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Gun not game, and D.  Always D.


































  1. Has anyone here even had foggy pudding, or was it outlawed sometime after WW2?

  2. Growing up we had a whole sequence of cakes throughout the year beginning around Thanksgiving. There was a boiled “cake” of some sorts served warm with a custard sauce that arrived around New Year’s that might have been the Irish version of Figgy Pudding.

  3. Happy Boxing Day

  4. Survived Christmas. Still cold in my house. Wits End is a good family game.

    wakey wakey

  5. Cake nostalgia

    Irish bread/scones: year round, served warm with melting butter and occasionally orange marmalade (whipped up in minutes by my mom who was renowned among friends and family for its preparation)

    Fruitcake: around Thanksgiving (fond memories of my dad reluctantly cutting off slices to share with his weird son who liked fruitcake)

    Fruitcake II: this one came out at Christmas. Topped with almond paste and “royal icing” (tasty but not as appealing to a younger Jimbro)

    Pudding that looked like a fruitcake: see above, custard sauce (gone within a day or two)

    February: George Washington cake. Basically a fruitcake with currants and cherries (my least favorite, good for a couple of slices then leave it for the Old Man)

    Oddly enough, I am the only member of my family to have inherited the fruitcake lover gene.

  6. I wonder if the Spoiler Alert meme at the top was some sort of artist’s message type thing. I mean, I get the joke, but it’s so obvious that it must have been intentional. If anyone has any further insights on this I’ll be in the corner spreading some of Jay’s paste on my slice of fruitcake

  7. We don’t have enough detail to be sure that it wasn’t a bronze serpent nailed to the cross. That was still a thing in many temples and homes at the time.

  8. No, that’s Jesus. I’m going with “artist’s message”.

  9. I spent a few minutes looking for the original but the spoiler alert has taken over the interwebs so much that it was a losing effort

  10. Everyone seems to be … in the recovery stage of the holiday and I’m full of energy.

  11. I made challah for the first time, and I screwed it up by not kneading it long enough, so it went flat when I brushed it with the egg wash.

    Mini-me’s boyfriend is Jewish, so it was a fun fusion of traditions last night. We had the 2 loaves of challah, 2 candles, and wine for Shabbat, sauerbraten, potato dumplings, and red cabbage for the German Christmas, and an English Christmas pudding for dessert.

    Serious carb overload. I almost feel like I need a detox.

  12. Christmas part two happens in a couple of hours.
    The step – lad et al are showing up.

  13. How much coal did you bitter clingers get? Round to the nearest metric fuque-tonne.

  14. I was bummed out to read that sir pupsalot succumbed to the rona.

  15. He was a good boy…

  16. He still poats good, for a dead guy.

  17. No bang sticks or pew-pew pills under the tree for the monkey this year. A few weeks back I mentioned to mrs jam the probable 45 acquisition and the likely cost… she didn’t seem overly impressed. Her words were terse ; something along the lines of “seriously?? That’s expensive. “
    She threw in that raised eye brow thing…

  18. Jam, there were pew-pew pills here under the tree. No new bang sticks.

    I got some books, some kitchen things (new timer, basting brush, long lighter for the grill), and a new laptop. This one has the battery bulge problem, to the point it’s cracked the case.

  19. The soccer video linked earlier was entertaining.

  20. Kinda interesting twitter thread on the Nashville Bombing

    The guy doesn’t move the ball much, but he’s wondering the same things I’m wondering: spectacular suicide, distraction from another crime, symbolic warning, or attack on AT&T and infrastructure.

    I know right where this happened, it is on the edge of the tourist street bar areas of downtown but not the heart of the stroll. They didn’t want to hurt a bunch of people obviously.

  21. always wanted to make challah. so much butter, it has to be good.

  22. someone suggested an up and coming real estate developer with interest in the area.

  23. Mrs. Pupster bought me some additional mags to support my mostly peaceful panic rifle(s), I also got the latest version of the Bug A Salt rifle, it appears to be a little more powerful than the older one we have, and they changed the safety mechanism and sights. I will have to wait a few weeks for when the bugs start popping up again to test its effectiveness.

  24. Yeah, there is no room to build on 2nd Avenue unless you go “up”, I suppose we will have to wait and see if there was enough damage to justify some demolition. I doubt this kind of thing would lower the property value much or scare anybody off their investment. It’s all 3-4 story old brick buildings packed together.

