Hello lazy dogs, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model is from Austria, she stands 5’7″ and measures 38E-26-37 and 118lbs.  Please Grüße das Vaterland and welcome,  Miss Lillith von Titz!


  1. The “Von” makes her even classier

  2. Wonder if she’s a natural redhead

  3. Does she speak Austrian?

  4. she’s evidently a deep thinker

  5. strategic mind

  6. weighing the necessary tactics to get a head

  7. hahaaahaa –
    “Your mom should be on the new ten”

  8. nice tits pup

  9. Hillary to Trump:

    People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.

    — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 1, 2017

    Trump Jr to Hillary:

    What house is he in again??? That’s what I thought. You’re trying too hard.

    — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 1, 2017

  10. Twitter fights. We elected the Kardashians.

    Trump should ignore Clinton and tell his kids to do the same. But I guess we all knew years ago he’s not really the type who’s capable of that.

  11. Squash and beans getting planted this morning, before it rains.

    I made compost hills yesterday. This is all terribly exciting.

  12. I presoaked all the seeds last night to help them get going quicker, because I’m a little late. Wish I had started the Galeux d’eysines in peat pots earlier- just noticed they have a 100+ day maturity. Oh well.


  14. Pumpkins go in tomorrow after I’ve had time to run about 10-15 loads of dirt to the mound. I might just want to move my whole compost heap onto another pile of logs and start a second mound by covering it with soil afterward.

    I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow afternoon, but the pumpkins will be planted a lot earlier than last year.

  15. Needs a nose job.

  16. Hey xbrad, your post on the Paris agreement was very informative. Had never heard of that Treaty of Treaties.

  17. Haven’t heard much from Bill Clinton about why his alcoholic, seizure prone, money grubbing wife lost the election.

    Weren’t they supposed to spend more time together?

  18. He’s busy planning his funeral.

  19. Hey xbrad, your post on the Paris agreement was very informative. Had never heard of that Treaty of Treaties.

    The additional content from 4chan was a nice touch.

  20. Heh, Tex, only the Deep State knows about the Treaty of Treaties. Even the name sounds like something Boris and Natasha came up with, and Bullwinkle found out about it from Rocky.

  21. Couple of good-sized snakes living in the garden. They like the hay mulch. I like them being there but it’s always startling when I walk in and they suddenly swish away.

  22. I’ve just got the one big garter snake so far, but we say hi a lot.

  23. Yeah, they’re garters. One of them is a Big Bertha. The other one a little smaller, but Scott thinks it’s still big enough to take a vole. Which would be nice.

  24. you need a bull snake.

  25. That’s not what your mom said.

  26. First reporter to link global warming and Russia gets a lolly pop.

  27. Hillary blames DNC data scientists for her loss.
    She would have lost even if the attendees at a Data scientist convention had bukkaked all over her.

  28. My treadmill came!


  29. I don’t know if anyone in democrat party has figuredd this out yet, but their strategy of identity politics is hurting them. Blacks will turn out only for a black candidate. Hispanics would turn out big for a future hispanic candidate, but maybe not enough to fully compensate for the lack of turnout among blacks. Women would vote only for a gino candidate (which includes women, girly men, LGBTQ etc), as long as she is not Hillary. But all these shenanigans would turn off the handful of white men they are still holding on to.
    This has become a party purely driven by skin color and what do they prefer to do with their jiggly bits.

  30. Jiggly Bits opened for WhorePoon the Whale in ’07

  31. I tried to order a bug assault 2 yesterday and amazon won’t ship it to me…. wtf

  32. They won’t ship me sunchokes either. Jam, are you in Illinois? They’re funny about “guns”.

    And by funny I mean George Washington would raise an army to correct the problem.

  33. So I ordered it from a different place. I’m gonna be a fly sniping mofo.

  34. Na. I’m in New York.

  35. I’m looking forward to trap practice on the carpenter bees that are flying around my new back porch…..

  36. PULL!!!

  37. One of the gardening bloggers I watch on YouTube had a video about his new flame weeder.

    I couldn’t help myself, I pulled a “mine’s bigger” and linked a video. He agreed.

