Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born October 17th, 1994 in Kaunas, Lithuania. She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 352436 and 137 lbs. Please grab a chair for Miss Neringa Kriziute.


  1. Fine haunches on this lass

  2. We’ll give her a pass on the fake rack and dark roots in the interest of supporting a nation bordering Ukraine

  3. Lot of categories today

  4. I read that article Chris linked about sabotage/explosions in Russia. At the end of the article they mention a few murder suicides among the oligarch class. Hard to know whether those are real, Russian operations or from foreign agents.

  5. About Brandon’s use of the word “accommodate” in the kleptocracy clip I think he was trying to be facetious. Similar to the hot mic moment when he called Peter Doocy a dumb son of a bitch when he asked him about inflation affecting the Dem’s chances and he said it was a good thing as sarcasm.

    A lot of Biden’s rhetorical flourishes are used so often that they’re equally trite and predictable but in his stage of mental decline he can’t pull them off as effectively as he once did and now he just sounds angry, weird and demented.

  6. Nice tits Pup.

  7. Jam, I don’t think a chart counts as a discussion, but I’ll give you credit for trying.

    Morning, my lovely lads and lasses. Probably a bit more than 50% unmasked at the airport today.

  8. Ollie has been tripod walking since Monday when they played after Paula got home. There was no single injury where he pulled up or yelped but it was obvious when wee got back in the house. Front left leg. He acted normal the next day and will occasionally put it down and act normally (as normal as he is at baseline).

    My vote is on a fracture. We’ve held off on the Vet for now and the plan is to see how he does over the weekend and decide Monday. Paula goes to Crossfit with our Vet so they get us in on short notice for emergencies. It may also be the fact that we pay our bills in full on the day of service but I’d like to believe they’re accommodating as Brandon is to the oligarchs.

  9. Nice endothermic chart Jam

    Now do exothermic!

    Is euthermic a thing?

  10. I didn’t know there was an alternative to paying the vet bill right at the office directly after service.

    So a while back I threw away an entire generation of my special oxheart tomato plants because I assumed they had a disease. A few days later all the rest of my tomato plants started looking yellow and sickly and not growing anymore too.

    I finally cottoned on to the idea that my seed starting mix was crap. I pasteurized a pile of good potting soil from my outdoor stash, cleaned off every single tiny remaining seedling and repotted them in the good stuff. That was five days ago. Noticed yesterday that they all turned green and are putting on quick growth.

    Still laughably tiny for what they should be this time of year, but hey. Last year I started a new tomato seed on May 3 and it turned out to be a great productive plant. You never know.

    I wonder how many people bought this shitty seedling starter and lost all their plants this Spring and don’t know why.

  11. She thicc.

  12. 6/10 would smother to death under her enormous booty.

  13. She’s 5’10”? Big girl. This would have been one for Rosetta.

  14. I harvested a shit ton of kale last week and made an awesome sauce and pasta dish with it. Radishes were ready too.

    This week I should have some other lettucesususi. My peas are looking good too. Growing like this gal’s hips.

  15. I think Biden’s accommodate was in error – he was reaching for a different word (not sure which?) and fucked up.

    Wakey wakey.

  16. She gets points for height and lack of tats/piercings, but her best-by date is upon her. Plus she communicates more clearly than Acommodatin’ Joe.

    Also, tits!

    Nice job, pupster!

  17. Just dropped Erin off at the airport to go visit her Sailor BF and sailor brother. Ethan flies to Florida next week, so a visit now so she can see him before he leaves Coronado. Plus apparently the BF begged her to visit again.

  18. Buxom.

  19. His brain is dead. And he’s a pedophile.

    Just thought I’d add that.

  20. It is … I dunno if I have even the right word for it (kelptercy …. Klepto … ???/goofy smile) but when I think about all the folks who said Biden would be just fine, and nothing bad would happen because no mean tweets …

    and now we basically are in the most dangerous position in … perhaps MY lifetime on multiple fronts. And we’re being lead by Spongbrain Shitpants and his handlers. His FUCKING HANDLERS WERE THE ONES WHO THOUGHT BIDEN WOULD MAKE A GOOD PRESIDENT.

