Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born August 7th, 1991 in Perth, Australia.  She stands 5′ 7′ and measures 362538 and 135 lbs.  Please take the charge and be amazed at the ball handling skills of Miss Jem Wolfie.




  1. Foist

  2. Crikey mates!

  3. Are the straps on a couple of those bathing suits made from material developed by NASA? Roamy? Because that’s some space-age technology.

    The picture in the black and white bikini top coming out of the pool reminds me of Kathy Ireland whom I always thought had a unique and attractive look.

  4. I always look forward to Chrispy’s evening comments.

  5. Big girl.

  6. I watched the videos, she is an enterprising young woman who will do well in life despite her good looks, ball skills and huge tits holding her back

  7. We conservatives have always wondered if McCain and Romney were insider maneuverings to throw the election.

    Do you think dems are wondering exactly the same thing with Biden as their candidate? Because he’s awful.

    Been in politics and done nothing but horrible legislation for over 40 years.

    Jimbro said early dementia but I’d say middle at least.

    Corrupt and obviously believes strongly in nepotism.

    He looks like a cartoon.

    Has been shown to be a proven liar and plagiarist.

    His family is nuts.

  8. There’s definitely something going on behind the scenes Mare. The whole world sees it and it would be naive to think his backers don’t too. Maybe their plan is to lose this one so they can spend another 4 years thwarting Trump and come back with a vengeance for 2024 when the country will be begging for socialism

  9. Or, like we’ve talked about before, it’s really about putting a nutty, lefty (same thing) female on the ticket and then Joe has to bow out. Because he will have to bow out.

  10. Failure Theater is a universal phenomenon.

    Clintonistas were never entirely on board with 0bama/Biden, and they might be propping him up to clear the decks of him and his hangers-on. That or they intend to defraud so massively that he’s installed anyhow and they can at least hold the reins while CW2 kicks off.

  11. Today’s model is 10/10 would invade for Rome.

  12. I’ve seen this in gif form but here’s the whole thing complete with a good ole boy saying Holy shit

  13. Whoa, Jimbro, that was incredible. All I could think of was taking a walk in the woods, enjoying nature and thinking happy thoughts and then this thing jumps out of a tree and goes for my throat.


  14. Joe gets it

  15. That was in LA Mare, probably moving your way

  16. California has about 40 million people.

    COVID deaths approximately 3000 (and we know at least, at least 20-30% of those or other things)

    LA county has been given 3 more months of LOCKDOWN.

    If the people don’t protest/riot/or ignore, they get what they deserve.

    *LA county mayor says he’s going to shut off power and water to the businesses that do not comply.

  17. Oh, we have Florida panthers. They look like that except black.

  18. Wow. She’s gorgeous and proportionally smashable. She should get at least a first-round bye in December.

    She’s a winner, Pupster.

  19. Oh my gosh, the PA health official giving idiotic rules is a transgender???????

    OFFS. These people are nuts.

  20. I think this model appeals to the H2 crowd. Smashing dreams are happening.

  21. One look at her picture and that was my immediate assumption, Mare.

  22. ww

  23. 11/10 would smash but not marry

  24. WTF is on her eyelids…look closely.

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  25. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the fuckin’ noobs are ruining gardening. Everybody is fucking up the (usually uncrowded and abundant) town compost piles so much that they’re imposing restrictions and shit.

    I bet they’re all tilling the compost into the soil, too. *shakes head*

    There’s gonna be a lot of ruined lawns this Summer, when the dummies find out that it’s not ‘put a seed in the ground, up comes the corn’ simple.

  26. Calm down Lauraw

  27. ok

  28. I think those are shadows above her eyelids caused by subcutaneous fat atrophy and bad lighting

    More than you want to know about it but may enjoy nonetheless

  29. Laura was using town compost pile before it was cool.

  30. “Drop in seed, get plant” is what I like about pumpkins. Granted, I give them high quality soil and water them in if it doesn’t rain, but they are blessedly low-maintenance.

  31. Pupster, I’m pleased that you’re introducing our northern friends to some southern culture via Blackberry Smoke. Here’s my favorite BBS song. Musically it’s pretty meh, but the lyrics are clever.

