You get what you pay for

Here’s a little something to play with whist you’re needing that extra few minutes this morning.


  1. *waits for ginormous trophies in recognition for this awesome poat*

  2. Orca!

  3. This poat sucks. Let’s go back to the other one.

  4. I did.

  5. TexasJew on March 30, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Thanks for explaining that rather complicated situation in India!
    I’m still stuck in the old Congress Party/Communist stuff from way back
    The Ghandis, again

    I think this reflects your take on the 2014 elections here as well:

  6. Nied’s pulp sci-fi link at the mothership looks very cool. I loved that stuff when I was younger.

    I have a few sci-fi stories I’d like to find and read again. One was about a kid – 11 years old or so, maybe? – who wanted to be a starship navigator. He had a tremendous memory, and he clandestinely memorized this large book of interstellar navigational coordinates while serving as an interstellar cabin boy on a starship. When the ship’s navigator is killed and the navigational aids are destroyed (I don’t remember how), the kid is promoted to navigator based on his being the only one with the knowledge to get the ship home. It was a good story I’d like to read again, but I can’t remember its name – very frustrating.

  7. *hands Cyn ginormous, yet meaningless trophy.

    Hey, look, I’m a Nobel prize committee-member!

  8. *hands Cyn ginormous, yet meaningless trophy.

    There’s a “it’s not the size of the trophy” joke in there somewhere.

  9. *doubles Alex’s membership dues*

  10. What makes people do stuff like this? It takes effort.

  11. For measuring trophies?

  12. This article epitomizes arrogant dismissal, but I agree in one sense – I really, really detest being around gum chewers.

    Mouth noise makes me insanely crazy, to the point where I want to visit violence upon transgressors, and gum chewers are the worst. Ice chewers are right up there, too. Any kind of mouth noise drives me to distraction.

  13. I’ve got a trophy for you, Cyn. I’mma go take a picture of it and bring it back. Gimme a couple of minutes.

  14. Nose-whistlers are pretty bad, too, but not as bad as the mouth noise folks.

  15. What makes people do stuff like this? It takes effort.

    Surfing the dark side, I see.

  16. Yup.

    I got up, checked my cool new app that is supposed to recognize my sleep patterns (didn’t work, unless I die at night), ran 5 miles, cleaned up the house, worked for a bit, and now I’m going to see what this crazy internet thing is all about.

  17. What makes people do stuff like this? It takes effort.

    Some people are even pervier than muppet-fanciers.

  18. *smacks on a bagel and loudly sips coffee*

  19. Cyn
    I think I saw that girl on Howard Stern

  20. No one click but Alex. My new favorite gif.

  21. Here’s your trophy, Cyn:

  22. *smacks on a bagel and loudly sips coffee*

    Think you might be able to nostril-whistle a little ditty for us, too?

  23. MJ
    And I always thought that Ernie would be the bitch

  24. And MJ seems like such a nice young man in person….

  25. No one click but Alex. My new favorite gif.

    Ha ha ha ha
    Oh, internet!

  26. What the hell is that, JaZZ?

  27. TJ,

    I just learned that a hawt actress turned politician is campaigning.
    Here she is in action:

    Here she is, being hawt.

  28. What the hell is that, JaZZ?

    I ask myself that frequently. It’s supposed to be some sort of indiginous wymyn-oriented piece of sculpture. Ostensibly, it’s a woman with big feet. Or, to normal people, it’s a thinly disguised way publicly display a stone dick and balls on your shelf. It’s about 10″ tall or so. I don’t know how long my mother has had this thing, but I give her shit about the dick on the shelf ALL THE TIME. I hate that fucking thing. She’s got a few of them, actually. I’m not gonna line’m up and photograph the rest of’m, but here are a few more of that one to give you an idea of what it looks like:

  29. Worky worky

  30. I’m going to run when I get home. We’re having a heat wave. It’s already 32.

  31. My goal for the last month has been to make it to April fools day without running the ac. Today will be a challenge. Slowed to get to upper eighties. Saw first bloom on crepe myrtle yesterday.

