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Your model was born in Durham, Florida on March 5th, 1995.  She stands 5’3″, 34D-22-32 and 108 lbs.  Please play along and welcome Miss Nina North.


Nina North When in mexico!! ✨

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  2. She seems nice

  3. The “Big” gif is jaw dropping. Holy disproportionate!

  4. Part of the joy of living in the Trump era is the fuck you’s he doles out with such regularity. There was a minor kerfuffle about the Stones song Brown Sugar being played at a rally. It was a minor hiccup and everyone moved on to the next outrage. Had it occurred in another GOP administration there would have been hand wringing, donning of hair shirts and and intern or two fired to make amends. Meh, nothing to see here. #Let’s-Stop-Brett … right?

    Which reminds me … are we still flying flags at half staff for John McCain as is the new custom?

  5. another great joob by the friday crew!!

  6. fuck mccain

  7. wait was that my outside voice?

  8. Holy disproportionate!

    Em Jay featured her in a post awhile back, she never smiles. Lower back pain I’m guessing.

  9. she’s got that enigmatic moaning lisa thing going on

  10. She seems nice

    In an attainable kind of way.

  11. Holy disproportionate!

    I know, right?
    What hits the door first? Her chest or her nose?

  12. She looks like the babysitter who just moved into her first off-campus apartment and needs your help putting together the shelves she bought from Ikea…

  13. Is that one of the movie plots for her Alex?

  14. Looks a bit thuggish to me. I bet she’s been the getaway driver a time or two.

  15. Comment by Jimbro on September 7, 2018 7:28 am
    Is that one of the movie plots for her Alex?

    Wouldn’t surprise me.

  16. wakey wakey

  17. She’s carried contraband in her vajayjay.

  18. If by contraband you mean lots of large CLOCKS, then yeah, she’s a CLOCK smuggler

  19. At least we had a celebrity death that wasn’t politicized. RIP Burt.

  20. McCain flags should have been raised on Sept 2, day of internment.

    But he’s still on display at The KremlinThe Capitol right?

  21. Scott and Laura

  22. **puts in order for red bra**

    Nice job, Pupster.

  23. Morning Bishes and Monkey Bastards.

    My son asked who Burt Reynolds was……..I have failed as a father….

    Got the bank thing corrected and had a conversation with my boss about correcting the “problem.” I advised him that as long as he wasn’t offended, I was going to ask every week if he needed me to make the bank run as a matter of covering his six.
    Ultimately it doesn’t matter, this place is dying and I have to find another job. The local nuke plant has openings in security dept at $20 per hr, excellent bennies and all the OT you can eat. It requires that I go through all the clearance paperwork / process again which is a complete pain in the ass. But (in theory) once hired, I should be able to ride the job til retirement as there will never not be a security presence at the facility…

  24. Always the possibility of nuclear fueled super powers, too.

  25. I’ve got to meet with the female “me” that I work with, she’s cranky and sarcastic and demanding. We are fire and gasoline. Not looking forward to it.

  26. Rocketboy knows Burt Reynolds from “Archer”.

  27. Always the possibility of nuclear fueled super powers, too.

    That alone should be all you need to hear.

    Still waiting for my mutant abilities/latent werewolf genes/inherited ancient relic to arrive.

  28. Meh. With my luck, my super powers would be something utterly stupid and useless.

  29. Learn from Deadpool 2: even the superpower that you think will NEVER work out (luck) is sometimes the greatest one.

  30. I already have a super power…….I can make a cat disappear……all I have to do is pick up my guitar….cat will run out of the room every time……..yeah, Im that good!

  31. Kinda looks like her fun bags don’t line up with each other. At least she doesn’t have any tats on her.

  32. Teresa, that was a very moving post about Michelle. I’m so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))

  33. T
    I hope that peace is with you this weekend.
    You’re a good egg…
    As hostages go that is.


    “VFW Post #4006 Commander Carl Dry…noted there were only two requests he could not allow at the VFW Post. ‘They wanted to open the doors (to the Flight Deck Lounge) and I couldn’t allow that and they wanted to take the flags down, I didn’t only say no, I said hell no, you don’t take the flags off the wall. I can’t believe any American would ask us to do that and I don’t know why he wanted them down or what he was going to put up instead.’”

  35. Thanks, guys. We’re all doing surprisingly well. Putting everything into words helped a great deal.

  36. Surprising how often the Dem wants nothing to do with the flag.

  37. Can vegans eat pudding?

  38. For Laura and Paula.

    A couple NSFW. I had to look up lactulose.

