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Actually a little late for Decoration Day but I know you’ll cut me some slack here. Ultra-patriotic song/video to start off with.

Memorial Day weekend is in the rear view mirror for 2017 but I’m still playing scenes from these movies that I watched over in my head.

It has some stupid captions  in it but it is one of the major scenes in the movie and one of the limited clips I could locate.

Saving Private Ryan is another classic. I watched the Omaha Beach scene then headed outside for a cigar. I’ve seen it so many times I need to give it a few years before watching the whole thing again. Ditto for Band Of Brothers which I have on disk up at camp. Finally, we rented Hacksaw Ridge which turned out to be a good movie. Even Paula who doesn’t normally watch war movies enjoyed watching most of it except the head shots (which is why she doesn’t like The Walking Dead come to think of it). The back story of him being a CO, his rough life as a child and the romance with a nurse sold it for her.

After watching the movie she now says I’m going up on Hacksaw Ridge when I grab my Bug A Salt rifle to kill bugs.


Happy Thursday!




  1. Way too much Hillary on TV this morning. I’m sure the media loves fawning over her, but hearing Felonia von Pantsuit babble her conspiracy theories just makes me that much happier she wasn’t elected.

  2. Wow, we got a lot of rain last night. Everything has that drenched look.

  3. If Trump wants to camouflage some unpopular policy decision, all he has to do is trip in public, make a typo, wink at a young lady, etc. and the left (and right) will produce a clattering firestorm that will eclipse the actual news.

    This is a terrible opportunity that has been given him.

  4. I’ve read it a few times and yet, every time I come across it, read the whole thing again.

  5. Totally agreed Lauraw, it feels as though they are learning how to deal with the D.C. Press a bit.

    I fully expect they’ll use gossip to cloak actual accomplishments.

    As in, ‘fat people drink Diet Coke…and we just built 200 miles of wall on the Southern border.’

  6. He should lie and say it’s only 100 miles. The fact checkers will self-detonate.

  7. where’s Car in? I need more covfefe!

    *rattles cup

  8. No reply from my last email to Jewstin. I hope he’s okay…has anybody heard from him?

  9. >>fat people drink Diet Coke…and we just built 200 miles of wall on the Southern border.

    Ha ha!

    Lesbos are in denial. They crave the D….. and we have rolled back 300 EPA regs.

  10. >>No reply from my last email to Jewstin. I hope he’s okay…has anybody heard from him?

    Did we just scare away our favorite gay guy? This will hurt our diversity. MJ, you need to do the right thing and fill that spot.

  11. He disappears from time to time. Anyone have an email?

  12. I’m listening to the bed wetting on NPR about Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate thingie.


  13. NPR – an effete corps of impudent snobs

    Or as Shithead would say – an effete corpse…

  14. >>NPR – an effete corps of impudent snob

    Every time I hear the name Garrison Keiller, or the phrase ‘The Prairie Home Companion’, I want to murder someone.

    And I don’t even know who that fucker is, and what that show is about. All I know that it makes some innate murde instinct in me to come to the fore.

  15. Tushar, back in the eighties and nineties A Prairie Home Companion was a joy to listen to. Keillor was funny, and he had great guest musicians.

    Then he started injecting his political views when Bush was president, and it became unbearable.

    I was a regular listener every Saturday night, and even made donations to the local NPR station during their twice yearly begathons.

    All that came to an end because of his vapid liberal spew.

    Fuck him.

  16. I hope Mare will check in with us from time to time in between cavorting on the beach showcasing her tummy of an 18 year old.

  17. I’ve got an “arm roast” in the crock pot with some homemade pasta. Just going to cook it until it falls apart. Feels like the wrong thing to eat on June 1, but it’s what I have ready to go.

  18. Keillor’s voice does put me over the edge too Tushar. Stephen King is another dimwit who believes that writing books that need an editor entitles him to inflict his liberal opinions on everyone. Bangor Fucking Daily News publishes all his rants like it’s news and his fan club assasinates anyone who disagrees in the comment section

  19. Ha! I specifically said I DON’T have the stomach of an 18. Or a 30 years old. Or a 40 year old. Damn it!

  20. Pretty sure that there will never be another Stephen King. Publishing itself has changed so dramatically that there’s just no way it could happen again, particularly in the horror genre. Rowling was probably the last writer to really make bu-ku bucks on it.

  21. Pretty sure I read where Sotero just got a 7 or 8 figure advance on Ayers’ next book.

  22. And then there’s Chelseas completely legit children’s book writing my career. That ought to drag a few mil into the coffers.

  23. Wakey wakey

  24. **passes carin a steaming cup of covefefe.