  38. LOL That fucking snaggletoothed cunt.

  39. The way Kathy Griffin keeps digging, the Army could use her to make entrenchments.

  40. >>The way Kathy Griffin keeps digging, the Army could use her to make entrenchments.

    Shallow ones, obviously.

  41. I can’t believe you guys are not on Kathy’s side. She’s being BULLIED by TRUMP!

  42. Killed it with Kathy.

    /things you don’t hear every day

  43. Gloria Alred’s daughter is a cunt.
    Kathy Griffin is a cunt.
    Gloria Alred is a cunt.
    Hillary is a cunt.

    Did I forget anyone?

  44. Nope.

  45. You forgot MJ.

  46. Yo. Breaking for lunch.

    Basement living room painted. MiL’s bedroom painted. Working on Pop’s bedroom today. Kitchen and hallway tomorrow…maybe. Depends on if husband will be in my way as he finishes the floor on that side.

    And Pops fell again yesterday. Sat on the floor until my niece could get over there to get him up. He’s running a fever, so they took him to the ER. He has fluid in his lungs and I suspect he has not been doing his meds/breathing treatments he should be doing because of his COPD. And he won’t use his walker or cane properly and keeps doing shit we tell him to stop doing…like going up and down their steep basement stairs that I don’t even like going down…or cutting the lawn. Few months ago, he fell while leaf blowing and my MiL had to call 911 to help him up and back into the house. Firemen finished the leaf blowing.

    He’s 89.

  47. Jay is correct.

  48. Kathy Griffin is a whiny cunt. WTH is with these ‘feminists’ and their damn whining and blaming everyone else for their cunty behavior?

  49. My great grandfather died mowing the lawn. Stroke, I think. He was 90. Mind was long gone by then, but his body was intact. I’ll probably go the same way, I just hope I don’t crash the mower into anything when I do.

  50. And why won’t these whiny billionaires pool THEIR billions and do something about the ‘climate’ if they are so concerned.


  51. The firemen that have helped my Mother with my Dad (when he fell or whatnot) were ALWAYS great guys. Went out of their way to make my parents know they were there to help and happy to do so.

  52. Leon, if he’s hydrated and well-rested, my FiL is mostly ‘there’. His body is giving out on him. He hates it. He thinks he’ll die if he falls down the stairs and is okay with that. We keep trying to tell him not to tempt fate like that because it’s not going to go as he wishes. He most likely would just break a hip or two. It would be torture for him to be confined to a bed and having to shit in a diaper….not to mention the cost of a nurse to tend to him. He won’t listen.

  53. It’s putting a lot of stress on my MiL too. She’s getting bruised having to grab him when he goes off balance. Once was at the top of the stairs. She’s 88.

  54. mare, one of our friends is an EMT up in Washington state. Many times they wind up finishing the vacuuming or getting the kids fed while waiting for a family member to show after a parent was sent by ambulance to hospital. They are good guys. (they have great pay and benefits up there too). He’s 55 and could retire yesterday.

  55. Okay, lunch over. Back to painting.

  56. Break’s over. Everyone back on your heads!

  57. Kathy Griffin’s new reality show will be Life on the D-Bag List.

  58. A different website says Miss Titz is Ukrainian, and two of her three aliases are Rooskie.

  59. Crap. I never wakey wakey’ed did I?

    Sorry folks.

  60. Last pic has the model name as Slavka Solnechnaya.

  61. Tough mudder is tomorrow. Oysh.

    We’ll see if I’m prepared this time.

    I took tonight off, but feeling a bit guilty (I was scheduled, but someone wanted it …)

    But road work in front of the building hit a gas line around11 am this morning and the restaurant is STILL closed. Honestly, at this point – who wants to work? THey’re all just sitting there waiting for LUcky to decide. What an ass.

