Mittelschmerz Bloviation Thursday

Today’s musical selection is kind of mellow. Not sure why I thought of it recently. It conjures up a very specific memory of driving back to MA after a trip to VT. Some local station was playing it and it just struck a chord with me that day. Yeah, I know, ghey.

The northern town is in England but hey, I lived in a northern town, so WTF.

Anyone watching hockey? The Bruins have been average the past few years so there’s been little motivation to watch the games. When they’re winning it’s more fun. We never really learned to skate as kids because my dad was from Ireland where no one skates. He got a deal on skates once but we painfully discovered they were figure skates which have teeth on the toe. He filed them down in the basement and the next time we went we still sucked.


The old man thought we’d like to skate based on hockey’s popularity at the time. We had more fun playing street hockey with our friends from the neighborhood. It was quick to set up and aside from the occasional car we could set up right in the street.


I do miss the fights


Lucic is a hockey goon with actual hockey talent. I’ve now devoted more time to hockey making this post than I have all year.  One last hockey story I just stumbled across:


‘U.S. Women’s Hockey Boycotting Championships Over Equal Pay (Which They Don’t Deserve)”

If there’s nothing else on I’ll watch women’s golf, volleyball, UConn women’s basketball during Final Four competition and Olympic gymnastics (that rhythmic gymnastics is mesmerizing). I’ve never seen a WNBA OR NWHL game.  (If I lived in a city with a NWHL franchise I’d actually go to a game or two because I’m sure they’d be cheap tickets and maybe there would be a brawl).

Happy Thursday Bishes!


  1. Ufffffffffff, the women’s NBA and the women’s hockey is worse. When they won the Olympics they made complete asses of themselves.

    They don’t make as much money because fewer want to watch dykes who don’t play as well as the men.

    Why are they still wondering why they don’t get paid as much? Has no one told them?

  2. wakey wakey

  3. There’s a picture floating around out there of yesterday’s London terror attack. Anxious people clustered around a wounded person on the sidewalk as a woman in a hijab strolls by checking her smartphone in the foreground.


  4. That photo started a shitstorm on my facedouche wall.

  5. Because a picture paints 1000 words. But not that one. That one tells us nothing.

  6. Fucktard at the bar last night. Wanted ME to do his carryout instead of the hostesses. Which is super awesome, because that means that instead of making drinks, etc, I’m in the kitchen getting his shit together. Whatever.

    Packed his food up extra careful, run his credit card and he says “If you’d even acknowledged me, or offered me a drink, I would have given you a tip, but since you didn’t you get nothing.”

    Uhm … asshole, when you SAT down I asked what i could get you (and put a bar napkin in front). YOU SAID that you were just ordering carry out. So, I got you a menu and we had a little conversation about the menu. When returned a few minutes later (I was busy) you weren’t ready to order and apologized, to which I said – rather nicely – that’s fine! I was back a few minuets later and took your order.

    The guy sitting next to you even heard me acknowledge/talk ask you if you wanted anything.

    So … because you’re a DICK I just worked for free for you. I didn’t want your dollar anyway, because that’s probably what you would have tipped me.

    I hate people.

  7. i raffed out roud at mare in her “bishes” gif

  8. 10 degrees this morning-

  9. Ha!

    10.1 at the airport!

  10. Yeah some people shouldn’t be allowed out into polite society without proper supervision

  11. ” I didn’t want your dollar anyway”

    carin, your torment turns into some other wait staffs boon; i feel for you and tip extra the next time i go out.
    in a way you’re paying it forward – you’re like a saint, only less beatific

  12. hahaha, good one, Jam.

  13. People, evidently, love making excuses for being cheap.

  14. This makes me want to withdraw my sword from its scabbard

  15. The picture,, should be one of those moments that makes people think about the multiculturalism and the evil it perpetuates.

    But instead 99% of people will retreat to their bubbles because we live in the Stupid Age.

  16. mrs. jam2 was regaling me with the latest work place histrionics – one of the docs threw a fit yesterday because her preferred helper peeps didn’t come in (they’re both looking for other jobs because the doc is a bish from hell). Doc Hysteric closed her clinic and had mrs jam send all the patients away… a high level manager got involved and basically told the chick to put her big girl panties on – my wife figures shit will hit the fan today.

    the doc has mental problems and needs to be on meds – imho

  17. I think the harbinger of the Very, Very Stupid Age was the feminist movement adopting a hibby jabbied woman as their symbol of freedom.