  25. Pretty sure I read where Sotero just got a 7 or 8 figure advance on Ayers’ next book.

    Money laundering is a whole different game than writing fiction, Pendejo.

  26. I have never read a Stephen King book.

  27. I read The Shining and a collection of short stories called Night Shift back in high school. They were good. Since I’ve lived in Maine I’ve read 2 or 3 of his newer novels and they were all over the place. He’s too big to fail at this point and just writes and writes and writes knowing his rump swab readers will lap it up.

  28. I’ve been reading Ben Coes. Good shit.

  29. The Dark Half and Christine were pretty good, as was The Talisman that he co-wrote with Peter Straub.

    But that was 20-25 years ago. He’s worse than George “no theatrical release blu-ray for you” Lucas now.

  30. Ben Coes’s novels would make great movies. Every one of them.

  31. Note to Hollywood:

    Go fuck yourselves.

  32. My younger brother Kevin lived in King’s old dorm at UMO for a year. When he pledged at a frat one of their assignments was to ask Stephen King why Lovell was the best little town in Maine. Didn’t happen that year but some time later he spotted him at a play and asked him at the intermission. Kevin said he had a high pitched voice and replied “I don’t know why you kids keep asking me that!” and left in a huff.

  33. Ben Coes’s main character, Dewey Andreas, grew up in Castine, ME. Some of the chapters in his books feature it.

    I want to go there.

  34. Busy. DOg doctor appointment this morning.Laundry room decluttering. This. that. Covefefe.

    I need another cup, then get out in the yard.

    I still cannot straighten my arms. I have until Saturday to recover – Tough Mudder. I’m going to need these arms.

  35. Those Ben Coes books better not suck, HS.

  36. Anyone read WEB Griffin? I’m on the first one. One of dad’s favorite authors, thought I’d give him a try.

  37. wow, Daily Mail has that before Drudge?

  38. The cottonwood trees are ridiculously prolific right now. Floofies everywhere.

  39. Seems early for the cottonwood cotton. It was all over at mom’s this weekend.

  40. Same here, Laura. It’s like sparse snow. I’m hoping my allergies stay away.

  41. Those Ben Coes books better not suck, HS.

    Trust me, they are as good as Vince Flynn.

  42. WEB Griffin books are pure pulp, but great fun. But he’s old as fuck, and now his son is the one writing them, and those are terrible.

  43. Reading is for losers.

    I prefer to watch Sportscenter a few dozen times a day.


  44. I LOVE the Ben Coes books!!

  45. The Lieutenants is interesting. Everyone is getting promoted, right out of WW2.

  46. Right now I’m on the last Ben Does book until his new one comes out later this month.

  47. My boss is a disabled veteran, so I never have to have an awkward gym date with him.

  48. “So how was the interview? Did they make you an offer?”

    “Yeah, it was good, but I turned them down. I don’t want to work for a curlbro.”

  49. Bahaaa haaa haaaa … the email released about how Hillary didn’t want to share a plane with Michelle Obama to go to Betty Ford’s funeral …

    Too funny.

  50. Wiserbud’s audience needs to hear about this.

  51. Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, known around the world as the Punish America Agreement.

    Obama was on the wrong team.

  52. Laura emailed Jewstin a couple days ago. No response.

    I think we should ask Geoff if he can suggest a plan B near Denver.

  53. Good for Trump.

  54. The universe has a sense of humor. At the same time that I start getting responses to my dating profile, I’ve had a phone interview for a job, and my program director just emailed me a job posting that his college buddy sent him. Both jobs are in DC.

  55. Someone got a COVFEFE vanity plate in Maine

    By July it will be as funny as any tired old meme anywhere

  56. “Trump 2020: Covfefe!”

  57. WEB wrote a police procedural book series, Badge of Honor if I recall, I enjoyed it but stopped caring about the main character about halfway through the fourth or fifth book, didn’t finish the series.

  58. I’ll buy dinner next time I’m in DC, Alex. I never use my whole per diem anyhow.

  59. http://tinyurl.com/yb3vrgx7

  60. I still hope to find something in Europe. I kind of want to spend two years working in Germany or Switzerland and then come back to the States and buy 40 acres in Texas.

    Or join the Army of the Free States as things descend into anarchy. Either/or.

  61. I think that if I had 40 acres of land free and clear anywhere but permafrost or desert I’d be set for life.

  62. And I absolutely, positively understand not wanting to be in DC. I lucked my way into getting paid to work there without having to live there, but I couldn’t even draw a map of how that happened.

  63. I’ve got this recipe from Tushar’s cousin in the oven right now. I remembered how much I liked peanut-butter cracker sammiches dunked in tomato soup when I was a kid, and realized that I could probably get close to that by pouring my crock-pot beef-tomato stew over a couple of slices of toasted peanut butter bread.