  62. I just went and got four more bales of hay … gonna try to get a mound going for the pumpkins. I’m thinking of using part of the mound I already have – it’s big. The one side has perennials. I’m still thinking this through.


  64. I have a medical question – where the fuck is Jimbro?

    So, Ethan had his last dose of antibiotic on Monday. He was on ceftriaxone . Since tuesday, he’s had a headache. No fever. Just a dull headache

    Could it be his body adjusting to NOT have the daily dosage of that crap?

  65. Probably cervical cancer.

  66. * bullies Kathy Griffin *

  67. Mare! I saw “Wonder Woman” this afternoon. It did NOT suck. Far from that, actually.

  68. Headache after cessation of Ceftriaxone…that’s a new one on me. He could be getting sick from something else. Tylenol, fluids and sleep. If it’s not improving within 24 hours call his ID doc or his coverage.

  69. Paula is doing some crossfit challenge tomorrow in southern Maine. Her friend was the one who wanted to do it as a team. Three different events over the course of 6 hours. She’ll be a sore woman after this with her hip. We’ve been making calls to get her seen to get a new hip. Unique case because it’s completely dislocated and the true acetabulum is nonexistent.

  70. The center of her femoral head is about 48 mm above the true (nonexistent) acetabulum and they need to bring it down that far with soft tissue releases. The one major complication is the risk of sciatic nerve injury from the traction that involves. Not looking forward to the surgery when it does happen.

  71. I’ve never done those competition things. I’m running the Mudder with mostly crossfit friends, though.

  72. She wouldn’t be doing it except her friend wanted to do it. Nice kid, about 20-21. Daughter of one of her professors at UMO. She plays softball with the crossfit team which is more to her strengths.

  73. Carin, you mean straw, right? Hay is chock full of seeds.

  74. Leon, ssshhhhhhh…

  75. Ha!

  76. Mare, how are the islands? Post a pic of you with a flower in your hair.

  77. It’s fun to imagine today’s model as the granddaughter of an Austrian nobleman. And then you can yell her grandfather’s name.


  78. Also known as: Slavka Solnechnaya, Славка Солнечная

    It’s fun to think of today’s model as the granddaughter of an Austrian Noblewoman and a hoard of pillaging Cossacks.

  79. It’s glorious! Great location. Spent yesterday getting stuff to outfit my sister’s condo. We are really loving it and hope to make this an annual deal…God willing. Turtles swimming by arms length away. It was fun to watch first timers freak out. I was enjoying their excitement of experiencing that for the first time. Snorkeled near nearby and saw lots of Hawaii underwater regulars.

    Grilled fresh ahi (sesame oil and seeds) yesterday and will probably hit happy hour at Sheer Water for puu puus and drinks.

    We walk the beach and rocks at 6:00am then Mr mare works for a few hours while I do laundry, organize, clean and what not. Life is good and I’m a fortunate person.

  80. Correction: Shearwater.

  81. It’s fun to think of today’s model as the granddaughter of an Austrian Noblewoman and a hoard of pillaging Cossacks.

    I think I saw that flick. “From Russia With Lube.”

  82. Good one!

  83. I’m glad you’re enjoying life, mare. And I’m glad you feel comfortable enough around us to talk so freely about your puu puus. We’re like family here.

  84. Work friend is doing a Spartan Race tomorrow, tried to get me in for it. Not a chance. Crap like that is for people who can afford to be injured. If I’m hurt, nothing gets done here at all. Plus, I’ve got nothing to prove and no one to whom I’d care about proving it, at least not physically.

  85. Kontrust is a weird, but fun, band. “Dance” was a better song though.

  86. Hey, b-rad, is WoWs worth playing if one doesn’t intend to spend any money on it?

  87. Sure, Sean. You can advance a fair ways without spending any money. For most folks, the shine wears off after a while, and they quit.
    Or go to World of Tanks, or whatever.

