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  1. Excellent memes Pupster

    You magnificent Star Spangled Ding Dong, I read your book!

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Habit sword and payday raccoon kinda hit hime. They’re all good.

  4. I’m going to make Swedish Meatballs for dinner, then try and do a tune up on Monster with Boy2. Round 1 of 2020 BBF Championships is drafted, I’ve figured out some new features for the format that are pretty exciting, to me anyway.

    You many now all get back to your busy Saturdays.


  6. and hoping for a nice seafood dinner

  7. … some new features for the format that are pretty exciting …
    Will be able to choose their weapons?

    Big Nunchuck Friday


    also, I want a refund for the coffee I spit out on the stale wheat thins one
    and I am the vacationer that does laundry the day of vacation

  10. ok…I’m traumatized by the shoe shopping gif

  11. ok…I’m traumatized by the shoe shopping gif

    I am not familiar with the sock holder technology but must admit I am intrigued and want to know more.

  12. What am I looking at with the shoe thing?


    “Debate prep” I’m sure

  14. That’s precisely what the Founders meant when they said “advice and consent”.

  15. I hope some senators ask some questions about nude pics.

  16. Wheat thins, baby needs, and unlimited ice FTW. Saved the cover band one for the dad joke file, which is closing in on 1,400.



    I brown the meatballs in a skillet instead of the instant pot (pressure cooker) but DAMN THESE ARE TASTY! This is the first time I used scallions instead of onions, I thought they were a made up vegetable but THEY ARE REAL AND DELICIOUS.

  19. Dork, recipe calls for shallot, not scallions. Which was it?

  20. Like you follow recipes….

  21. Was talking last night about how a completely normal boomer retirement plan is renting out a house they bought very cheaply when starting a family in the 70s, room by room, to single, very often medicated people who are the same age they were when they bought it.

    Good global citizens aren’t supposed to notice this.

  22. I love how the “elite” use their connections to make sure their kids get a leg up while I literally had my potential career cut off at the knees in the early ’90s in order to avoid “conflict of interest”.

    And when I complain about how the game’s been rigged my whole life it’s a “pity party”.

    I may not be out to burn the world, but if it happens I’ll be there with marshmallows and hot dogs.

  23. 24 years ago, a hero showed us the way.

  24. ?

  25. I don’t know why I keep coming here.

  26. Yes, you do.

  27. Before MA came home, my RLS was irritating Dan. My night terrors were back. Sleep talking. Sleep walking. Sleep eating. My weighted blanket is awesome.

  28. We would sing Besa mi culo to Besa me mucho.

  29. That’s hilarious.

  30. You’re singing it, Right Now!

  31. Amy Coney Barret is now South Bend’s most successful resident of 2020.

  32. I hope they gave her a good security detail.


  34. I don’t know why I keep coming here.

  35. LSU is going down.

  36. Buttiboy got a job at Notre Dame. F the Golden Domers

  37. He’ll fit right in.


  39. I don’t know why I keep coming here.

  40. Hi everyone.

    I hope you’re having a great Saturday. This is a depiction of Debate I.,Kdg1G,lCm3k

  41. Mj, ACB smash #?

  42. I keep hearing the Steve Inman’s Ludacris Cam song in my head

    “Get out the way bitch”

  43. I had that earworm this morning.

  44. Stuart Scott was a big influence on that guy.

  45. That is what we said to RGB.

  46. Need some advice. My mom’s macular degeneration has reached the point where she can no longer read which wipes out her two main time burners, Internet and tv. She’s bored out of her mind and will go downhill quickly if we don’t find something to fill up her time.

    What is the best device for audible books out there? Is kindle paperwhite capable of downloading and playing audible books? Any help is appreciated.

  47. Penelope uses “Libby” on her smartphone to download audio books from the library. She says it’s easy to use. She listens with Apple earbuds.

  48. Thanks Pepe. Mom doesn’t have a smart phone and I doubt she could operate it. I need something with no moving parts so to speak.

  49. Roamy,

    Take a look. flywheel trebuchet, interesting.

  50. Discuss every Rambo picture.

  51. Pendejo, I found this

    I don’t have any firsthand experience with the options listed but it’s a starting point. My impression just looking at the options is that she’ll need some help with setting them up and maintaining them on a regular basis but may have the PLAY/STOP options for daily use

  52. We’re up early because of a lunatic dog named Lola. She started whining around 0400 and licking faces. When you have to pee it’s hard to fall back asleep and once you’re up and moving momentum carries you to the coffee pot

  53. Plus it’s Paula’s work weekend so we’d have been up at 5 anyway

  54. Not too many comments this weekend …

    MARE !!!!


    I was reading this earlier when the internet needed a reboot. We have RCV in Maine and it allowed a Dem to defeat the incumbent Republican who got the most votes in the election the old fashioned way. But based on the new rules, he lost.

    Ballot measure to revoke it for the presidential election was rejected because they said the signatures weren’t valid. So it will be RCV for the presidential election in ME. Fucking scam artists.

