teutonic quality—denoting stereotypes of boldness and strength commonly attributed to ancient northern European peoples, such as the Vikings and Goths. Its use has also been attributed to a desire for a “gothic horror” feel.

    Who wouldn’t feel boldness and strength radiating from someone like this? And he doesn’t even have an umlaut.

  116. I hate to rip off the apex of VDH’s latest, but it’s that good

    Clownifornia is a third world country, complete with walled compounds for the corrupt, connected rich and slums covering 90% of the Los Angeles basin.

  117. The photo VDH used to front his piece is priceless.

  118. the use of umlaut marks and other diacritics with a blackletter style typeface is a form of foreign branding intended to give a band’s logo a Teutonic quality—denoting stereotypes of boldness and strength commonly attributed to ancient northern European peoples, such as the Vikings and Goths.

    Ahhh, rapists, pillagers, and murders. THAT’S the brand we need!

  119. Leon, this shoots them and shoots them well.

    Mine is about 50 years old and lots of fun. Sound isn’t quite right in this video. In our yard it sounds like a staple gun.

    Skip to 4:50

  120. Bill de Blasio’s new mayoral campaign aide is a Twitter terror who has littered the Web site with foul-mouthed rants against everyone from the NYPD to the NAACP.

    “NYPD fatally shoot knife-wielding man in Times Square. (VIDEO) F–k. The. Police,” ranted de Blasio volunteer coordinator Kicy Motley on Aug. 11 2012, after cops shot Darrius Kennedy, 51, on Seventh Avenue.

    She also used Twitter to cheer crazed ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner, who went on a wild shooting spree across Southern California after claiming he was fired because of racism.

    “There’s a part of me rooting for #Dorner. This racist, imperialist country gets the best of people sometimes. It makes some snap. #lapd,” she tweeted several days before Dorner was killed by cops during a standoff.

    You deserve her, New York. You deserve thousands of her.

  121. Doh

  122. Never trusted Rachael Ray after she sold her soul to Oprah, and now I really don’t trust her.
    Bringing on Joe Biden in a last-ditch effort to boost Obamacare enrollment numbers on the last day to sign up, a noticeably emotional Rachael Ray thanked the vice president for the health-care law and pleaded with young people to enroll during her show on Monday.

    “It is such an important resource for Americans, and I just thank this administration for doing this,” she said as her voice broke.

  123. We don’t have a grammar nazi here. HS just likes to demonstrate what one nun with 80kabillion students was able to accomplish before the Unions and the Leftists took over the schools.

  124. If you haven’t seen, there’s a crowdfunding campaign running now to raise money ($2.1MM) for a movie about Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors. It’s the largest crowdsourcing campaign ever run, I think. Gosnell’s atrocities still haven’t received the publicity they deserve – the lefties who populate the media can’t face the consequences of their policies and certainly won’t enlighten the proles about those consequences. The producers have a good track record producing timely and relevant films, and, as sickening as the topical material may be, I think this project is worth some of my ducats.

  125. Oh well. I was picturing Hotspur in a black tunic with a stainless steel ruler and a sidearm that shoots blackboard chalk.

  126. Hahahahahaha

    Oso nails it.

  127. I wish I could find the link to a comment at one of the websites I used to frequent. The commenter knew Rachael Ray before Rachel Ray ever got famous. He knew her when she worked in a grocery and as a barista, and he described what a fecking scrunt she was back then – before she ever got famous. She’s got serious bitch genes, I guess. While I don’t take every story on the internets at face value, his stories were detailed and sounded very, very plausible.


  129. I was picturing Hotspur in a black tunic with a stainless steel ruler and a sidearm that shoots blackboard chalk.

    Really, your not that far off.

  130. For those of y’all who like that long-hair music, Bach on the mandolin:

    Chris Thile can play pretty much anything on the mandolin, from bluegrass to classical to … whatever. Any superlatives I could use to describe his talent seem trite. He is truly extraordinary.

  131. I saw Serious Bitch Genes open for Luscious Jackson back in ’97.

  132. Check out the big words on Jazz!

  133. *turns on the Reds-Cardinals

    Why is this NC17? Oh yeah, the beatdown.


