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Your model for today was born on Friday the 13th, 1998 somewhere in Wisconsin, now residing in Los Angeles, CA.   She stands 5′ 10″ and measure34D – 24 – 34 and 136 lbs.  Please get ready to fall in love with Miss Sabrina Lynn.



Your model for today was born December 13th, 1996 in Melbourne, Australia. She stands 5′ 9″ and measure34 – 28 – 39 and who knows how many pounds.  Please sign the check now and pay for it later with Miss Lauren Searle.





Your model for today was born August 7th, 1991 in Perth, Australia.  She stands 5′ 7′ and measures 36 – 25 – 38 and 135 lbs.  Please take the charge and be amazed at the ball handlinskills of MisJem Wolfie.




  1. Dairyland Uber Alles

  2. Merry Christmas Hostages and Lurkers

  3. Legend has it that if you delurk on Christmas Day not only does an angel get its wings but Hotspur shoves an additional bullwhip in your rectum. He keeps a box of them under his desk with the suitcases of pre-marked ballots and spray cheese.

    Christmas Bonus Bullwhip Day!

  4. Paula had to work today but fortunately only until 3 rather than her usual 7-7. Also glad the boys are old enough to want to sleep most of the day away anyway and wait until she comes home to open presents. It’s just me and the pups sitting by the tree sipping coffee, appreciating fine boobs and listening to the wind and rain.

  5. There’s a large TV shaped box in front of the Christmas tree. I haven’t looked at the To/From tag yet but I have a strong suspicion my old Samsung is going to take a trip to the farm soon

  6. You old tv will be able to sleep all day and run in the hills. It will be a happy life.

    Wakey wakey . Merry christmas! I hope Krampus didn’t come to anyone’s house.

  7. Merry Christmas, Hostages!

  8. Merry Christmas!!!! Yipee Kay ai Muthafockers.

  9. Merry Christmas. 6″ of puffy snow here.

  10. Merry Christmas, H2!!

  11. I voted for Lauren. She seems the least likely to key your car. But you never REALLY know.

  12. Kids coming over in a bit, then we are all going on a Turkey Trot/Walk.
    Breakfast next then presents!!!

    Still need to make a couple of things. But the house looks low key festive and I’m psyched to have everyone here making a mess, eating my food and giving me lame gifts. Just kidding, my kids are awesome.

    Have a good day everyone and remember the reason for the season.

  13. Comment by Jimbro on December 25, 2020 6:45 am
    Legend has it that if you delurk on Christmas Day not only does an angel get its wings but Hotspur shoves an additional bullwhip in your rectum. He keeps a box of them under his desk with the suitcases of pre-marked ballots and spray cheese.
    Christmas Bonus Bullwhip Day!



  14. Somebody out there is blind.

  15. Jem is the most boobielishous

  16. Merry Christmas to the Hostage crew!!
    Both lurking and non.

  17. Pup here’s a special gift that we all chipped in to get you for all the marvelous friday poats :


  18. Merry Christmas, jackwagons!

  19. A little snow here in Atlanta. Fancy that.

  20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9087589/Bomb-squad-called-RV-explodes-Nashville.html

    After looking at the pictures I’m having a hard time believing this explosion is “not suspicious”

  21. sorry, its Christmas and ginger is a Christmas spice. #teamsabrina

  22. snow in Atlanta probably isn’t taken as a blessing is it?

  23. Jem’s only flaw is having an Aussie accent rather than Irish.

  24. Storm knocked out our power.

    Generators are the bomb.

  25. Redhead, brunette, blonde.

    Medium, large, double x.

    Slim, curvy, thiccc.

    Something for everybody.

  26. We started out yesterday with a good layer of snow still here from the last storm. By 1:30 AM this morning it was all gone. 60 degrees and raining like a mufaku. Real bad wind too. I was hearing trains passing by the second floor windows all night and thinking a tree was going to come down. Our power went out six times. Sixth time, it stuck.

  27. Positive Covid test. My final wish is for Sabrina to wear an Elvira dress at my funeral.

  28. Pupster was a funny guy. I still miss him. Curse that awful European virus and all those science denying anti-masksers!

  29. Not Elvira but if you close your eyes you can imagine it


    Cameltoe warning

  30. Any symptoms, Pupster?

  31. And what part of the house has your wife banished you to? If you’re allowed to sleep indoors, I mean.

  32. Delurked so Hotspur can get an additional bullwhip. I went with the Aussie in the middle. The retro pic with the yellow bikini put her over the top, even though they are all winners in my book. Merry Christmas to all y’all.

  33. Power is back!

    Taking the rest of the day off.

