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Ok, all the pervs who got that, raise your hands.

Whoa. You people are sick!

Shane obviously is an H2 lurker

Not quite Jeopardy, is it?

This applies to so many.

Gamers, huzzah!

Or the bar, amirite?

Who doesn’t like toys?

Everyone knows this.

Or actual labels that say Iowa State Meat department samples, DO NOT EAT on things that are served at a meat-up.

Try not to lick the permanent paste, or the good windows, mkay?


  1. *takes a bow.

    Thank you, thank you.

  2. wonder if it’s strictly local, or if I can use my membership card at the restaurant supply place near Carin? I should call and ask. Looks like they have good deals on clams and meats and such. Be nice not to have to travel with the clams/ keep them alive for two days before serving.

    What’s the place?

  3. This weekend, about 4 miles from my house is “metamora days”- I don’t know but we may want to go there. It’s a hot-air balloon/redneck thing. Could be fun.

    A food truck is going to be there from a smokehouse i’ve been wanting to try out.

    There will be tractor pulls …

  4. We’re gonna have drinks at “your” place, right?

  5. If you want.

    They redid the White Horse Inn (where did lunch last time) and it’s beautiful, but the food isn’t as good and the drinks are really expensive.

  6. Hm. Says the seafood deal is for Dearborn/Cleveland only. Not Troy, which I think is closer to you, right?

  7. Huh. Never heard of the place, but Clawson is sorta halfway between home and the store. That’s where we get our awesome sushi.

  8. go figure, no fresh seafood in MI.

    Maybe we can get fresh lamprey?

  9. mmm, gas station sushi

  10. I just figured we’d go there, since you’d be working.

  11. Not impressed with their pork prices.

  12. I used to work in Clawson. That was a very different time in my life.

  13. What’s the name of the place in Clawson?

  14. Whole packer brisket is 2.56/lb at the RD store in MI. If anybody feels like firing up the smoker this weekend. I don’t know, just throwing ideas out there. That might be too much work, though.

  15. Decent prices on whole subprimal chunks of ribeye and strip loin too. One of those would make a magnificent roast in a lot less time. Or a lot of chubby steaks.

  16. Whatever. Clams. That’s my only mission. We’ll roll with whatever happens after that.

  17. Second I stepped into my house and got a call from the office. “Can you come and do a Monteggia fracture in a 8 year old kid?” Since I’m paid to work full time and I’m also on call today, that was technically a rhetorical question. “Sure thing!”

    -lawn gets to grow even longer.

  18. I’m willing to smoke. Just sayin. Not sure how comfortable Car in is with leaving it rolling overnight. I also am not familiar with the fuel usage and temp control. I’m sure we can figure it out. Brisket is easy, just takes time.

  19. “Can you come and do a Monteggia fracture in a 8 year old kid?”

    Don’t tell me – he put on his Superman cape and tried to fly from the top of the soap box Derby ramp?
    (Yes, that’s how I broke/dislocated my arm back in ’72)

  20. I need to murder phragmites again.

  21. Man, how many times this year? You need to do the tarp/ cinderblocks job to those things.

  22. Again?

    Zombie phragmites.

  23. Get Hotspur out there with his scuba tanks.

  24. This will be the 2nd cutting. They are still under 4′ and not as dense as they were. I tried burning them down 2 other times.

  25. I might try digging them up, the pond is really low right now. All the online advice says don’t do that because you just loosen the soil, but that’s what my neighbor did to kill his.

  26. Local guy forced a 16 year old girl into prostitution and was sentenced to 6 years in prison.


    The average sentence for rape is 10 years. Isn’t this worse?

  27. One would think.

  28. It’s pretty bad, Scott.

    Hopefully, he’ll get pounded in prison.

  29. We bought our first house in Clawson.

  30. My first house was in Goshen, IN.

  31. Bikers for Trump will be protecting Trump supporters from ANTIFA tonight.

    This could be fun.

