Hello students, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


God I love that song.

Me:  Big boat deluxe,  big boat denied

Google Play:  Big boat devolves, big boat deny

Lyrics A-Z:  Big broken love, big broken knives

Revolve Lyrics:  Big boat deloves, big boat denies


Your model was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on February 5th, 1991, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She stands 5′8″, 110lbs and 34C-24-34 on the nevergonnahappen scale.  Please stop ignoring the pussy and welcome, Miss Ellie Gonsalves!




  1. Good morning bewbs.

  2. She seems nice

  3. /stamps “approved”

  4. How many languages does she speak?

  5. Wakey wakey.

    Better than Tool? That’s a bit extreme.

  6. So Oschi is doing pretty well. She doesn’t gag and drinks water like a normal dog. Her tummy is a bit upset – probably from them meds. She still swallows extra – so she gets a bit gassy/bloated.

    She’s pretty darn happy to be home.I’ve gotten several crazy-happy-dog-i’m-gonna-lick-your-entire head sessions.

    That’s how she shows her love. She’ll just lick the heck out of your face/hair, ears. Little love bites on the ear.

    She is really just so sweet.

    Moose is still sorta obsessed with the chicks. He loves them.

  7. swallows extra air.

    Ethan sees the surgeon today.

  8. Holy Frittata!

    This was a smorgasboard of hilariousness!

  9. Great job, Pups!

  10. Excellent BBF.

  11. Happy Birthday, Sean!

  12. Good to hear Oschi is feeling better

  13. The Beard™ is having a celebration of birth today. Here’s to him!

  14. Holidays are over, take down the candle already!

  15. The candle isn’t for the holidays.

  16. He says that one more time and I’m banning him.

  17. You’re showing restraint

  18. I’m glad Squirrel is home and feeling better. I’m also glad Moose snapping up the chickens like marshmallow peeps.

  19. ^isn’t

  20. Hamma time.

  21. Blessed are the forbearant, Jimbro.

  22. Burnout day at kickboxing. My freakin elbows are sore!

  23. I love reading the categories when Pupster poats.

    Whose turn is it to kick Oicu812 in the poon. I’m tired of it.

  24. I love the categories too, Hotspur.

  25. He forgot “misogyny”.

  26. Isometric abs….killa.

  27. Planks or just flexing hard, Mare?

    I’ve got dips and tucked lever rows today, followed by squat-thrust tabata.

  28. I used to be able to do dips. Then I got my pregnancy fat.

  29. Get a band and loop it over the handles and under your shins.

  30. Those are C-Cups in the same way that I’m wearing size 36×32 pants.

  31. When women get implants, I think something like 90% of the time they ask for a “full C” according Dr 90210. What they actually want is what this gal has, a medium D.

  32. We need to include more letters of the alphabet. F on up. It’s only fair!

  33. Jeans pic is pretty yummy.

  34. Both, Leon.

  35. A good friend of mine did not do herself any favors letting her other friends talk her into getting “the bigger size up, you won’t regret it!” She does. Now she just looks matronly…not sure the exact word I’m looking for…blousey?

  36. This model has an awesome figure.

  37. There’s a certain breast size/shape that prevents a woman from looking svelte in anything that isn’t a bikini. Just the way the fabric drapes.

  38. Ladies, leave your tits alone. What God gave you is more awesome than what some asshole doctor can bolt on to you. Size is unimportant, unless the men in your life are shallow and dimwitted.

  39. Finally Hotspur says something intelligent. Keep it up, bro.

  40. What Hotspur said. Although, and of course the men will disagree, sometimes a reduction is called for.

  41. No disagreement here. B is plenty. My wife is a DD and we’ve talked about a reduction/lift after weaning the last kid. We don’t know yet if she can get pregnant again.


    Read the article, but read the comments. The comments are why Britain is fucked, and why we will be too.

    Muslims are a pestilence.

  43. When the “anti-muslim backlash” they keep warning us of that never comes finally does come, the public will welcome it, cheer it, and think the lynch mob are the good guys. The governments that failed to protect them in a civil manner will be at fault.

  44. Hey! Ladies!
    Leave your tits alone!
    All we need is a
    B cup in our palm…

  45. Yep

  46. Concensus! 97% of all H2 men agree!

  47. Happy Birthday, Sean!

  48. I don’t want big boobs. Just a slight re-inflation. I nursed 5 kids for a total of something like 95 months.

    It’s only fair.

