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  1. Take a bow Pupster, back-to-back 5 star poats

  2. That “30 years ago” hit hard.

  3. Not a mental illness


  4. Yeah, for me, “30 years ago” makes me think of the 70’s.

    Also funny how as a young man in the 80’s and 90’s I thought of the 60’s as some bygone era lol

  5. good morning

    Finally gonna finish putting up the dining room wainscote & moulding today. Hopefully. After that it’s smooooth sailing. Painting and cleanup. Sis said she’ll help me paint whenever I want, probably next week.

    Then I’ll move the new table and chairs in, and sew some curtains and chair covers…I need to find some quality fabric….no goat patterns…

  6. Good morning, you golden drops of celestial warmth!

  7. This is my like, there are many like it but this one is mine

  8. The music I liked in my teens is now older than the music my mom liked at that time.

  9. OK, it happened again. Sobek thinks he’s at another blog.

  10. Big, squishy hugs for Lumps!!!

  11. This is for you, Lumpy. And also for anyone else who wants to listen.

  12. That song always gets me going.

  13. Wakey wakey

  14. Someone at Ace’s linked this and I liked it.

  15. I seriously love that video.

    There were a bunch of videos in my yoot that were similarly themed. All types of people just having fun.

    Remember Black or White by MJ? I watched it with MJr lately (he’s on a Michael Jackson kick) I was reminded that the message of the 90s was that we should all just get along. Color doesn’t matter- it’s the least interesting thing about you.

    And here we are…180 degrees. Or as the truly smart danger hair people would say…we’ve done a 360. Le sigh.

  16. Pharrell is the rare man who doesn’t look like a dweeb wearing a top hat

  17. It is very strange that the racists who call us racists when we are not racists want to make everything about race.

  18. It is very strange that the racists who call us racists when we are not racists want to make everything about race.

    I’m trying not to think about Pope Francis today and this isn’t helping.

    And I struggled not to put that name and title in quotes.

  19. OH, MAN!! Pope South American lefty is the worst.

    Aren’t Ukrainian refugees white? How are we racist against them?

    For Heaven’s sake, he’s a jackass.

  20. Got into crawl space last nite for about two and a half hrs. I’m talking low crawl under the floor joists and the amount of old cobwebs was recockulous. Got the old as dirt galvanized duct disconnected, but I popped a rib (old injury) and this morning I’m sore muscularly, but the rib is steady barking at me so we’re going to have to add some performance enhancing chemistry in order to get this finished today.

    Better Living through Chemistry! Now to go next door and do my best Vinnie Barbarino impression……gimme druuuugs…..gimme drugs.

  21. TeeRoy, how are the stones?

    Not your nuts, the stones in your urethra?

  22. I don’t mind Pharrell but the video clip from “It’s a Wonderful Life” where she smashes the record with “Happy” playing always makes me chortle in my underoos.

  23. “” Not your nuts, the stones in your urethra?””

    Tread carefully turbl tee roi… that’s how the horse tries to get close enough to you to tug your foley and make your bunger wink.

  24. I see the shitwads at Biden Inc have mandated that gun parts be regulated the same as complete firearms.
    They never stop.
    It’s the same idea as making you prove you have a drivers license in order to buy windshield fluid or motor oil. And forcing you to have a background check each time.

  25. Oy.

  26. Btw – Nice Tits Pup!!

  27. If this keeps up, you’ll need a background check for a drill press or a lathe soon.

  28. They’ll be put on a DoD restricted list just like multi axis cnc machines used to be.

  29. Happy Birthday, Pupster!

  30. Pharrell is the rare man who doesn’t look like a dweeb wearing a top hat

    ‘cuz he’s already at peak dweeb.

  31. I purchased another spring and pin kit for AR builds on Wednesday. They’re reaching now. Everything they do is designed to promote a backlash so they can play victim. And I’ll tell you straight up, WHEN they start fucking around trying to confiscate braces and 80% lowers they will be met with violent resistance. Which is ultimately what they think they want, but they have miscalculated, and once one or two martyrs are created it’ll be game on. The “right” is not as pro police as they were in the past.

    The Groomer thing. Be unrelenting in your dismissal, and disrespect of anyone or entity promoting teaching sexuality to children. Burn fucking Disney to the ground. Stand Tall and Proud. Anyone that supports this shit is a pedo. Tell them in unequivocal terms, if you attempt to sexualize my child in any manner and I will defend them from sexuall assault. (See, I can play words games too.)

    Great Poat Pups! Hope your beach trip is relaxing and harmonious

  32. https://is.gd/SrzDaq

  33. Happy birthday Pupster, I hope your day is fun filled!


  34. I just wished my sister a happy birthday and she replied with one of those text messages that should have been an email or phone call. I haven’t seen her since my mom’s funeral in August of 2020. We text and I send her pictures of the dogs and the occasional meme at least every week or two but haven’t actually visited. Turns out she up and moved moved to South Carolina!


