Bad Week to be a Leftie

Man, it sure has sucked to be a leftie this last week or so. Outdone by Donny Two Scoops, the single biggest idiot ever to populate the White House (their words).


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Thursday Teabagger Treat

Well, after covering coffee last week it was only natural that I shift my focus to its Limey bastard cousin; tea. Surely tea drinking began somewhere in China and caught on elsewhere along the Silk Road trading route (I just made that last part up but I’ve found that if use terms like “Silk Road trading route” people will often believe the rest of the verbal diarrhea that flows from your mouth). Alright, where were we? Tea. Pretty popular drink everywhere. Great Britain. Ireland. India. China. Wakanda? Not so much.


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Get Ready!

Time to do something, right now dammit!

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Bon Wire

And so we say goodbye to The Weimar Republic and The Neu Objectivity. We sail across the sea to The U.S. where we are treated to paintings of the pastoral landscapes and slice-of-life vignettes of American life in the 1920’s and 30’s.  That’s right!  American Regionalism will be teh loadstone in our further un-winding of Modernism in painting and sculpture.

Here we find Grant Wood.

b. 1891 Anamosa, IA d. 1942

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