  32. Slowed = supposed. Autocracked wins again.

  33. Holy crap – Bob Kerry unloads on TFG:

    The Nebraskan straight-talker told MailOnline in an exclusive interview that Obama isn’t up to the job of bringing liberals and conservatives to the table to rescue America’s slowly choking entitlement programs.

    And Obama, he said Wednesday in his Manhattan office, knew full well he was lying when he promised that the Affordable Care Act would allow Americans to keep insurance plans they liked.
    * * *
    Asked how to break the congressional logjam, Kerrey thought for a moment and said, softly, ‘It takes a president. It takes a president.’

    Is Barack Obama that president? Kerrey stayed silent but shook his head.

    ‘I’m shaking my head “no,”‘ he acknowledged, finally.

    ‘If he was up to it, he would have done it. He can’t run for re-election.’
    * * *
    Obama’s lies, he said, stem from the same human flaw [as Bill Clinton’s].

    ‘That self-delusion moment comes in a single declaratory sentence,’ Kerrey said, which is, “If they just get to know me, they’ll vote for me.”‘

    ‘It’s just self-delusion. … Some of us are good at it, and some of us are bad.’

  34. In Hollywood, it is special effects.
    In India, this is regular life.

  35. India’s full of stunt drivers!

  36. It’s supposed to be some sort of indiginous wymyn-oriented piece of sculpture.

    Stone-age dildo.

  37. Mouth noise makes me insanely crazy,

    It’s like we’re twins. You should come to any given holiday dinner with my in-laws. They masticate wet and loud. Like they are feasting on a goat who tried to get away. The FiL also whistles through his nose at all times. Though I’ll cut him a break these days as he just turned 86.

  38. We’ve had to run our ac periodically for the last 4 weeks, PG. Good times.

  39. *Pops gum while reading comments*

  40. For oso and TJ:

  41. It’s like we’re twins. You should come to any given holiday dinner with my in-laws. They masticate wet and loud.

    I’d have to bring weapons (and the Donners to get rid of the evidence – even the Donners need a holiday feast, right?).

  42. Tushar

    She looks lots better on a bike without the shmatte:

  43. Cyn, I hate those fecking stone dicks so much.

  44. My mentor during my fellowship year got me off of gum by simply stating, out loud to no one in particular: “It’s hard to look intelligent and chew gum at the same time”. Everyone at the table laughed and then I realized I was the only one chewing gum. Fuuuuuu….


    Looks like mom is a fan of Snoop Dogg/Lion, fashizzle.

  46. “It’s hard to look intelligent and chew gum at the same time”

    Ruminants chew constantly and they’re…. like… cattle and stuff.

    Your mentor was on to something.

  47. Bob Kerry unloads on TFG:

    And yet he thinks Romney sucked more? That’s laughable.

  48. Jazz, when I saw that first picture of your mom’s “sculpture”, the angle made me think that I was looking at a donkey’s leg up to the ball joint.

  49. Some people might call it a “ball joint.”

  50. *pulls gum out of mouth, sticks it to oso’s forehead*

  51. And yet he thinks Romney sucked more? That’s laughable.

    No doubt. Funny how Dems are loyal even while they acknowledge their leader is delusional, a poor leader, and a proven (poor) liar.

  52. They got arrested just for having on a certain kind of clothing.

    Hey, it’s better than being arrested just for having black skin, right?

  53. Yep, even when they know the other guy is not delusional, a proven leader, with no history of lying.

  54. I can’t stand noises like that either. It’s called misophonia.

  55. They got arrested just for having on a certain kind of clothing.

    Hey, it’s better than being arrested just for having black skin, right?

    Black hoodies for everyone! “I stand with Shaquazz!”

  56. If Kerrey wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t be a Democrat

  57. Here’s a little something to play with whist you’re needing that extra few minutes this morning.

    *sees that one documentary*


    *frees willie*

  58. Pupster, did you see the pomadachsund video?

    I did. Put all five of them together and you have yourself a medium sized dog.