    Nothing could be more dumb than slavery = freedom.

  18. “Nothing could be more dumb than slavery = freedom.”

    puts mj on the “needs re-education” list

  19. sessy:

  20. more sessy:

  21. Oddly, linking several cat videos leads me down a rabbit hole.

  22. I’ve seen wacko docs before Jam. No one wins.

  23. a real thinker:

  24. MJ, people attacked me for posting that picture yesterday – despite the fact that I posted it w/o comment. I was at work so wasn’t able to respond until later – after the war had raged for hours. This was my response when I got home (one of the women who was upset is gay, and her room mate is dating a muslim, which has caused her to be reflexively defensive)

    “I found the picture interesting, so I posted it. I’ve had a very busy day, so I haven’t participated in the comments. This is sort of a “shiny penny” deal, where everything else is ignored and this ONE THING gets all the attention, but hey. That happens. I saw other disgusting pictures where people were taking pictures with their phones, etc. While human tragedy is occurring around them. Perhaps she’s scared shitless that someone is going to blame her? Perhaps she doesn’t care. Perhaps she’s phoning for help. I DO know that there are plenty of muslims who celebrated today’s actions- muslims who think that gays should be thrown off the roof of buildings. Muslims living in the UK are actually frighteningly supportive of terrorism – polls prove this. 40% of UK muslims believe Sharia law be partially enforced , and 23% believe it should replace English law. Half of all British Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal. The NYT reports this stuff – I can link it if you’d like. I certainly don’t hate muslims or arabs – I’ve worked with many in Detroit, and my husband hires them, works with them, does business with them, and considers them his friends. The one I hate are the ones who believe you should be tossed from a building, and that the rest of us should have had our genitals mutilated.”

  25. *one of my incredibly awesome poats may be in teh spam bucket again*

  26. Heh.

    Very funny.

  27. i’m with ya carin – right up there with mj’s slavery = freedom is the western gay community supporting islam…. it doesn’t take a lot of work to image search “gays and islam”

  28. Why do we have to make a “deal” for Gorsuch? I’m confused, don’t we have the votes? If we have to deal for Gorsuch imagine the butt ramming for any other nominee.

  29. Nicely done.

    I’m starting to believe that if forced to choose, the vast majority of muslims would side with their religion and barbaric practices rather than Western liberal democracy.

    Part of living in the West is an understanding that your beliefs and power is shared with millions of people. At times, you’ll be in the minority, majority, and possibly both at the same time.

    I believe that the thousands of years of culture that dictates that Arabs must be right will not allow them to share a political, religious, or cultural space.

    The small terror attacks that we see are just bubbles coming up. It’s the bearded freak who is confronted daily with the powerlessness of his 7th century acid trip religion in the midst of rising human dignity.

  30. Side note. I sorta miss our morning chats but I’m an hour behind now and I have to go to an office most of the day so I generally miss the first cup of coffee and rethinking of yesterday’s events.


  31. UPDATES:

    Floors are almost done and I only have two rooms left to paint. Pictures for Mare pretty soon. I swear.

    Prune juice was a solidarity event with GND cuz having a baby apparently makes you constipated. Holy cow, that was funny. All is well with baby and my colon.

    Living in the Midwest kinda sucks. It’s cold and boring but very safe so whatever.

    Wiser is a douche, but he’s our douche.

    Putting up a Sunday afternoon post at AoS is really fun. I’m sure you guys missed it but I fucked up the blog on more than one occasion. Then I went back and read a document called, ‘so you’re an open blogger now’ and realized I made every dumb mistake. I love when shit like that happens. Hahahahaha. Thanks to whoever was silly enough to give me the keys. I’m keeping it light these days.

    Will be on Richard’s (wiser) show next week. Possibly more often. It’s terribly fun. Probably going to do something Russian cuz Russia, Russia, Russia.

  32. Multiculturalism is a myth. It describes a temporary, ephemeral state before a new, shared culture is formed, or one obliterates the other.