  88. Thanks, man. I know there are a lot of freemium games where they start to suck pretty rapidly if you don’t shell out any cash. I might just check it out.

  89. ^^^ 3rd pic is my favorite.

  90. DO EEET!!!!
    I’ll hook you up with some good folks, and show you how to use voice chat and all that shit.

  91. And bonus added access to our supersecret FB group.

  92. Catholic Ireland is going into the effing crapper.

  93. Roamy, knee update? Is it just you and son now?

  94. All the good Irish fled for the US and Canada during the Famine, Mare. Including my ancestors.

  95. And to be fair, a lot of the bad Irish, like the Kennedys.

  96. My nickname in high school was Bad Irish.

    Okay, not really.

  97. Mare, I followed the physical therapist’s advice and quit using the crutch on Tuesday. I’ve had a few “whoa” moments where I wasn’t sure my knee was going to support me but caught myself and didn’t fall. I went to a retirement party yesterday and stood around for too long, then finally asked someone to give up their chair. Today was really good except for trying to put my shoes on.

  98. How about the Black Irish? Seems we never hear much about them nowadays

  99. The ‘dogs in mud’ compilation in tonight’s AOS ONT is awesome.

  100. And no, Mr. RFH and Mini-me are still here for another week and a half. Mr. RFH is panicking about work deadlines. Mini-me wants to get her driver’s license before she leaves. She also realized that she will be able to buy Mr. RFH a beer before Rocketboy can (he turns 21 next month).

  101. My family was Black Irish by some standard. Blue eyes and black hair for all of grandma’s 7 kids.

  102. Okay, I just signed up for the game and am currently downloading it. With the shit DSL connection we have here at the office, I should be able to play by Monday.

  103. WoW is a cult.

    Do you have time for Tough Mudders?

  104. WoW is World of Warcraft (and is indeed a cult!).
    World of Warships is WoWs (and is indeed a cult!).

    Playing at work might be a bit problematical, since it’s an online game, and there’s no pause button.

  105. While you are running the Tough Mudder, they break into your house and steal your charging cables.

    Total scam.

  106. The “dogs in mud” thing at AoS just shows a blank thing on this old XP machine.
    I suppose it would be different if I dragged-out the Win-10 laptop, but I hate it so…

    Today was nice, as it was one of the 22 days a year when we have no rain and actually get to see the sun itself.
    I think that we actually got to 72 degrees here.

    Come to the PNW for the 72K job openings in Seattle(a few of which will pay you enough to actually live in Seattle), the 22 days of sunshine, the rising gang-wars(black -vs- hispanic), the fastest rising housing costs in the nation, the great food trucks(as long as you’re not white), and the traffic congestion second to LA.
    You’re gonna love it here…

  107. I’ve looked for jobs in the PNW, but the problem is that I don’t want to work for Amazon.

  108. Co Alex,
    there’s lots other than Amazon, but you would not like them either.
    There are hundreds on nursing jobs, but not for you…

  109. I need to fill out an application for a position I saw in Portland. It’s finance, but Portland has a big HEMA scene, lots of dancing, Powell’s bookstore, and I’m sure a blacksmith shop or two for classes.

  110. Too bad we was thrown downstairs
    You never got a chance to derp
    We were quite polite
    With one invite
    To keep us off the street

  111. Wait for it

  112. oy!!

  113. Morning losers.

  114. The continued howling over the Paris climate change thing is amazing. My favorite was Pelosi tweeting about how we should protect all God’s creation, and someone replied, does that include the unborn?

  115. Does it include the genital and hormonal integrity of deranged people who believe God made a mistake?

  116. Woke up way later than planned. Still going to try and get the pumpkin mound done by noon.


    It’s Everybody’s Fault But Mine

  118. Almost Venezuela

  119. In the age of oppression and colonization, someone would already have invaded Venezuela and installed a puppet government.

    And they’d have food and toilet paper.

