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Your model for today was born December 2nd, 1993 in Houston, Texas.  She stands 54” and measures 352434 and 106 lbs.  Please worship at the altar of the church of Miss Kaitlyn Siragusa AKA Amouranth.




  1. Poor dear can’t decide on a hair color

  2. Dos tetas

  3. 8/10 would smash

    Can’t decide if I like her because she’s a total scam artist or not.

  4. She does have the Mary Jane Watson look down

    I have that ASM cover with Mary Jane sipping coffee in ripped jeans somewhere.

  5. Hahahahaha, She’s a bed duster!

  6. You know what I see when I look into her eyes?


  7. WSJ A-Hed column:

    Retailers Couldn’t Stock Hand Sanitizer Fast Enough. Now They Can’t Give It Away.

    “Once nearly impossible to find, bottles of sanitizer are now taking up shelf space and stores are trying promotions to get rid of them; ‘It’s worth more to us gone’”

  8. 106?

    Yea right

  9. Lots of zombies around this dump recently.

  10. So a serious science question:
    If’n car i n was already a zombie, would getting run over be fatal ?

  11. Re jewstin – I tried getting in touch with him numerous times.
    I even did an obit search….
    I think he’s still chained up as a sex slave somewhere.

  12. Rre: the muppets’ potatoe –

  13. And most importantly : RRRe: nice tits Pup!!!!

  14. wakey wakey

  15. The pronoun thing is perhaps the hardest to understand.

    I guess we’re sort of customizing language now. Words that were meant to convey heuristics are being eschewed for a more personal flair.

    Comment by MJ (he/has/giantcock)

  16. I think jewstin got pissed with the help he was receiving when planning a meet up. maybe he’ll be back. he’s disappeared before

  17. I enjoyed the stories from last night.

    And Scott’s comment was very sweet.

  18. You know, I just don’t care what happens in the ME anymore. I used to sort of follow it but now it just seems silly. It’s the same thing over and over.

  19. (he/has/giantcock)


  20. Nice bed-dusting outfit!

  21. RFH brush with death story was INSANE.

    Car in should just calm down and relax. She merely got hit by a car whereas RFH was kinda technically dead a few times.

    The absence of movement in your chest was crazy to think about. You’re a tough chick.

  22. Jewstin has been gone since … ? Three years? At first I thought he was getting worried about the meetup thing- which he volunteered to do. But now I think something happened to him.

  23. Actually, the one would should really be upset about my incident was that driver. That should cause him more than a few panic caused moments in the future/middle of the night.

  24. Hopefully that was a wake up call for that mf’er.
    Put the fucking phone down while you’re driving.

  25. I’m glad you’re not dead.
    *another hostage hallmark moment *

  26. MJ, I’m just grateful to be living in this time. The defibrillator was invented in 1947, so before then, I’d have been toast. Beta-blockers were developed in 1964. Cardiac ablation – the 1990’s.

  27. Hopefully that was a wake up call for that mf’er.
    Put the fucking phone down while you’re driving.


  28. I went to Cheyenne to meet with jewstin.
    He never showed.

  29. I’m still guessing sex slave to the international pig farmers cartel.

  30. I’m glad Zombie Roamy is still shamblin’ around too 😁

  31. how’s the new place coming along, monkey boy?

  32. Jewstin reappeared briefly maybe a year ago. It sounded like he was going through a rough time in his life.

  33. hmm, wonder how i missed that

  34. J’ames.
    Rolling along.
    New flooring being delivered today for the living room and dining room.

  35. Lots of updates needed. I’m hoping to have everything done within a year or so.

  36. Final build on sheep shelter tonight, getting the ram lambs tomorrow morning.

  37. I might be moving too, depending on what work decides re: remote working. Then it will be time to clean and update the old place to sell. Mrs. Jay is excited about it, but I don’t want to get too far ahead. Knowing work they will deny me working from home, because “it’s not fair” to others who don’t have self discipline and a good work ethic.

