1. I really like Jay’s meme game.

    And the husband looking for something sweating it out hit hard.

    But after almost 35 years of marriage, he’s getting really close to just asking me first and not being embarrassed it’s right in front of his eyes.

  2. My husband had to catch an early flight so I got up at 4:00 today and I’m feeling pumped. My coffee may or may not have anything to do with it but I’m getting stuff done.

  3. Paula woke up at 0430 to sip coffee before the early gym class. I was woken up at 5 by a herd of cow dogs jumping on the bed looking to be fed when she came upstairs to brush her teeth.

  4. We’re about 70/20 (P/J Ratio) in the finding things department. The other 10 is shit we know we have somewhere but can somehow never find again

  5. The other 10 is shit we know we have somewhere but can somehow never find again


    You are correct, Sir!

  6. The first of many to come (I hope)

    I really want to touch her hair

  7. Oi.
    Busy as hell at the monkey house.

  8. Nice memes j’ames.

  9. Off to workie work I go.

  10. Later

  11. JAM!

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Antibiotic cream, Roamy?? She needs to be on doxycycline. Or ask a real doctor about it. Don’t mess around with tick bites!

  14. monkey is alive good to know

  15. Today is Nova’s spay day. After this, just the puppies.

  16. This is why Biden is confident about his 2024 run

  17. What Lumpy said re: tick bite

    IU imagine the lower right picture resembles Mini-me

  18. Let me know if you need pronunciation help:

  19. I mean “Ministry of Truth” has a great ring to it, but it’s so much better in the original German.

  20. There’s lots of tick-borne diseases caused by a variety of bacteria. Use nukes.

  21. She also said Trump supporters were going to bring guns to the polls.

  22. I laughed my ass off at the feminist one. Actually laughed out loud.

  23. Which is hilarious considering the affiliation of the people who have been producing 99% of the political violence for the past umpteen years.

  24. I mean “Ministry of Truth” has a great ring to it, but it’s so much better in the original German.
    Was there something similar in Harry Potter? We should call it that so they get the reference.

  25. I never used to be concerned about tick bites, until they introduced the one that makes you allergic to meat.


  26. Sort of? At a certain point the “Ministry of Magic” was basically weaponized by Voldemort, but they never broke out the oppressing arm into a sub-heading that really fits. There was a “muggle-born registration” thing, but that’s more analogous to the Nazis tracking all those with Jewish heritage.

    That comes later in our timeline when it becomes illegal to be white or Christian, I think.

  27. Twitter is a lot more pleasant these days, and it’s not just me. People are noticing a change, and it’s real

  28. I am so confused.

    This “man” uses birth control because I assume “he’s” having sex with men. But if it thinks it’s a “man” but it’s having straight sex – thus the risk of pregnancy … what part of it is a man or gay or whatever? These people are sick in the mind in so many ways.

    what the absolute fuck?

    And who would have sex with that?

  29. That would be kind of funny…

    A Harry Potter translator so that millennials can understand the general outline of a piece of classic literature.

    Imagine Hermione is in love with Harry, but their parents forbid the relationship because she’s part muggle. They hatch a plan to secretly wed but when he discovers that she put herself under a temporary sleep spell (SLEEPIMUS!) he turns his wand into a dagger (STABUS HEARTUS!) and committed the ultimate act of love to join her in death.

    Then she woke up, saw him, and decided she would also kill herself (SELFUS KILLUS!)


  30. *still hasn’t read or watched any Harry Potter

    Ok boomer (actual)

  31. Mike Lindell is back on twitter. Go ahead and tell me that nothing has changed there.

    You can see the smoke from the document fires from fucking Iowa.

  32. Mj, you’re not supposed to do drugs first thing in the morning.

  33. Why not?

  34. My body my rules.

  35. My body rules.

  36. Comment by MJ on April 28, 2022 8:59 am
    My body my rules.


    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  37. OK, so we can nickname this person Dolores Umbridge. Started out as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but then became The Hogwarts High Inquisitor, and eventually head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission.

    This personality type is rather well-developed in the Harry Potter sacred texts. They will know what traits and actions you’re alluding to, and screech,

    I hate that you made me look that up.