  59. “My name is Justice Elena Kagan, Sooooooooooper Genius!”


    Is George Orwell Working In The White House?

    Um. No – he’s working in the HATE House!

  61. Wow – Noel Sheppard died Friday.

    Not that it matters, but he was in my Twitter follows, and I was online when he was tweeting during his first visit to the hospital related to his strange breathing symptoms. How strange to have shared his first concern and then get this news so quickly after.

  62. His comments are like arsenic.

  63. Cute puppy, Leon!

  64. This is the story of a blonde flying in a two-seater airplane with just the pilot.

    He has a heart attack and dies.

    She, frantically calls out a May Day. “May Day! May Day! Help me! Help me! My pilot had a heart attack and he’s dead and I don’t know how to fly. Help me! Please help me!”

    She hears a voice over the radio saying:

    “This is Air Traffic Control, I’m a retired Navy fighter pilot, and I have you loud and clear. I will talk you through this and get you back on the ground. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of problem. Now, just take a deep breath. Everything will be fine! Now give me your height and position.”

    She says, “I’m 5’4” and I support Obama.”

    “O.K.” says the voice on the radio….”Repeat after me: Our Father, Who art in Heaven…. ..”

  65. Hey Cyn, in regards to your question last night I never made it to Lowes or Home Depot to buy my new grill, I was waiting for the rain to stop but instead it started FUCKING SNOWING again, dropped about 2″ on us, so I said fuck it, built a fire (in the fireplace) and started drinking.

  66. Also one of my favorites:

  67. Pyro!

    Me too.

  68. That was a shock, Jazz. Snuck up on him and took him down fast.

  69. Those Danes… hahaha!

  70. Re: Kagan and the contraceptive ‘entitlement’ not in the stinking bill, but a regulation.

    They heard the case in the first place because it was argued to be a penalty, not a tax. Roberts, after having a private visit with one of Jarrett’s goons, decided in the 11th hour that it was indeed a tax and thus Constitutional.

    I’m thinking they will probably disregard this case as being a regulation and totally ignore the religious exemption bill passed by Clinton because SHUT UP AND BOW BEFORE YOUR MAFIA GODS!!

  71. Two insane leftwing Dykes and a braindead fossil, telling us how to live our lives and how we should think

  72. They blackmailed that stupid prick Roberts and he’s just trying to dig his way back

  73. SNL intro:

    He’d probably do this if he was told to.

  74. I had food in my mouth when I watched that, Jimbro. Thanks. THANKS A LOT!

  75. Also

  76. Herself coming home today. Still raining here. *continues moving furniture upstairs* No, it’s fine. Really. . .

  77. Afternoon Hostages.

  78. Still raining here as well Chief. I took the trash to the transfer station this morning and my driveway is awful. Muddy ruts surrounded by ponded water in the gullies alongside it. 24 hours more of this and when it gets cold overnight it’s going to suck even more.

  79. It’s sunny and 69 here.

  80. sunny and gorgeous here, 74. sublimeness.

  81. I enjoyed art class

  82. Getting close to 90 today

    West Texas can get over 100 by mid-April down around Big Bend and Predidio

  83. I hope xbrad and Dave have a sweatshirt. That sounds horrible.

  84. Maybe they can share a blanket and cuddle for warmth.

  85. Whisker rub each other for heat…

  86. Looks like this could be the end of the road for UConn.

  87. Why couldn’t you go 2-9 from three on Friday?

  88. They are shooting like crap and still in it. I guess they have a chance if they get hot.

  89. Tied up! WOOT!

  90. Tied up!

    I don’t think Laura really wants you discussing your sex life here.

  91. Wow!

  92. >>I don’t think Laura really wants you discussing your sex life here.

    Yeah, I thought the same thing when a few months back Scott said, “I have never seen anything swell like that.”

    How is your thumb (or was it a finger?) now, Scott?

