Like a drunk American college student in Thailand, I accepted the internet’s word that the above title means Thursday in Russian and that hooker really was a chick. I just hope I don’t find out years later четверг means “Bite The Wax Tadpole” or something worse. Ever since the wee hours of the morning of November 9th, the 1980’s have been calling America nonstop and they want their foreign policy back. I figure it’s high time we learn some Russki culture.

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MMM 182: Resignation Edition

I’m announcing my departure today to the people who have to officially be told I’m quitting. After that shakes out I get to discover how I’m going to get read out of my programs (“debriefed”) which I’m pretty sure I actually have to do on site. So I have to quit, travel, get read out, then travel home and file my expense report, then pray to God that these doofuses actually compensate me for expenses. To quit. Oh, and I have to take them the laptop, two monitors, and the docking station.

I’m keeping my stapler. And the tape dispenser.

Still, I can’t safely travel until like a week after the baby is born, unless I make it a day trip. It’s a mess.

Hands on hips = power pose.
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Funny money

Who says these are not womyns?

C’mon Iwannalayya

Herro, have you seen the Tuesday art poat?

For Cyn!