    Also, another great boob model. I’d like to watch her take a shower. M


  33. I’m liking Blackberry Smoke, thanks!

  34. Aww, that poor reporter, pepe

    FAKE NEWS IS NON-ESSENTIAL! Haha, that was awesome.

  35. Both the music and the female are definite contenders!

    I’m done musing on why people don’t do X because of Y. 2012 told me all I needed to know.

  36. Read more on that reporter’s twitter feed. Poor little thing.

  37. What happens when you ask Clapper a hard, pointed question?

    And he gets away with it.

  38. Just ordered a dog hair dryer since life has stopped here in michigan, while the dog hair keeps growing, getting dirty.

  39. I’m not taking an effing rushed to market “vaccine” for COVID. FFS, Trump better not pull any shit about a vaccine.

  40. Do your dogs let you clip their nails? We’re in trouble here mainly with that. We tried clipping them and their was a mutiny. Petco is not booking yet and the lady that grooms at our local Vet can’t get them in until June. We have a Furminator comb but of course it’s hidden in a safe place where no one can find it. I ordered two more knock off versions with a lot of 5 star reviews for the price of one Furminator

  41. The Stepford wife:

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  42. Both Clapper and Brennan should be marched off to prison, first.

  43. They do not “let” me cut their nails. But if someone lays one them …

  44. I watched that movie when it was temporarily free on yootoob in its entirety because people were sneaking old movies in for a while.

    Made less sense than most time travel movies. The plot must have been written by some obsessed feminazi or butchered by the studio/producers.

  45. Stepford scientist 1: “We can make nearly-perfect android copies of human women. It’s a triumph!”
    Stepford scientist 2: “Let’s start making clones of Charlie’s Angels and sell them!”
    SS1: “No, lets let men copy their wives down to the fingerprints, then murder and replace them and live in in our sweet subdivision!”
    SS2: “Brilliant!”

  46. The first hearing of the lawsuit against our criminal governor is supposedly happening today. Baited breath but hoping for a Wisconsin-style slapdown.

  47. It’s a beautiful day and I’m overdoing it. Tomorrow is gonna hurt, lol.

    However, I just realized I’m working the next two days, not the next three, which felt almost like finding a fifty in an old coat pocket.

  48. So remember how I mentioned orientation for billing/coding sign-up thru the community college was cancelled twice, the second time I never received notification, so that I could switch to a later date – again. And then I went online to switch to a later date and got confirmation of that date – the 11th – while leaving a message on their phone for a callback to ask wtf, please let me know if this has just been canceled until the fall or what. Got the callback and the gal tells me that the orientation on the 11th is for EMT and I’m like, the email confirmation I have specifically said, b/c. She’s like ‘nah’ and then signs me up for yesterday, Thurs. the 14th, and to watch the email because they will send me another email the day before to let me know all the info on how to get into Zoom.

    I got a reminder on Monday, the 11th that more info will follow and they’ll see me soon at the CC location. Mmkay. I checked my email several times throughout the day, on Wednesday. Nothing. I checked my email yesterday, the day of, in the morning, at noon, and about 3pm. Nothing. So continued to get things done around the house, got dinner going and happened to look in my email at 6:30. They finally sent the information I was supposed to get the day before, at about 3:45. The orientation was at 5pm. They also sent an application and overview of what I guess the ‘teacher’ discussed.

    It had me wondering, if they can’t properly coordinate an online class, will the actual class be the same kind of cluster? Not to mention, who will be hiring early September, after this class ends Aug. 30th?

  49. The weather sucks here. It’s been cold and overcast. Yesterday did warm up to ‘muggy’ and I had to flip on the A/C upstairs I got so friggin hot with back-to-back blasts from the internal furnace. Storms moved in overnight and I woke up feeling hungover. No sun until Sunday.
    Not much of a spring. Still have to pot up some basil and a banana pepper.

    And I’m so sick of the D.C. f*cks, I can’t even listen to Rush today.