    I just want to go punch a hole in a wall.

    And the reaction of … everyone? Nothing. Nada. When Trump was president, the media was at 11 24/7. We were going to war with Russia or Iran or North Korea and all the sophisticated countries in the world didn’t respect us.

    It is interesting that not a single reporter is interested in asking any other world leaders or their “people” what they think of Biden.

  21. Also, since Ethan has had nothing to do since January – he’s been doing little more than lifting . He’s apparently put on 20 pounds of muscle.

  22. Maybe something good will come out of Brandon’s fake presidency.

    Who am I kidding. We’re fucked. The economy is going to implode either later this year or early next.

    But think about like this…everything will be more expensive and we’ll have no money.

    Wait…that sounds bad.

  23. We’ll give her a pass on the fake rack and dark roots in the interest of supporting a nation bordering Ukraine
    Lithuania doesn’t border Ukraine. It borders Poland, which borders Ukraine, and Belarus which borders Ukraine.
    And technically Russia, which obviously borders Ukraine. But Lithuania only borders Kaliningrad, which us a Russian enclave, not Russia proper.

    Moringa does not look like a Lithuanian. She has the right height, but is much more… solid.

  24. fake? oh, it’s all too real.

    And the dems running around pretending this is a good economy, and people believing them. When I went to Vegas, I noticed the $5 gas prices and commented on it. Taxi driver emphatically declares “that’s due to the war!” which was just getting underway. I chose not to engage.

  25. Enclave = exclave. Fucking autocollect

  26. This chick’s been railed so many times she has an A.T.S.&F. tramp stamp.

  27. Thank you Jude. The closest I’ve been to Lithuania is holding Kim Bertulaitis’ hand back in kindergarten at St. Casimer’s Church which is now closed and owned by one of the black evangelical congregations I believe

  28. I love it when people keep bitching about things not being documented, then don’t document anything.

  29. Lithuania is where Marko Ramius is from. He lost a sub.

  30. “This chick’s been railed so many times she has an A.T.S.&F. tramp stamp.”

    I LOLed.

    But I’d still let her punch my ticket.

  31. But think about like this…everything will be more expensive and we’ll have no money.

    Off to restaurant supply for more meat for canning, and nonperishables today…


    I grew up a mile or so away from here. These are the places of my childhood: Tukis Park, St. Casimer’s, Sandara Club, Zinkie’s, Kilkus Bakery, Remova Park. My mom worked at St. Joseph Manor (nursing home) when she first got back into nursing after popping out 4 kids and getting therm into elementary school.

    I went to school with the woman in the last picture, Marytė Bizinkauskas and her sister Utte. Her brother Paul was a fellow resident at UMass when I was training. He went into Internal Medicine.

    This sums up its current status

    “The once safe neighborhood is now inhabited by other ethnic groups and plagued by drugs and crime; more often than not it is referred to as “The Village” alone.”

  33. Matt Walsh book is #1 on Amazon, they just pulled all ads for it. Also went in and messed with his upcoming book.

    I hate big tech.

    Amazon REMOVES Ads for My Best-Selling Children’s Book

  34. youtube: twitter miscounts users for 3 straight years

    2020 was TOTALLY on the up and up.

  35. Good afternoon from Brussels, bullwhip smugglers.

    O Hare was about 40% masked. Brussels airport maybe 50%. Almost zero staff masked.

    Brussels seems back to normal. Passed a small pro-Ukraine demonstration (are their any other kind these days?) in front of EU HQ on way to hotel this morning.

    Fly to Newark tomorrow, layover, then back to Brussels.

    Good news is I got to hit up my favorite brewery to toss back a couple and grab a few to go bottles.

    Cantillon Brewery

  36. Haha, love their tshirts!

  37. they have the really thick bottles, so probably really carbonated. Was going to try a belgian beer to brew, liked the ones we sample at homebrew club.