  93. HA HA HA

  94. Wow. Nice finish UConn.

  95. It pays to play in your back yard. Plus shooting lights out.

    Nice game and tournament, Uconn.

  96. Huskies win!

  97. That was my thumb. I don’t remember what I did to it.

  98. Sat before removing?


  99. Scott, if you don’t remember, that means it healed well. Good.
    I remember exactly what happened, and I still wince.

  100. That happened over a year ago. Man, time flies when you get old.

  101. And no shit you don’t remember what you did to it. Laura had to steel herself and do what needed to be done.

  102. Spartans choke. Michiganders brace for another 6 weeks of winter.

  103. It’s 54 here today. No snow or rain.


  104. Shut yo pie hole, MCPO.

  105. HA HA HA

  106. >>>

    That. Is. AWESOME.

  107. It is. I love the music ones

  108. CBS’s halftime panel is not very diverse.

  109. Jazz,

    That book is “Starman Jones” by Robert Heinlein.

  110. CBS’s halftime panel is not very diverse.

    Whachu talkin bout Willis?

    Gumbel is whitish.


  111. No asians.

  112. Whitish?

    So is Barack Obama. But he’s the first REAL black president.

  113. Greetings, bags of d.

  114. No asians.

    Leland Yee was gonna do some guest analysis, but he had a last minute scheduling conflict.

  115. Hi Sean. We knew you were on your way. Your penis arrived some time ago.

  116. So now the whole “Sean’s penis” thing is about me (or at least my knob)?

    I’m confused.

  117. No.

    *looks down

    *scrubs toe in dirt

  118. Trying to appropriate Sean’s Penis is below you, Sean.

    Have you no decency, man?

  119. Nice moves, MJ

  120. A. I didn’t try to appropriate it. Jew made the inference.

    2. No I have no decency. I have no decency today.

  121. Nice moves, MJ

    That’s hilarious.

  122. A. I didn’t try to appropriate it. Jew made the inference.
    2. No I have no decency. I have no decency today.
    Thanks. Now Sean’s Penis’s Lawyers are threatening legal action against the blog for copyright infringement.

    Are there are any Penis Lawyers that lurk here?

  123. Are there are any Penis Lawyers that lurk here?

    Michael will deny it, but yeah. One or two.

  124. Michael might be around.

  125. And for the record (are you reading this, law bitches?) I made an exference.

  126. Damn you!

  127. Not a good day for Michigan basketball.

  128. Nice mask MJ.

  129. And for the record (are you reading this, law bitches?) I made an exference.

    Well, that’s right fancy there Mr. Jewstin, but I’m just a simple country penis lawyer…

  130. Blergy

  131. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Shitting. Me.

  132. Nice mask MJ.
    Back atcha.

  133. 3.5 mile run . Ugh . Michigan winters suck . Running indoors suck even more . It’s going to take me at least 6 weeks to get back up to milage.

  134. I need to start running again. I’m way out of shape. * Looks outside at dust blowing by in the 50 mph wind, says “Fuck it”. *

  135. Got a tax refund this year! YAY!

    This weekend, the clothes dryer shit the bed and a circulator on home heating system decided to crap out as well.

    Honestly, I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore…..

  136. Oh, and anyone who is thinking of perhaps watching American Hustle, don’t waste your time.

    What a boring piece of crap.

  137. You have a gift, Wiser.

  138. Even Steven.

  139. Huh. Black face used to be racist. Now white face is racist

    *Puts on transparent face.

  140. Wiser,
    Is the circulator one of those red Bell & Gosset pump-motors?
    If so, you can open it up and replace the starter-board.
    Cheaper than replacing the motor, if you can solder…

  141. Jazz,

    That book is “Starman Jones” by Robert Heinlein.

    THANK YOU, TOMSWIFTLY!!!! I’ve been trying to remember the name of that book for more than 20 years. I just looked it up, and it’s the right one. Man, is that cool. And so are you. Thank you. No wonder it was so memorable, being a Heinlein story and all. Did I say “thank you”? Because, thanks. 😀

  142. Tax refund?
    We get to PAY $3,217!

  143. >>>You have a gift, Wiser.