  50. We took one dog to a tennis court and let him chase tennis balls for a little while. The abrasive surface wore his nails down so no trimming.

  51. You cannot make this shit up…first the tranny in PA now we have a vampire in LA. WTFF????

  52. ^^^^THAT is the effing LA health department director.

    How is that possible?

  53. Now, this is a sheriff I can stand behind. And if you read the article not only is she not enforcing “stay at home” she says she can’t she’s too busy re-arresting zero bail losers the state let go because of corona.

  54. Anita had put stakes where we are going to re-plant grass to shrink the garden. She put 4″ of mulch around the finely sifted dirt for the carrots and the bed for the corn, put-up the bean poles, a big tomato cage, and filled four 5 gallon buckets with dirt for the “Yard Enforcer” motion-activated sprinklers that we use to keep the critters out of the garden. She put the sprinklers in the buckets, but they are not connected because we have not planted.

    This morning the sifted dirt for the carrots is kicked out into the mulch, the tomato cage is pulled out and bent, mulch is scattered all over, all the stakes are pulled out and scattered, and the hated sprinklers are pulled out of the buckets of dirt and kicked around the garden.

    As a final ‘fuck you’, the elk went into the perennial row and stomped the rhubarb into mush.

  55. If we had elk here I think I would find a different hobby. Probably hunting/ strong fence building.

  56. You’re gonna need a bigger gun

  57. Will an elephant gun work on elk?

  58. Elk meat is good, right?

    Chrispy, you are outside of city limits, would you be allowed to shoot on your property?

  59. We can shoot here, it’s not a real good idea because a lot of the parcels adjacent are only 5 acres, so people, cars, horses, and houses are in range.
    Yes, elk are tasty…

  60. Hmm, guess what party this person is in. Might surprise you, it did me!

    “I could not in good conscience vote to accept this Washington gamesmanship, or vote to approve unrelated wastes of taxpayer dollars, while Iowa sees its COVID-19 case rates climbing and parts of my district become a national hotspot. I will always stand up to anyone – even my own party – when it comes to doing what’s right for Iowa,” she added.

  61. Grow the hottest peppers you can, crush them into vinegar, spray your perimeter with the mix.

  62. Hotspur, I got Hotbride’s card. I could hear her sweet voice saying the words. Please squeeze her for me.

  63. By the time a pepper gets hot in WA, Summer’s over.

    And what if they’re Mexican elk, Leon? That might attract them, and God help Crispy if they start doing tequila.

  64. set out lemons instead of limes. They’ll be so offended they’ll go to the next house

  65. Elk tear up everything. Fences don’t even slow them down. One guy had a small hay field that the elk were grazing every night. He complained and Game & Fish gave him some starburst shotgun shells to fire into the air. Loud noise, bright light, that were supposed to scare the elk off. They worked twice, then the elk ignored them. After that, the farmer started shooting the elk in the ribs with the special shells, and that ran them off. 🙂


    So tired of these. I feel bad for that guy, really I do.

  67. You would not believe the carolina sweet maizefurter crop this year, Lauraw. I can send you some seeds.

  68. Stoopid elk. They would jump the fences at Chama Land and Cattle and do lots of damage. It is weird seeing people working without masks. Our servers had to wear masks, but customers didn’t. The Black Hills look like a greener version of the Pecos. We’re in Deadwood. Dan was gaming earlier. Win a little. Lose a little. Just happy to be out. Pool is open. Restaurants are open. You’re supposed to self socialize on the machines, but the machines aren’t blocked off. License plates from all over the country in the parking lot. People are friendly here.

  69. I don’t believe in your fake vegetables, Pupster. Don’t know how many times I have to tell you.

  70. May probably tripped and fell on something sharp like a stake or whatever.

    I barked my shin on one just this past week.

  71. *kicks the crap outta the blog*

  72. I just took the plunge and ordered new lawn care implements. My lawn is medium sized so I dont need a rider. I got a new push mower and a craftsman cordless trimmer. I also got a ac window unit cause like some of you gals (I wont name names but their initials a are beasn n mare) my better half is a flashbulb and I’m trying to figure out how to super cool a bedroom. That’s my big day. 500 bucks.