  33. Four

  34. Asshole


  36. No sane person can look at Europe and see anything but a slow-motion conquest. Demographic replacement has the same outcome as war, the victims are simply the never-born rather than the dead-too-soon.

    The midwest is fine, MJ, you’re just having trouble adapting to our culture.

  37. While showering this morning I was also attempting to write the next great country and western song. I quite frequently multitask while showering…….insert your own joke. Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me, out of the blue, that dumptruck and dumbfuck almost rhyme and would be great words to include in the next great country and western song.

    Stay tuned.

  38. “I wanted a dumptruuuuuuuck”
    “She said ‘you’re a dumbfuuuuuuuck”
    “Now I’m sittin’ pretty and she ain’t got no luuuuuuuuuuuuuck”

  39. You should write CW songs while on Crown Royal, not while soaping up in the shower.

  40. Oh come on, Car in, that wasn’t a shitstorm on Facedouche. You’ve had better shitstorms discussing things with your mom. Then again, you might still be, but I can’t see it, cuz I’m BANNED!

  41. Beats the current “country” music on the radio.

  42. Dumptruck and dumbfuck do rhyme. No doubt about it. You’re onto something.

    Other rhyming pairs that might be as useful in a country song:

    Hog, bullfrog
    Trailer, nail her
    Rusty, busty
    Walmart, sweetheart

  43. Leon may get co-writer credit on the next great C&W song.

  44. billiard hall, alcohol

  45. Hmmmm, H2 Country Western Solutions.

    PG should be on wiser’s show.

  46. Car in’s not gonna like that.

  47. I’m pretty sure LauraW could write the next great C&W song while I’m struggling with getting the soap rinsed out of my ass crack.

  48. HTML, BDSM

  49. Jay, I’m pretty sure my west Texas twang would kill Wiser’s ratings quicker than Trump’s tax return killed madcow’s.

  50. Is that when you get tied up and whipped by mistress until you finish the website?

  51. Naw, man, I’ve just got a rhyming dictionary. I wouldn’t be able to tell an actual country-type story.

  52. A quintet.
    My Darlene, butter bean, beet green, seventeen, vaseline.

    Actually, that kind of does suggest a story, doesn’t it?

  53. Yeah, throw in gasoline, velveteen, porch screen, sex fiend, and Charlie Sheen and you’ve woven quite the tale.

  54. AHAAA, porch screen! See, it takes someone who really lives there to pull things like that out of the lineup.

  55. Heh, Gutfeld brings the funneh, re: Trumps Returns, brought to you by Rachel Maddow:

  56. Screened porch?


  57. H8?

  58. This article is outstanding.

  59. I have to go to school shortly.

    AVENGE ME!!!

  60. Dumptruck, dumbfuck, cumdrunk. Not a perfect fit but by today’s loose rules in lyrics, I think I can slide it in there.

  61. Just saw the fox run through again. Must be an adult and I just always thought they were bigger than that.

  62. I forgot to thaw the liver for my faux black pudding. I have to wait now :(

  63. h come on, Car in, that wasn’t a shitstorm on Facedouche. You’ve had better shitstorms discussing things with your mom. Then again, you might still be, but I can’t see it, cuz I’m BANNED!

    I dunno. Coley called my friend a lesbian because of her short hair. She called in her friend Katy was us attacking me on the newer thread.

  64. No black pudding? Dang.

  65. I know! I’m super-bummed. I won’t be able to try it until dinner time.

  66. I can’t watch Gutfeld. He’s kinda douchey, in a douchey sort of way.

  67. Same thing with that Crowder dude.

    You guys try too hard to be funny.

    You aren’t.

  68. I think Gutfeld is hilarious.

  69. No wonder your moms are so happy.

  70. Oschi is on my lap

  71. Semen is the cheapest antidepressant known to ma’am.

  72. How is she recovering, Carin?

  73. ISWYDT

  74. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on March 23, 2017 12:54 pm
    No wonder your moms are so happy.

    I’ve got a black friend who thinks that the cure for every problem any female has ever had can be solved by sampling some of his pipe. He may be onto something. He may be vacationing in the UK after I text him this article.

  75. So far, so good.

  76. Man, I tried to respond to Carin’s post on FB. Evidently it was deleted.

  77. Facebook is a cesspool.

  78. which one, pepe? I see both.

