Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born on August 24th, 1990 in Stargard Szczeciński, Poland.  She stands 5’10” and measures 35G2437 and 130 lbs.  Please get yourself situated for Miss Ewelina Olczak AKA Victoria Macreatis.



Update: My mask.




  1. Great smile. Second to last picture lets you know she might like to have a good time being bad.

    10/10 would smash.

  2. Wholesome lass

    And by wholesome, I mean “Nice Tits”

    She does the model walk thing really well, lots of motion IYKWIM

  3. No tats, no watermarks on the pictures or videos from Brazzers or Twisty’s … yep, wholesome

  4. Great song from Fastball. I only know them from their mega hit “The Way” which I’m sure takes a lot of us back to the days of our youth.

    I did not know the story behind The Way and if you like the song it’s worth watching the video at the lyrics link

    Even if you don’t like the song it’s worth it for the story

  5. The best thing about these boobs is them being at eye level.

  6. It’ll be interesting to see if anything develops from this

    Might be a future treatment or it may be pie in the sky

  7. I will always like a Polish girl. Not because they are the most whatever- it’s because I love Poland and their leader is exceptional. He refuses to let Poland be overrun with “refugees” and the best Pope came from Poland. Also, Obama screwed Poland which surprises no one.

    I’m not Polish but I wish I was.

  8. Heh, that escalated quickly.

  9. I’m not Polish but I wish I was.
    Every St Patrick’s Day clueless women regret they’re not Irish and countless guys looking to get laid use the line, “How’d you like some Irish in you?” I wonder if Polish bros do that?

  10. Poland has been a reliable military partner to the US

  11. By a similar token, seeing Polish women helps explain all the invasions.

  12. It’s like looking at the underwear section of the Sears and Roebuck catalog when I was a kid. Except it’s better.

  13. Poland was one of the most powerful nations in Europe for a time. They are not nearly as insufferable about it as the French, so that’s one big plus.

  14. Because we work out early, we take in our garbage can immediately after the truck dumps our can. We never let it sit out at all-ever. Yesterday the garbage guy was really late in the afternoon (unusual) and by accident, our garbage can was left out last night.

    No garbage can this morning. Huh. I wonder if one of our neighbors took it inside.

  15. On topic for BBF

  16. That was disgusting, Jimbro.

  17. I’ve never lived anywhere with neighbors super close enough to risk losing a barrel. In Worcester I was in close neighborhoods but we had to pay for yellow trash bags to disincentivise throwing shit out versus recycling. I’ve seen a lot of neighborhoods where people paint their street number on the cans

    disincentivise is not a word I’ve often typed out

  18. wakey wakey

  19. We think our sweet, old, next-door neighbor brought it in. He probably heard we were going to have storms last night and today and wanted to make sure it didn’t float down the street.

    He sleeps in so we’ll wait.

  20. Carin, aren’t guinea hens known for like, screaming all day?

    They can be loud. But they also will rid your yard of ticks, and have been known to sit outside wasps nests and eat them all.

    I have already found ticks on Stella. Like last month.

  21. The weather is a mofo right now. Ugh, I hate days like this.

  22. Mare is so naive.

    Her trash can is probably in a chop shop right now.

  23. What do you think the chances are that the US will open up normal air travel within the next week or so?

  24. FREE THE CAN!!!

  25. Probably blew away.

  26. I’ve heard that about the guinea hens. The tick eating part.

  27. Chickens eat ticks too, they just aren’t as adept at hunting them.

  28. I predict this one will be a top seed in the BBF tournament at the end of the year.

  29. “Her trash can is probably in a chop shop right now.”

    Mare’s garbage can today

  30. Looking at some of the virus data for the state. Blacks are 26.8% of the population but 45.7% of the deaths. Don’t know if that’s co-morbidities or places like Birmingham getting hit harder.


    So NOW I -do- have a UTI again. And it went from “take this antibiotic” to “it’s resistant to most oral meds”. And I’ve had the PICC out just since Monday…

    But the good news, it looks like the stone departed on its own, so no procedure. Nope, no quick get it over with, just a continuing, lingering load of shit. Kinda like the rest of how life is working.

    Never mind my OTHER continuing crises.

    This, this shit is why some days I wouldn’t mind never waking up.