  39. “…………she’s cranky and sarcastic and demanding.”

    You work with LauraW?

  40. Cool. Now Ethan is getting threats on Instagram.

    And (not) surprisingly, the “friend” of Ethan’s girlfriend (who is causing a lot of this) had a sister who actually was beaten up by her boyfriend for a while. So apparently now she’s an expert and a crusader.

    The stories going around the school … apparently now the “friend” was trying (desperately I’m sure) to held Erika (gf) fight him off and bite ethan’s hand, when he supposedly then “backhanded” her.

    1) if someone bite me, they’d probably get slapped.
    2) I’m pretty sure Ethan would have mentioned being bitten
    3) another few days and I’m sure there will be weapons included in the story, at the rate this is going.
    4) teenage girls are toxic.

    This effen administrator has 10 minuets to call me back.

  41. heh, roamy

  42. Can I borrow a newspaper?

  43. Threats take it to a whole nother level.

    Bring the kettlebell.


  45. Threats mean it’s time to take it to the police. And possibly speak to an attorney.

  46. It’s all in the reflexes….

  47. Hugs to you, Teresa.

    I was so angry reading about what happened to Ethan. Carin, since nothing happened (of course) I’d make sure this is not on any record of any kind.

    Everyone in Texas should hear that Beto wanted the flags removed. At a VFW?????? Even if you want to put up campaign signs with your name on it, NFW!!!

  48. Did Ethan’s girlfriend make an official statement that is in the pricipal’s hands, counsellor’s office and everywhere else saying that this was a false accusation?

  49. The Dean of students told me there is nothing on his record. Yesterday he told me that.

  50. Yes. The girls said that they were just playing, and they laughed over it. Were they roughhousing? I’m sure.

    Her friends say she is “brainwashed” by ethan. @@ Bitches be crazy. Honestly. Redneck, no future girls who watch too much tv.

  51. Ethan’s girlfriend needs to get on the stick and fix her insane friend. Furthermore, insane friend’s parents need to be met with and made to understand that she is about to get sued for slander. Yes, SUED.

  52. Screencap everything

  53. I love lauraw.

  54. Good, because drama girls will want to keep this alive for their own purposes ala that little faggot David Hogg.

    Ethan has to be particularly careful about rough housing with his friends ( at school, on the field), no fights (which I personally think is normal for normal boys) and how he speaks. It sucks, it’s unfair and wrong but bullshit tends to stick on shoes and the little SJW bitches will be watching.

  55. Funny, I wrote my last comment before reading Carin’s.

    And yes, absolutely let the parents of the girl know you’re taking this seriously and lawyers could get involved.

  56. Roamy, that post had me rolling. Especially the CNA thing. Those ladies work their ass off on the worst jobs, and people act like they sit around doing nothing just because they can’t magically appear when you clap your hands.

  57. I told him that, Mare. Girls live on drama. I reminded him I told Erin the same thing when she was having issues with some girls talking shit. The BESET /worst thing you can do it ignore it all. They hate that. Even saying “boo” back validates them and ignites it all. Erin did ignore her “ex” friends and it drove them crazy. SHe lived in their heads rent free for months and months, just looking more foolish each passing day.

  58. On Monday Ethan’s girlfriend should sit on his lap at lunch and feed him grapes just to fuck with people.

  59. Require the administrator to meet with the GF’s friends parents. Lets discuss the meaning of slander, false reporting, creating a hostile environment, litigation and remedies. Nuke this shit NOW. You want public apologies and assurances this behavior will cease and desist immediately. Don’t talk to the police, talk to the DA’s office. Cops are terrible when it comes to things that fall into gray areas between civil and criminal conduct.

  60. Ethan’s coach is a paralegal. And loves him.

  61. It’s so wonderful that she can rise above her disability. Hopefully one day she’ll be able to coach a real sport.

  62. And CoAlex bring de funny! Well Done…

    *golf clap

  63. Looks a bit thuggish to me.

    No tats. I’ve checked from multiple angles.

  64. Eff it. Get a lawyer and unleash the kraken.

    This, by the by, is much nicer than my impulse on the matter.

  65. Meeting went well, under promise and over deliver ahead of schedule makes things smooth with people like her (and me).

  66. Mrs. Pupster is having some work drama, the Manager they hired instead of promoting her flaked out and quit, and Mrs. Pupster has been picking up the shifts and doing the managing in the interim. She was having trouble getting people to pay pick up shifts on the register, and I joked that she could train me up and I’d take the hours.