  25. Monday, when everyone goes back to work, they will find all of the gun stores cleaned out. The alarms were all off line because of the AT&T outage…

  26. Maybe some bank vaults too.

  27. they will find all of the gun stores cleaned out.

    Too late, the panic buying before the election took care of that.

  28. Ss gift just went 60 plus miles the wrong way. It was 14 miles from the destination and now it’s an hour and a half away

  29. I can’t even right now. PRIORITY MAIL. Most recent location on top.

    December 26, 2020, 10:46 am
    Arrived at USPS Facility
    Your item arrived at our USPS facility in ROGERSVILLE, AL 35652 on December 26, 2020 at 10:46 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    December 25, 2020
    In Transit to Next Facility
    December 24, 2020, 10:12 am
    Departed USPS Regional Facility

  30. Oh dear. I hope it has the right zip code. That makes no sense.

  31. Carin, you should mail your packages a bit earlier next year.

  32. 35763 Right here on the receipt. Its right there above the expected delivery date of Dec 11.

    Its funny because I hear all the excuses and Covid, and bla bla bla

    And then this happens. its withing spitting distance on the 24 and now – two days later, its moving further away.

    Priority mail.

  33. Hotspur, did you get that Penis pump you wanted from Santa this year?

  34. Yeah, but it was too small.

  35. Interesting analysis on the Nashville bombing.

  36. Carin: Hotspur, did you get that Penis pump you wanted from Santa this year?

    Hotspur: Yeah, but it was too small.


    Too small? If you couldn’t get a good seal, maybe they make a different gasket for “challenged” individuals.

  37. Dan is negative. I can’t access my results. Meh. Ded Pups is funnier than regular.

  38. Mrs. Pupster and Boy2 just went to get Covid tests. Boy1 has no symptoms and doesn’t want to get tested.

    We got some Chik fil A gift cards for Christmas, looks like hate chicky for dinner. We bought a pre-cooked prime rib for Christmas dinner, Mrs. Pupster thought it was too salty but it was almost all gone by the time we opened presents. Just enough left for me to snack on.

  39. Mmmm…Prime Rib.

  40. I could dig some prime rib. HotBride is making one of my family’s tradtional meat pies right now, and the house smells like 1959.

  41. HS, that’s awesome. Dan is a fruitcake guy. His Aunt would make a boozy Irish cake for Christmas. His dad would get a mince meat pie from Aunt Barb every Christmas. I like empanadas.

  42. All of the restaurants at our airport are closed. Thanks Governor Wuhan. Had Steak Shake for breakfast in LV. Fewer flights mean fuller flights. Southwest started making announcements about “Approved” face coverings. Not on their website. Reminded me of the kid wearing a bandana catching 💩 from the Gate guy in Dallas last month. Fucker didn’t have ears, and the Gate Nazi started giving him shit. Everyone in line called him out on it. He apologized and let the kid on the plane. Fucker.

  43. Shake Shack. WTF did Steak Shake come from?

  44. You still have Stake & Shake? Ours went away years ago…

  45. Vegas does. Had 5 Way chili Mac the other night. Riddle me this. Dan has a sciatica flare up. Why am I going on a diet, other than the fact Dan does the cooking?

  46. Shipped one out on the 12th going to Canada. Last scan was 12/19 in Jamaica NY.

    It’s worth $1000 and the guy waived insurance because he is cheap.

    Hoo boy.

  47. One more person needs to like this post to make Pups dream come true.

  48. Whoa … that’s a lot of likes. Never seen a double row of likes and it looks doable with just 2 or 3 more likes

  49. Bucs going to the playoffs for the first time in a long time and the Pats not going for the first time in a long time. Still haven’t watched a game yet. If Tampa makes it to the SB I’ll watch for Brady.

    I normally pay for a pizza party the Friday before the Super Bowl for the x-ray techs as a thank you gesture, been doing it for about 10 years. I told my friend who helps organize it we’d need to think of another event to celebrate for the party given my football boycott this year. Maye Groundhog Day. Anyway, within a day or two of that conversation I read a hospital email reminding everyone about the dangers of the traditional “Holiday” potluck parties we usually enjoy and warning people that sharing Swedish meatballs and onion dip means you’re okay with killing Grandma. That’s when it occurred to me … they won’t allow a pizza party at work.