  38. MJ, I’m just grateful to be living in this time. The defibrillator was invented in 1947, so before then, I’d have been toast. Beta-blockers were developed in 1964. Cardiac ablation – the 1990’s.
    I’m glad you’re here.

    I did a bit of stats work on the weird metric called excess deaths and it looks like there were a lot in 2020, but the reason isn’t determined. A fair portion were probably covid, but also suicide, untreated medical conditions, etc. My guess is that in 2021 there will be ‘surprising’ drop in the normal death rate, which varies between 8-10%. It’s been climbing up in the past few years from a low point, which I’m guessing is the passing of the boomer generation.

    Nature is pretty steady when measured. The death rate is basically always the same.

    I’d also like to note that the amazing consistency in the global temperature is actually the appropriate headline, not a minuscule variation from the average.

    A 1-2% change? OH NO THE HORROR! You’d think someone would look at the temp trend and think holy mother of gaia, something as big as the earth barely changes. That’s amazing.

  39. Leon are you going to make an instructional youboob vid on the proper sheep milking technique ?

  40. *tunes in to leon milking a ram

  41. well the death rate probably went down because no one could go anywhere, and had to stay home where it’s safe.

  42. rama lamba ding dong

  43. re: Chrissy Teigen not getting cancelled. Is it possible that the public just wants endless apologies? no change is ever necessary, just full throated apologies.

    That seems to be why the left hates Trump so much. He never apologizes, and neither do conservatives. We’re supposed to apologize for everything. It’s what Buy Large Mansions always wants.

  44. No instructionals, not on sheep shelters or milking. I should have bought conduit for the roof portion instead of trying to do angle cuts. It’ll work, but the asymmetry is going to bug me every time I look at it.

  45. Good luck, Jay. Also interesting. Maybe lefties just want contrition.

    But once you apologize, you’re doomed. If you’re a conservative.

  46. I think it’s:

    Asshole = L, apologize; forgive anything

    Asshole = L, no apology; cancel

    Asshole = R, apologize; cancel

    Asshole = R, no apology; cancel

  47. Fredo the Greater is in the process of testing line 2.

  48. Ram Lamb is one of the “games” your mom requests the most.

  49. you’re probably right, R will still get cancelled.But I don’t think the non-apology lefty will necessarily get cancelled. it will depend on the level of woke. Like chrissy teigen.

  50. great point on the Deace show yesterday. Communism will spring forth from corporations, not government. Buyden doesn’t have to do anything, just let the private sector go USSR on us. And we’ve been protecting them the whole time.

  51. It’s about power. Social justice is a way for young activists to demonstrate their ideological purity, and ability to mobilize the masses, which positions them higher than their peers in the progressive hierarchy. It also allows sadists to engage in harm against others with public approval, and for the mentally ill to act out their demons in a public manner.

  52. It ends when the cost for engaging in such behavior is two to the head.

    Not before.

  53. Well, that may be extreme, I grant.

    But the basic fact is that the costs for SJW Karenism have to be so severe that the person gets effectively run out of town, or the equivalent. Ostracism, loss of career and opportunities, and such.

    Though before it settles to that stage I’d wager a few will receive more extreme penalties. I don’t welcome it, but there are predictable trends in human behavior.

  54. One’s enough if it’s a longarm.

  55. The blmtifa crap will stop cold the first time a vigilance committee gets involved. Without the threat of the street army, Woke is just whining.

  56. Ugh. Got a lists of all this stuff to do before work today but I’m not feeling it.

  57. You fight an army with an army. All there is to it.

  58. “It’s incredibly triggering to potentially lose another woman in my life. Like, the list is growing,” he added.

    What kind of man says that? His military buds are going to start denying they served with him. He marries a narcissistic B-lister who decides she’s not getting enough attention to says she wanted to kill herself, and this is what he says?

  59. i think when a man says that, his balls should just abandon ship.

  60. He left his balls in a helicopter cargo compartment back in Afghanistan.

  61. Car in what article are you referencing in your 11:14 comment?

  62. You’re assuming he had any to begin with.

    The royals go into the military because it is their so-called duty. They automatically get a commission at birth.