  56. Scalia’s last wish


  58. Thanks Jimbro, that’s exactly the kind of info I need.

  59. PG-
    Mrs. Pupster uses Voice Dream but it is an apple smart phone or iPad thing.

  60. I made a swedish meatball sandwich with a hot dog bun for a late night snack and I think I might be a goddamn culinary genius.

  61. Thanks, Pupster

  62. Blog favorite Steve Inman now has bitchute since being kicked off youtube. My browser gave me a warning about bitchute, not sure why.

  63. Huh, just happened again. It’s a fucking twitter-generated warning:
    Warning: this link may be unsafe

    The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy. This link could fall into any of the below categories:

    malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices
    spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience
    violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm
    certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules

    Ignore this warning and continue

  64. You know what to do Jimbro.

  65. HAH! My randomly generated tiny url text is 2hayjnx.

  66. Need an alternative to youtube, the ads and bullshit factors are getting higher. I seem to remember a site that is like a light weight mirror, I’ll try to find it.

  67. Brighteon

  68. Vimeo

  69. PG – I recommend something big. An ipad you can basically put all the other apps into a folder and leave just what she’ll need on the screen. It’s soooo touch and just go.

    wakey wakey

    Family here all weekend, so I’ve been busy cleaning and entertaining. They’re mostly all off golfing right now.

  70. Prayers for my bil (pat’s sister’s husband). Spot on pancreas and jaundice. Not really a lot of good alternatives of what it could be, but let’s try anyway.

  71. Gremelmim.

  72. that’s a good idea, car in. Thanks.

  73. Lazy sunday over here. Overcast and dim outside.

  74. Well, *I’m* having a lazy Sunday. Scott is kicking ass and taking names.

  75. Prayers up, Carin.

  76. LMAO at lib cousin falling for Babylon Bee, the photoshop of NBA players wearing lace collars in honor of RBG.

  77. I like watching these reaction videos- I think some of them are put-ons but not this one. I had not thought of this song for years, really didn’t care for it when it came out because of my youth, probably. Sometimes you have to see things through others’ eyes.

  78. Lots of libs fell for that NBA player one. It was a trainwreck.

  79. Had a nice phone talk with my Chappaqua brother last night. And I didn’t even have to be the one to place the call! Damn near a first on that point…

  80. The handmaid’s tale is so confused ideologically, I’m embarrassed for those impressed by it.

  81. I had not thought of this song for years,

    Me either. Neither. Whatever. Thanks for posting that.

  82. This is for pupster

  83. Had a nice phone talk with my Chappaqua brother last night.

    I didn’t know you were native american.

  84. Boxer’s are so great. Thanks peej.

    I saw a street dog, pitty mix, in the neighborhood, super skinny, sniffing around and trying to forage by the side of the road. I pulled over and it bolted into the woods, couldn’t find it. Pretty obviously homeless/lost. I’m going to go drive around again here in a bit.

  85. I like watching these reaction videos- I think some of them are put-ons but not this one. I had not thought of this song for years, really didn’t care for it when it came out because of my youth, probably. Sometimes you have to see things through others’ eyes.

    Yes!! Merv can sit and watch these reaction videos all day and it does seem like most are no fake
    but this guy is correct. Music just ain’t the same anymore.

  86. Pretty obviously homeless/lost. I’m going to go drive around again here in a bit

  87. Bring Swedish meatballs

  88. That’s not til Friday.

  89. My sister is handling my mom’s estate. The biggest thing is the sale of her house which has a few problems with water pooling due to poor drainage. She’s met with an engineer in charge of the whole development and is trying to get it fixed.

    Another thing that my mom told her was waiting for a resolution is a house in Ireland. My dad came to the US in the late 50’s and his mom died sometime in the late 80’s. The house she lived in was a small classic Irish house with a thatched roof. My cousin Brian took it over as a party house for him and his friends and eventually, moved into when he got married. At some point the notion of who actually owned it came up. All of her sons are dead and the next generation is trying to sort it out. My mother told my cousin Damien she wanted no part of it but it wasn’t that easy to escape from the obligation to settle that estate. She was facing hiring a lawyer in Ireland to do it and the money it would take far outweighed the convenience of getting it done. It’s still out there and her estate can’t be settled without discharging it. My sister has been in touch with our financially savvy cousins and they’re working on it. We don’t want to fuck our cousin Brian over but he’s a bit of a loser who created this problem. No one has been in touch with him so it’s hard to know what he’s thinking.

    20 quid

  90. View this post on Instagram

    Teleprompter Joe, at it again. 😂🤣😂

    A post shared by UnbearableDeplorable4.0 (@unbearabledeplorable4.0) on

  91. I’m the trustee of the trust we put all of mom and dads business in after he died. Mostly all I gotta do after mom passes is sell a section of farmland and deed the house over to the lady who is currently buying it. She’s only about 10 years into a thirty year note but I don’t really want to still be Fucking with a trust at age 80. So Merry Christmas to her.

  92. I remember my grandfather sold his house to some guy with a last name of Vega and for years when I got the mail there would be a childishly scrawled letter with a check in it addressed to my mother. Years later she told me what it was for. The guy was always late with the payments and it was a stress for her for years. A few years back, out of curiosity I looked on the google maps for the house and in its place was 3 different houses. It was a big chunk of land in the city that used to be farmed by my Lebanese great grandparents.