  32. Think about where demographics cluster, roamy. Are they getting hit more because they’re in B’ham, or is B’ham hit harder because it’s minority-majority? (73.4% AA as of 2010) I’m going with the co-morbidity thing, it’s kind of a known issue that things like hypertension, kidney disease, etc. are far more common in that community for a whole cluster of reasons.

  33. Mass transit

  34. NYC loves its subways so much that it’s willing to kill old black people to keep them running.

  35. Governor Jenner is keeping us shut down until May 15.


  36. Mare’s garbage can today

    HA! I was jogging once and I stopped at a crosswalk and a guy honked and did that with his car. I’ve got to say, I laughed pretty hard.

  37. No seeds for you!

  38. Is it possible that people in MI think she’s doing a good jerb?

    I can’t believe that 60+% approve of her lockdown.

  39. Orange Man bad will get you to 50%.

    You only need 20% of the remaining pool to be idiots.

  40. Plus all the people that just got a $600 raise to stay home.

  41. Mare: What do you think the chances are that the US will open up normal air travel within the next week or so?
    Me: Zero.

  42. hahahahaha, I love the African Funeral Dancers.

  43. It’s even funnier when you see the one where they are dancing and the casket falls over.

  44. What a stupid time to be alive.


    Hasn’t been said enough lately.

  45. Did the MI legislature grant her that extension? I don’t believe her current emergency declaration can be extended any further without their consent.

    If she’s simply asserting it without them, I need a rogue judge in GR to smack that bitch up good.

  46. Clint, that’s what I thought people would say.


  47. It’s an effing stupid time to be alive.

  48. People are now required, rather than encouraged, to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces such as grocery stores if they can medically tolerate it.


  49. Is there an asterisk at the bottom on the BoR that says

    *unless fake pandemic

  50. if they can medically tolerate it.



    So you’re saying I don’t have to wear one if I don’t want to because I’m just going to say, “I can’t medically tolerate it.”

  51. “My glasses fog up and I can’t see shit. Medically intolerable.”

  52. “Can’t put one one without wanting to rob liquor stores and/or banks. Medically intolerable.”

  53. Things I have learned during this fiasco:

    People watch network news
    People watch network news nonstop
    People believe the news they see
    People will resort to fear instead of researching what they’ve heard
    When people are afraid they act irrationally
    People are easily controlled when they are fearful and irrational
    Democrats are sons of bitches and will use fear and irrationality
    regardless of the damage to our country.

  54. “Look like a dork, medically intolerable”.

  55. oh no, masks are the new IN thing, with the IN crowd. Since we’re all such conformers to begin with.

  56. “Look like a dork, medically intolerable”.

    The mask, sadly, changes nothing here. I was only moderately not-dork when my biceptz were swole.

  57. “My glasses fog up and I can’t see shit. Medically intolerable.”
    Biggest mask-related pet peeve.
    Second is the ears hurting from the straps
    On the plus side, it improves my appearance and masks halitosis

  58. Here’s where politicos differ from us. I consider you guys normal like me. *cough*

    In a million years I cannot imagine being a “public figure” like Fredo and saying, publically, that I was quarantined in my basement with a virus that scares people and then go to the Hamptons to hang out and ride my bike. AND THEN have a coming-out session on CNN (where I work) and act like I’ve haven’t been outside or out of the basement for weeks.

    This is how normal people are duped by these assholes, we would never, ever, even think of doing something like this. So lots of us (not me because I’m pathetically cynical) believe Fredo and his stupid ploy for attention, sympathy and views.

    F them all.

  59. Me when confronted for not wearing a mask:

  60. ugh, now The Way is depressing. Gee thanks, jimbro.

  61. never used to have masks that went over my ears, so I never had that issue. Now it’s all I see.

  62. Michigan Republicans are going to write a bill to restrict her executive authority … which she will veto

  63. I made a “mask” which I’ll put on if confronted.

  64. Fake news pretends this is what Trump meant

  65. I should just wear a Zorro mask.

  66. No, the singer explained that the song is their legacy of loving life and travel. I mean, yeah, they had to die horribly for it to be written, but otherwise they would have just had the long goodbye from dementia. Like Joe Biden is before our eyes.