  38. I don’t think the twitter employees have actually *done* anything. I think they’ve been locked out of their normal fuckery by the anti-sabotage lockout that was implemented immediately after the deal was announced. They’re not allowed to do anything without asking for permission and having it actually be carried out by someone way up the chain of command. If that news is true. Who knows, it’s still all fog of war.

  39. Musk has been hinting at this since at least 2017.

    Toyota had people on our team at Ford who departed at a key juncture. If Musk doesn’t already have some people inside (who might be leaking meeting audio, for example), I’d be shocked.

  40. I don’t think that’s true. Software has to have changes made to it, whether in code, or in admin interfaces to change it’s behavior. Unless there was code built in, but I don’t see that happening here. Somebody changed something, whether it’s settings, or actual code.

    Occam’s Razor tells me it’s burying evidence, it makes sense.

  41. Yeah, somebody’s winding back shadowbans or killing bot followers. I just don’t know if it’s leftists covering tracks or muskies making corrections ahead of the rein-taking.

  42. They’ve always blamed algorithms for the fuckery. but maybe it’s not. maybe it’s been the employees all along, and now they can’t do it.

  43. That’d be an awful lot to do manually, you’d have to be the laziest POS “programmer” ever to do that by hand every time…

    Okay, plausible in this case.

  44. Maybe the whole thing was controlled by the Wizard of Oz, and he’s furiously pulling levers and throwing switches.

  45. I defer to your greater knowledge about these things. In any case, it’s both funny and depressingly revealing.

    Are they still shouting about how cons were hallucinating shadow bans?

  46. Generally the ‘trust and safety’ teams are in the Philippines and a ton of the work is actually manual. Humans look at 1000s of tweets a day as second level support. They follow rules and ban ban ban ban.

    My guess is that they were told to hang on for a second – and their manual work stoppage is having affects elsewhere. Its a network and the ripples go through the whole thing.

  47. yes, shadowbanning is still a fantasy. Officially, the follower counts are being attributed to “organic” changes, people just signed up after the news. BS. Also, banned people are now showing up able to post. That ain’t organic. Also, you see different things now, and that’s shadowbanning being removed right before your eyes. That ain’t software acting on its own.

  48. MJ-on-drugs is right.

    Its the most likely/easiest explanation for the quick change.

  49. it’s harder to tell a bunch of people to do something different, than it is to flip a switch or comment out a line of code and recompile.

  50. Seth Dillon of Babylon Bee on MeAgain Kelly’s podcast.

  51. But given that Musk isn’t even in charge to have initiate a change of code … the idea that hundreds or thousands of workers are now acting under the motivation to NOT lose their jobs is more likely.

  52. twitter: more bans rescinded

  53. they are removing incriminating code from the servers, so when possession changes hands, those rules are gone, and can’t prosecute.

  54. I’m literally on a video call with my philippines team now.

    Can’t wait to go there this fall.

  55. Hopefully a whistleblower is saving source control change logs.

  56. Remember that Rule 1 applies to literally all ladyboys, MJ.

  57. What’s rule 1?

  58. Don’t stick your dick in crazy.

  59. In the Philippines, I think it’s “trust but verify”.

  60. I’m watching this abortion video that was linked at Ace’s, it’s making my heart hurt. Hurry up and overturn Roe, SCOTUS.

  61. Saw somewhere:

    “Elon Musk could have bought Congress for a fraction of the price…”

  62. OMG this is fucking awesome.

    We’re doing one of those struggle session at work and we have an anonymous whiteboard and I posted, unconscious bias has been widely discredited for decades. When you start from a position of untruth, everything else is discredited.

    They actually stopped and addressed it and literally said, don’t challenge what we say. It took them 10 mins to get there but I’m fucking dying laughing.

  63. I also loved that race is social construct. For real, someone said that.

  64. MJ, keep going.

  65. Well, my work here is done. I lobbed a ton of grenades into the room.

  66. Cenk Uygur is a crazy man. Why is he on tv? He really should have lost his show when he lost his shit the night Trump won.

  67. race is a social construct

    That would be awesome. You could create victim groups at WILL!

  68. Anonymous messaging? First they will eliminate the anonymity (if it is even real to begin with). Then their next mission will be to find you, MJ.

  69. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 28, 2022 8:46 am

    *still hasn’t read or watched any Harry Potter
    When the books were just getting going I was too busy to read them and the more I heard about them from EVERYONE the less I wanted to read them. Same with the movies.

