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Your model for today was born on June 18th, 1997 in Kingston, Ontario Canada.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 382435 and 137 lbs.  You know what to do for Miss Mary Lynn Neil.



  1. Lot of hair touching on this one. Safe to say she’s probably grown tired of touching her fun bags

  2. Math story for Leon

    Interesting for me as well, until I got to the part where the guy did the actual math and my attention wandered

  3. 10/10 would smash

  4. boobelas

  5. Paywalled. There are measures of randomness that are more easily done now than when that was published, and my guess is that no one checked for a long time. Something similar happened with the supposed iron content of spinach, iirc. Somewhere around 50 years ago, someone put an extra “0” at the end of the milligrams/serving and it got recopied for years before someone finally tested it again and found that in fact, no, spinach is not a good fix for anemic vegetarians.

  6. I’m more of an abnormal deviate myself…

  7. bummer, no brazzers logos

  8. Wow, just wow. This is how scared they are of their message:

    A Time For Choosing, Ronald Reagan, muted on Facebook

    I sure hope this is a scam.

  9. hey, who do we email for broken links in the sidebar at AOS?

  10. I think this is the story that broken link was trying to get to

  11. Why was it that Comey was so hellbent on destroying Trump before he was even elected?

  12. Today’s model has a head too small for her body. It’s actually distracting.

  13. It’s because her tits are too big.

  14. Long neck and low cleavage = Emily Brontesaurus.

  15. “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan

    Just about as old as I am, but still timely.

  16. that girl is gonna have back problems…no doubt
    Emily Brontesaurus.

    Her Bond name

  17. I try to watch that at least once a year, Jay.

    Watched a fun video yesterday on “The Phosphorous Problem” as a proposed solution to the Fermi Paradox if anyone’s interested.

  18. Promises, promises. But honestly, this would solve a lot of problems.

  19. Go, John. Set an example.

    Please remember not to describe yourself as an “ex-patriot”, because you never were.

  20. Well, the media and the dems ran out of real ideas so they’ve concocted concerns about how Trump won’t commit to a peaceful transition if Biden gets (s)elected.

    It’s really pathetic.

    They keep their candidate in a closet where he can pee himself in private.

  21. Anyone with a name like Legend should have a ten foot cock shoved up his ass – then sent abroad.

  22. And I know I could google him, but I really have no fucking idea who he is, so I figure it isn’t worth my time.

  23. Wonder what would have happened if he’d eaten a bag of dicks instead.

  24. John Legend – 2020 Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine
    Married to Chrissy Teigan, voted top 5 annoying twitter personalities by JayInAmes

    Both close friends of Jeffrey Epstein, multiple flights to Pedo Island.

  25. I think we should encourage these people to leave. PLEASE. Where do I donate?

  26. OK, I’m calling a lid on Hotspur at 11:59 AM

  27. RGB’s trainer is obviously looking for a new client

  28. as she lied in state at the Capitol.

    Jesus, does this person even journalism?

  29. Those Steve Inman videos are killing me. Apparently youtube eliminated his account, but he’s on bitchute.


    Just keep on scrollin’
    It’s not all political. The little kid ones are hilarious.

    Here’s his bitchute channel.

  31. Sorry. I’ll change the link.

  32. There’s a company called ‘North Spore’ that has great youtubes about growing mushrooms in a vegetable garden or in perennial plantings. Totally interesting, but I’m so distracted from the content in this one video because the young lady presenting has such a degree of vocal fry she sounds like a creaky door at times.

  33. You definitely want fungus in your garden, whether or not you’re deliberately cultivating in. Fungal-dominated soil is better soil.

  34. LOL Laura, those are freakin hilarious. The snack pack one is my favorite.

  35. Yeah man, that’s why the Ruth Stout method is so great. Those fluffy stacks of hay get totally whitened with hyphae at the soil.

  36. now I can edit classes in Apex, for Salesforce too. More to go on the resume.

  37. crying. you may have to click ‘view’ on this because twitter thinks it’s ‘sensitive content.’ It’s not, it’s very insensitive and hilarious.

  38. Watched a fun video yesterday on “The Phosphorous Problem” as a proposed solution to the Fermi Paradox if anyone’s interested.

    *raises hand*

  39. “Ludacris cam” haha haha!

  40. Here you go, Alex. Isaac Arthur, but his speech therapy seems to have helped a lot, though he does still say “Orth”.


  42. Before the recent twitter stuff I had never heard of Steve Inman. Apparently he’s a MMA announcer

  43. Yeah, people were threatening to ‘cancel’ him and he was like, “Haha, nobody even knew who I was, how can I be cancelled?”