  67. In the OR it’s all tie masks but in the office they have the ones with little loops for your ears. Those suck.

  68. My favorite mask was the one where they misspelled bandanna, so they were requiring people to wear a banana. Pic of woman with banana duct-taped to her face.


    Time-lapses of the night sky around the world. I like the Easter Island heads.

  70. I made mask. Picture up there.

  71. I like Fuck Gretchen on the side. Adds a nice touch.

    Bet you get a few responses to that, from both sides. She’s at 60% approval!

    (bullshit, I know)

  72. I had intended to get a bandanna, classic red, for when I have to sweep hay. I keep forgetting.

  73. Amazon has them, but they wouldn’t get here until May 24, after Reichsfuhrer Whitmer’s new order elapses.

  74. I need to tell my wife that the new order permits motorboating.

    For reasons.

  75. Yea, no one in Lapeer is going to say anything negative. THe few liberals know better.


    Mare loves Carin!!!

  77. I need to tell my wife that the new order permits motorboating.

    For reasons.



  78. Leon, let us know how that goes.

  79. So I overdid it yesterday, and Mr. RFH is giving me shit for it, saying he could have gone shopping for me. Dude, you bought “lite” salad dressing, low fat sour cream, low sodium pickle relish, and grape tomatoes where half the container had already visibly gone bad. I have trust issues.

  80. I love it, Carin.

  81. Small bar/grill and family owned restaurant, up the street from me, opened up for business this week. I think the state’s ‘official’ re-open is May 1.
    I hope they both survive. It’s hard to get any traffic where they’re located and had actually started doing really well this past year.

  82. If they require masks around here — yeah, good luck. Still can’t find them anywhere and I’ve been too lazy to make my own.
    I saw a great one made from men’s underpants pulled over one’s head and flipped. Maybe I’ll do that.

  83. Husband asked me about the disinfectant remark and when I went to jimbro’s link, the video started playing and of course, they selectively edited what he said to a short soundbite.

    H: That’s just a weird clip.
    M: Selectively edited soundbite.
    H: He just…*deep sigh*…he doesn’t have to always say whatever comes to mind. He doesn’t have to inject his thoughts in all these press conferences giving the media lots of things to use…
    M: If he just stood there and said little to nothing, the media will then beat him up for being a dunce and letting non-elected others run the country. No doubt you’d be wondering the same thing. He can’t win no matter what he does.
    H: *agrees he can’t win*

  84. *obama farts out 57 states*

    Media: He’s so dreamy. *and then tosses it down the memory hole*
    H: *gives him benefit of the doubt*

  85. I’m hoping my favorite Japanese restaurant re-opens soon. They didn’t do carryout.

  86. Just got a call from the CC. Most of their CC locations will remain closed for spring/summer sessions but most of those classes will be done via Zoom.

  87. Not sure how that’ll work out for stuff like EMT training.

  88. Leon, let us know how that goes.

    She rolled her eyes and smiled.

    We haven’t had a moment alone since pre-school got cancelled, so it’s all just talk anyhow.

  89. low fat sour cream

    The only part of this that’s real is the “sour”.

  90. Where is Mare’s trash can RIGHT NOW?

  91. Still at the store, she hasn’t bought it yet.

    The old one belongs to someone else now.

  92. Mare’s trashcan sounds dirty.

  93. Mare’s trashcan is dirty.

  94. never tried japanese cooking. What’s good? I like asian food, chinese, Thai. Gonna make bihon pancit, filipino.

  95. Need to have my husband text our neighbor and find out about the trashcan.

    Covid-19 and now this!

  96. Comment by beasn on April 24, 2020 12:29 pm
    Not sure how that’ll work out for stuff like EMT training.


    Just order stuff from Amazon, then waylay the deliveryman and practice on him or her.

    Beasn: Could you help me a minute?
    Driver: Umm, with what?
    Beasn: Class assignment.
    Driver: Sure.
    Beas: *Uses Taser to stun driver* You’re having a heart attack……

  97. HO-LEE-SCHNIKIES even though we have boobs here this morning, I thought it was Saturday.

    Oh, man.