    Enter Paula and the boys: Ben used to watch DVD’s including Harry Potter nonstop with the only break being from mid November when Christmas movies started.

    So, I’ve been in the same room as all the movies but I don’t think I’ve actually watched them start to finish.

  70. I read all the books, stopped watching after movie 4 when it became apparent that I was witnessing the birth of a new religion.

  71. Leia strangling the lesbian made me snortle in my beasaroos.


  73. Then their next mission will be to find you, MJ.
    No question that’s happening right now.

    They asked for struggle session things about how we fix discrimination in healthcare and most people put up little I’m a victim stories. I posted that I’d been discriminated as a white male at this very company (which is true) and someone changed it to ‘I’ve been discriminated against because I’m a bigot.’

    Liberals are the least tolerant, nastiest pieces of work on earth.

  74. It’s so funny.

    All I said was that unconscious bias studies have been discredited forever and of course, the less intellectual people said things like, ‘how can you believe racism doesn’t exist?’ ‘I thought this was a safe space! Please don’t say things that make me uncomfortable.’ ‘Don’t question what I’m saying, that’s not helpful.’ ‘My *insert sad story* proves that what you’re saying is false.’

    People literally can’t understand words anymore. They simply emote.

  75. LOL You only think it’s anonymous.

    You’re fooked.

  76. If it isn’t, the wrongful termination suit will be fun.

  77. We’re about to find out!

    One of the more vocal dipshits said they needed HR on all future calls.

    It really doesn’t matter because the people who like this stuff are incapable of hearing anything that contradicts what they know to be true. Their positions are moral (they think) and aren’t based in logic.

  78. MJ, I really don’t know how you work with these infants.

    I just had a woman carpenter quit because the work is too dirty. They were having to remove plaster in a historic building so the architect can see the structure underneath.

    Too dirty for her.

  79. Gender fucking pay gap.

  80. That’s buhtarded. It’d be like me whining about having to use a keyboard or attend meetings.

  81. Lol, Hotspur. Went for a walk recently with my MIL and she started spouting some lefty crap about how all the top jobs at XYZ are all men…

    I brought up the fact that even in a field outlandishly lopsided with women like mine, when exec positions opened up, no rank and file women wanted the promotions. They said so out loud. Some of the same women who were always bitching about the top slots being filled with men, ALSO, with zero self-awareness, stated there is no way they wanted THAT job/ responsibility when it was being shopped around the office.

    Also brought up all the dirty filthy physical jobs that go 100% to men because literally no women can physically do it or the field just doesn’t seem to exist to them.

    ALSO brought up the fact that in STEM fields many women start their careers and then promptly quit to start families. Nobody’s twisting their arms. They choose. What is to be done with them?

    She pretty much agreed with me about all that stuff. When you stop talking in bumperstickerese, lefty ‘truth’ simply evaporates.

  82. “But the responsibility for caring for the family *always* falls to the women and that rarely ever happens to men,” is really all they’ve got.

    It is true, but again, there is still a choice happening. This choice does indeed fall overwhelmingly to women, but, there are other choices that fall mostly to men, too. Because we are different.

  83. Guess who’s got one thumb, a band saw for sale, and gets to fly without a mask tomorrow!

  84. haha, shoeonhead on twitter, trying to convince us that if Bernie Sanders had won, this would all go away.

  85. Well, it would.

    I mean, private property would be outlawed so it would all go away. Plus Putin would already own Alaska again. Not from invasion, Bernie would have just given it to him as a present.

  86. would have been nice to fly without a mask, especially when we got diverted to Omaha because Brandon was still in Des Moines.

  87. How much for the band saw Lefty?

  88. My favorite thumb joke is: guess who’s got seventeen thumbs and just lost his job at the morgue!

  89. I’ve got a thumb joke but it’s too long and not worth typing out. It is funny, disgusting but, unfortunately, too damn long

  90. Want

    Do not want the hassle of the suppressor paperwork though

  91. so don’t tell them

  92. “I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms, what that would look like for the marginalized communities, which are already shouldering disproportionate amounts of this abuse.”

    So how are “marginalized communities” adversely impacted by free speech? And in what way do they shoulder disproportionate amounts of “abuse” because of it?

    These people spew the most inane claims without data or evidence. That alone should disqualify her from holding any position with authority over what people say. She’s Gestapo in heels.