  32. Hell’s Angels are always a good security choice.

  33. Where is that going to be, scott?

  34. That reminded me of ‘skippy’s list’. You maybe have to be a vet to get a few of the jokes, but it is hilarious.

  35. Hey, Phat, need your help translating some Russian.

  36. Ok, hit me with the russki.

    Btw, the last thing you sent me was a Russian MRE. Pork.

  37. Vermont’s Attorney General has settled the state’s claims of fraud against Jonathan Gruber, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor who served as a technical consultant for President Barack Obama and as one of the chief architects of Obamacare.

    Under the terms of the settlement, Gruber will no longer work as a taxpayer-funded economic consultant for the state’s health care system and he won’t seek to be paid any money he might be owed, reports the Rutland Herald, a Vermont newspaper.

    For its part under the agreement, the Vermont’s attorney general will not pursue legal action under the Vermont Civil False Claims Act….

    ……Donovan, the attorney general and still another Democrat, said his office determined that Gruber did, in fact, violate the Vermont Civil False Claims Act, according to the Herald.

    Specifically, investigators concluded that Gruber sent two invoices — and possibly more — falsely charging the state and its taxpayers for work which was never actually completed by Gruber or any of his underlings.

    The dollar amounts sought by Gruber in the two invoices are not clear.

    Under the terms of Gruber’s consulting contract, he was supposed to receive up to $400,000 for his policy advice concerning single-payer health care in Vermont.

  38. ^^ Anyone else would be marched off to jail. ^^

  39. Well, that was what I wanted translated.

  40. nyet

  41. bravo!

  42. What shall we talk about now?

  43. Camping World. Seems like an excellent choice for the CEO to tell Trump supporters not to shop at his stores. Wicked smaaaaaart.

  44. My sister is a 911 operator. She poated this on her wall.

    “PSA – ambulances don’t transport dogs to the veterinary hospitals, even if you don’t have a car and it might die from vomiting. Just in case you didn’t know that, this is just a friendly reminder.”

  45. I see no reason to start shopping at Camping World.

  46. What about fish, beasn? Ask her that for me.

  47. Caller: “My fish is drowning! What should I do?”

  48. 911 Operator: “Do you have any tartar sauce?”

  49. *likes

  50. Cabela’s just smiles.

  51. REI is leftist trash too, in case you have one of those.

    Dunham’s has camping shit and bullets and CO2 for your flamethrowing needs.

  52. Scott are you all passing by Syracuse or binghamton on Thursday ?

  53. I’ve got party favors for carin that I forgot to mail out

  54. Just bring them with you Jam.

  55. Ok, so today I both started cleaning and began a diet so I don’t look like a fat slob for all my friends.

    I cheated already, and I’m bored of cleaning.

  56. It’s ok, car in. We’ll pretend to like you, no matter how fat and disgusting you are.

  57. RT 80 most likely.

  58. Today is our 37th Wedding anniversary. Mr. TiFW says I have given him five of the happiest years of his life 😜

  59. Beasn, Trump’s rally in Phoenix.

    Place holds 26,000 and Soros has been hiring protesters all week.

  60. My gut says the rent-a-Hessians scatter at the first extendable baton.

  61. *extends baton*

  62. mmmm, bacon.

  63. I can’t make it carin
    I’m bummed

  64. I’ll have to fedex it

  65. If the day ever comes when the PantyFags find themselves on the receiving end of a bayonet charge, I shall die a happy man.

  66. in the word of Castle Wolfenstein, “Mein Leiben!”

  67. Trump’s rally in Phoenix.

    Is it in a stadium or open ground? Pretty sure everyone is going to be patted down. Cans of cement and bats will be confiscated.

  68. Just took the MIL to Aldis. Their veggies looked pretty good today.
    I’m betting a third of my housemate’s budget is on cookies. They go through 2 packs of cookies, one cake, and a box of ice cream each week.
    I might eat two cookies a day – might – and I’m the one getting fat.

  69. Stop buying monster cookies.

  70. Live QOTSA on RIGHT NOW.

    So awesome.