  134. Really, your not that far off.

    Baiting the grammar Nazi, I see.

  135. …you’re…

  136. I was picturing Hotspur watering his lawn.

  137. Really, your not that far off.

  138. Cyn can bait me anytime she wants.

  139. I was picturing Hotspur watering his lawn.

  140. I was picturing Hotspur watering his lawn.

    That’s not water.

  141. Cyn can bait me anytime she wants.

    HAHAHA! You owe me one of those caiperhana drinks for almost shooting Mt Dew out my nose.

  142. This is the one I’d been thinking of, Scott.

  143. WOW!!! I worked with a guy for about five years, and we have breakfast together every other Saturday still. He likes to write off-beat sci-fi short stories, and I just now see he’s featured over at PJMedia by the new Liberty Island publisher as one of the “3 Politically Incorrect Fantasy Writers You Don’t Want to Miss.” The story featured there is called “Is Cthulu Tastier Fried or Barbequed?”

    Here’s Steve’s story in full:

    I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s a good egg, and he’s a Moron, so y’all should give him a read (and a review at the end of the story).

  144. ~waves at J’ames. I couldn’t turn on Reds/Cards when you did. I only get ESPN3 on my phone. I’ve stopped ranting and I’m calm now.

  145. I sent out 7 invoices today and 7 have been paid already.

    I remember the old days when I would type an invoice, put it in an envelope, and then wait 60-90 days.


  146. Sent out 9 and 7 are paid.

  147. O M G I just realized that I always type out all of “Get off my lawn”. Sometimes, I write it the way BiW suggested. Get. Off. My. Lawn. When I shorten it, Lawn. Off. GOML.

  148. Why not 8?

  149. So your AR aging report is in hours not days?

  150. Afternoon.

  151. Today I built three (3) of these:

  152. I didn’t build anything today. I’m trying to learn a weird variant of SQL for Hadoop well enough to teach it and build a widget to let people make queries with it.

    Every bit as amazing as it sounds.

  153. In other news I had a hot date last night. It was brief.

    Date Guy: Yeah, I’ve been in an open relationship for a couple of years now.

    Me: Yeah? How does that work?

    Date Guy: Sometimes my girlfriend likes to join in when I bring a guy home.

    Me: Huh. I don’t think I could get into that. I would have to push your girl down like a great big fat chick.

    Date Guy: Dude. You’re a fucking dick!

    Me: Does that mean we’re not going back to your place after we finish our beer?

    Former Date Guy: *Glowers*


  154. That actually sounds fairly interesting, Leon. Isn’t Hadoop an Apache module for Lisp?

  155. I guess the only good thing is that at least his gf is aware of it.

  156. Hadoop is an apache module, but it’s a massively-parallelizable data storage and access project, originally one half was from Google (the file system part) and the other was from Yahoo (yes, they still make things, here it was the MapReduce/finding stuff part).

  157. Several vendors have built SQL-like interfaces to ride over top of the whole thing, because otherwise you have to be a skilled Java coder to extract useful information from the file system (MapReduce is a native Java API).

  158. HA, got another one. 8 out of 9.

  159. I stand corrected. Writing a wrapper to hide shitty Java actually sounds painful.

  160. The Java isn’t that bad, but Java in general is quite verbose, and MapReduce can be very verbose. The SQL-like abstraction is limited to table creation and query, but it has a lot of uses.

    It can’t do some of the cool tricks, though, like using the Hadoop cluster to do parallel computation.

  161. Scott’s DSO is 0.

    You have achieved corporate perfection.

  162. Oh, wait. No you haven’t you still have 1 outstanding.

    You’re fired.

  163. I mean, I guess you could calculate pi with just SQL commands, but I think I’d rather trim my toenails with my teeth.

  164. >>>You’re fired.

    Good news! Republicans have agreed to extend unemployment benefits forever! In return Democrats have agreed to spit on it first. Starting in 10 years.

  165. Good evening, potato lovers.

  166. Howdy, lauraw.

  167. It wasn’t really love.

    It was more like “potato one night stand.”