  49. My first wife was an A when we met. Moved to a B in her early 20s. No complaints on that front.


  50. She seems nice tits.

  51. Read the article, but read the comments. The comments are why Britain is fucked, and why we will be too.

    Yeah, I read about 2 dozen of those and it’s fucking pathetic.One read, “First attack in 12 years.” Horseshit. I was in London 3.5 years ago and the TV was covered up with the funeral for two soldiers who’d been murdered in cold blood by a muzzy. The Brit response was to discourage soldiers from leaving the base in uniform. It’s hard to believe these fucking people’s ancestors ruled the world for 200 years.

  52. Those people almost all died in WW1 and WW2, Pendejo. These are the descendants of those who didn’t fight. The occasional tough Brit is descended from the few who returned.

  53. There’re also plenty of folks like me, descended directly from the English who quit the islands long ago for a better life.

  54. Access is way more important than size.

  55. There are boobs so big I don’t want access. OTOH, “flat” is fine.

  56. News is that the NFL blackballed Kaepernick.

    Not to pluck the low hanging fruit here, but wasn’t he blackballed already?

  57. Happy Birthday, Shawn.

    Awesome bewbs today, pupster.

    Eat a bag of weeping syphilitic dicks, Oicu812

  58. I see that the painfully unfunny and rapidly enlarging Amy Schumer has had her role in the proposed Barbie live-action flick reduced to zero.

    Perhaps if she spent as much time on the treadmill as she did watching other’s comedians’ acts for material, she would still have the job.

  59. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sean!

  60. Hahaha, my husband agrees with the access comment.

  61. Happy birthday, Sean.

  62. Happy birthderp, Sean.

  63. Congrats on another trip around the sun, Sean!

  64. back from the doc for Ethan. Now time to get ready for work.

    What’s that line of Pupster’s? Everything is wonderful, and my life is great.

  65. This is for Leon – to pick on and make fun of. it’s totally going to suck.

    9 thrusters (65 for women – I think 95 for men)
    35 double unders

    10 rounds, 40min cap

    I may die.

  66. Looks fun. I’m going to go to Meijer and do a drive by on some acreage near me that might make a good investment.

  67. 16 acres, zoned AG, looks to be all woods at the moment based on Google Earth.

  68. Happy birthday, Shawn.

    And Sean’s Penis.

  69. Sean’s Penis doesn’t share a birthday with Sean. Sean’s Penis was so big that it was born two days earlier. Sean was passed through the birth canal with little notice almost 48 hours later.

  70. There’re also plenty of folks like me, descended directly from the English who quit the islands long ago for a better life.
    Me too. Up around Northern England, near the Scottish border.

  71. You know a lot about Sean’s penis, pendejo.

    Have you written the biography yet, cuz that would be a good first sentence up there.

  72. Might even make a good C&W song.

    The ballad of Sean’s Penis.

  73. Four.

  74. For leon and car in.

  75. Happy birthday, Sean!

  76. I saw two of those kids at the grocery store, Alex. Both with tats and gauge expanders. I kind of wanted to bully them. I’m not a bully by nature, but the sheer weakness in evidence made it obvious that someone was bound to eventually.

  77. Leon,

    It amazes me how people get that way. For heaven’s sake, just buy a couple of 30 lb dumbbells and put them buy your bed and do a full body workout when you get up in the morning. It won’t make you Arnold, but you’ll look and feel better.

  78. LOL
    Headline pic at Drudge.

    The republicans couldn’t find their ass with both hands.

    Fucking retards.

  79. They should have repealed and 3 minutes later replaced it with a bill that would have made the freedom caucus happy. No, they had to do the RINO shitshow. Ryan is an effing disgrace. Trump should have kept his mouth shut or said, “we’ll hash it out until we get it right.” And looked right in the camera and said, “We don’t care a Pelosi fart what the dems want we want to get this right for the American people.”

  80. ^

    Come on…. I have to believe one of you has the access level to make this a permanent Mare’s Musings

  81. Fuck ryan – he’s a douche I despise him possibly more than pelosi and reid- in a just universe he and McConnell would be hit by a train that fell from the sky

  82. What’s so special about a Pelosi fart?

    Decibel level?


    Olfactory influence?


