Going Dilema

Spring in South Canada has been temporarily postponed.












Hello  cuddlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a cosplayer and instagram model based in Los Angeles, born November 25th, 1994 in Nashville, TN. I find no reliable statistical data so I’m going to say that she is wham”-pow”-bam” and at “could-throw-over-the-fence” lbs. Please step up and say “hey gimme that” to Miss Delanie Frances AKA Luna Lanie.

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ce more into the breach

I found a new comic artist that I like, right about when someone in CT was talking about corned beef recipes.


I haven’t gotten to the end of his portfolio yet, I have to cook breakfast here in a bit.





That’s a nice tie, Alex.





How would this poat rate on a scale of MJ to Mare?




Grab A Pig … It’s National Pig Day!


Welcome to March. Rabbit rabbit for all those who do that nonsense. Ides of March, St Patrick’s Day, increasing daylight, all that means is warmer weather is on the way. And that means it’s a perfect time to put this classic video on repeat ALL DAY LONG

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