Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born August 10th, 1999 in Utah, USA. She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 372435 and 155 lbs. Please thank Leon for pointing out Miss Ashley Tervort.


  1. Finally, a credible weight.

    Good job, Pupster.

  2. Smokin’

  3. Perverts For Tervorts

  4. We’ll see her again at year’s end

  5. Wakey wakey

  6. Quite the amazing figure, and no tattoos.

    Anybody see the shootout movie clip at the ONT last night? I laughed out loud and probably woke Scott up this morning.

  7. yowza

  8. Comment by lumps on April 15, 2022 7:17 am
    Quite the amazing figure, and no tattoos.



    This girl is going to occupy the fantasies of many H2 males.

  9. Full disclosure, if you view the link “born” you can see some ink on her left ribcage/ back. Pretty sure it says “Fuck Salt”.

  10. I made a couple of gifs from some “leaked” Only Fans video clips that giphy dot com thought were over the line, they deleted files from my account. I don’t know what their criteria is to delete but they went through all my BBF galleries and dumped about 10 images.

  11. At any rate, I make these posts a week in advance and had time to move around some links to cover for the deleted files. The original “thank leon” link that was deleted by giphy was a masterpiece of editing on my part but giphy disagreed.

  12. 10/10 would climb until my grip gave out.

  13. 9/10 would smash

  14. Everyone. Big news.

    We have less than a year to go until John Wick 4 is released.

  15. Her headlights are in the top half, so that’s always a plus.

  16. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 15, 2022 8:20 am
    10/10 would climb until my grip gave out.



  17. To lurkers and regulars, if you are not reading the categories you are missing half the fun.

  18. The categories are where the secret instructions are.

  19. I shouldn’t have posted that.

  20. The categories are fantastic. I lol’d

  21. How many of MJ’s hands would it take to cover just the right breast on this chick?

    No rounding off.

  22. Hmmm, Penelope just got a notice that our credit card processor is raising processing fees from 1.99% to 4.2% because of all the fraud they are having to deal with. Not just for us, but for everyone.

  23. Song of the day is a pretty good one, that’s a chick wailing it out the whole time. Banger.

  24. That kinda seems like a them problem Pepe, price hikes across the board I guess.

  25. I’m going to hit the road, or at least start herding the family toward the car. I’m a crazy person, I know that, they know that, but I want to GET GOING! LET’S GO! FUCKIN GO DUDE GO!

    *sigh* I must have been a cattle dog in a previous life.

  26. You’ll know when your teeth come out when you’re crouched behind them

  27. I read somewhere that Etsy was raising their charges on sellers from 5 to 6.5% and there was a bit of a stink about it.

  28. Anybody see the shootout movie clip at the ONT last night? I laughed out loud and probably woke Scott up this morning.

    Any movie with an average of more than one bullet/frame is on my must-see list.

    Hopefully that shootout movie included a rematch where they each had two guns. That would be John Woo to the power of John Woo.

  29. My granddad was more “aware” than that when he was on his death bed.

  30. It’s really something watching him. The whole world is watching and the ones not laughing are making plans against our interests

  31. @Catturd
    Wonder why the media has already stopped talking about the mass shooting at the NY subway station?


  33. Looks fake, Jimbro.

  34. It’s tempting to believe but I’m calling bullshit on that.

    Not bullshit that Biden was a lecherous philandering cocksucker – bullshit that that chick is 15.

  35. Well, the face anyway. That’s what I think was p-shopped in.

  36. Ace’s site has a lot of ugly toenail fungus cure advertisements on it for me. Is it that way for anybody else? This has been going on for a long time. Feels intentional, like deliberately to gross people out.

  37. I get the toenail fungus ads too. I just figured it was Biden.

  38. I get ads for penile reduction surgeries

  39. Yeah, I get those too.

  40. Looks fake, Jimbro.
    Based on his other posts and his tagline I have to reluctantly agree

    Scott Smith
    Memes, memes, and more memes.

  41. I dropped the ball yesterday on Paula’s cake day. She worked until 9 and got home close to 10 and was looking for a piece of cake.


    In my defense, we had pizza the night before and I gave her a B-Day present and she doesn’t like to eat sweet food before bed. She’s off today and I knew I was making a Sam’s run where I’d pick up a cake. Her favorite is carrot cake which they didn’t have of course.

    Her jaw will drop when she opens the fridge and sees the cheesecake piled high with brownies in there. Luckily she’s working tomorrow and can bring the rest to work. I expect it will be awesome but we don’t need that much cheesecake hanging around.

  42. probably not 15, but jill did babysit for joe

  43. Parts of it are fake, Jimbro. I can believe it’s photoshopped, and Jill is 9 years younger than Joe.

    But it’s true that she was babysitting Joe’s kids and they had an affair. Jill’s first husband said that the meeting on a blind date was a lie, and that he suspected she was fooling around with Joe while working on the senate campaign.