    It is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    Not sure what the model is of the circulator, but I had the guy out yesterday and he told me about the 3year warranty…

    That expired March 1st.

    A shame that… Really.

  144. Just got word that Mr. TiFW’s Aunt Pat passed away – his brother called yesterday to tell us that she was in the hospital and things weren’t looking too good; she’d been there a week, but nobody in that family tells anyone anything….

  145. *Puts on transparent face.

    thas ghossis

  146. Condolences, TiFW, and prayers for your family and the repose of Aunt Pat’s soul.

  147. Why the HELL do we need another Bush at the helm? This “draft Jeb” talk is crap. I’d rather set fire to my junk than have another Bush on the ticket.

  148. It would drive the left absolutely mad.

  149. Jazz,

    I’m a big Heinlein fan, so the only problem was to remember which of them it was. It is one of his juvenile novels, but very good.

    Glad I could help!

  150. Booosh.

    No chance.

  151. It would drive the left absolutely mad.

    They are already mad. I want a candidate who will drive them sane.

  152. Honestly, if Jeb is the R candidate, I’m voting for Hillary, cashing out and moving to Belize

  153. Well, crap – apparently Aunt Pat broke her pelvis SIX WEEKS AGO, had been in considerable pain since then, and the regional hospital in Abilene kept sending her home.


  154. >>>They are already mad. I want a candidate who will drive them sane.

    Such a magical creature does not exist….

  155. Honestly, if Jeb is the R candidate, I’m voting for Hillary, cashing out and moving to Belize

    From the Tea Party, to the LIB caucus

  156. The only people rooting for Jeb Bush are Dems

    Enough with the fucking Bush family

  157. I think Scott Walker will take it

  158. Sadly. Shannon down in San Angelo or Tech Medical Center in Lubbock are bettet

  159. Our candidate will be chosen for us.

    Our candidate will suck.

  160. snowing –


    about two inches of it and still going


  161. Sorry for your loss, Tifw.

  162. Thanks, guys – she was very sweet, but also very frail. Every time I saw her, she reminded me more and more of a baby bird – I was always afraid that I would break her if I hugged her too tightly. I’m guessing she had osteoporosis; don’t know if that was the cause of the break or not.

    Funeral is Tuesday afternoon.

  163. * avoids the Walter Cronkite porn link *

  164. Did anybody blow anybody else’s cover today?

  165. Today? Nope.

  166. You sure?

  167. Condolences, TiFW

  168. MJ can’t keep track of what he’s blown.

  169. Ever have a need to get into your bank account, maybe to double check something as you prepare your taxes?

    Ever have a bank decide to completely shut down for three days to reconfigure and install new systems in one of the last three weekends we have left to get our taxes done?


  170. HA!

  171. Cyn, an articulate and strongly worded bomb threat is in order.

    Wait, did I say ‘bomb threat?’ Hah!

    I meant bomb threat.

  172. It’s like this thread was made for us, Scott!

  173. *orders at-once delivery of chocolates, cookies, and a variety of seeds in a nifty little basket that will double as a sunhat as an apology to Lauraw*

  174. A Bmob Taerht would have fit the bill for my bank today, that’s for sure… sheesh. What assholery.

  175. Ask The Hostages™ time:

    What kind of grades did you have to have to earn driving privileges?

  176. Alright….anybody else drunk?

  177. None. When I turned 18 I received a cheap-ass car and was told, “Get your license and a job. We’ve paid for the first month of insurance and a full tank of gas and that’s it.”

  178. It was A’s and B’s for me.

  179. bcoch,

    Getting there.

  180. Sadly, no, BC. My mistake.

  181. Wow, harsh-ish. But were you allowed to drive the family vehicle Alex, taught how to drive?

  182. A’s & B’s to get Driver’s Ed paid for. Perfect scores on all the tests. Got a B in actual driving skills. Instructor got freaked out by the panic attacks and the vomiting.