  34. That’s my favorite pic too Rad-Gspot, don’t be a stranger.

  35. KIPFEL!

  36. No fever, no loss of taste or smell, but I’ve had all the other symptoms over the last week of a typical cold/flu. I sequestered myself in the Master Bedroom but Mrs. Pupster is sick today and Boy2 has been sick since before me, he probably brought it home from work.

    *raises glass of Nyquil*

  37. 6000 iu of vitamin D3 per day, C and zinc, and a B vitamin blend.

  38. I take D3 and a multivitamin that contains all the others.

  39. I had to work the covid unit last night. We just got a new flush of covid positive patients. I wear an N95 and PPE, but we have no negative pressure rooms, so really I’m exposed every time I have to go in there. So far I’ve tested negative.

  40. Our rain has mostly ended for now but the wind is really blowing. I just looked at the local weather and it’s 62 degrees out (!!!). Gusts of wind in the 25 mph range. The wind is making a whistling noise somewhere on the first floor. It lasts for a second or two and ends. I spent 15 minutes trying to track it down and couldn’t find the source to stop it. Everything is locked up tight though. Maybe it’s too tight (things no one ever said about your mom).

  41. Merry Christmas all y’all.

  42. We got a leaky roof for Christmas.

    Better than covid.

  43. Please tell me someone laughed at the dung beetle line from last night.

    My wife said it was the funniest thing I’d ever said and I was really proud of myself.

  44. I snorted. A little.

  45. Yeah but that was just a death rattle, hardly counts.


  47. Mid 30’s with a breeze here. At least the sun’s out.

    We’ve been in the process of renting a bulldozer for a month. #1 son called and talked to the rental agency. They sent a bunch of paperwork. We sent it in a week ago. Then Penelope gets a call that they’re bringing it on Monday. The thing is, they’re delivering a brand new dozer that costs around $450K!!! Rental is supposed to be $7K for a month. I’m going to have to hire a guard for it. This is New Mexico, where the state sport is stealing.

    So it looks like I’ll be spending a good part of January running a bulldozer. My only previous experience is on a Caterpillar D4 from the 1950’s. What could go wrong?

  48. I laughed at the dung beetle line, Leon. That’s the bad thing about the interwebs, no reaction. I post stuff here and hardly ever get a reaction, but then I don’t post fascinating gardening comments.

  49. Put this on heavy rotation Pepe.


  50. The thing is, they’re delivering a brand new dozer that costs around $450K!!! Rental is supposed to be $7K for a month. I’m going to have to hire a guard for it.
    Keep it working 3 shifts a day, hard to steal if it’s in constant motion

  51. Today is the kind of day where I got up and lazed around in my pajama pants and a hoodie and after getting up and showering replaced the pajama pants with new ones and a red flannel shirt.

  52. Comment by Pupster on December 25, 2020 1:38 pm
    Put this on heavy rotation Pepe.

    Speaking of “heavy rotation”, how is your mom?

  53. Keep it working 3 shifts a day, hard to steal if it’s in constant motion

    We have it 30 days, max use of 170 hours.

  54. That sounds like a lot of fun, Pepe.

  55. Does a $450K bulldozer have a closed cab? For that kind of jack it better have an espresso maker.

  56. It better have an enclosed cab.

    Sounds scary, Lauraw.

    People are over for Christmas. Too much going on for me. My eye is starting to twitch.

  57. Imagine turning over a $450K car to your kid. I’ll probably end up with a heart attack.

  58. Merry Christmas all ye faithful people!
    – from a heathen idolatrous cow-worshipper.

  59. https://tinyurl.com/y42b7tgk

  60. https://tinyurl.com/yavsh6n5

  61. https://tinyurl.com/yc9soheg

  62. Okay, Dogs at my house got presents too. The engineers at the Kong dog toy company are some pretty sick bastards


  63. “dog toy”

  64. merry christmas? anyone get anything fun? I got a meat cleaver!

  65. You will be cleaving all kinds of stuff.

  66. BBF Christmas content. Hopefully not already posted.


  67. A really nice blanket, donations to the Replacement Vehicle Fund, and not having to bail to go home Christmas Day. Pretty darn good in my book. Especially that last part.

  68. I would bet some small amount of money that Geoff has seen this film.


    I would also bet some small amount of money that the people who write and produce these films laugh their asses off the whole damn time.

  69. I like the way that woman has just GIVEN UP on parallel parking the old fashioned way.

    Watch the whole thing. Please watch the whole thing. It keeps getting more ridiculous.

  70. https://tinyurl.com/y9oj2bnw

  71. Dispatch every reliable patrolman!

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