  98. Jay, tempura is what most people are familiar with. Negimaki is thin beef rolled up with onions and cooked in a teriyaki-like sauce. Lots of different noodles that I don’t care for. Katsu is Japanese schnitzel. Yakitori is Japanese grilled chicken kebab. They also have oshinko, weird yellow pickles that I like a lot.


    When I did my fellowship one of my mentors was a Japanese guy who hosted a party and hired a chef to make sukiyaki. The recipe on the site above looked different than the way it was made there. It was really good though.

  100. Oh, and miso soup. I like to get the soup, salad with ginger dressing, and yakitori for lunch or a box meal that has a lot of different things and trade the sushi with someone. (I can only eat the shrimp negiri, the rest I’m allergic to.)

  101. I did Aikido through most of college, and went to numerous functions with Japanese cuisine intended for Japanese patrons.

    It’s… not my favorite. Sushi is the best part of their menu, IMO. My palate is better served by the food of my ancestors. And the Messicans.

  102. Beasnsnssnsn, is someone you know taking an EMT class?

  103. Sukiyaki is a good dish for cleaning out the fridge.

  104. That’s an interesting thought and not out of the realm of possibility. Once we get past this crap and get closer to the election, the media is going to gaslight us and say that Trump crashed the economy by overreacting, completely forgetting that they said 2 million Americans were going to die.

  105. Rush played the soundbite regarding press conference discussion of UV killing off virus in less than 2 minutes…and associated questions.

    Pisses me off even more that the media would zoom in on one word to make Trump look bad instead of reporting the good news about UV light and the virus. We all effing know that sun is a pretty good disinfectant. I hate these f*ckers.

  106. They’re going to gaslight us in complete contradiction to their previous gaslighting?

    The devil, you say.

  107. The moment a Pee Pee Coke Flu case comes up the media will demand that the economy be shut down and that we need mail in voting.

    Probably right after demanding that Trump destroyed the economy by shutting down the economy.

    They’re just political actors pretending to be whatever it is they’re pretending to be.

  108. That shit happens today.

    Trump is a racist for shutting down flights from China.

    Why didn’t you shut down the country sooner?

    It’s all fake.

  109. I was going to say people aren’t stupid enough to fall for that, but there’s people who vote for Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff, so yeah.


    Bonus Aussie Oso sighting.

  111. >>>*Uses Taser to stun driver* You’re having a heart attack……

    Ask oso..this is every good retail worker’s fantasy while some Karen is all up in their grill.
    Srsly. I had one gal come to pick up her kid’s petite cake thingie made up as Cinderella. She spotted a hole in the bottom back of the frosting dress, got pissed and wanted it smoothed out because ‘you guys can’t do anything right’….’I don’t want the icing to fall off before I give it to my kid’.

    Her blood pressure went thru the roof when I asked her to show me the hole because I saw no hole. It was the size of a pinhole as a result of a teeny tiny air bubble on the surface. I tried to explain that to her and that I had personally applied the icing which was first smoothed one way before the ‘knife’ shaped it the other way to make the pleats. There were no gaps…the icing wasn’t going to fall off due to a surface pinhole sized air bubble at the BOTTOM of a small cake. Not to mention, once the icing ‘sets’ any smoothing is going to be a hellalot more noticeable than a pinhole. NOPE, she wanted that fucker smoothed out. Her boyfriend understood and tried to get her to calm down, but that hellcat wasn’t having any of it. The whole time I was wishing I had a taser.

    So I smoothed it as gently as I could and it was as noticeable as I knew it would be. She shut her piehole, took her stupid cake, and left.

  112. mare, I don’t know anyone doing the EMT class. It was just a passing thought how the CC is going to handle EMT classes because surely some of that is hands on kind of learning.

  113. >>I was going to say people aren’t stupid enough to fall for that,

    I’m related to several. They’ll twist into pretzels to defend a demrat while blasting a republican over shit they didn’t say/do because Free Shit Army is all about envy/greed.

  114. Regarding the discussion of Poland up yonder…made me think of Sabaton’s song ‘Winged Hussars’. Just checked, Sabaton will be in St. Louis in September. I may have to go. Either son or son-in-law can go with me.

  115. Base cabinets primed, installed, and level, with almost zero shims. We put the butcher block on top to mark off the cuts and admire it.

    It’s pretty.