    A few months ago I heard a rumor her house was for sale from my cousin who she doesn’t get along with. Sister asked me to not talk about it and that was that. She has severe Crohn’s Disease and has had multiple operations including an ostomy. Her last operation was in Boston and after that her surgeon who is the guy everyone else sends their impossible cases to told her that was it — no more surgery is possible. She figured she wanted to enjoy the time she has left regardless of how long it was going to be and the house she was in had some issues from a neighbor diverting water which led to flooding in her yard. This was a major source of stress dealing with that and the developer with no end in sight. They sold at the right time I’d say given the rising mortgage rates and housing shortage. She had a hell of a time finding doctors willing to take care of her but I think she’s got that settled. Her husband is an avid golfer and managed to golf from late March to November in MA. I imagine his season just got longer.

    $20 golf ball

  35. Happy birthday, Pupster!

  36. I hope your sister can get some help in SC. Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston is supposed to be good.

    For the brother-in-law, Hilton Head is the place for golf.

  37. My sister also moved – I found out when my Christmas card was returned. But she and I don’t get along any more. I let my middle brother handle her, he’s the peacemaker in the family.

  38. Oddly enough that’s my role as the youngest living sibling. I’m the intermediary between my sister and brother.

  39. I blame the anti-depressants she takes. They make/made her crazy and illogical.

    Same brother is trying to organize a family reunion this summer. Sent out a broadcast email. Sister replied back to all, “Lort”. That’s it. Now what the hell does that mean. Southern version of Lord? Urban dictionary says it means “shit” in some language. Does that mean she’ll be there? Or the last thing she’d ever do? No other response has been forthcoming.

    Good on ya, Jimbro, I can appreciate what you do to keep the peace.

  40. Happy Birthday, Puppeh. Great memes.

  41. Happy Birthday Pupster!


  42. Took Oso’s advice & changed plans for today. Picked up the big sticks in the yard, the mower will eat the little ones. I wait until the 6th or 8th mowing before sharpening the blades on the mower deck. While doing that I met the new neighbor next door, seems nice even with the danger hair, bitch didn’t offer to help pick up sticks, though. Cleaned out the saturated pellets in the feeder tube of the Traeger that I forgot to empty last fall, now it’s ready to go when I am. Batteries are being charged in the mower & neighborhood friendly chainsaw for next weekend. Oh joy, time to mow twice a week until the summer drought arrives.

    BTW, happy b-day Pup.

  43. Got within a hair’s breadth of finishing the paneling. Only one little bitty area under a window needs to be done. Tantalizingly close. But I’m done for the day.

  44. I haven’t had contact with my family since my grandmother passed in 2010. Lots of issues. Seems like we drifted apart and I feel like it’s best to leave things as is and we’ll hash it out on the other side.

  45. No wonder Pups was heading to the beach. He’s having a birthday beach bash! Fun.

    Have a great birthday holiday, Pups.

    Thanks for all your posts.

  46. Just went outside to fire up the grill. Wind is coming out of the North East. Going to be colder than a witches…..armpit tonight.

  47. Yeah, we did an Easter egg hunt with some kids we know and it went pretty well, but it was bordering on too cold for it.

    I’d have to be on the equator to go to the beach on my birthday, so it’s not happening until I flee to Belize.

  48. February is a summer month in Australia. It’s on fire half the time, everything there wants to kill you, and it’s run by fucking fascists, but February’s a summer month there.

  49. So it’s the same In Australia but the seasons are reversed, brotim? That’s what I gathered from it. Snow bird to Australia, maybe the truck driving Canuks can straighten this shit hole out from Florida. Honk honk.

  50. picked up some clubs at a good price today. played with some callaways in vegas and really liked them. got the lower end models and they worked just fine at the driving range.

    Mrs jay has already lost a lot of weight and is getting her energy back. she’s been walking elliot with me and went with me to the driving range to sit outside.

  51. I spent close to a month in New Zealand during our winter and experienced their summer. Not every day was perfect but it was pretty damn close to it.

    No fires, no fascism, just beer, camping and weird accents. That was 1992 and Pre-9/11, Pre-Covid … so an entirely different world

    Of course, being a poor intern my flight had about 5 connections and it took about 24 hours to get there and the same to come home.

  52. honk is a hate crime now.

  53. Honest question. Why are so many woke folks trying to change a shit hole country they hate when it would be far more profitable to sell what they have & move to Europe where their views don’t diametrically oppose those of the majority of the population?

  54. honk is a hate crime now.

    I’m not telling lies when I say I’ve spent time in the pen, don’t care if I have to spend more time there for hurting someone’s feelings. I don’t care about the feelings of the overly sensitive. They need to walk a mile in MY shoes. Until they do that F/O.

