Inane Arguments – Not Helpful

I was gonna do a quasi truthful rundown on j’ames’s’z unspoken request for real information on luciferase…

Instead I’m just gonna say Calm down Mare!

Leon beat me to the punch –

So I guess there is no sense in saying:

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Today, we have a new music category!

I may not survive to write more posts, so enjoy it while you can!

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Big Tooth Thorsday

We got a lot of rain yesterday and the weather (nsfw) finally turned fall-like. I blame the Blood Moon. I took a couple of days off to get my upper wisdom teeth removed as well as getting a crack in my tooth repaired. It was the old bait and switch. The crack in my tooth near a filling has been driving me batshit crazy over the past month or two. The wisdom teeth were just hanging out there bothering no one except the dentists thinking about the sweet extraction money they were passing up on an insured patient. Really, I’ve been hearing that those teeth would need to be pulled “someday” for the past 30 years or so. Turns out the wisdom teeth came out and it was too bloody to do the filling repair for my cracked tooth. I’ll be back.

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