    Waiting for Scott’s new saw blade to be delivered before trying to cut this beast. I don’t think birch is very hard but I don’t want to do a ton of finishing work on it.

  116. Thats so cool. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  117. About to head out to Lowes. They and Home Depot have been packed for several weeks. I hope there is something left.

    Pray for oso.

  118. Yes, lauraw, post pictures when it’s done or it didn’t happen.

  119. We had planned a little 4 day road trip. Bitch in Santa Fe extended the shut down through at least May 15 and we got an email from Pet Paradise that only Emergency Essential workers can Board or use Day Camp.

  120. Black women have the highest rates of obesity in the US. that’s why the corona likes them.

  121. Best part, when we positioned the cabinets where I wanted them, it wasn’t right so we had to readjust a bit. So I will end up with a 25x18x1.5″ slab of butcherblock. This is my new monster cutting board.

  122. I need to get those screwdown rubber feet for my new cutting board. And I need to name him.

  123. Did you just assume your cutting board’s gender?

  124. Yah, he’s a tuff boi. But I might name him ‘Sheena’ just to be an asshole.

  125. Dave Rubin interviews Mike Lindell, Mr My Pillow

    Lots of Christian reference, so don’t watch if you’re put off by that, but what a story! This guy still acts like he’s on coke. What energy.

  126. I need to get those screwdown rubber feet for my new cutting board. And I need to name him.

    Great idea. My cutting board moves around, now getting a little warpy.

    If you put a wet paper towel under a cutting board it won’t move. Unless warpy.

  127. Still waiting for the saw blade. We put the counter top and Sheena on sawhorses out in the porch. Scott set up a fence for his circular saw, adjusted the depth, and put some boards under Sheena to support him after he is cut off from the main counter top.

    Me: I better put this tung oil upstairs on a radiator to warm up.
    Scott: *looks out front door* The FedEx Ground guy is eight doors away.


  129. Awkward conversations in the Army:

    “Who the fuck are you?”

    “I’m the Division Command Sergeant Major. Who the fuck are you?”

  130. I forgot to buy the toe kick today at Lowe’s, HOWEVER just now I found a video on installing little hidden drawers down there. That would be a great place to hide shit.

  131. OH, I forgot to tell you guys a story!! Gather ’round.

    So, we had a police officer come into the shop over a guy selling stolen batteries. He was stealing them out of big trucks – but he said he was one of those guys who services broken down trucks on the highway. They weren’t new, and we probably just gave him the core value or something (I’m fuzzy on those details).

    But guess what? He was one of the prisoners released for COVID19!!!

    he can’t have even been out a few weeks.

  132. Geez Car in, more proof demrat governors really want to inflict maximum pain on everyone. MI voters suck micro donkey balls.

  133. Awkward conversations in the Army:

    Tell the story again where you told a general to get the fuck off the vehicle.


  135. installing little hidden drawers down there. That would be a great place to hide shit.

    Mr. B’s uncle did that to a cabinet he used solely for his knives (he used to be a butcher). It was a lower kitchen cabinet that was never attached to the wall. When he died, husband got the cabinet. Several years later, we put it in a garage sale — the night before the sale, his mom called and told us to check it over as she remembered he put a secret drawer in it and was wondering if that is where some papers they could never find, would be. Sure enough, he built a secret compartment that was hard to see at the bottom, gotten to from the back. There was several thousand dollars and the missing papers from when he immigrated here. I’m guessing bug-out money in the event shit went apocalyptic like it did WWll.

    So, the lesson here is, if you do secret compartments full of cash and valuables, tell a few trustworthy souls in the event your hump explodes and the rest of you melts into a puddle of poisonous goo.


  137. *sets reminder to ransack Laura’s kitchen in the event that Ned Lamont finds out she said something nice about Trump once.

  138. Xbradtc, excellent essay on faith from Lex. Thanks for linking it.

  139. The Ice Cream Truck just cruised through the neighborhood for the first time in 2 months.


  140. Pupster, I wore one of your masks today. Bless you. Thank you.

  141. That tears it. I hearby dub the cutting board “Warpy”.

    First proper shower in ages today. Between that stupid PICC and my stupid depression…well, I needed it. Shave and trim of facial hair. More grey on the chin than I remember, when did that happen? Folks might think I’m old…

    Still no fucking coronacheck.