  120. Good morning.

  121. Lots to look forward to this Summer and Fall. I sowed two hills of jarrahdales yesterday. One galeux d’eysines, one tromboncino, one cucuzza, one mixed cukes, and two different butternuts. Also sowed three very short rows of beans around last year’s three-sided cucumber tower. One row of fortex filet beans (the BEST pole bean every year), one helda romano, and one musica romano.

    Next year I think I’m going to take my outer garden fence down, change it to a more attractive fence, and use different trellising inside the garden.

    Now that I’m getting everything else the way I like it, it would be nice to take the ugly off the backyard.

    Thinking of landscaping with dwarf fruit trees, shrubs, and flowers, starting from the blueberry bed and enclosing the veggie patch. I need to draw the shape and choose where I’ll need berms.

    That is a multi-year project but I can start this Fall with smothering the grass and building the soil.

  122. Just came in from the garden. I spent all this time yesterday getting the sugarsnaps back up onto the fence after something (probably a deer) chewed the tops off again and they fell down.

    They’re chewed and down again. Just started flowering and I can see I may not be getting a crop. Rabbits, deer, cardinals…I’m thinking I’ll just pull them and plant something else there. So disgusted. It has been such a treasured and carefree crop for years.

    Oh well. Every year, some things fail.

  123. Dammit. Pretty pissed. I love my sugarsnaps. Whole family looks forward to getting a bagful every Spring.

  124. *shakes fist*


  125. Probably attracted to the cucumber tower. I’ve had a hell of a time keeping stray bitches away from my cucumber tower. BRB, gotta weed my cucumber tower.

  126. We got a motion activated noise machine for a small garden surrounding our septic tank access at camp. Neighborhood cats were using the mulch as a litterbox which prompted our insane dogs to roll in and eat their turds. It worked too well…Rowan wouldn’t even go in the front yard there.

  127. Dang, sixty bucks?

    Maybe next year. We’ll see.

    I sprayed the pea vines with animal repellent, but watched the liquid just roll off. The leaves are waxy and nothing sticks to them.

  128. Well, my knee surgery might have to be postponed again – did my pre-op labs yesterday. Got a call from the doctor’s office asking if I felt ok – my white blood cell count was at 15.6 (it’s supposed to be between 8 and 11).

    At the time, I was feeling fine. A couple of hours later, I was running a fever of 100.6 (I normally run 97), I had chills and a monster headache, and every muscle and bone in my body hurt. Went to bed and slept, woke up this morning not feeling much better.

    Starting to wonder if I picked something up at daughter’s wedding. Between two FULL airplane rides and all of the people in Miami, I’m guessing at least one of them had some germs I hadn’t been exposed to yet.

    Plus, I am borderline anemic, and no one can figure out why….

  129. I sprayed the pea vines with animal repellent, but watched the liquid just roll off

    Maybe if you saturated a sock or some cloth, and hung it next to the vines?

  130. I sprayed the pea vines with animal repellent, but watched the liquid just roll off

    Camp out in camouflage, over night. Grab whatever’s nose that comes in for a munch, and scream like a banshee.

  131. Husband is putting in the first door.

    We’ve decided we’re going to move into the basement apartment and the in-laws can have the upstairs.

    Okay, maybe not but we want to. I’m liking it’s kitchen cabinets more than mine.

  132. Laura, do you have the name of that mosquito killer Scott has mentioned a few times? Our camp is swarming with skeeters after a wet spring.

  133. Cover yourself in perfume Jimbro.

    Mosquitos hate that.


  134. Terminix. Lowe’s sells it. Comes in a two-pack of spray cans. Wait for a dry spell of a couple days, then spray down your foliage and bushes where the skeeters roost. Takes a few days for the effect but it’s amazing when it kicks in.

    Mosquito Magnet is also awesome. The first night we ever used it, in the morning Scott removed the net and counted all the dead mosquitoes. 1400. In one night. Cleared out the yard that night and prevented all their potential exponential offspring from ever existing.