  93. Still feels like March outside. Blustery unpleasant NW wind, day after day. And then when the wind changes to SE, it rains.

    I gotta be happy with the good days we had recently and stop complaining.


    *kicks pebble

  94. It’s been horrible the last … 5 days or so, but it’s nice now. I just got NOva back from being spayed, so I’m making sure she’s relaxed then I’m going for a run.

    RIbs in the oven.

  95. Send that good weather to me, Carin!

  96. So Brandon tells teachers the kids in their classrooms are their kids.
    Can’t wait for a parent that shows up to a school board meeting, gets arrested, appears in court & tells the judge ” if the kids are really the teachers kids, let the teacher pay the child support”.

  97. Brandon is not well. There are now daily clips of him having a brain stall.

    He’ll still win reelection but he won’t know it.

  98. Can’t stall what he doesn’t have. The dude is the scarecrow from the wizard of oz.

  99. MJ, as deeply pessimistic as I am about American politics, I don’t think Biden will be re-elected. His decline is so out in the open.

  100. Still feels like March outside. Blustery unpleasant NW wind, day after day. And then when the wind changes to SE, it rains.

    Yeah, I get it. I’ve been needing to get out on Erie for walleye, but not if it’s raining, 4 – 6 feet tall waves and needing a winter coat to go out.

  101. Hey, remember Ukraine? Here’s another take on it

    The media’s attention span is waning and the Musk takeover of their Twitter playground hasn’t helped.

  102. There are now daily clips of him having a brain stall.

    Bongino ran some audio of him trying to say kleptocracy and it wasn’t pretty

  103. ^ last time I was on Erie in this type of weather we were a couple of miles out, beyond the sisters. Started out with a nice 2 foot chop, perfect for fishing, then a front came in, quickly went to the 4-6 waves with some breakers, had to take it easy going back in. It was a slow, miserable trip back to shore. The only time in my life that I thought I was going to become sea sick.

  104. His decline is so out in the open.
    It doesn’t matter. The power trippers on the left are already plotting how to manipulate the outcome in 2024, they’ve found the puppet & scapegoat. They’ll do any and everything to keep him in office to preserve their grip on power.

  105. LOL. Enormous economic growth. Right, Brandon. Keep looking at that -1.4% GDP as an absolute value. Instead of wearing rose colored glasses and horse blinders, just buy Julbo Sherpa glasses. You’re ears will appreciate it.

  106. Dave, I look out on the Penobscot River and often in the late fall will see sailboat owners who waited too long to take their boats out struggling under motor power against the current with gray skies and chop impeding their progress. There are boatyards all along the river, the farthest being in Bangor, which is about 12 miles upstream. We’re pretty wide here but it narrows a bit about a mile east of here

  107. “They’ll do any and everything to keep him in office to preserve their grip on power.”

    Exactly. Their power. Not his.

  108. OMG. I live next to a park, looking out the window I see a pick up truck with a small kid standing on a running board on one side and another kid hanging onto something on the other side with his/her feet dragging on the ground as the truck slowly drives down the street. If it wouldn’t take half an hour for a cop in this town to get off his lazy ass to respond I’d call it in!

  109. …. 15 MPH speed limit sign on the edge of my property. My street was resurfaced 2 years ago, it’s the smoothest street in town, so it by default has become a drag strip, 55 mph isn’t uncommon to see in that park, but never a cop with a radar gun, no one get’s stopped. What’s the point of the sign?

  110. gonna have to go to a town board meeting and raise hell again.

  111. LOL. DNH killed the blog again….

  112. Spent much of the day working out some perfectionist tendencies on the dining room walls makeover. But I’m truly finally almost done.
    Tomorrow morning I sand and prime two last areas and Saturday sis comes over and we PAINT.

    Then after that I need to get curtains and chair covers…all in due time.

  113. FDA wants to ban menthol cigarettes & flavored cigars because black African Americans gravitate toward them.
    The soft racism of the U.S. government. Maybe we should look into busing black African American children to black only schools too, because, you know, they won’t feel like they’re somehow different than the other kids

  114. ^ why does that kind of shit come up every time Democrats have control, but Republicans that don’t have control get blamed for decisions Democrats make?