  73. Stimulating the economy.

    Good job.

  74. * pulls up blog’s garden stakes and throws them in the pool *

  75. Shoot that thing too.

  76. Today’s funny moment was during the telecon when lib co-worker excitedly told us that Mooch was going to host a virtual graduation party for all the grads out there, isn’t that awesome? Dead silence.

  77. Who would even remotely care or want to hear her speak that wasn’t paying for access to graft?

  78. Can’t believe no one commented about the camel toe link.

  79. Leon, people who, for some reason, miss the Obama years, believed the hype about toned arms and fashion sense, and think we’re raaaaacist if we aren’t the same.

  80. I just about puke when I see her cameos on old Sesame Street episodes.

  81. I hope she decides to stay in Martha’s Vinyard.

  82. My favorite Blackberry Smoke. Someone here posted it first.

  83. This is a good watch. Lunar industry.

  84. Speaking of space programs, there’s a launch at 8something Eastern time of the X-37B space plane.

  85. I think I’ve isolated my real problem, w.r.t. damnation. It’s a subset of the Problem of Evil. Call it the Problem of Concupiscence. A person can pledge themselves in baptism or confirmation, renouncing sin and Satan and so forth, and yet still find themselves vulnerable to pedestrian temptations as part of the broken-ness of human nature as a result of Original Sin. Mary didn’t have this, as she was conceived immaculately. Jesus didn’t have this, as He was God the Son. But everyone else born since the Fall has this. Baptism removes the stain and permits reunion with the Father in Heaven if the soul remains unstained by further sin, Confirmation is supposed to strengthen virtue so that the Gospel may be promulgated by worthy disciples, and yet concupiscence remains.

    Why? Why are the sacraments not efficacious? Why is Reconciliation not final, eliminating the temptation to fall again and again? God can take this from us if He wills it, and we can will it with all our heart, and yet we fall to temptation repeatedly. Why? What greater purpose does this serve, other than to make the pursuit of virtue appear to be a rigged, unwinnable game? To render every would-be saint a broken-hearted beggar for mercy? I don’t get it. I want to quit sinning, He wants me to quit, and let he leaves my frailty — with which I was born through no fault of my own, which was further increased by the environment in which I was raised — fully in force. I pray for greater strength and weaker temptation, and all I receive is silence and greater self hatred. I’m in a very dark place with the almighty, and deeply angry at Him whom I’m commanded to love. I don’t know what to do with that, and have no one to talk with about it. I’ve begged Him for annihilation, since I didn’t ask to exist and Jesus says plainly that it is better never to have been born than to be damned, but I’m still here.

    I shouldn’t post this. I never found $20, but I’m still tithing just in case it matters.

  86. Sorry, been pondering that all day and wanted to get it out so I could review it later. I should have put it on my blog or something.

  87. Leon, lots of saints have had dark nights of the soul, spiritual dryness. Mother Teresa in particular. There are times when prayer is easy, times when prayer is hard, and you have trust in God that that is what you need at that time. Keep trying even if it’s hard, you’ll get there eventually. Fake it ’til you make it. The very fact that you realize that something is missing means that you are headed in the right direction. Praying when it’s hard, going to church when it’s hard, trying not to sin when it’s hard, are all saying yes to God.

    Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” That’s not damnation.

  88. He also says that the gate is narrow and that the lukewarm will be spat out as unknown. There is no assurance nor rest in that. I’m only as strong as He made me, yet I when I fail Him, the fault is mine, not His, since graces are poured out and none are tested beyond their limits. So He creates me, then He tests me, then I fail, but it’s me who bears the weight of that failure, not Him.

    I can’t be the first person to follow this line of thought, I know that, but the only conclusion I’ve seen thus far amounts to “few are saved”. I can’t genuinely love God at the same time as I’m begging semicoherently for mercy, so that can’t be what He wants, but I can’t reach another logical conclusion. I’ll have to look tomorrow.

  89. Greta Thunberg -7/10 Would not smash. Would not acknowledge presence.

  90. Derek enjoyed restoring Packards.

  91. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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