  135. Mound is 3/4 filled in. NE corner still has exposed wood, but that’s the shadiest corner. Might just plop in seeds and call it good, might haul a few more dirt loads. We’ll see how I feel this evening when I can work on it again.

  136. Thanks Laura. And MJ. Terminex is cheaper than Chanel No. 5 and I ain’t no ways wearing White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

  137. Way to go, Malloy.
    CT has become Puerto Rico…

  138. Huh, the Lowe’s in Brewer didn’t have it in stock. Instead, Amazon is shipping it to my home address.

  139. From his lips to God’s ear.

  140. There is a Budweiser commercial with the worst music I’ve heard in a long time. Makes Carin’s playlist sound like Brahms.

  141. Blood cultures back and my FiL has a blood infection. Hospital will keep him until Monday. Probably picked something up on one of the many times he has fallen and bloodied his elbows….like he did a week ago before my nephew’s wedding. He sat himself on a wobbly bucket in the garage, waiting for us to pick them up. When he saw us, he tried to get up and crashed backwards onto the steps. WTF. He knows he can’t get up without help and he knew we were bringing a wheelchair to make his life easier at the wedding/reception.

    He’s always had the philosophy of ‘rub some dirt in it’. Eventually that catches up with you.

    Anyway, the apartment is looking good. I’m getting excited. I’ll post pics on facefart when we are closer to being done – which is this……
    —–>….<—— close.

  142. shot a round of golf today – last time i went was 2 years ago and the time before that was 15 ish years
    figured i’d be the worst in the crew….

    hooo boy, the other guys were not good

    the old dude that checked our stubs and started us off told us to keep up with the group in front and not jam up the rest behind –

    i said “Encouraging”

    we jumped in the buggy and drove across the ladies T

  143. didn’t start drinking until 11

    the morning was slow – but beautiful

  144. Like Mare!

  145. Simmering down some sauce for pizza. Gonna try some pizza dough from the restaurant supply place.

  146. *lays down next to dead hooker poat and softly strokes its hair*

    You were so pretty, once…sorry this happened to you…we didn’t mean it…

  147. Vary nice Space-X launch of the Falcon and landing of the first stage back at the cape.
    Even got to watch the solar-panels on the Falcon deploy…

  148. It’s not our fault. She was a whore.

  149. I’m alive.

  150. Did you go somewhere or do something?

  151. Well, perhaps after one more cup of cofffe, and another go at the massage chair.

    Tough mudder this morning. They “improved” a few obstacles, and by that I mean I couldn’t get over them. Just two. One, I ALMOST made it to the end – Monkey bars on an incline, followed by these spinning things. I was grabbing for the last bar and lost my grip – almost hit my face on the wall (I guess everyone was watching – there was a crowd – as gasped … a little later some guy came up and told me about it – “YOU ALMOST MADE IT”). My hand grip strength is still hurting from last monday and those 100 pull-ups. That was poorly timed.

    This is it:

  152. the other one involved a “muscle up” which I completely can’t do. There was a cheater way, but it involved a lot of hanging from bars, which … see above.

  153. Just one of my stupid events Hotspur. I mostly just mean because I never wakeyed this morning.

    wakey wakey

  154. The other one I fell off on and just walked around. But I did make up for it by getting across on the swinging rings. I didn’t think I could do that one.


  156. lol

  157. Those darned London Lutherens, again…

  158. Pine nuts taste so good, they HAVE to be bad for health.

  159. Car in, good job! I’m impressed. I probably can’t do any of a mudder.

  160. you probably could. Ian did it with me and he did great. He’s barely trained.

  161. Pine nuts are one of the precious few foods that have xenoandrogens, Tushar. They are actually pretty good for you.

  162. Greetings, people who are still waiting for the Anti-Muslim Backlash™ to materialize.

  163. They make up for it by being expensive, though to farm, and frequently imported from toxic Chinese pine forests.

  164. Tough to farm, stupid phone.

    And it’s seriously way past time for some genuine anti-Muslim backlash. Has been since about AD 1050.