  38. Not real carbonated. They brew lambics and geuze, which are pretty flat. The bottles are thick because they reuse them, I guess.

  39. twitter: Royce White running against Omar is not afraid to tell you what he thinks

    He’s a regular on Fearless with Jason Whitlock, and Warroom. And the left hates it.

  40. the lambics are delicious, love them. The bottles are popular with homebrewers, so you are probably right.

  41. Shouldn’t that be A.T.&S.F.?

    I mean, there’s a fucking musical cue to go by, if nothing else…

  42. These are all 750cl, wine bottle sized.
    Phat’s beer haul

  43. mmm, raspberry lambic? color is great!

  44. so, is it wrong to ask someone on twitter why they love posting links to National Review and Hot Air so much?

  45. The closest I’ve been to Lithuania is holding Kim Bertulaitis’ hand back in kindergarten at St. Casimer’s Church
    If you ever get a chance, Vilnius is a great walking capital. You really can do everything you want there in a week.

    If you click on “36” above, she is dancing with the Vilnius Cathedral and bell tower in the background. At one point on the far right of the gif, you can see the dome of St. Casimer’s tomb, which is part of the cathedral, and the only actually impressive part, IMHO. The rest of the cathedral is modern (how could it not be.. flooded in 1930s, then Russians for 60 years), but St. Casimer’s is a section still containing baroque elements.

  46. I’ve been fascinated with that region of the world for a while. Guess that makes me pro putin.

    Also want to see Siberia.

  47. Clicked on 36 and appreciated the domes

    Awesome that you’ve seen it, perhaps I will some day!

  48. During his candidacy, then-future Prez Zero proposed the formation of a national police force, he called it a ‘civilian national security force.’ Fortunately this never materialized. However, he did have ‘truth squads’ sent to TV stations to intimidate them when they aired ads he didn’t like while he was running.

    During his terms, O also set up two websites to report your family and friends to the government for saying meano things about Obama and about the ACA; Reality Check, and Attack Watch.

    Concurrently, there were major media propaganda campaigns instructing smoothbrains on how to be absolute political pills at Thanksgiving and ruin everybody’s holiday.

    And now they are really starting a department dedicated to this shit. They will not be happy until children are reporting their parents for BadThoughts. We will eventually have the close family intimacy enjoyed by North Koreans.

  49. Jam, I don’t think a chart counts as a discussion…


  50. hmm, have salad for lunch, like I should, or go across the street for the food truck, and have a gyro

    Next week it’s BBQ from an award winning place (took Jam there when he was here)

  51. Listening to highlights, it occurred to me that Mayorkas’ voice sounds a lot like Bill Barr.

  52. Did you hold out for a gyro?

  53. nah, gonna stick with salad

  54. I went through all the work to make it, and all

  55. Erin has landed. Her brother appears to be busy at the moment so she’s stuck at the airport.

  56. probably finishing his reps

  57. LOL, maybe.

    I think he had to muster.

  58. boyfriend to the rescue. This played out well for him


  60. Boyfriend is owned by the Navy until later . Ethan is free because he usually isn’t given duties while he’s waiting to move on.

  61. I harvested a shit ton of kale last week and made an awesome sauce and pasta dish with it. Radishes were ready too.

    This week I should have some other lettucesususi. My peas are looking good too. Growing like this gal’s hips.


  62. Comment by Brother Tim on April 29, 2022 10:13 am
    Shouldn’t that be A.T.&S.F.?

    I mean, there’s a fucking musical cue to go by, if nothing else…

    That’s what I was thinking – from a Judy Garland movie, right?

  63. Originally, I always hear the Bing Crosby version in my head.

  64. “from a Judy Garland movie, right?”

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I could Google it, but I won’t.

  65. Heads up, chicken shortage is starting. We had to throw out over 100 cases of fresh chicken breast today. Positive Avian flu at the processing plant.