  71. I just rendered five pounds of beef fat. Wish I had some butter molds.

  72. Happy Anniversary, Teresa!

    (Whenever I see your name, I still think of Joffen)

  73. /pours one out for Joffen

  74. Congrats, Teresa!

    I was just watching a few videos on “clock boy.”

    Absolutely amazing. He didn’t really build a clock, he took a clock radio out of it’s box and put it in a metal pencil case. He was told TWICE by his science teacher to keep it in his back pack because it could appear to be a bomb. His English teacher is the one who (as predicted) thought it was suspicious. Texas has tough terrorist threatening laws, cops were called, he was interviewed for 90 and arrested. He was offered a scholarship to MIT. Went to Qutar, Wants to come home because he misses Texas. And his suits were thrown out and he has to pay attorney fees on the other side. Oh, and this is interesting, his sister was suspended for a separate fake bomb hoax. Obama is an idiot. But you knew that was the end of the story.

    Bill Whittle does and excellent job, as does Rush and others.

  75. Awwww, he wasn’t arrested he was cuffed because he was being obnoxious about the incident.

  76. HA! Gavin McInnis has a good video on it too.

  77. Loves me some Bill Whittle.

  78. Hmm. HQ is having problems loading right now.

  79. I just rendered five pounds of beef fat a hobo. Wish I had some butter molds.

    //LauraW translator

  80. JAM, we can go 90.

    It’s actually a little quicker. I have been conditioned to avoiding it because of tolls, snow, and it’s just a pretty boring drive.

  81. So I interviewed Dick Morris today. Yes, that Dick Morris.

    Nice guy. Was very complimentary to yours truly.

    Towards the end of the discussion, I hear his other phone ring. He says to me “Can you hold on a second? I have to take this.”

    Live. On the air. Leaves me just hanging there. It was hysterical. I’ve never had someone take another call during an interview.

    He didn’t even cover the mouthpiece of the phone he was talking to me on. So me and the audience could hear his entire other conversation.

    So I just bust out laughing. Which pissed off my super-professional producer, who came into the studio afterwards to chastise me for laughing.

    Meanwhile, station manager also thought it was hysterical. Which it was. And his opinion is really the only one that matters, to be honest.

  82. When he gets back on the phone with me, he started asking me my name, how to spell it, the station’s ID… it was weird.

    Then he said that he had applied to be the host of my show a number of years back, and I thought “cool.”

    Then he mentioned that it was after [some really big name guy at the station] was fired and then eventually went to prison for election fraud.

    That’s when I realize that he was talking about another station in the state.

    I didn’t correct him. He was probably just confused.

  83. Well done, Wiser!!! And we knew you when you were just a commenter on this POS blog.

  84. >>>>Well done, Wiser!!! And we knew you when you were just a commenter on this POS blog.

    Awwwww… thanks, mare.

    And you keep chasing your dream too. I just know that if you really, really try with all your might, you will finally get your weight down below 300lbs.

    Because I believe in you.

  85. Ha! You haven’t been around enough. I lost another 18 pounds before my trip. I’m a size 8 and often a 6.


  86. Your belief helped though!

  87. Are Horse Dress Sizes like Dog Years?

  88. >>>>Ha! You haven’t been around enough. I lost another 18 pounds before my trip. I’m a size 8 and often a 6.


  89. New ride, bitches.

  90. Badlink!

  91. And now the link is good. And the car is nice.

  92. It has the John Cooper Works performance gear, and it is awesome to drive. Just as fun as the Porsche.

  93. >>>>New ride, bitches.


    FiL has a Coachman. Even that is a blast to drive. Can’t imagine what driving that with a performance package would be like.

  94. Hotspur has met Mare. There were pics

  95. The Church of Satan tweet at the mothership is funny enough to spark an ecumenical dialog.

  96. Stomps hoof 3 times, gets math wrong.

  97. I’m 18 pounds down from there, Oso.

  98. Wow! Great job! Are you still kayaking with sharks?

  99. Nice ride, Hot.
    I test drove a Cooper S a few years back – damn thing handled like it was on rails.

  100. No just stupid manatees and dolphins.

  101. I bought a Cooper S in ’03 when they first came out. It was always a blast to drive, but it got to where it needed a clutch, gas tank strap, brakes, tires, etc., and I didn’t want to spend $4k to fix it. So I drove it to the dealer today and said, “Trade me, please.”