  165. Tushar likes nuts?

    Probably nut milk, too.

  166. Hey, leon, do you know about the nutritional value of this variety?

  167. nut milk & deez nuts….

    i snorted


    holy crap, i’ve got the mentality of a 14 y o

    and don’t care to grow up

  168. I bet you could nail the funky monkey obstacle if you trained on it regularly. It strikes me as an obstacle that needs equal parts strength and technique to master.

  169. Jam, don’t grow up. Why do you think we’re here and not bettering ourselves with other activities?

  170. Those also contain androgens, Shawn. I recommend a steady diet of them in your case.

  171. More about Paris, and why multinationals, Romney, Steyer, and Musk are pissed that we’re out:

  172. Is there a wimpy mudder?

    Cuz I could do that.

  173. Romney was for the Paris agreement?

    No real businessman would agree; Only a worthless politician.

  174. I liked Romney. But he’s basically the white half of Obama.

    He can suck a boob.

  175. After he’s done with lefty dick.

  176. Mare!

  177. OH, man, poor kid.

  178. I meant, stupid kid.

  179. Watching Doctor Strange on Netflix.

  180. I bet you could nail the funky monkey obstacle if you trained on it regularly. It strikes me as an obstacle that needs equal parts strength and technique to master.

    Aw, thanks. I bet I could have done it if I hadn’t gone so hard on the Murph on monday. My hands still have wounds, and grip strength isn’t 100% yet. My husband said doing the murph before the TM was stupid. He’s probably right, but that’s how it fell.

  181. Went out to dinner with oldest and youngest. A good time was had by all.

  182. Is there a wimpy mudder?

    Cuz I could do that.

    I’m gonna do the Spartan race with Matt in September if you want to join. Maybe Ian. 8-10miles. Different obstacles.

  183. I will admit that when I got home, I felt horrible, slept for two hours and still felt sick. ian apparently threw up. lol

    good times, good times.

    It was just a lot of exertion. The trail was VERY hilly. It was sunny and sorta chilly so we probably didn’t drink as much water as we should have.

  184. ” if I hadn’t gone so hard on the Murph”

    When did we start referring to MJ’s mom as the Murph?


  186. Hahahaha, Scott!

  187. More about Paris, and why multinationals, Romney, Steyer, and Musk are pissed that we’re out:

    Bookmarked. Thanks, ChrisP. Though I already suspected all of that without the details. The billionaires doth protest too much. F*ckers.

  188. People pay to exercise?

    It’s called work.

  189. Member to me this AM: Where’s your ass? Me: Excuse me? Member: Ass. You know Ass coolers, ass tea? Oso: Ice?

  190. I didn’t know you were in the deep south.

  191. I didn’t know either!!! White people🙄

  192. Ass Tea is the official beverage of the Wyoming Meatup.

  193. 600 for Pujols, nice! A grand slam, too.

  194. I don’t have a butt. I thought it was a very personal question at first! 😜

  195. Pujols!!!

  196. WY meat seems to be a Denver meat

  197. What are the details of the WY meatup?

    I can adjust my schedule. Haven’t been there since college.

  198. Oso, He was likely from Texas.

    Dave and I pronounce our ‘I’\’s” like ‘A’s”.

    I’ve been gone from TX for 30 yrs, but still get shit from flight attendants for my pronunciation.

    ‘AsTea?’ It’s the way I talk. Deal.

  199. Phat, WY meat may be Denver meat. St John’s wknd.

  200. Scott, Dan is cancelling WY. Let’s do Lonetree Denver.

  201. I can do Denver

  202. Debbie can do Denver.

  203. Hotspur, just made a fart noise. Real? You be the judge on his next comment.

  204. Did Eric remarry Paulina?

  205. fuck paulina…. that bitch

  206. oy!

  207. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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