    She then did a spot on impression of me:
    “What’s your damn member number?”

    “You need a fuckin bag? Get it yourself they’re right fuckin there.”

    Perhaps I’m not cut out for customer facing work.

  67. I sent that to Paula. #18 fits her to a tee. After working till 11 she needs a while to wind down. Her new FT shift will be 7-7 but she has to finish out her 11-11’s she’s already signed up for at the big house.

  68. Ethan’s mad at me for calling the school and reporting the threat. He doesn’t really get it.

  69. He can huddle together with Erin and Hannah for a big HateMom party, then.

  70. “He doesn’t really get it.”

    this day and age it’s bad juju.
    gone are the days of playing smear the queer during lunch.

    i heard something recently about the mens lax dudes that got hosed on the duke dealio –
    some are still having trouble getting jobs

    totally innocent – – – – > lives still fucked

  71. under promise and over deliver ahead of schedule makes things smooth with people like her (and me).

    This is this story of my sex life…

  72. Obama just took a dig at Trump during a campaign rally. Anyone think it will be unanswered?

  73. I saw the tail end of that. He’s such a POS.

  74. Trump doesn’t let anything slide.

  75. Heh, the picture on the video at AOS is classic Obama: dismissive look down the nose.

  76. Eh, it’s a thing in some quarters, having the nose up in the air so far you’d drown in a rainstorm. A certain cultural strain of narcissism dialed up to 11, in his case.

  77. That makes me want to look for his movies. Smokey and The Bandit, Deliverance are the big ones. I’m sure there’s more but those are the big ones.

  78. Cannonball Run

  79. The Longest Yard

  80. Mystery Alaska

  81. I didn’t know he was in Gunsmoke. My dad’s favorite show back in the day.

  82. I just looked on amazon for a collection but nothing yet. I picked up Deliverance. I’m sure TCM will do a film fest at some point.

  83. Longest Yard is one of my favs, along with Mystery Alaska.

  84. Cannonball Run, cuz he’s in that with Dom DeLuise, laughing the entire time.

  85. I had to look up Mystery, Alaska. Never heard of that one. DVD is too high for me now.

  86. Hockey movie, NY rangers go to alaska to play a semi pro team on natural ice, outside.

  87. I worked at a movie theater when “Stick”came out, I must have seen it 200 times.

  88. I worked at a movie theater when “Stick”came out, I must have seen it 200 times.

    That would make you about… seven years old?

  89. Cool, that’s an Elmore Leonard story. Like Get Shorty.

  90. Or Justified

  91. Dang, so is 3:10 to Yuma (the original)

  92. I think Trump responded:

    “Trump on Obama’s Speech: “I’m sorry, I watched it, but I fell asleep. I found he’s very good. Very good for sleeping.:”

  93. Carin’s training program in action

    Leon might be interested

    Mare’s photo shoot

  94. Elmore is one of my favorite writers. Burt directed Stick. Probably why there was that extended make out scene with Candace Bergen.

  95. Don’t forget Stryker or the Hard Time franchise.
    I just watched him in Malone a week or so ago, he was pretty badass.

  96. Scott and I might be moving to Houston. I don’t think I can pass up this deal.

  97. Interior decorators on LSD

  98. That house should be in Better Homo’s & Gaydens magazine

  99. That’s what normal people call, “a tear down.”

  100. Comment by terribletroy on September 7, 2018 5:28 pm
    That house should be in Better Homo’s & Gaydens magazine

    So self-respecting gay man would be caught dead in that place.

    That’s pure messican wife decoration.

  101. I love how they installed brand-new, protective-plastic-still-on stainless steel appliances. Somebody told the seller that buyers want that. So they put them in. As an enticement.

  102. I was about to ask for a ruling on a prospective BBF photo, until I realized if I have to ask, I already know the answer.

  103. I’ll differ to CoAlex until Oso shows up for a ruling. I figure if any here would be SME on the matter it would be her.

  104. Scott and I might be moving to Houston. I don’t think I can pass up this deal.

    Has great curb appeal. The inside will need to be gutted.

  105. Mosquito Magnet croaked.

    Freakin’ tax cuts.

  106. Damn,

  107. I like how a stick of dynamite turns into 1/4 stick.

    Big firecracker must not sell papers.

  108. Pretty sure 1/4 stick would remove more than a couple of fingers.

  109. Scott and I might be moving to Houston. I don’t think I can pass up this deal.

    You know there have been a lot of magic shows in that house. A LOT.