  55. Because they lack the wherewithal and intelligence to acquire a second language, Dave.

  56. no habla, el Leon.

    sorry, low hanging fruit.

  57. Big squishy hugs to DNH. BTW KITH is coming back to TV. We can all sing 🎶These are the Dave’s I know🎶

  58. J’ames, Dan got new clubs. Old guy clubs.

  59. Bringing FB 💩 to the HQ. Is Salsa a dip?

  60. Sorry Leon. I’m still in a state where I can’t remember 30 seconds ago, no ill intent.

  61. I didn’t even read anything offensive in it.

    Seriously, though, they are all sure they are saving America by making it like the shitholes real Americans left behind. That and they can’t actually speak anything but limited English.

    If I ever actually did bail for Messico, you better believe I’d be fighting for fluency with everything I had (I’m mediocre at best and out of practice). Germany/Austria aren’t really an option, but that’s my only other language. That comes more in handy for reading high-level math stuff or Middle English.

  62. When did dip shit become shit dip? Can it be found at Kroger in their “fresh” area? What chips are recommended? inquisitive minds need to know!

  63. ^ just asking for the Starbucks crowd blocking aisles with their mini carts while they slurp their coffee trying to spend as little as they can on groceries while wasting time to get another oka choka ochoa latte with a drizzle of sum yun guy juice in it.
    And with that I’m bailing before before I say something more regrettable than I already have, ‘nite all

  64. Kamala, preparing for a job interview.

  65. Kamala, preparing for a job interview.

    alright, you peeked my curiosity. Where’s the hot dog eating contest?

  66. Tortilla chips for salsa. Fritos for chili and sour cream based dip.

  67. Happy birthday Pupster! This is your song for today:

  68. dnh hasn’t been offensive yet. bring it!

  69. dead kinda early

  70. Portland: Do you support this?

    1 year ago, but almost all of these people want us dead, and burn down buildings. Ok, let them.

  71. TIL that Micky Dolenz was considered for the lead in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Mr. RFH responded to this with, “Hey, hey, I’m the Messiah”.

  72. Oh, and Happy Easter, Hostages!

  73. Happy Easter, roamy

  74. Mass was good tonight. 5 people joined the church. Priest had the aspergillum (holy water sprinkler) from 1861 repaired and used that tonight. My only complaint is that he said the 2nd Eucharistic prayer, not the 1st one, which I understand because it’s longer, but the 1st has special stuff for Easter.

  75. I don’t know if this is due to increased demand, inflation, or what. Prepper blog talk was about canned bacon, specifically Yoder’s. I bought a couple of cases back when they were ~$60. Current price is $295, when it’s in stock.

  76. Disgusting epithets rankled Pete.

  77. Never even heard of canned bacon.

  78. Canned bacon reminded me that I’ve got some canned butter in the basement. It’s stored near the canned food reserves and bottled alcohol reserves

  79. For the last hour Ollie has been walking around with a nylabone in his mouth to torment Lola who is the dog who wants all the things. He doesn’t even like to chew them, his enjoyment is her distress. It’s pretty funny to watch the dynamics.

  80. Happy Easter my marshmallow peeps!

  81. I could really go for a handful of black jellybeans with my coffee. Fortunately we don’t have any at the moment and the urge will disappear.

  82. “Black jellybeans are the Christmas/fruitcake equivalent of the Easter season”

    That’s the sign at my Prove-Me-Wrong table today

  83. Interesting take on Twitter


    Specifically pointing to the likelihood/possibility that the government is financing its money losing operation

  84. I’ve always liked black licorice, the few times I’ve had it. Can’t say it’s really a thing for me though. Never been much of a candy eater, in general.

    Happy Easter, Hostages.

  85. Toying with the idea of kicking off a 48 hour fast after Easter dinner. Thought of easing into the practice with 36 hours but it’s a dumb idea for someone who likes their eating window in the mid-late afternoon. At some point I’d be getting up to eat in the middle of the night, which is not hap’nin, cap’n.

  86. dogs woke me up early and I gave up trying to fight it about 45 min ago.
    Happy Easter.

    I like black licorice, but haven’t had it in years. Black jellybeans make my teef hurt just thinking about it.

  87. The idea that government(s) and other entities are subsidizing twitter makes SOOOO much sense. It would be a fantastical dream come true if Musk purchased it and then just fucking closed it. Set his billions on fire just to put down this totalitarian tool like the disease it is.

  88. He is risen.

  89. What would the brain-impaired dopamine tweetaddicts do? What would they do?

  90. Growing out seedlings from seed I saved from a grocery store pepper. It was a big juicy orange thick-walled one. Likely an F1 generation, but it will be a fun experiment to see what separates out from it. I might still like one of the parent types.

  91. Sorry, F2. The pepper itself was probably an F1 hybrid.

  92. God damn those were funny.

    And I stole the last one. It’s gonna be my new screensaver!

    Thanks, pupster!

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