    They were more than happy to oblige.

  102. McConnel doesn’t really think more people (voters) support him than they do Trump?
    Old, stupid, delusional POS.

  103. Stoopid manatees! I’m a sea cow! Gaffigan’d

  104. McConnell is a tool. Fuck him.

  105. A great white ate a seal right next to some swimmers on Cape Cod today.

    Our lake has zero great whites.

  106. I’m fixin’ to be a cow in the next half hour, oso.
    Couldn’t be bothered to cook and it’s too hot to even warm up the oven for leftovers, so I just ordered a steak sub & a dozen hot wings.
    Moo. Moo.

  107. I’ve seen the videos. Seal was swimming in a sea of blood. GWS was within 10 feet from shore. Mature GWS are off Nova Scotia. YOY are chilling off Long Island. My guess is teenagers Summer off the Cape. West Coast GWS are opposite of Atlantic. Tagged sharks are fascinating

  108. Chi, our lunch burger was huge. Mac & Cheese for dinner

  109. Is that a soft top HS?

  110. Met with CiL for lunch. He bought MiL home as a rental. He was bringing us mail. Waitress was totes into Dan. I’m used to it. CiL made a running joke of it. Daddy issues.

  111. Yes it is, Pups.

  112. A ragtop wouldn’t have been my first choice, since I already have one, but the performance package sold me.

  113. test drive in Lapeer?

  114. made spicy chicken sandwiches. good ones

  115. You bet, Jay.

  116. >>>A ragtop wouldn’t have been my first choice, since I already have one, but the performance package sold me.

    So jealous.

  117. My dick is a performance package.

    Ask your mom.

  118. She likes a soft top

  119. I think a confederate soldier had a horse named Cooper.

    That would make your car racist.

  120. HAHAHAHA, the stupid Cleveland Browns think being political will help the worst effing
    Organization in sports. Bwhahahaha.

    Are black players smart enough to get we don’t care as much as they think we might?Below moron IQ.

  121. I was gonna comment on the retractable top, but yours is better jimbro.

  122. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on August 22, 2017 8:56 pm
    My dick is a performance package.
    Ask your mom

    Never in history has there ever been a louder cry for a ‘Mini’ joke…

  123. How to become a sports cliche. Think anyone cares about you me fake grievances.

    Strategy only dummies would adopt.

  124. Cleveland has always sucked.
    Now they are hated too.


  125. Wiser, you have a radio show. You had Dick Morris on. Don’t be jealous of a car.

    You had a Jag. You’ll get something better.

    And find $20 and a picture of Mare’s ass. Wanna buy one?

  126. Another funny story from today’s show:

    I no longer bother with”themed” bumper music. Too much work to do on a daily basis.

    So I have 7 CDs with random music I like and with long intros that work well for coming out of commercials. I just randomly pick 2 of the7 as I head into the studio every morning, toss them into the CD players and hit forward a random number of times on each and then just play whatever comes up, hitting either CD 1or 2, with zero preference or plan. Could not be more random if I tried.

    I’ve gotten a number of callers telling me how much they like my bumper music. Just today, a guy named Kevin calls and tells me he likes it and then we have a discussion about music. What do I like, what does he like, what don’t we like. Pretty fun. At the end, he mentions that he totally digs the Doors. I agree and then we go to commercial.

    I come out of commercial and hit CD 2. And it’s a Doors tune. I looked at the CD player….. stunned.

    “Are you kidding me???”

    So I slowly bring the music down and open the mic and calmly say “that was for Kevin.” Like I planned it.

  127. >>>You had a Jag.


  128. >>>>>Never in history has there ever been a louder cry for a ‘Mini’ joke…

    Someone get this person an official Hostage t-shirt….

    the rest of us should hang our heads in shame

  129. >>>>And find $20 and a picture of Mare’s ass. Wanna buy one?