  115. I went down the grocery store aisle with the beer cooler the opposite way today. Usually by I get to the far end I’ve either bought a 6 or 12 pack or said “Nah” and moved on. Seeing the other end of the cooler with a fresh set of eyes, I realized there was an explosion of non-alcoholic beers. There was 4 shelves high by about 4 or 5 feet wide with a variety of NA beers. Weird.

    It got me wondering if the NA beer “explosion” is consumer driven or agenda driven like the fake meat section in the butcher case. Personally, if I’m not having a beer, I’m drinking water, tea or something else entirely.

    If people like them and enjoy them, then by all means, have at it. Just an odd phenomenon. Maybe Carin knows people who order NA beer and can shed some light on this notion.

  116. They’re pushing the menthol ban statewide here Dave, independent of Brandon’s efforts. They’ve already banned the sale of mail order pipe tobacco here. Loose tobacco is labeled as pipe tobacco and then rolled into cigarettes and evades the tax man who is used to getting a bigger cut per pack. I have had a few suppliers mail me tins of pipe tobacco and then over time drop out and say they can’t anymore. Fortunately I have an ample supply. If I run low tax free NH is 3 hours away

  117. MA banned menthol cigarettes. Stores within 20 miles of the MA border are cleaning up on ciggie sales.

  118. I was a Newport smoker in junior high. Stopped smoking until my 20’s and had Marlboro Lights while out drinking at clubs (back when indoor smoking was allowed). Strictly stogies and less often a pipe now.

  119. MJ, as deeply pessimistic as I am about American politics, I don’t think Biden will be re-elected. His decline is so out in the open.

    I don’t have a crystal ball, and I mostly expect him to be forced to step down in the next two years for “health” reasons … if somehow they can still prop him up and he can sorta read the lines … they’re kinda stuck. I mean, they TOLD us he was fine. No cognitive decline – he’s just got a stutter. If they admit it now, they’ll be sorta admitting they knew it all along.
    I was shocked, watching the five the other day they asked Harold Ford about 20024 and he said he would happily and proudly support Biden if he runs again.

  120. I rarely serve a NA beer.

  121. watching the five the other day they asked Harold Ford about 20024 and he said he would happily and proudly support Biden if he runs again.

    Did they all burst out laughing? How could they not?

  122. I said a year ago that I did not think he would survive this far and clearly I was wrong. But if I had to guess again, there’s no way this husk is making it to 2024.

  123. He’ll probably end up with a third term. Maybe a fourth if he can get help for his stutter.

  124. I don’t talk politics with anyone but here. Are there Brandon voters out there who are embarrassed by Sponge Brain Shit Pants?

    (Hat tip – Mitchell)

  125. Moms funeral. I made it a politics free zone. My sister is an evangelical ass. Kept trying to make it about her and her LGB mask. Mi familia loves their Spongebrain.

  126. My one die hard lefty friend is the guy I play WordFeud with regularly and we avoid politics. He and a bunch of med school buddies came up to camp in the summer of 2016 (man, time flies) and he was dumping on Trump whenever politics came up. Thankfully it wasn’t all that much. I haven’t asked him about Sponge Brain lately.

    I wonder if they say, “At least it’s better than having Trump” despite the fact that by any measurable metric it’s not better.

    Hey, they got a new Supreme Court judge out of the deal! Except Breyer wouldn’t have retired had Trump not been deep stated

  127. I saw that earlier, Jimbro. I can’t figure out which word he meant when he said “accommodate.” The rest is blather, of course, but I can tell what he was going for at least.

  128. Kleptcrocracy was a bad dude.

  129. I said a year ago that I did not think he would survive this far and clearly I was wrong. But if I had to guess again, there’s no way this husk is making it to 2024.

    My initial guess, pre-election, was 6 months, but after I saw how they were propping him up during the campaign (and how well the press covered for him), I revised it to two years. 9 months to go.

    But it’s awful seeing his vacant, lost look, both on the human and the leader of the free world levels.

  130. I’m never moving again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my adult life. Two more days to go.

  131. What the hell is going on in Russia?


  132. Discuss endothermic reactions, please.

  133. “I’m never moving again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my adult life. Two more days to go.”

    I hate to bring it up, but I’ve said that to myself at least three times in my adult life. The last time was over a month ago at age 65, was spread out over several months, and my back still hurts in the mornings.

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