  93. made a cauliflower gratin thats really good. butter and cheese but no more dairy, leaves it lighter

    edemame spaghetti isn’t too bad for a noodle with spaghetti sauce

  94. I knew what MJ’s link was, and I clicked on it anyway.

  95. I made BBQ ribs, baked beans, roasted broccoli with a balsamic drizzle, and blueberry crisp for my godson, who then watched Mass with us.

    Mr. RFH opened a can of chili beans by mistake, so I am going to use that with some leftover roast beef, onions, peppers, and either tomatoes or tomato sauce to make dinner.

  96. Somewhere in NJ is at least one cemetery plot that was owned by Mr. RFH’s great-grandmother, with the intention that his mother would be buried there. AFAIK, it’s still in the great-grandmother’s name. If I ever find the paperwork for the plot, I have the rest of the paperwork for Mr. RFH to claim it, then sell it. I kinda wonder after all this time and it being NJ, if the cemetery hadn’t resold it already.

  97. Dan made nachos with a toppings bar. Called the audible and went with fresh jalapeños, instead of pickled. I’m ded. CoW made brisket in a crockpot. Poured in the whole jar of pickled jalapeños. Left overnight. Next morning at work, I had the most amazing brisket EVER. Pretty sure a roaster is just a big crockpot.

  98. Speaking of old farts and property…guy signed the contracts for MIL’s acreage and our farm but all contingent on the sale of his property. If all goes smoothly, mid-November it should all be settled. Husband jumped on board, partly because if anything happened to MIL, her property could take up to a year in probate because Pops didn’t add anyone else’s name to the deed or have a will (all other accts, etc. he added his son’s names and made them POA when he retired at 65. He bought the farmland in his 80s for the rental income.)

  99. OSO, don’t go nowhere, Imma link a picture. BRB.

  100. BIL, grandniece, and Toothpick went to visit MIL at the home.


  101. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much. BBLT has brought so much joy in our lives.

  102. YAY, that makes me so happy.
    I may have to crochet that bear some booties. Grandniece would get a kick out of that. She is the smartest baby I’ve ever met outside of beasnson at that age.

  103. I love spaghetti squash gratin. I haven’t done it with cauliflower.

  104. Interview at the end is great

  105. Booties would be great.

  106. Blumenthal … look Blumenthal, there’s a camera!

    Wiser needs to get that guy on the radio

  107. Scott, I keep seeing videos from CT, that makes it look like the normals stand a chance. Then, your Senators and Governor show up and y’all look as whack as we do.

  108. There are a lot of normals.

    We are just outnumbered.

  109. Us, too.

  110. From what I saw today, Tampa Bay is going to the super bowl.

    Brady picked the right team.

  111. They looked really good.

  112. thought that Lamont would go down. Hartford vote counters proved me wrong.

  113. might watch some of the saints game but collinsworth will be spouting off for sjws again

  114. Mi familia going all in for Biden on social media. A good Catholic would be educating them and putting them on a path to Grace. I’m over here letting them step on Grave Sin dicks, because they deserve it for supporting HRC and now Quid Pro Joe.

  115. haha Trump said MSDNC in his press conference

  116. I’m willing to spend my time in Purgatory, by not educating my commie family.

  117. Osita, I saw an FB post about Obie, the doxie that lost 50 lbs. Still going at 14, still trim.

  118. He is an inspiration for us all. Gingy lost weight, due to cancer. MA lost weight by not competing with food with Gingy. Obie should be celebrated.

  119. I’d comment on the dogged, but I’m still trying to get out of the luggage return

  120. its official: Oklahoma at Iowa State is the prime time CFB game on ABC on Saturday. im thinking of tailgating.

    starting to feel a bit sick, hope its not the rona.

  121. Vitamin D and zinc are your friends.

    Vitamin D is supposed to knock it down by half.

  122. no fever, just that achy feeling. Maybe it’ll pass.

    If not, no work tomorrow. We have to stay home.

  123. Yannow, I have some serious thoughts about Duvet…..

  124. god, now there’s 2 Collinsworths

  125. Do you have to ingest the Vit D or will the sun help knock it down by half?
    I forget…because I did put it on my wishlist on amazon when I was told the first time and now, for some reason, it is no longer there…but what Vit D did lauraw recommend that did was not made from lanolin?

  126. And it’s still hard as tits to find any zinc in the grocery store.

  127. oso, you should taunt your familia for being bad Catholics…as if they really cared. Commies give zero shits about anyone’s lives, especially those in the womb. It’s all about how much they can steal from others.

  128. Donna eclipsed Ramona’s performance.

  129. Thank you lauraw for replacing the image of a cop riding over Andy Tifa’s head with Ludacris’s “Get out the way bitch” with a completely new visual.

    To wit, I’m now hearing “Holding on” by Simply Red while picturing a black guy with a weird beard closing his eyes and swaying with a close-lipped smile on his face like he just took a magnificent dump after 3 days of constipation or just took a sip from his first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the fall.

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