  79. I tried to respond to the lesbian comment and it said it was no longer available.

    “Stefanie, Stefanie, Stefanie…….. don’t you think it’s time to end the charade and admit your Sapphic love for Carin? Short hair, athletic, she even drives a Subaru for gods sake. All the signs are there, it may be time to finally come clean. “

  80. Innit funny how lefties can use being gay as a slur, but only when they hurl it at the other side?

  81. Greg Gutfeld is funny. Steven Crowder tries too hard.

    I can see how you’d find both annoying but Gutfeld’s wit and wordplay outweighs any douchebaggery he might exhibit as far as I’m concerned.

  82. I like them both!

    Crowder did a long interview with some expert regarding, “your brain on porn.” Very interesting, but for those of us paying attention, predictable and sad.

  83. I didn’t delete nothing. Coley probably sobered up and decided she was being an ass.

  84. My truck has been sounding horrible lately.

    Google told me to check the power steering fluid.


  85. What if Google had told you to check your prostate? That would’ve been awkward.

  86. Brown pudding is in the oven. It’s going to be amazing, I’m sure of it.

  87. I googled
    “truck makes a horrible noise that goes away when it’s warm’.

    That led me to the solution.

    Try that with the dewey decimal system

  88. Spells pretty good. Not a ‘liver’ smell at all.

  89. It’s cooling. Slices in about an hour.

  90. What did you end up using for blood?

  91. Liver and butter in place of blood and pig fat.

  92. It’s basically a baked liver & onions paté, seasoned with allspice.

  93. If it’s edible, there will be a recipe blog entry.

  94. I couldn’t wait. I cut a slice.


    I am a genius.

  95. This is reallllllly good.

  96. It’s a pahh-tay in your mouth!

  97. Seriously. If you like liver and onions or are even just neutral on them, this is fantastic.

  98. I googled
    “your mom makes a horrible noise that goes away when she’s warm’.

    Turns out she was low on power steering fluid as well.

  99. sounds like leverposteg, danish meat.

  100. I had liver and onions several days last week and it was heavenly. Post the recipe yet, Leon?

  101. Woof.

  102. refresh…


  104. Jay, your recipe looks great. In another recipe on the same site the guy says he uses pork liver for the best flavor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pork liver for sale. I’d have to call the meat guy and see if they can order it for me. If I could make a couple loaves of this stuff to slice and portion in the freezer, it would be worth the trouble.

  105. So we’re an organ meat blog now?

    Makes sense.

  106. My organ is a lot of meat.

    Just ask your mom.


  108. Gross.

  109. Oschi is doing great so far. She swallows food, and drinks water w/o all the issues.

    /wipes tear


    I’m glad she’s back home and doing well. Is Moose happier now?


  112. Welp, I’ve listened to tomorrow’s BBF featured song about 15 times now and I still like it more than CARin loves Tool.

    I hope y’all will give it a click, I had never heard of the band before.

    How come MJ has the time to poat at Aces and does jack shit around here?


  114. Pupster, thanks for the Lansdowne video last week. I bought their last two albums.

  115. The US once had a plan to set off hydrogen bombs in water filled salt caverns to generate steam, to make electricity.

    Two H-bombs a day!

  116. I need Chumpo to chime in on this. This painting has set off protests because it’s white privilege or something. This article (warning: New York Slimes) sort of explains it. I’m still trying to see Emmett Till in the painting. It could be Chinese takeout for all I can tell.

  117. And true to form, some liberals are saying the painting needs to be destroyed. Can’t take down a painting of a cop looking like a pig, oh nooooo, but this three-year-old’s finger painting is too damn dangerous.

  118. Mare, all I see is that Spanish nun’s fix of Jesus in that painting. LOLing. This kirfuffle is why govt needs to get out of the art business. I love it when SJWs fight over shit.

  119. In other bullshit news, Mini-me’s history teacher is not recommending her for AP European History next year. She currently has an 94 average in AP U.S. History. This is the teacher who spent 3 weeks on the Salem witch trials but skipped the Revolution.

    Y’know, I’m good with that recommendation. I don’t want you to “teach” Mini-me any more anyway.

  120. Spanish nun’s fix of Jesus in that painting

    LOL, yes!

  121. Well, to be fair, the actual guy’s face was really smeared out and distorted like that when he was laid out in the casket.

