Fun Football Factoids!

As summer’s heat begins to wane (except for here, where it’s expected to be over 100 degrees this week) and a chill creeps into the air, it is time once again for America’s Game! No, not that one–The Footballs!

Now, you can just watch the game, or you can quit being such a fat, worthless, fat fucking pantload and learn some shit about it. Here are a few facts I’ve gleaned about this fascinating subject:
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Almost Perfect

A little hard to make out, but there are scantily clad cheerleaders in this photo! Can you be the first one to tell me how many and for what team?

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Nuff said.


The Progression Continues….

Two weeks ago we visited “hot” in Kate Upton.

Last week it was “hot badass” in Gina Carano.

This week, this week we’re just going badass.

The post will be simple, like all of you. Badass soldiers doing badass things set to badass music.

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