  66. Oso with the 🎶A,T, & the SF🎶 Earworm

  67. oh god, not now

  68. AT&SF is correctamundo.

    My bad.

  69. I hope she didn’t get ATS&F tattooed on her hiney.

    I’d feel bad for her.

  70. Still funny.

  71. I knew I should have started a few dozen meat birds, dangit.

  72. BBF girl has a pretty face, but the body is trash, especially below the hips.
    2/10, I’ll let the smasher smash that one.

  73. You look at those hamstrings and say trash?


  74. Lumps, I saw that earlier, I’ve got a bedroom that’s no longer used. Looking into another chest freezer and shelving to put in that room. I’m certain you see where I’m going there.

  75. Inverted cone, Leon. The h/r ratio is out of whack. And plump girls shouldn’t wear stilletoes, I think OSHA has rules about that.

  76. It was a day.

  77. Mrs. Pupster tested pos for the Covid. Beat that.

  78. 🙏🏼

  79. Missed this one

  80. Prayers up for Mrs. Pupster. (Thought she had it before?)

  81. You can keep throwing false positives for months after you have it. Shedding nonviable viral particles. When did she have it last, Pupster?

  82. We both had it late December 2020, she had a real bad time with it. I was exposed and got it again right before the beach vacation but didn’t get tested, was sick for 2 days, she’s been sick for a week and tested pos yesterday.

  83. For me it felt the same as the first time, body aches and fatigue, sinus drainage and cough. She’s had all that but it’s turned into a sinus and ear infection which is why she went to the doctors.

  84. I’m not sure but I think this was the dreaded “Dick slammed in the car door” variant we’ve been warned about.

  85. That’s a pretty bad one but its better than the ‘sliding down the razor bannister’ variant.

  86. So yah I don’t know about the natural immuneity thing, the guy that brought it to the office this time also had it in 2020.

  87. I’m just getting over covid. Came down with it Thursday last week. Most over it now. First time for me, fever body aches that turned into the world worst sinus congestion. Wife has it now, but she never got the fever or body aches. Just the congestion. It’s been a fun month.

  88. Penelope has had a really bad cough for a week or two. We both had a head cold in late March, nothing major. But she has a cough that keeps coming back.

  89. My allergies are lit. Not getting tested. Snot factory

  90. Possum hasn’t brought anything new home in months, so I’ve been fine. Tree pollen season was super short too, so that was nice.

  91. Is she even trying?

  92. I used to think so, because it was like every week. No sick days since February though.

  93. FYI:
    AT&SF is now BNSF. Atchison and Topeca have been cancelled.

  94. I’ve been wondering if Omicron was so different from the original strain that that’s why so many people caught it here last January even thought they had had covid before (supposedly; though remember they were operating with *incredibly faulty* testing prior to last year).

  95. got Car in’d at work. Just about to leave, boss said go, after this last table orders. They finally come up, 4 pitchers beer, id everyone, 4 pizzas. Meanwhile 10 more pizzas from another bar. Now 6 more from the bar downstairs. And 2 more 6 tops walk in.

    Yeah, I was there another hour.


  96. well the first one was manufactured in China, while Omicron was built in South Africa. So it’s probably different

  97. how can we take in 200k immigrants a month, on the southern border? The amount of money is staggering.

    Yet we want to give everyone health care for free, and college?

  98. Naomi Wolf and Glenn Greenwald are regulars on Tucker Carlson, along with Tulsi Gabbard. What a world!

  99. oh that’s right, everyone took their melatonin and went to bed

  100. Y’all are long asleep and will never see this. I am on the left coast and came across this very interesting post:

    Every thing you know is wrong…

  101. Dean’s experiences reassured Peter.

  102. Here ya go:,_Topeka_and_the_Santa_Fe

    I remembered hearing/seeing it on the movie “The Harvey Girls”.

  103. Interesting link Chris. Falling populations as a reason for unchecked illegal migration yet is denied as a cause to further justify the other globohomo initiatives

  104. Meme Something to You

  105. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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