    It’s not like they actually serve or see combat.

  63. Long live the Queen.

  64. Considering he’s almost certainly not actually royal by blood, we shouldn’t be surprised.

    William married well and does the family proud, and doesn’t look a thing like his mother’s tennis coach.

  65. Meh. Blood or not, he’s been raised in privilege and whines like a teenage girl.

  66. Right, and I’m saying he’s overcompensating. He knows on some level that he’s not legitimate, and he’s acting out like his barely-black wife screaming RACISM! at every opportunity.

  67. I like that he tried to get in on the racism game by bringing up his mom’s boyfriend at the time. In the interview he stats that his mom was “chased” to her death because her boyfriend was non-white, or something along those lines.

    Yea, dude, look, most of us were alive when all this happened.

  68. I don’t know what all problems he has and don’t care. But it’s evident that he married poorly. She seems a bit of a cunt.

  69. Greeks aren’t white?

    I mean, I get that modern Greek citizens are a lot darker than the “fair-haired Acheans”, but in what universe are they not white?

  70. You’re going to Trigger Harry, leon.

  71. I think the word often associated with Greek men is “swarthy”

  72. Harry Trigger would be a good porn name.

  73. And for the women, “Monobrow”

  74. This is excellent

    Too bad it’s loaded with sugar

  75. Those keto bread rolls whose recipe I shared a while back? Sliced very very thinly, sprinkled with seasoning and then lightly toasted/ dried out in a low oven make a dandy little cracker. One bun makes 20 crispy crackers and together total 1 net carb.

    Next time I do the recipe I’m going to add more seasoning to the dough, like maybe poultry seasoning and onion salt, and instead of making buns I’m going to make one long cylinder for cutting into crackers after it’s baked. BOOYAH.

  76. A crunchy cracker with cheese is the other thing I really miss on keto. But its fixed now. I’m good.

  77. And there’s the pitch! MY God its just hanging over the plate in a long cylinder…..

  78. weak

  79. With xbrad retired from service we just let those go.

  80. are you saying the cheese has slipped off the cracker?

  81. I just eat nuts when I want something crunchy.

  82. stop making our job so easy, leon

  83. I like nuts, but nuts don’t like me. I gotta take it easy with nuts.

    …that one’s lying so low you’re gonna need to use the wedge.

  84. Meanwhile, back to plantar heel pain. Applying sports tape to get some relief. Ahhh….phew. Then my achilles started to join the party. Urrgh.

  85. The problem with nuts is that they can be so salty.

  86. been dealing with that all week too, laura. stupid heel spurs.

  87. I had that problem last year when I was running a lot. Part of the reason I’ve been hesitant to start up again.

  88. Heel/Achilles pain – shoes. SHOES . make sure your stride is good. Running barefoot on grass to get the feel of it. Ice and soft shoes when /if you have a spur, but GOOD SHOES are what you need. I have plantar and a heel spur. Don’t feel either.

    I honestly think the highly padded shoes are the absolute worst for causing those problems.

  89. Re: Harry’s mommy’s boyfriend. Pretty sure he was an arab….of which are classified “caucasian”.

    The boy is daft.

  90. Weird, why did I think he was Greek…

    Oh, right, my brain had subbed in Onassis.

  91. Okay, this is going to hurt, but I have to write it down in case of… events.

    *dons lead-foil sombrero*

    The “lab leak” origin story is being trotted back out because polling says the public basically already believes it, and there’s broad distrust and anger toward China, and the Reptoid masters of the current regime have decided that the best shiny object to distract the public from the collapse of the nation is the biggest, shiniest object evar: WW3, to be waged against China, largely to eliminate internal enemies of the CCP and to grind the US military down. Biden fancies himself as FDR and is facing an economy more fundamentally unsound than at any time in US history, and this is his best chance at papering over that and “uniting” the US populace.

    *doffs hat*

    Whew, that thing is hea-vy.