  64. Ben Coes is awesome. I forget why I stopped with WEB. Dan and I are still going to Cheyenne Fri and Sat.

  65. My bad. Dan is double booking a room in Denver just in case

  66. We will book nothing.

  67. Does the Denver booking have a bar?

  68. During my year in Denver I knocked back a few pints here


  69. LOL Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

  70. Courtyard near Park Meadows Mall. There is a Marriot nearby that has a bar.

  71. Marriot with the bar is the same rate as Courtyard. Courtyard has a whirlpool tub. If you guys want to Marriot we can change reservations. I’ve PMd Alice H

  72. Isn’t Courtyard a Marriott?

  73. Courtyard is a Marriot hotel. I sometimes stay at one in Fairfax.

  74. South Denver. We can light rail to LoDo.

  75. One of my attendings took me and my then wife to a Rockies game. For food he ordered the deep fried Rocky Mountain oysters. I said, what the hell, and ordered them too. They weren’t bad but I wouldn’t make a steady diet of them.

    Bucket list one step closer to completion

  76. Thursday and away that weekend.

  77. I’ve had them too, Jimbro – just to gross out the ladies.

    It was worth it.

  78. I’m gonna meet Crazybear!!!

    *packs playground bench*

  79. This place? 8320 S Valley Hwy Englewood Colorado 80112 USA

    It says they have a barbecue / picnic area. That sounds like a winner.

  80. It’s just gonna be one long beautiful recess.

  81. They are connected. Dan prefers Courtyard for room size. Marriot rewards. We may stay at Courtyard and just walk to Marriot for bar.

  82. Let’s do this!

  83. I just made a tremendous discovery. The total electoral college votes are 538. Trump got 306, and cunt got the rest.
    If Trump’s votes are given value of one dollar, how much did Hillary get?

    If you guessed 77 cents, you would be absolutely right. So the voters knew what they were doing after all.

  84. Hillary can gargle my baby gravy.

  85. Tushar, your cousin’s peanut butter bread came out pretty good. I added a little cinnamon to mine.

  86. Leon, I am glad. My other cousin is married to a white guy. They have a YouTube channel called Keto Connect. They are pretty good too.

  87. I see no Courtyards in the neighborhood.

  88. You might need to join Marriots rewards ahead of time, but pretty good rate for Denver that weekend. We’re driving so we can easily charcoal etc for the picnic area. Plus the whole Sam’s dealio

  89. Scott, I’ll have Dan double check. He said the Courtyard was on the south side of the mall from the Marriot

  90. Let me know if that’s the right place. I will break all the rules and make a reservation.

  91. http://tinyurl.com/yahm89bz

  92. https://i.imgur.com/E7kpzHJ.gifv

  93. Scott, BOOK IT Dano!

  94. If you guys want to brewery tour, we can do that too

  95. When is this happening again? I can run it by Pat. See if he can get me a last minute ticket.

  96. We’ve got no soccer. And the medical stuff is winding to a close.

  97. Perhaps they’ll have crossfit nearby? We could catch a WOD together/

    *waits by phone

  98. Made this for dinner tonight. It was really good.


  99. Right place. Right time.

  100. Dan just said if it is just the Osos and the W’s we’re cool.

  101. Holy crap, Tushar, I watch keto connect all the time and have mentioned it here twice!

  102. Booked.

  103. Mare, you know he’s just having fun with us about them being cousins, right?

  104. I figured that AFTER MY COMMENT. I almost said, “is this like that deal where you’re “related” to all Patel’s?”

  105. 6/23- 6/24 Car in.

  106. What is the Cofefe deal?

  107. Cheyenne or Denver.

    Kim Jung can’t reach us.

  108. Mare should reconsider.

  109. “Covfefe” was a type from Trump in one of his tweets. He wanted to say “coverage”. The media tried to make it a thing, but Trump supporters quickly turned it into a battle cry against the establishment.

  110. scott – what’s the room rate?

  111. Roughly $120 if you ignore their bullshit.

  112. I can’t believe how stupid the media are portraying themselves. A typo is news?? FFS, Obama was a walking dick in mouth.

  113. thanks scott –
    i booked friday to sunday

  114. Here’s why pulling out of the Paris Accords was a big deal. And it had nothing to do with climate change.


  115. i haven’t been to Cheyenne – so i’m thinking on driving out there for lunch on saturday…. i’ll have room for 3-4 normal sized ppl and 3 midgets if anyone is interested in tracking down jewstin and resurrecting him from whatever catastrophe has befallen him

  116. Do electricians respect plumbers?

  117. Fuck No.

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