  50. Maybe

  51. Call it a protest.

  52. POI for Nashville bombing: Anthony Quinn Warner

  53. Anthony Quinn Warner


    The new Richard Jewell

  54. Protest or Biden victory party

  55. Nashville bombing leaves so many questions out there. Like the Vegas shooting we’ll never get the real story. The comments in that story linked at 3:22 by Pepe bring up a lot of theories I didn’t even consider.

  56. Jimbro, our holiday parties have been shit. Worse than usual. When you consider that over 70% have tested positive and are back at work, it becomes even more Sofa King. Night crew gets pizza parties…they’ve all been positive and are back at work.

  57. I’m beginning to really enjoy conspiracy theories.

    The thing is, now nobody will trust the FBI investigation. I know I won’t.

  58. Sewer gas.

  59. I scored a metric crap ton of mashed potatoes as parting “gifts” from the family, not sure how many long tons a crap ton is equal to, however I am making mushroom gravy and Yorkshire pudding because nothing goes with mashed taters like YP

  60. I am on page 292 of a 900ish page book. The action has finally started. Most books are 300 ish pages long, Neal Stevenson and James Michener excepted among a few others Tolstoy and Tolkien etc.

    So far Christians who actually do something are the Klan, not just KKK but highly positioned Klan, other Christians are dupes who fall in with the clan and rent porn. Race so far plays a big part of the book, So far the most sympathetic character is a young teen skater from California who’s mom is a crystal believing loon that moved to Missouri because she was convinced California was about to fall into the sea because of bad karma, yet the New Madrid fault is killing everyone in flyover country.
    I am about to give up because of such a trite portrayal of flyover stereotypes. All it needs is a Gay Muslim Transgender saving the day to complete the cliché or is it trope or bromide?

  61. I got out the toolbox to fix the one burner on the stove that a) doesn’t work and b) we like the most. Now the whole stove is broken. Hopefully not beyond repair, but i have no idea what’s going wrong.

  62. Government & Media Ridicule:

  63. Watching “Buckaroo Banzai” with the kids. “Laugh it up, monkey boy!”

  64. I think it only shows so many likes and shuffles through them. I created a new WP account to add another like, and it showed up for a while in the row of avatars, but now it’s gone.

  65. I forgot Yakov Smirnoff was in this.

  66. Vmax, I am reading the republished 1914 California 6th Grade Reader that Jerry Pournelle did a few years ago. It’s amazing and tragic how far we’ve dumbed down our kids. A lot of great poetry like “The Song of Hiawatha” plus Jason and the Argonauts.


    Click on the quote (but I don’t know how this will display), so maybe not…

  68. I might have figured out a fix. It doesn’t involve ordering a new part, and it does involve super glue and some g-rated swearing.

  69. Golly gee willickers.

  70. Well, aitch-E-double hockey sticks! Shut the front door!

  71. Todd Flanders voice: My ears are burning!

  72. Sobek needs to be enrolled in one of my dad’s courses down at the community college.

    Swearing In Front of Shocked Children 202 (there’s a prereq., Swearing In Front of Clueless Infants and Their Horrified Parents 101)

    Swearing In Ways That Are Offensive Even to People Who Swear a Lot 404.

    After the last final exam, the class stands together holding hands while they get excommunicated. It’s beautiful.

  73. Delia enjoyed researching phenomena.

  74. Birmingham Alabama.

  75. The ss package is touring Alabama. What are the odds? It sits in Detroit for two and a half weeks now its going to circle around Roamy for a week just teasing me that it could be delivered. Anyone think it will leave the state.

  76. Gosh darn it.

    Buckaroo Banzai is the apex of 1980s cinema and nobody on Earth (or Planet 10) can tell me different.

  77. The package is going to stay in ‘Bama and may make it before the Epiphany

  78. B’ham seems very Detroit-like in nature

  79. It started in Birmingham. Went to Huntsville, then to Rogersville. Now back to Birmingham.

  80. My nephew John, the guy who had his nurse girlfriend break up with him because her parents told her to a couple of years back, has a new girlfriend. I know this because Paula saw it on Facedouche. I could tell by the way she said it that there was more to the story. Turns out her page “likes” a lot of BLM crap. Geez Louise … Eh, whatever, he’s a vegan, works in a cancer research lab and is trying to get into med school. He lives in Providence so I’m sure he’s surrounded by left wingers everywhere and my sister is the mom who wouldn’t let her boys play with toy guns.

  81. You should tell your nephew that since he’s a white male, he really shouldn’t take the med school spot from a POC. Or a trans individual.