  92. At the doctor’s. My old buddy, the stone-laden left kidney, is hurting. Could be infected, could be a stone. Just hoping I don’t get a big hit to finances.

  93. Ugh. Infection plus BP is high because PAIN AND YOU SQUEEZED MY ARM OFF NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Hospital may yet be avoided, strong pill taken for BP.

    But hey, at least it ain’t COVID.

  94. I’ll take wuflu over kidney stones.

    Hope it’s not too painful or expensive, Tim.

  95. Start drinking lemon water. Daily.

  96. They’re pushing the lab leak story because they know that they can’t keep it covered up forever, and they want it floating around there to be confirmed if China gets frisky. I don’t think that they want a war, but it would be a convenient excuse to impose sanctions if China starts eyeing the Taiwan Strait.

  97. Lemon water and daily walks. Start at one mile and work up to five.

  98. Memorial service in an hour. Still have to run and find a coat. Afterwards, dinner with mom and stepdad before they catch a late flight.


  99. How can we WWlll with CHYna if our military is ful of SJW trannies? Unless they want us to be nuked to our knees or subjected to a more lethal bio-warfare.

    Best way to deal with them micro-dicked poachers is more of what Trump was doing + shut down bio warfare labs + jail Fauci, Cuomo, and Bitchmer.

  100. plus a public whipping of McCabe, Stryok (?), Comey, Brennan….you get my drift.

  101. The SJW and trannies won’t be the ones dying on the front lines, they’ll the ones failing at logistics and getting promoted.

  102. This is the UK, but I’m sure we have the same people here.

  103. I’m glad that Scott, Roamy, and Mare are all here.

  104. TiFW, Dan is extremely fatigued. No appetite. I have nausea and no feeling in my pinky and ring finger on my jab side. Two toes have no feeling. The grossest side effect…sweating like a pig.

  105. did you see my Cardinal link oso? That ought to make Dan smile.

  106. Osita, how is your mom doing? I find it amazing how many times she’s beaten the odds.

  107. Pretty sure he was Persian. But who the eff cares. He got some high class strange and ended up wrapped around a French tunnel support.

  108. Right, but I thought he was Greek because I was confusing Lady Die with Jackie O-face.

  109. He was Egyptian, IIRC

  110. Walk like an Egyptian

    Don’t drive like one.

  111. Roamy, she had a GI issue so she’s still in the hospital. Out of ICU. Headed to rehab, once she stabilizes.

  112. J’ames, I did. I’m still trying to recover from yesterday. I’ll be showing him later. He’s pretty puny, right now.

  113. That’s what your mom said about me after the sixth time that night.



  116. Dan is doubtful about your KMOX story. We sell more Dodger gear than any team in MLB.

  117. it’s a badge of honor.

  118. pretty sure she said that the first time, HS

  119. PGA Championship will be in Tulsa next year. We are planning on attending Thu/Fri. I need something clever to yell at the Gophers.

  120. Rocketboy reports he is fine. Knowing him, his arm would have to turn black or fall off before he would admit to anything, but I’ll take it at face value for now.

  121. Food Co-op down in Belfast

    “this sudden change in protocols feels like an abrupt departure that threatens both the physical and psychological safety that we have spent the past fourteen months preserving.”

    They won’t lose any business, it’s a lefty hangout and they wear their masks with pride

  122. Roamy, What did he get?

  123. It’s not immediate symptoms of the vaccine I’m worried about although death and miscarriages are happening, it’s the 5 years down the road weird cancers or immune response diseases like MS that I’m worried about.


  124. I am from the government and I am here to help.

    That’s why I am not getting it.

  125. Osita, he and DIL got the J&J.

  126. Mare, I’m worried about future miscarriages, blood clots, Guillain Barre, God knows what else.

  127. Putting on face diapers was on 24 hours notice.

    Taking them off takes longer. Because reasons.

  128. My daughter got the J & J because she is a Nervous Nelly by nature and was frightened or easily pressured into getting it. Felt sick as a dog the entire next day. First time she ever called in sick to work the entire 6 years she’s worked in the petri dish known as elementary school.
    Hmm, so you got the shot to avoid a survivable virus and it gave you the virus with most of the symptoms of the virus. Oookay.