  168. I wish I counted aged AR in hours

  169. Did anybody leave a fake note after hitting anybody else’s parked car today?

  170. HOLY SHIT Pupster.

    I was just listening to Psychostick. Girl Directions, then Political Bum.

    Sincerely, what the Hell.

  171. OMG it’s like we’re TWINS!!


    Also, I just printed this out and posted it all over the house at eye level on white walls.

  172. I don’t understand the music you kids listen to anymore.

  173. Carin, which one of your kids is this?

  174. That is SO yesterday.

  175. Early flight tomorrow, night kids.

  176. I think the bass player in Psychostick is playing a Warwick bass.

    Good call.


    On fire.

  178. en fuego

  179. Who was it years ago (and maybe still today??) over at the HQ that used to say “en fuego” at least once a day? “Toby somethingerother” pops into my head. That was funny as hell to me.

  180. Lauraw,
    How were the roads today?
    How are they now?
    Looked like you folks got his with some “Spring Weather”.

    Our rains finally stopped and we saw the sun!
    Wettest March in recorded history for WA.

  181. Note: weird and freaky video. Don’t click it if you can’t take it.

  182. En fuego and Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight were 2 of my favs.

  183. Cyn, Toby927 or something like that, I think…

  184. I probably wouldn’t recognize any of the names anymore if I dropped in to the HQ, nor would they recognize me.

    Que Sara Sara.

  185. Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

  186. Crispy, it took me an hour to do what is usually a twelve minute drive. I can’t complain; when I used to work on the other side of Avon mountain it would take me several hours to get home from work.

    One part of the delightful odyssey this morning, I was going steeply downhill in heavy traffic on a roadway of lumpy, greasy ice covered with slick slush. Everybody was all over the road. The snow on the shoulder of the road bore indentations from all the cars that deliberately ran off the road to avoid hitting the cars in front of them. I may have left a fresh mark or two there myself. Oh what fun.

  187. Yes, that’s him BC, thank you.

    HA! He for a while (IIRC) went by something like “Toby the Beagle” + some sort of peanut butter reference. There are some mighty clever peoples out in the internets, and many land at the mothership. So cool.

  188. Toby the beagle was another epic thread.

  189. May favorite nic was always “Tuning spork”

  190. Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.
    And kind of mean.

    The crowd has turned over enough to where I can say something moronish and people will pile on telling me I’m stupid, clearly missing the joke.

    It’s sort of weird.

  191. You are stupid.

  192. Well, you are kinda slow MJ. But yeah, even in the two years I’ve been there, the tone has changed. Lot of anger under the surface.

  193. Yep. Days like today, kill me over there. SNL thread. The days where people start whining about what ever news story they think Ace should cover.

  194. Were they really, Oso? I was in and out of that thread. Ace must not have been around. Normally he gets REALLY pissed when people do that.

  195. ChrisP,

    Tell me about Pullman. A guy I used to know and still keep up with some is coaching at WSU and me and a buddy are thinking about flying up for a FB game this next fall.

  196. I still go to Ace’s to read the poats, but I quit wandering through the comments about 4 years ago. I noticed one day that I’d given a pithy reply to some dickwad who had just thrown it up there. By the time my shit hit the comment page it was 45 comments downstream. Kinda lost its pithyness. And shit.

  197. PG, what you wanna know? I went to school in Pullman in 87-88.

  198. Yep. I’ve never been one for the comments at Hotair. We seem to have a lot of their nastiness bleeding into the HQ comments. There are posts at the HQ where I don’t even read the comments anymore.

  199. WSU is the cow college for the state. Smart people go to UW in Seattle. Guys like me… get into WSU.

    It’s a fairly good sized school (enrollment was about 17k when I was there) but Pullman itself is pretty small, had only about 10k townies when I was there. The city of Moscow, ID is 8 miles to the east. It’s a uni town also.

    There’s not a lot to do in Pullman (or Moscow) outside of watching football.

  200. And then you found $20.

  201. Yeah X, I looked at some shit that I Googled on Pullman. Amazingly small town for a Pac 12 school. I may have to hotel up in Spokane or something.