  83. Mare’s Musings updated, Wiser.

  84. And good evening, Hostages.


  86. i ordered a copy of “Forbidden Thoughts” per Roamy’s recommendation –

    it’s here – i’m looking forward to reading it. i’ve been so busy i haven’t carved out time for a book in too long –

  87. sean

    happy bd

  88. Completely believable.


  90. Happy Birthday Sean, I got you one of these:

  91. Um, thanks Puppeh. And thank you to all my kind friends who wished me a happy birthday. The rest of you can go jump in a lake.

  92. ” The rest of you can go jump in a lake.”
    scene your beard is evidently making you cranky – may i suggest aroma therapy…?

  93. ,

  94. Happy birthday, Sean. (don’t want to jump in the lake)

  95. Lake’s still frozen here

    Happy Birthday!

  96. Heh. I actually use a tea tree beard oil. It’s quite soothing.

  97. so i was looking for some random stupidity to f w/ sean about and found this:

    i actually raffed – cuz this describes the dumbass virtue signalers that i know

  98. Jam2, I hope you like it. As with most collections of short stories, it’s uneven, but there are some good ones and a couple of thought-provoking ones. There was one that after I finished it, I thought, “Huh, that will get you a fatwa.”

  99. I jumped in the lake once.

    Would definitely do again.

  100. roamy reading the forward now –
    i’ll report back

  101. so i was looking for some random stupidity to f w/ sean about and found this:

    I think I’m okay.
    1. My beard is just a beard. It’s not ironic.
    2. Dickies jacket
    3. Android phone
    4. Jeans in pretty good shape, actually

  102. Happy Birthday Sean! I got you this present!

    *hands Sean a large giftwrapped carton*

    *walks briskly away, to get behind a large steel screen*

  103. seans bd party:

  104. There is no lake handy, so I guess I must.
    Happy Birthday Sean!

  105. Sean’s Penis Meets Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham

    Coming April 2017

  106. Somebody posted a picture of Amy Schumer the other day that said “When Amy Schumer was a little girl, she said she wanted to be a comedian and everyone just laughed at her. Well, now nobody’s laughing.”

  107. It’s so nice out, I think I’ll leave it out.

  108. “2. Dickies jacket”

    come on ppl!!!!

  109. A year ago the company I work for announced that they were opening an office in Florida. Specifically Tampa, I was glad but not interested in giving up on my new found home in Houston.

    A few days ago they announced that their first office outside of Texas was to be in my hometown of Sarasota.

    I am torn, family! but since mom died it is only my bro who is more anti social than I am.

  110. When I was a teeniebopper we wore a turtleneck thing under a button down Pendleton shirt. It was like a turtleneck with a bib called a dickie.

    Hilarity ensued.

    “Hey Dog, (my actual nickname) nice dickie.”

    “Thanks. It’s my favorite.”

  111. * buys Hotspur a cone *


  112. blerg

  113. I hate you guys so very much.

  114. “…………. Well, now nobody’s laughing.”

    I thought that was hilarious.


  116. For the moon you keep shootin’
    Throw your derp up in the air
    For the kids you stay together
    You nap ’em and you slap ’em in a highchair
    All you ever wanted was someone to take care of ya
    All you’re ever losin’ is a little mascara

  117. Morning. Rocketboy is coming home for spring break, yay!

  118. Good news, Roamy.

  119. Possum got to watch us fly a kite last night. Much fun was had.

  120. wakey wakey

  121. Oschi is still a farting machine. Apparently it’s part of her condition. She swallows a lot of air eating.


  123. hahahaaaa

    Stupid truck face.


  125. Grrrrr. Trying to get a new website going. Moving from a blog type deal on WordPress to a simple Shopify site so we can have an actual sales feature. They’ve been dragging their feet on the domain name transfer. A week and a half and still not done. It can’t be that difficult.



  127. This is what I’m talking about.

  128. Dickey + pompadour hairstyle + tasteful cardigan = pussy magnet

  129. Sean’s derp last night was from The ‘Mats, one of my favorite all time bands. The album this song is on is a major favorite o’ mine.

  130. Water snake wigglies as sex toys are like Pop Tarts as guns (autoplay video)

  131. four

  132. **pulls a maggot out of poat’s eye socket.

  133. Everyone must be off playing with their water snake wigglies

  134. I’m playing with your mom. BBIAB


  136. A crane just flew around the house. I’d never heard what they sounded like before, I thought it was somebody messing with me.




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