  44. Seems like a lot of conservatives in MMA. Dana White’s RNC speech was GREAT!

  45. and if you don’t think MMA can stir up stuff, look at all the followup articles after this post:

  46. Porch project is 95% complete. Just need a door knob and screens in the windows. And furniture I guess. Paula looked at the usual places and it’s all gone for the season. We’ll put an indoor/outdoor carpet down and put a few temporary stuff out there and get the real furniture in the spring. My sister gave me a portable baseboard heater which will extend the season out there for another month either side of winter

  47. LOL His gonads are gone.

  48. sometimes you can find a great set on craigslist, jimbro


    **standing ovation**

  50. CoAlex, I LOL’d at the Globe reference on the previous poat.

  51. Glad to have you here, Nestride Yumga!

  52. I’ll suggest that to Paula. She’s not a big believer in craigslist or facebook marketplace. My nurse buys a lot of stuff from the marketplace for her rental units

  53. I put in a pick-up order for 400# of sand. Any bets on how many of the 8 bags will be leaking when I pick them up?

  54. Oh boy!

    Who are we sandbagging today?


  55. The walking path from my deck to where the Tundra’s parked.

  56. Wha? I thought all the lefties were moving the FIRST time Trump got elected? Soo, do they really, really, really mean it this time? Like they’re super serial now?

  57. If Hotspur was on Twitter

  58. sandbagging > teabagging > teabagging your mom

  59. The people on the prepper blog I follow are urging people to stock up/restock now, saying that the shit’s going to hit the fan Election Day and continue until Jan. 20. On the one hand, they have been doom and gloom for years; on the other hand, it was good to sit tight back in March and not deal with fights over TP. Won’t hurt to have some cans of soup, some beans and rice, and restock the freezer with the meats on sale.

  60. Stuff like that reminds me just how screwed I really am right now. Bloody hell, I should drop the meds and take up drinking instead.

  61. We have noticed paper goods are in short supply again.

    Hoarding has begun.

  62. Doug Jones is running with the “Trump called our war dead suckers” lie in his ads. I argued with lefty co-worker. I said isn’t it funny that 20+ people who were there are calling it a lie and not one of the four anonymous sources has come forward to prove their point. Made him laugh when I quoted that the four sources are Bill Kristol and three stray cats.

  63. I’m due to freezer up half a beef in mid October, that’s my prepping.

  64. If I ever get desperate I have plenty of deer, turkey, and rabbits cruising through my yard.

  65. And I bought HotBride a bidet toilet seat for her birthday last year, so we don’t need any toilet paper.

  66. i thought you still needed paper, to dry a little

  67. I found paper goods but still no Lysol or Clorox wipes.

  68. interesting, we’re back to normal on wipes up here

  69. i thought you still needed paper, to dry a little

    It has a built in blow dryer.

  70. I found paper goods but still no Lysol or Clorox wipes.

    Clorox announced they won’t have squat until probably next summer.

  71. It’s really bad in Vietnam

  72. Your mom sent all those over there.

  73. She had a busy weekend.

  74. Welp, it’s official, eviction gets filed Monday. Going to have to apply with a roachtrap apartment because time for any other solution is up.

    Here’s hoping I can throw that together quick so I can be out by Wednesday (and into something else).

  75. We have been getting wipes, 4-5 days each week. Lysol spray, once a week. Paper panic has been back since Gov Wuhan closed the schools in August. We get it consistently, sells out quickly. Very few items still on limits.

  76. *broken link sorry*

  77. That link doesn’t work.



  80. Ran into a former CoW. She had the COVID in June. Got it from her asymptomatic recent college grad daughter. Daughter went to AZ with fellow grads to party. Friend for 30+ years. She knew me skinny. Knew me fat. Knew me skinny again. She thinks I like good at this weight. Her Dachshund impregnated her son’s Australian Shepherd. Asked if I wanted a puppy. We have too much work to do on our Condo, before getting another dog. Can you imagine the energy levels of a Daussie?

  81. No

    Is this a test? I didn’t know there’d be questions.

  82. Comment by Pupster on September 25, 2020 7:53 pm

    Ok, I sent that to Merv…he got a chuckle
    don’t know why

  83. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Bro Tim

  84. Sorry about that, BroTim.

  85. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron was compared to Bull Connor. These people are nuts.

  86. My LIV, could GAF about all this. I wanted to watch VA Rally. Can’t be found except YouTube on TV streaming. No volume. He is livid. We’re watching hockey. He is pissed.

  87. For CoAlex

  88. She would breed many strong sons.

  89. Any facechimp folks know what’s wrong with MCPO?
    Anita said it looks like he found a surgeon he likes…

  90. The above was by the irreplaceable Mike Royoko in 2005.

  91. I support Trump now because he’s doing what I want him to do, but I’ll always be an OG Cruz girl.

    Hilarious cut.

  92. Downpours ended Ryan’s picnic.

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