  44. Lumps, if you have AdBlockPlus, you can click on the ABP stop sign, one of the options is “Block specific element on this website”. Click that, click the ad, it’s gone. Just make sure your page is where you can see the ad even when the ABP menu is open. (I scrolled up, hit the ad, and it took me to that website. Argh!)

  45. That ad with the lifted toenail gave me the heebies-jeebies.

  46. Kind of interesting. I like how your safety was in your own hands.

  47. Ace’s site has a lot of ugly toenail fungus cure advertisements on it for me. Is it that way for anybody else?


    Yes, and it’s sickening. Worse than that at Ace’s are the dental implant ads. Gross. I’m not sure why I’m getting those ads unless everyone is getting them and they are not targeted.

  48. It’s interesting that in the democrat party a guy can fuck his kids’ babysitter while his wife is dying of cancer, and get to continue on his elected career path.

    I mean, getting a blowjob by an intern about your daughter’s age is one thing, but…

  49. The ads I get are toenail fungus, belly fat, and King Harv’s Coffee.

    And penis reduction.

  50. Dental implants aren’t gross, it’s the picture in the ad.

  51. Well, after looking into it, its more efficient to run new insulated duct work than to “wrap or sleeve” the existing. So that’s my afternoon /evening, in the crawl space installing two simple duct runs 25 ft ea and removing existing. Shouldn’t be too bad.

  52. Sorry about the carrot cake. We ran out of carrot cake on Tuesday. Key Lime pie today. We’re selling the Tuxedo Bars like crazy. We have fruit pies, but there’s a container shortage. Last month, there was an huge fire at the Indianapolis DC. Cake and cupcake shortage going into our busiest time of year.

  53. Carrot cake is a scam.

  54. Oh, also, the pope says you’re all racists.

  55. Hot single moms are in my area.

  56. The pope can blow the president

  57. The pope also thinks contemplative nuns who want a mass in Latin need to GTFO of the church.

    Because we’ve got spare nuns and we can just eject them willy-nilly.

    I’m starting to hope Barnhardt and Coffin are right, but we might not know for decades even so.

  58. No worries Oso, it’s my own damn fault. I usually put Ben on the carrot cake mission at a local bakery named Frank’s. They have cream cheese frosting and we get the double layer 7 inch version which is way more than enough. I didn’t want to distract him before his exam and after he took the test I completely zoned out about it.

    I did load up on olive oil. 4 x 1 liter of California Olive Ranch and 2 x 2 liters of Sam’s brand.


    I’m probably going to Hell for other reasons, so it’s not like sharing that makes it worse. That said, I don’t know if he’s right, but it’s compelling. I also know for sure that my opinion on the matter has no bearing on what comes of it.

  60. Mormon pron

  61. Fake Pontiff Maximus is definitely an anti-pope. It will have to answer for its actions some day, as do we all.

  62. Started boxing up some of the better half’s clothe to take to Goodwill. Ran across the Stevie Nix tee shirt I bought for her last year ( she was a big Stevie / Fleetwood Mac fan), it made me break down bawling like a little kid. I suppose it’s going to keep happening until the task is finished.

  63. DNH we still have boxes from my in-laws in our garage. Dan keeps saying he’ll take care of them, but he can’t seem to do it. Be on your own timetable. Big squishy hugs.

  64. Did you see that bird poop on Brandon?

    Yes. Yes I did. That bird is a national hero, deserves a statue of itself in the Mall!

  65. Carry on, Shitbird.

    RIP Swamp Fox.

  66. Crap! 6% humidity again with wind gusts in the 30s and 40s.

  67. Breezy here too. Temp started falling about an hour ago just as I fired up the grill. Raining now, more mud, cold front has arrived for the weekend.

  68. Y’all seeing the lead lined Sarcophagus recovered from the ruins of Notre Dame? I’m saying “Vampire”

  69. DNH, lots of fires in the Land of Enchantment.

  70. They might find Hillary’s emails.

  71. Her corpse ala Dorian Gray

  72. I hope it’s undead Charles Martel.

  73. Chuck the Hammer?

  74. Indeed. After he drains the first dozen people he sees, he’s going to look around Paris and conclude that the Moslem hordes have conquered it.

  75. Your mouth to Gods ears

  76. Wife and I are cracking up at the idea of a 12th century French vampire laying absolute waste to modern woke Europe.

  77. they didn’t stand a chance against Louis and Lestat

  78. Is there an olive oil shortage? might stock up too, I use a lot.

  79. Those guys were fagz. We need Nicolas Knight.

  80. If I gotta put my chips on some Canuck bloodsucker, deal me out.

  81. He was French back when that wasn’t an embarrassment.

    Plus, Jeannette.

  82. Donnie excessively rebuked Paulina.

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