    I understand it’s a painful image and a painful time in history to recall, but telling people they can’t be your allies or express themselves in solidarity with your cause because they are white, just seems sort of counterproductive.

    Oh, and evil. But that’s really an afterthought these days.

  122. Roamy, is there a program with a local college for Seniors? Can she bypass the political caca?

  123. Lauraw with the adult comment.

  124. Can we write a country song about Emmett Till?

  125. Yes, but Mini-me will be a junior next year. That’s how Rocketboy got credit for a year of physics.

    Teacher is skipping the Civil War, too. Everything leading up to it then Reconstruction afterwards. No Fort Sumter, Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, etc. Which reminds me that I should plan a trip to Charleston some time.

  126. Roamy, you would do a better job with road trips than her lame teacher. HS history drives students away. Huntsville has a amazing Civil War story for being in Alabama.

  127. I had an excellent HS history teacher and another good one in 8th grade. (Miss Anthony, bless her heart, wasn’t very organized, and we didn’t get past Reconstruction.) I did well enough on the AP exam to get 6 hours of history college credit. I still remember bits of SC history. Neither kid knows much Alabama history from their classes.

    The best ones are the storytellers that can make it interesting and memorable.

  128. Or I liked history because my parents took me to the national parks and historic sites. One of my earliest memories is Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. I thought a house over a house was funny.

  129. Troll level: Epic

  130. Laura,
    That nursing instructor should have responded to the virtue signalling SJW “You can’t force your religious beliefs on this class” with;
    You’ve just made an accusation:
    “You now have a choice;
    A) Quote my proselytizing
    2) Apologize
    Blue) Take an “F” and leave, as you’re done here.
    You have 10 seconds…

  131. Roamy, I lived in both VA and TX. 2 states that require state history. My Buckeye dad was compelled to offer the Ohio rebuttal to VA and TX.

  132. Roamy, we would drive past the sign to Abe Lincoln’s Birthplace. My dad was Clark Griswold before Wally World.

  133. Oso, heh, Mr. RFH and I finally stopped at Roadside America (PA) on the last trip to his parents before they moved. Should have stopped at Wall Drug Store (SD).

    XBrad, has Cracker Barrel said why they fired her?

  134. Not seeing the why for Brad’s wife getting fired on his birthday.

  135. Roamy, Dan had to Rez up as a kid for field trips. I find NM history boring. I still laugh at tourists that pull over to take pics at scenic spots. Tent rocks: Yawn. Mustang Gate: Yawn. Roswell: Yawn. Shiprock: Yawn. Los Alamos: yawn. Chaco Canyon: yawn

  136. All right xbro – that’s funneh

  137. XBrad, has Cracker Barrel said why they fired her?

    No, and likely won’t. It’s a privacy law thing.

    But Brad’s wife knows why she was fired.

    She worked the retail side, BTW.

    FWIW, a LOT of Cracker Barrel folks are saying that if you get fired, it’s pretty black and white, and that the company has a very good track record of counseling and warnings and writeups before termination.

  138. Sheep funny level + 5 sheep

  139. Brad’s wife getting fired on his birthday.

    Stole a birthday gift?

  140. So Mr. TiFW and I are very upset with Daughter #3 – she visited a friend out in California for a week, got back last night. Today she was all excited to hand out the presents she got for me, Mr. TiFW, and Daughter #2 from Disneyland.

    She made a special point to NOT buy anything for Rebecca – not even a pencil. Told me and Mr. TiFW that if we gave her one of the presents that she bought for us that we were not to tell Rebecca that it was from her.

    So pissed. And wondering where we went wrong with that one.

  141. Don’t know what to tell you, TiFW. Sibling rivalry stinks. I’m sure Rebecca isn’t the same way back.

  142. Yes, but Daughter #2 is 24 years old. She has told us that she hates Rebecca. And Rebecca is starting to hate her back, because of the way she treats her.

    I’m very uncomfortable leaving the two of them alone for any length of time, because I am afraid for Rebecca’s well-being. My MIL has said the same thing.

  143. Well I never been to heaven
    But I been to Oklahoma
    Well they tell me I was derp there
    But I really don’t remember
    In Oklahoma, not Arizona
    What does it matter
    What does it matter

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