Leon’s Sick Day Replacement Will Be Baby Animals And You’re Just Going To Deal With It

Yaaawnn…it’s a rainy crappy day, and eating lauraw’s pea seedlings is exhausting. I think I’ll put on my fluffy bunny slippers and take a nap.

This one isn’t a baby, but he’s trying to ACT like one, and I think you all know by now how I feel about rodents. My main beef with rodents is that they don’t crunch underfoot in a satisfying way the way you would imagine they do. Well, they don’t.



This is for Laura:

This is for Leon: (Get well.)
Can you find

And this is for Mare: (She’s always up to something.)


No puppies?  I fixt it (car in):





(Colex) Trying to fix the images…

Here Comes The Sun

Roamy might recognize this place


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Me Me Me Meme





I put this on facedouche, but I share here because I care. Also, because it’s truthy.




Cross Wire

And so we find ourselves with one foot on the dock and one on the boat.

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MMM 163: Today was made for you and me

This is the most amazing video I’ve seen in ages. It’s impossible to stay sad while I watch it.

How could you possibly need more motivation than that?

Okay, picture time! This girl appears to have Revvy’s haircut.
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7 Degrees Down Bubble

Good morning.  Coffee?


Sean might find this useful.


We’ll need a crowbar to get Pendejo out of this place.


Tuesday Review…Boobs! Good or Awesome?

Car in came up with a great idea last week; the Tuesday post should be a review of some kind, related to something we’re interested in. Gardening, books, movies, music, or big ‘ol tittehs. For this week I’ve selected big ‘ol tittehs. Thanks Car in!!!!

There are small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, and fake boobs. I won’t be reviewing fake boobs other to mention that if they look fake, you paid too much. If they look real, then we’d never know the difference, so good on you.

Small boobs: Totally fun. They look good without a bra and should be flaunted whenever possible.

L to R: MJ, Some Random Chick

L to R: MJ, Some Random Chick

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Big Boob Flashback Friday

Hello my friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. I’m back after a two week hiatus and energized once again with the stuff that makes life worthwhile.

Thanks to MJ and Jewstin for filling in for me.



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