  82. Holidays mess me up. I’m ready to go back to regular time/routine.

  83. i do have a sorta busy week ahead. Dogs are getting groomed, separate days. New furnace being installed on tuesday. There is another holiday near the end of the week, but I’m pretty sure that means nothing at this point.

  84. Huge hullabaloo at work last night while I was charge. Big display of childish union job nonsense. Not looking forward to doing another 12 hour shift. But I volunteered. Can’t complain. At my jerb, lots of the techs do doubles, for several days at a time. A real double is 16 hours.

    *avoids looking directly at Carin*

  85. I don’t have to work until next year

  86. I’ll be working in 20 minutes.

    No coffee for Jay.

  87. well I’m getting paid so it kind of counts

    sips coffee

  88. What is work?

  89. What is work?

  90. Baby don’t hurt me.
    Don’t hurt me.
    No more.

  91. I think I’m all better now. Are we opening presents today?

  92. Right. Perspective, perspective. I needed that.

  93. I’m working half-days this week. Might get to go on-site one day.

  94. Pupster, the dead feel no pain. You’ll be fine.

  95. Roamy’s is the only one still in transit, so I’m okay doing an opening post. MiL is visiting later, so send me pics and I’ll get one started in an hour or so when wife is back from work.

  96. You should tell your nephew that since he’s a white male, he really shouldn’t take the med school spot from a POC. Or a trans individual.
    Hetero white male – strike
    Poli science major – strike
    Smart guy, but not a genius – strike

    He’s a really nice kid, has more empathy for patients he encounters in the lab than I did at the age (mid 20’s) and is diligent. Hopefully he either gets in before too long or moves on to a different career path. My sister, who I love, took 8 years to get her RN degree between switching majors twice and going to a school with co-op experiences (Northeastern). So I don’t think he’s getting any push back from her in that regard.

  97. How does a poli sci major get into med school?

  98. I worked Christmas day until 12:30, then again from 4:00 to 6:00. Worked yesterday until 2:30, then helped move cattle until 5:30. Working today….

  99. How does a poli sci major get into med school?

    Fauci Track.

  100. Actually, if Congress doesn’t get their shit together (ha!), I may be furloughed. I’d rather be furloughed than have that porkapalooza bill. Hope Trump vetoes it.

  101. I looked in our closet for some split peas and there were none.


    Dammit, I thought I bought a bag a while back! We had a ham on Christmas Eve with a good chunk leftover and the soup idea has been forming over the last couple of days.

    I hereby declare an early resolution:

    We’ll be rockin’ in the New Year with split pea soup

  102. Taking night classes for the pre-reqs

  103. Facedouche friend posted a pic of his wife sleeping. To be fair, it was kinda a cute pic of the dogs curled up with her, but I did show it to Mr. RFH and said if he ever posted a pic of me sleeping, I would kill him.

  104. I am getting the Crock Pot out for Split Pea soup with the ham bone, onions and carrots…

  105. The meat pie was amazing last night. HotBride always gives it her own twist, so I’m sure my purist dad would stick his nose up at it, but I think this was the best I ever had. Now we’re having leftovers for brunch.

  106. Hotspur, please get Hotbride to post the recipe at the hostage recipe site.

    Split pea soup sounds good. Not sure if I’m cooking at all today – we have a pile of leftovers.

    There’s an Aldi’s fan group on Facedouche where the moderator posts budget recipes based on the week’s sales, people post reviews of the items sold on the “Aisle of Shame” (don’t buy the $4.99 watch) and what they are making for dinner. One lady posted her Christmas charcuterie “board”, which was the whole table, just loaded down with fruit, veggies, dips, salami, cheeses, etc. It was very pretty and looked delicious and mostly healthy. Killjoys panicked “oh you shouldn’t have that many people at your house”, and she cheerfully told them that she wasn’t living in fear and that they could all shove it up their asses. My hero.

  107. BTiLC > BB


  109. BTiLC > BB


  110. Are the holidays over yet?

  111. Seems so. MiL had car trouble on the way here and turned around.



  114. Roamy, Dan made a Shark Cootchie Board yesterday. Habanero cheese was really spicy. I got the belches. Old people problems

  115. Okay, got my pictures done after opening. I have 3 pics out of 7 possible, so I’ll get those up and people can send to me or edit the poat.

  116. I will open mine when I get home. I’ll post here instead of the actual post.

    sorry I’m at moms. mine, not yours like usual

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