    And more than a few sex crimes, too.

  110. How fuckin’ high do you have to be to hold on to a stick of dynamite?
    Assuming I could mistake one for a candle, I’m pretty sure I would notice the difference once I LIT THE THING.
    Has she never seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon?

  111. Went shopping with Penelope. She got tartar sauce. The bottle said “serving suggestion, goes great with fish” and I wondered, what else would you possibly put it on? SMH

  112. You light dynamite on fire, it just burns.
    Done it many times.

    If’n you want it to pop, you need a fuze-cap or an electric cap.
    If it’s a fuze-cap, you need to crimp the fuze into it with a crimper. I used to use my teeth.

    Then you poke a hole in the stick and insert the cap and wrap some black tape around it so that it don’t fall out.

    To light the fuze, you split the end about 1/4″ and stick the head of a paper match into it. When you light the paper match with whatever flame is on hand, *sometimes* the core of the fuze will light.

    At that moment, the dynamite is no-longer your friend…

  113. Went shopping with Penelope. She got tartar sauce. The bottle said “serving suggestion, goes great with fish” and I wondered, what else would you possibly put it on? SMH

    Manatees. That right there is some good eatin’.

  114. Chrispy, get a fucking fuse igniter, you fucking heathen.

  115. that dynamite thing is stupid on many levels-

    1 stick packs a large punch about 120gigawatts of energy
    the conversion to other units that we think of like horse power lead to extremely large numbers… 1GW=approx 1.3 million HP

    anyway the speed of the blast wave is what really delivers the punch –

    f=ma where the blast wave is traveling at many thousands of feet per second

    that’s not a survivable scenario

  116. sean do you fry them?

  117. sous-vide ?

  118. good old fashioned turn and burn on a grill?

  119. pbc?

  120. The headline says dynamite, but the article refers to a Quarter Stick, which, it’s basically a giant black powder firecracker. Here’s a pic of one next to an M-80 for comparison.


  122. Date tonight, followed by tango dancing. The OSU tango club held a more formal “black and white” dance, so lots of young women dressed up.

  123. Those are all good options, jamjam, but I like mine sauteed in olive oil with a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Healthy and delicious.

  124. pbc = pit barrel cooker

    Yeah – all my candles look like that. Made of and wrapped in paper. I’d light it, then when it started sparking and hissing, I’d hold on to it.

  125. How did the date go, Colex?

  126. The meal was good, and afterwards we walked around the neighborhood and checked out a book store that she recommended. So I think it went well. I’m going to call her tomorrow and say that I had a good time.

  127. Right on. In the meantime, see if you can’t find her garbage can and riffle through that. You can find out a lot about a person’s interests by going through their garbage.

  128. Including which lawyer is likely to draft the restraining order.

  129. Poop. Bill Dailey died. He was an Albuquerque fixture.

  130. Daily. ??? Spellchek

  131. He pulled a Paul Lynde with Dan once. Dan called him ma’am without looking up to see who was talking. Got an exaggerated “Well”.

  132. Star Trek II is on, oh yeah!

  133. We call assholes IOWANS. AKA Idiots Out WanderingAround. Texting. Cranial Rectitus. You guys know, IOWANS.

  134. Had an Iowan try to walk between me and the Lift. Lift driver was surprised I could project. Surprised both him and the IOWAn spotting with us, that I had such a big voice.

  135. Davis endured Rowena’s petulance.

  136. Teresa, it took me a while to work my way through your “One Year Later” post. I’d read a bit and feel the sadness building inside me then take a break. Elements of your family’s suffering weaved together with memories of my family’s pain at the sudden loss of my younger brother and the oh-so-familiar-to-me hospital setting described from the perspective of a suffering family member really created a whirlwind inside. Not to mention the text I got from Paula as I was reading it telling me a missing Bangor firefighter had been found in the woods after he had committed suicide (wife of one year asked for a divorce via email).


    Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

    (I tried poating this at KT but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. So here it is with the customary H2 offering of $20)

  137. NECN is doing a story about Stormy Daniels taking it all off in a MA strip club. So funny when they show the aging show-goers and interview them about their love for Stormy. There was even a group of elderly ladies who didn’t buy tickets but were holding up signs to show their support for Stormy.

    Reporter: “How long have you been a Stormy Daniels fan?”

    Pussy Hat Lady: “Since she started telling the truth”

  138. Heh, just saw a new post …

    I’ll be over in the corner with Jay eating paste and discussing craft beers.

  139. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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