Hold Meme

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born August 10th, 1999 in Utah, USA. She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 372435 and 155 lbs. Please thank Leon for pointing out Miss Ashley Tervort.

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The Mayor of Simplememe

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Don’t Bring Meme Down

One of the only blogs where multiple people will be able to enter

I have keys, so I got in! *runs
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Carin hasn’t told us she hates us all recently.


i assume she’s recouping from yoga or something and trying to get up enough energy to recommence her poison pen ranting again.

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POS Spring

So we’re 1 week (+/-) out from teh calendericacal spring and we have nothing but blue skies and butterflies in the forecast (hhe he heeeeeee).

We got enough snow overnight to be irritating enough to cause delays around the are. I checked out Mr. Weatherman and that punk says there’s at least two more weeks of cold weather – down into the teens; the robins and redwing blackbirds better have packed their electric underoos cuz baby it’s gonna be cold out for a little bit longer.

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