  202. USA girl…yes
    others… not so much

  203. PG, pretty much, yeah. It’s about 75 miles from Spokane. Check hotels in Moscow, though. They try to schedule the games so both schools don’t have a home game at the same time.

  204. PG,
    Xbrad is the ‘go to guy’ on Pullman. I’ve been there once, for a wedding.
    My only other experience “East Of The Mountains” in Washington, have been at the Yakima Firing Center”, playing with tanks and arty…

  205. I’ve driven through Washington state once. Down I90 on my way from Yellowstone NP to Seattle. We certainly have different regional cultures here in TX but WA seems extreme. Farmers and Fairies separated by a mountain range. Or at least that’s how it seemed to me.

  206. PG, yeah, pretty much. Though, really, outside the SeaTac area, a lot of the West Side isn’t really hippy-dippy.

  207. This is kinda cool but I can’t understand their accents.

    Well crap. I had some really good ragey rage all built up, but that was too cute.

  208. Have you people gone to bed already?

  209. Fine.

  210. Have you people gone to bed already?

    Somebody’s getting some pussy on the side.

  211. Busy packing to head back home tomorrow.

  212. Laura?

  213. Sorry, Cyn. Trout!!!! Angels/Mariners.

  214. Seems like you’ve been away from your home for a long time. Mom and Sis are doing better though?

  215. HA! shit like this makes me soooo wish I worked in an office (but not really).

  216. I was gone for a good portion of May/June, then July/Aug, then spent September in OR, then came here in January. I spent one night at home a couple weeks ago. But yeah, I’ve been living out of my luggage a bit more than usual.

  217. Sis should be cleared to go back to work on the 7th. Mom has been in hospital/rehab for 6 weeks. So, yeah, everyone is doing somewhat better.

  218. I hope that Xmom can be home soon too.

  219. I’m taking her with me tomorrow.

  220. Oh Joy.


  221. I took a few pics of the Blakester over the weekend, if you are interested. He is heavy heart worm positive and nearing the end of his treatments. He will be available for adoption soon.

  222. oops I forgot the link

  223. He almost looks like a new dog again, Vman! He’s beautiful. Nice work, sir!!

  224. Good job with Blake, Vman.

  225. Thank you all, he is a treasure

  226. Nice, Zman.

  227. Vmax,
    He’s beautiful!

  228. This is a good pic of Bake. Chasing squirrels of course

  229. I think so myself ChrisP

  230. We’re playing this song in my band.

    Here’s the backstory on the piece.

    I get choked up every time we play it.

  231. That’s a good looking pooch, Vmax.

  232. How old is he? I bet will be snatched up quick.

  233. >>>May favorite nic was always “Tuning spork”

    “Todd Bridges, First to go bad, Last to go down.”

    Best. Nic. Ever.

  234. Wonderful piece of music, wiser.

    But your new avatard is some suckage.

  235. >>>But your new avatard is some suckage.

    My bad. Signed in with the wrong e-mail address.


  236. DAMMIT!!!

  237. HA!

  238. I love Calgary
    Great oil town and really pretty

  239. Had to shut down operations in the field today
    Foot of snow and 50-plus MPH winds

  240. Buncha pussies.

  241. ^I remember a couple times downrange at Ft. Carson, when the temps dropped well, WELL below 0, and “training” mostly became “really, really try to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.” ^

  242. Well damnit, I fell asleep on the couch at 5pm and woke up an hour ago. This is gonna screw me up for the next few days.

  243. Sux to be you.

  244. Its not the snow, but the wind
    More worried about the 180′ 8 million dollar rig tipping over with all the expensive pipe in it

    That would be bad..

  245. Nobody wants to be your friend
    Cos you’re not from round here, ooh
    As if that was something to be proud about.
    The pearly king of the Isle of Dogs
    Feels up children in the bogs.
    Down by the playing fields, someone sets a derp on fire

  246. The one with the bird, cat and dog is awesome.

  247. This is a great idea

  248. I don’t credit any idea that’s not mine. I have ALL the good ideas.

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