Rock Around the Croc: Vocal Lines

The topic of today is vocal lines, and in particular some of the things I like about vocal lines. Let’s start old school, with Giovanni Perluigi Palestrina (1525-1594), Sicut Cervis:

Palestrina – Sicut cervus – The Cambridge Singers



In the period leading up to the Reformation, composers of Renaissance masses tried to outdo each other in the complexity of their compositions, but in the process made the vocal lines totally incomprehensible. Pretty, sure, but if the point was to go to mass and actually learn something, if you didn’t have the text memorized you were out of luck.

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Welcome to Big Boob Friday. Well, we’ll see if I get booed out of the room for this one or if this gets pushed down like whoever gets in the way of your mom at the all-you-can-eat buffet.
So I saw this video:

(There’s a pretty good metal version of a Britney Spears song that I like better than the original)
And I thought, “Self, those dancers are pretty hot, they gave their Instagram addresses, I bet that would make a decent BBF post.” So here we are.
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Public Urination

What’s up with the current rush to coarsen everything in society. From San Fran to NYC everybody is pissing in the streets.

I thought it was a french tradition. Now it’s all fashionable to drop trou and go…

I guess gone are the simpler times of panhandling.

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“Taco Tuesday 2: This Time She Doesn’t Have Applause Because the ProBiotics Seem to Have Worked” : Dating the POS Way (An Advice Column for a Friend with a Title Shamelessly Stolen {& slightly altered} From teh Same Friend)

So the big day haz finally arrived.

Mood Music

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