  184. Hahaha Oso!

  185. I always had good grades so that was never a worry for me; I didn’t even have time to take driver’s ed.

    Of course I had been taught to drive from about the age of 14, which was also when I received my first traffic citation. *cough*

  186. MMM is shed-yuled for 605am.

  187. OMG some of those youtube short vids are a RIOT! It’s like crack or something (hence the gift basket to Laura).

  188. Profamity.

    Ha Ha Crying here!

  189. Dude check at 0605am. Got it.

  190. My Mom is a psycho bitch. My Dad was in Korea when I was in Driver’s Ed. I don’t think that changed things TOO much. RL friend’s Dad thought I could practice driving in his pastures. I have stories!

  191. In pastures? Little back roads and cul-de-sacs weren’t good enough, huh?
    *sniffs haughtily*

  192. Who’s the dumbass that makes a nice garlic-bread&basil 16″ pizza crust, fork-pierces it, covers it with EVOO, tomato-paste & more basil, opens the fridge, only to find NO-ZERO-NONE-ZIP-NADA fookin’ cheese?

    That would be me.


  193. My kids get their dl when I darn well feel like has varied for every kid. Hannah is straight a, and turned 16 in December and she’s still doesn’t have it. Maturity is more of a factor. I don’t want them to die in the road because they were checking their phone , etc.

  194. I was surrounded by killer cows, took out a tree, took out a culvert, and nearly ran over my friend’s Dad. He would make me drive, until I puked. Then drive some more. He was a great guy. I never got over my panic attacks. He was killed by a drunk driver 2 years ago.

  195. Cyn,
    I used to go with my dad, and his friend from Tektronix, stream & high-lakes trout fishing.
    When I was ten and we were off the pavement, I told him;
    “I bet I can drive this car.”
    He bet I couldn’t, stopped and slid-over.
    I could, and he let me do it often.
    After a while, at home in Portland, he would toss me the keys and say;
    “Go find your idiot brother and bring him home.”
    I was 11 years old…

  196. No Cheese??!!??

    *face palm*

  197. *giggles at “killer cows”*

  198. Is Hannah at all upset that she’s not driving yet?

  199. Stupid cows. They thought I was there to feed them. They surrounded me. Several times. I worked for her Dad one Summer. Carried the mirrors on the survey crew. Killer cows chased me up a tree.

  200. Worked in the oil field for a summer when I was 17 and just bought a fucking car with cash.
    No parents to screw with me.
    Easy peasy

  201. That’s the way to do it, TJ.

  202. People think it’s weird that we have 2 vehicles and only 1 driver. I can’t even drive Autopia at DL. The cars are on a track!

  203. Of course as a minor I had to get legal ok from my dad for title stuff

    1968 Gold Dodge Dart slant 6 with a fabulous 8 track

    A regular pimpmobile

  204. How long has it been since you’ve driven?

  205. Oso
    So who’s the driver?

  206. I have not driven since 1985. Dan is the driver.

  207. Had a girlfriend from Crane, Texas. 30 miles south of Odessa, in bumbfuck nowhere
    Her dad was from Brooklyn and never got a drivers license
    Lived in Crane from 1945 till he passed away 5 years ago and never drove.
    Only man in West Texas to have done that.

  208. That’s a lot of tipping delivery drivers.

  209. Wow Oso

    That’s amazing

  210. That’s your epilepsy, right?

  211. My Grammo never drove. She thought I was crazy. I plan my life around public transportation and walking distance. If anything were to happen to Dan, I’d move to Honolulu.

  212. It started with my non-specific seizure disorder and Texas driving law. Now that I’m a diabetic, you really don’t want me driving.

  213. I understand the seizure issues. but diabetes?

  214. Oso,
    I can’t imagine that.
    Anita did not drive when we got married. Her family did not have a car for most of her childhood, they rode the bus.
    I taught her to drive in a ’69 Bug. It was a horror, a horror. Those poor gears.
    After a bit she was driving the BMW, the ’66 VW Bus, and the Lotus coupe & drop-top, with no problems. She moved up to bikes.
    Now, She drives her own Ranger Pick-up, her Kubota, the Lesbarau, and whatever else you throw at her.