  129. The son is holding out for now. Mr. B is thinking about getting it because reasons. He gets most of his news from yahoo.

  130. There are a lot of unknowns. Not doing anything is a good strategy.

  131. There’s a little relief that they didn’t get either modified RNA shot with the spike protein weirdness, but I asked them to say a rosary for the aborted babies used.

  132. At least the J&J isn’t a mRNA. My friends are surprised that I let Dan talk me into the jab. One of my weirdo friends “Well, at least you don’t have to worry about fertility”. I lit him up.

  133. Roamy, they are claiming sourced infant cells and not aborted. Wink wink nudge nudge

  134. Your weirdo friend is extraordinarily cruel, Osita. I’m sorry he said that.

  135. Roamy, we’re good. He’s the same person that wished me a Happy Birthday with a plane providing the hatch on the Twin Towers. He thinks he’s edgy. I kick his Milennial Goth ass, weekly

  136. I remind him that he still has accounts on Twitter and FB. NOT SO EDGY NOW!

  137. We’re going to avoid the shot as long as possible. When they admit that half of the people at the CDC declined the shot, that’s a good indication to avoid it.

  138. Back at the hotel. The memorial service was fine. I was more embarrassed by the displays of emotion than sad over the whole thing. I’m pretty sure grandma and grandpa would have been annoyed by it all, but they would have liked the honor guard and volley. Gonna go out later and grab a drink, smoke a cigar.

  139. 🥃 coAl

  140. Pepe, Dan applied peer pressure. HI trips. No mask at work. So far, J&J is okay. Mild side effects. Dan has been hit harder than I was.

  141. So one of Liz Cheney’s potential primary challengers admitted in a video that when he was 18 he got a 14 yo girl pregnant. They resisted pressure for her to abort, married when she turned 15, divorced a few years later, and then she eventually committed suicide. The son, now 36, is apparently facing legal troubles. Of course, the GOPe and Dems are aghast at how someone so despicable could dare run for Congress.

  142. Very sad story. The whataboutism is lit. The son is a rapist/felon. Since when does Hunter reflect on Joe?

  143. (((squishy hugs))) CoAlex

  144. Braves-Pirates score looks more like football than baseball.

  145. So, India is getting its Ass Kicked by Covid and don’t have enough resources to vaccinate everyone quickly.

    What to do?

    Give everybody Ivermectin!

    The WHO screams at them not to do it! It’s only for studies, Eleventy!!!
    Look what happened:

  146. Pisses me off how treatments for wuflu have been stifled.

    Will show Mr. B that article. His cow orkers in India have been dealing with it throughout with various family members. Maybe he can forward it to them.

  147. WalMart is fucking us again. We’re fucking WalMart.

  148. Avoided the hospital, have antibiotics. Am going back onto BP meds as a precaution. And REALLY regretting not picking up some motrin.

  149. Home from work.

  150. still mask mandated for everything?

  151. For employees. Not guests. It was terrible. SO hot. Masks suck working normally. In the heat it’s just awful.

  152. Hardly any guests wore masks. A few, but not many.

  153. ate at a restaurant at the mall. locked down tight there, all emps in masks, mall requires them to enter

  154. For Car In:

  155. Walking around in NoVa, a lot more people with masks than I’m used to. But so far only two people have said anything. The hotel concierge (“It’s still the law, sir”) and the kid at the ice cream store. In both cases I put a mask on because I don’t want to get kicked out of my hotel and I really wanted some ice cream.

  156. I found out that a coworker who is a no-class, lying, poisonous deadwood has applied to work on another unit.

    oh please please please

  157. The Rickenbacher body style for guitars has never appealed to me. They just seem so big and clunky.

  158. Went to a titty bar to smoke a cigar and have a drink. Masks required inside, but not on the patio. The whole thing was silly.

  159. Drunken Ecuadorians raided Paraguay.

  160. Bury Meme Not

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