    I’m alternating between whiny and boring. This is why I need to stick to shitposting.

  142. No Trump Check for us, either.

  143. Thanks, Mare. Loved Lex. And his wife, holy shit, literally a Brazilian supermodel, and the nicest chick you could know.

  144. Weird shit always happens in Pinion Canyon Maneuver Training Site.

    PCMS is at the southern end of Colorado, literally on the banks of the mighty Purgatory River.

    My platoon was dug in as the Opposing Force for the guys executing the Company in the Attack mission. Four Brads, a tank, a couple cats and dogs, and one motherfucker of an obstacle. Guys, you’re not going to even come close to completing the mission the first try. We’re not here to give you targets. We’re here to stress the everloving fuck out of your company leadership, and FORCE them to make a decision.

    Make a good one. Make a bad one. But don’t just sit there and let me kill your guys all day long. Cuz I will. I’ve been fighting on this exact piece of terrain for four fucking years now.

    So, I’m in my Bradley. In the middle of a battle. We’re doing berm drills. We’ll pull up, shoot, and then quickly scoot back down into our dug in position to avoid being shot.

    I’m down inside the turret, by my hatch is open, which, that’s pretty normal.

    But then, I hear someone scrambling around on the front deck of my Bradley.

    My adherence to safety regulations is usually more to the spirit, rather than to the letter, but dude, hopping onto a track doing berm drills, and spinning it’s turret left and right is a bit much.


    I yell first, then start to stick my head out of the turret.






    Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Gordon R. Sullivan, was about six inches from my face.

  145. 🤣🤣🤣 Worse than a Sela Ward Typo on Twitter.

  146. Love that story. He shouldn’t have been there.

  147. True Story. I think I was 3. Broken bottle of Clorox/Pine Sol. Remainder put in a soda bottle under the sink. First time I had my stomach pumped. Pretty sure it was Pine Sol. Next time I died was phenobarbital. Every time my dad would deploy. Navy Doctors thought my mom was Munchausen by proxy.

  148. A ‘client’ charged me the other night, is that a cool story? She is floridly psychotic, and thinks we’re contaminating her food and drink.

    I’m like, we’re giving you injections against your will, why would we need to put something in your Pepsi? I didn’t actually say this to her of course, but she thinks she can read minds, so. You know.

  149. So, I’ve just told the senior officer of the United States Army to fuck off, my company commander is there shitting razor blades, and the Chief of Staff smiles at me and says, “what can I do for you?”

    Promote my driver.

    Chuck, shut the track down and pop the hatch. You’re gonna wanna be here for this.

    PV2 Chuck got a verbal promotion from the Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

    But wait. There’s more.

  150. Leon, so awesome! Does Donatello do this?

  151. Floridly is a cool adjective. What do you do to stop a psychotic from charging?

  152. That’s literally why we got Donatello.

    He hears coyotes and you can see fire in his eyes and sparks between his ears.

  153. If you have any butcher block scraps…

  154. Unfortunately he gets the same way around barn cats.

  155. About six months later, GEN Sullivan made another visit to our post. We were in the motor pool this time, not the field.

    “HEY, GEN Sullivan, please promote my driver!”

    “You’re promoted!”

    Chuck has a service record that shows him being promoted from PV2 to PFC and then from PFC to SPC both times by verbal order of the Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

  156. Why was a 4 star scrambling around on your track in the first place? Did he want to drive?

  157. Blah blah blah XB misspelled Sela Ward in a Tweet.

  158. OSO, you wanna share the rest of that interaction?

    As to Gordo hopping on my track, he was a Soldier’s Soldier. Seriously. What can I do for you? How can I make your life better.

    Fantastic guy.

  159. Sela loves you. I was pretty thrilled for your typo.

  160. Did Mare find her can?



  163. Use both hands!

  164. Pups, you don’t really do anything to ‘stop’ them, or at least you don’t in my hospital. You just back off and have a lot of extra people rushing to the situation and managing it humanely and gently. Often, a little snack or quiet time will end the situation.


  166. Drugs eased Rita’s pain.

  167. What do you do to stop a psychotic from charging?

    Take away the psychotic’s credit card.

  168. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some […]

  169. Everyone should shelter in place. At your mom’s.

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