  215. I have a friend who’s 48 and has lived in SoCal his entire life. He’s never learned to drive.

  216. TJ, we’ve had several diabetic drivers pass out due to low blood sugar and kill people.

  217. My mom never drove
    It was the shame of the family

  218. NM didn’t even have seizure laws on the books!!! When I was in TX, you had to be seizure free for 6mos before you could drive. I was still seizing pretty frequently through HS.

  219. Oso
    My dad was diabetic as hell
    In fact it killed him
    But he drove like a maniac and had three trucks, a Cadillac and three motorcycles
    Im like him I guess. I love driving
    He just carried candy around for the hypoglycemia attacks.

  220. TJ,
    My mom never drove, either.
    It was her ‘Power Trip” to get my dad to take her where she needed or wanted, to go.
    Unfortunately, he never told her where she needed to go.
    Even after all six of us were gone, he stayed with her until her death.
    He kept his vows…

  221. How are your seizures now? Have you ever passed out from low BG?

  222. NM hardly had anything
    Back in the day, I had several fake NM driver licenses that looked like I drew them with crayons
    No one gave a shit

  223. I can’t imagine my life without driving.

  224. Is NM even a real state?

  225. Must sign off now, but I leave you with this. Adieu peeps and peepers.

  226. My mom told me she liked my dad to carry her around in the big Caddy brougham
    It was around 21 feet long and was a real limo.

  227. When I was managing my diabetes and taking care of myself, I had a few pass outs.

  228. I’ve never had anything since I got off glucotrol back in 1999.
    Avandia, Januvia and now Actos
    No hypogycemia attacks

  229. I’ve passed out threeX from high blood sugar. Chocolate frosted fudge pop tart. Chocolate Brownie Concrete at Freddy’s. Caramel McFlurry at McDonald’s.

  230. I had several fake NM driver licenses that looked like I drew them with crayons
    No one gave a shit

    More than good enough to register as a voting Democrat.

  231. G’night Cyn! Mwah

  232. We give DLs to illegals. Everybody votes in NM.

  233. Anyone else here ever seen an appallingly bad blaxploitation/schlock horror film from about 1970 called “Alabama’s Ghost?”

  234. Governor Moonbeam here set up DMV offices actually just to give DLs to illegals.

  235. Yes. Military bases viewed all blaxploitation films. I was shocked to find civilians hadn’t watched the same films I did. Shocked!!!

  236. Friend of mine actually played with the musicians that appeared in the opening scene of that film. The last twenty minutes of the thing are like a bad acid trip on a bad acid trip.

  237. GO, I worked with illegals that served on juries. Motor Voter. I’m a registered GOPer. I have never been called for jury duty. Same with Dan. Dan’s D-rat parents get summoned all the time. Same with mi familia.

  238. Governor Moonbeam here set up DMV offices actually just to give DLs to illegals.

    They’re not “illegals,” you racist. They’re undocumented. And now, they’re documented. So let’s let them vote.

  239. A few years back, Mayor Marty pushed a law where ABQ Cop judgements were capped out at 150,000$. We would just settle every case. Cop shootings blew through the roof. Cheaper than a trial and incarceration. Now, we’re all up in the news. Still not seeing a down side here.

  240. SEAN!!! Gov Susana is catching heat for calling them Illegal instead of Undocumented. BS. I just call them mojados and throw chingasos at peeps that call me guera.

  241. I think we ought to let the non resident French vote in Clownifornian elections. And Belgians. Hell, let the Inuits vote too. Just no white Clownifornian taxpayers. They don’t deserve to vote here.

  242. We should also let felons vote, too. And give them an extra vote for every year they’ve spent locked up. Because the prison-industrial complex is raycis, yo.