    One sec…

    *searches couch cushions…..

    I got 47 cents and a stale piece of popcorn…

  130. Popcorn is a lie.

    His dog doesn’t miss much.

  131. I’ll be driving to MI on Friday. I may call in to the show to give you shit.

  132. xbrad can give up his shirt.

  133. I’ve met Mare. She’s real and spectacular.

  134. >>>His dog doesn’t miss much.

    Heh heh heh.

    We had a BBQ last Saturday. Amongst the appetizers were veggie chips.

    Someone filled a plate with them and walked to a chair. On the way, she tripped, spilling her chips.

    I called Tiki over to clean them up. He takes one sniff and walks away, leaving them untouched.

  135. heh, good idea mj. Hope I can stream his show on the road!

  136. I’ve met Mare. She’s real and spectacular.

    Meh. I’ve met MJ too.

  137. >>>MJ on August 22, 2017 at 9:26 pm
    I’ll be driving to MI on Friday. I may call in to the show to give you shit.

    Long overdue, buddy.

  138. >>>>xbrad can give up his shirt.

    True enough. He hasn’t been funny in like forever…

  139. Scott, I have something for MJ. Would you be able to bring it with you?

  140. >>>I’ve met Mare. She’s real and spectacular.

    So she’s naturally big and round.

    Nice, Roamie. Very nice.

  141. “Scott, I have something for MJ. Would you be able to bring it with you?”

    I am not going to kill him.

  142. Don’t do it, scott. You’ll be wondering what’s in the box the whole way.

    Kinda like Brad Pitt in Se7en.

  143. scott, I have something for wiser for you to take back. It’s in this bag.

    Put it on his doorstep, and light it on fire.

  144. I might help bury a bag.

  145. Depends on the smell.

  146. WSJ is reporting that the Commander, 7th Fleet, Vice Admiral Aucoin, will be relieved of command tomorrow due to a lack of confidence in his ability to lead.

    C7F is the fleet headquarters of USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain.

  147. I see that ESPN removed an Asian announcer from a Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee.

    Wonder if the producer’s name is Won Dum Fuk. (stolen from facedouche).

  148. You can never be too sure, Jay. Could be the Confederate general in a clever disguise.

  149. My lake also has zero great whites

  150. >>>>>I am not going to kill him.


  151. I’m in.

  152. My lake also has zero great whites

    Until Jay gets in it.

  153. That sounded like a racist fat joke.

  154. just popped the top on the hard lemonade to take a reading. Looks like it is boiling! Very cool!

  155. You’re making your own Jay?
    That’s pretty cool.

  156. I was storing my turnips “in the ground” and just checked them today. Found a few the size of softballs, so I’m eating turnip home fries with chives and scrambled eggs.

  157. Tucker interviews Schlichter.

  158. Glad to hear that they fared better than the potatoes.

  159. chi, it’s actually easier than beer. I’m using dry extract, and 12 cans of lemonade, with 3 pounds of sugar. Should be about 9.6% abv, pretty strong! Also going to try a new technique, stovetop pasteurization, so I can back sweeten it.

  160. I made some kickass baked fries, wonder how that would go with turnips.

  161. The lemonade is very intriguing. I would love to try that and make my own Arnold Palmers (or would they be Schwarzeneggers since they’re “hard”?)

    I have a bunch of eggplant coming in – was going to try to make seasoned/breaded fries with “em this week.

  162. You’d be better off dry roasting them, I think, then dressing with olive oil and salt.

  163. I was speaking of turnips. I have no idea what to do with eggplant. I’d probably feed it to chickens.

  164. Heh, that was gonna be one of my attempts, after I tried the plain lemonade. Throw some tea bags in, let em steep. Mrs. Jay wants a Smirnoff ice, looks like that’s gonna be difficult, since it’s manufactured alcohol, as in filter out all the flavors, then flavor after.

  165. You were tired and your love is growing cold
    My love is growing stronger as our affair affair grows old
    I’ve been loving you a little too long, long
    To derp now

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