  243. I mean, think about it. Why let taxpayers vote at all? Why let people who are net contributors instead of net takers vote? All they will do is vote to be selfish and keep their own filthy money instead of give it up.

  244. The first Sanchez sister elected to Congress from Cali took 18 mos to determine that she actually lost to Drier. Ruled too L8 to do anything. She used $$$$ from her campaign to aid her sister. 2 effing commies to DC.

  245. Founding Founders had the right idea. Put some skin in the game. I’d relinquish my vote for Dan to exercise his vote as a property holder. FU FSA

  246. If I rape a woman, am I really just an undocumented lover? Don’t call me a criminal just because I’m overtly sensual.

  247. If you are illegal, the age of consent is 14. NM 4X4 doesn’t seem to apply.

  248. You know, I think I’m gonna find a nice, empty spot along the border, cross over into Mexico, insist that they let me get gay married to some other guy who’s done the same, and demand that they give me welfare, a driver’s license, and what the hell a graduate degree from one of their universities.


  249. Sean, get a kid and hurt yourself. The EBT/SNAP SSDI benefits are incredible!

  250. If you are illeg… Uh, undocumented… You are sacrosanct. Unless you are, for some unfathomable reason, not liberal. In which case you are inauthentic and ought to be deported.

  251. Dude. I work with 2nd+gen Hispanics. They H8 illegals more than I do.

  252. I think that we should give amnesty to any of them who want it. And in return we’ll fire one 155 round into a random Mexican city for every illegal that we give amnesty to.

  253. My cousin, Donald, is a law dog. When they’d call ice for suspicion, Ice would never show or refuse to follow up under TFG. Border patrol and locals H8 TFG.

  254. CoAl let’s just use the same rules that Mexico uses on their Southern Border.

  255. The Chambers of Commerce the GOP obeys lurv them some illegals. So both parties are joined at the political hip here, no matter what later gen Hispanics want.

  256. Had a guy tell me I looked “Montoya” today. Total guera. Spanish eyes. (He thought I was 32. Bwah ha ha)

  257. GO, I know. My Harvard/Stanford Law cousin met his wife when she was interning at the Cesar Chavez Foundation he was on the board for. I have an Anglo cousin that was a Rhodes Scholar. She’s a bleeding heart commie too. Way smarter than my Hispanic AA familia. I’m a college drop out. No one will play me straight up in any reindeer games. I’m not even a pimple on HS or MCPO butt. Rayciss.

  258. I had a dream last night that Sean was giving marital advice to Dan. Woke up pissed at both Sean and Dan.

  259. Sean, get a kid and hurt yourself. The EBT/SNAP SSDI benefits are incredible!

    My elbow feel funny. My elbow feel strange.

  260. I had a dream last night that I was giving marital advice to some dude I didn’t know. Had the strangest feeling it wouldn’t end well for either of us.

  261. I’ve been practicing biofeedback for 30 years and rarely have un-programmed dreams. You both ganged up on me. BTW Sean likes art with a nautical theme. Lots of sails and storms.

  262. Winslow Homer/d

  263. Our D-rat DA never met a plea she wouldn’t sign. D-rat Mayor during her reign passed a $150,000 cap. Ba da bing ba da boom ABQ cops start lighting up perps, paying out the $ and moving on. Now, we’re in the news and people are getting all wet.

  264. Did I mention that I woke up pissed at Sean and Dan?

  265. That’s why I made myself scarce. Well, that, and I’m closing up.

    Got the night off tomorrow so I can go to a game!

    (A hockey game.)

  266. Kings?

  267. Ducks. And it’s opening night down the street at the Big A. Traffic should be fun.

  268. The Pond!!!! (BTW Sean, Dan was talking about the esoteric beauty of the Dodger color scheme and script. He’s delusional. Blaming you for Dan lightening up on the Dodgers)

  269. When I dream of fairytales I think of me and Shelly
    See she’s my type of hype and I can’t stand when brothers tell me
    That I should quit chasin’ and look for something better
    But the derp that she shows makes me a go-getter

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