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Your model for today was born on Friday the 13th, 1998 somewhere in Wisconsin, now residing in Los Angeles, CA.   She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 34D2434 and 136 lbs.  Please get ready to fall in love with Miss Sabrina Lynn.



  1. Cancel the rest of the year and let’s vote for BBF Model Of The Year now.

    Holy crap, Pupster broke the site!

  2. Skrizzly sip what?

  3. She was born to cosplay Gwen Stacy

  4. You got good taste in music Pups. If forced to drive cross country with you I don’t think I’d be tempted to kill you in the desert and bury you in an empty 50 gallon drum over the music selection

  5. Thanks buddy. I don’t think I can top this poat either.

    As far as the music goes, Mrs. Pupster subscribed to Spotify a few years ago, I thought it was a waste of money at the time. Now I use it every day, I look for playlists based on keywords like stoner rock, heavy blues, and a couple of others. I just let them play on my phone and favorite the ones I like, then on Saturday mornings I search on YouTube for the artists and songs. I’ve probably got 12 hours worth of favorites in a pupster playlist right now that I never review or organize because I am always listening to other user’s channels.

  6. I like.

    /stamps “APPROVED”

  7. Just read that Fotis Dulos died. That will save a little money for our Nutmeggers.

  8. I’ve been reading about the story and just glossing over the name. Fotis. Greek name. My HS girlfriend was Greek and she had an Uncle Fo. He was a Brockton cop and it used to crack me up when he used to visit his brother (girlfriend’s dad) on the weekends. The back of his pick up truck would have tarps and tools and mixed in were random cans of beer from a dozen or so brands. One day it dawned on me that those were all the beers he probably confiscated from kids my age and gave a stern talking to as punishment. Simpler times.

  9. 10/10 would smash if I wasn’t so fat and gay

  10. I’m watching Morning Joe so I can witness the terror first hand.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. Well, her push-up form sucks.

    The rest of her form is acceptable though.

    That’ll do, donkey!

  13. Nadler got to the podium to answer the last question before Schiff could. You can hear on the video Schiff saying, “Jerry. Jerry! Jerry!” Fastest I’ve ever seen Nadler move.

  14. She seems nice. Good job, Pupster.

  15. News of obesity seems to have hit MJ kinda hard. We should do something to make him feel better.

    Should we have beasn decorate one of oso’s cakes with keto frosting?

  16. After watching all the flashbacks to Clinton’s impeachment, I’ve come to a conclusion.

    Nadler looked better fat.

  17. MJ should have no trouble losing the weight on the Tube Snake Diet.

  18. Heh, the Nadler sprint roamy was talking about is pretty funny:

  19. My dentist just asked me to leave them a review on the evil G thingy.

    Leon: “I don’t do social media of any kind. OpSec.”
    Technician: “Oh! This isn’t social media, you just scan this with your phone and then…”
    Leon: “… and then I create a permanent metadata link between my phone, my name, and this practice. No.”
    Technician: “Okay, sorry I asked.”

  20. She literally thought that goggle reviews wasn’t social media.
    Or data mined.

    They wouldn’t have liked the review anyhow.

  21. She knew if she pushed it too far you’d become suspicious and maybe find the transmitter in your tooth

  22. jimbro, that’s private doctor stuff. Thought you knew better than letting that cat out of the bag.

    Now laura’s gonna go on and on, about doctors keeping secrets and shit.

  23. I already read Leon’s review.

  24. Ugh, the left wingers are are giggling and mocking gun rights groups in the office next to my cubicle.

  25. Of course they are. Leftists are shameless about political jabs because they assume there’s no such thing as “mixed company”.

    They also have no decency and tend to smell like rotten avocados, but that’s not relevant.

  26. Tell them only undocumented trans immigrants should be allowed to have guns.

  27. I seriously can’t tell you how many times people just start talking to me about lefty political things. Its sort of shocking. But I am fat and gay so I can understand why they’d think I’m a liberal.

  28. But I am fat and gay so I can understand why they’d think I’m a liberal.

    Do you have a weak, scraggly beard and an open-mouthed grin that never reaches your eyes?

  29. It used to happen all the time when I had to go to an office. Telecons rarely drift that far, thankfully.

  30. We’re going to need to butch MJ up before he meets my friends.

  31. Question : How much space will Brexit free up in the European Union?

    Answer: 1 GB

  32. But not Ireland. The Irish really fell to shite after all the good ones moved here.

  33. I like the picture of her with glasses. It makes her look smart and intelligent and shit. Also her hands are close to her box which I interpret as a defensive measure, and thus, a challenge.

  34. I like that she hasn’t turned her eyebrows into marker-drawn lines.

  35. Don’t kid yourself, Leon. She has some major brow work going. That’s the thing now – those super, super thick dark brows.

    Honestly, no matter what the trend – they all can be silly. I personally think people look best when they stick as close to natural as possible.

  36. Actually, the first picture of her – those brows look pretty drawn on.

  37. Nadler looked better fat.

    Probably smelled better too.

  38. I guess I’m used to the women my age who seem to have plucked them to nothing and the “new trend” still seems like bold acceptance of normal eyebrows. If she’s using something to expand the fucking things… this is a horror on par with Wuhan Bat Gumbo.

    I don’t actually have eyebrows. Too much scarring.

  39. He’s still pretty fat. He just apparently had a bunch of fat removed from his face. Got the jowls pared down.

    MJ, you should do that.

  40. When is your lap-band surgery scheduled for, MJ? You could get both while you’re under.

  41. Well, eyebrows thin as you get older no matter what you do. Right now, they’re all about thick eyebrows, and they do all sorts of things to make them bigger/darker.

    I pluck and have – but only to sort of get some semblance of control. Thick eyebrows don’t grow how they’re drawing them now. It’s all fake. Bushy eyebrows usually need a bit of cleaning up

  42. The only eyebrow hairs I have left are the ones my wife makes me trim so I don’t look like The Juiceman.

  43. Educational Scholarship drama at work. Thankfully it’s not my area so I wasn’t stuck here until 10pm every night this week.

  44. I’m watching videos about O’Neill Cylinders.

  45. MJ, you should do that.

    Oh Lord, I’m dying here.

  46. I haven’t seen an answer to the cosmic ray issue yet. Curious how you get around that without some exotic material in the shell.

  47. The Dad Bod is real, MJ.

  48. Okay, got mentioned. The problem of radiation is largely an artistic one. As in “doing concept art of a space cylinder is cool, but depicting an asteroid with a tunnel through it isn’t”.


    *punches CARin right on Pay’s good shoulder*

  50. sorry.

  51. Okay, got mentioned. The problem of radiation is largely an artistic one. As in “doing concept art of a space cylinder is cool, but depicting an asteroid with a tunnel through it isn’t”.

    I want moon bases.

  52. When is your lap-band surgery scheduled for, MJ? You could get both while you’re under.
    Day after tomorrow. Dr Nowzardin said I need to lose 60 pounds in the first month to be considered for weight loss surgery. I was able to do that in just under a day.

    He’s going to do a mastectomy as well. I want to keep one titty so I have something to shelter under when it rains.

    My jowls my choice!

  53. Also, a number of ideas I’ve seen solve it by having water storage surrounding the living quarters, water being such an excellent shield against radiation.

  54. Lunar gravity is too low. If there are moon bases, it’ll be for the robots strip-mining He-3.

  55. I’d seen the water storage idea before, but I think that has mechanical issues. Now that I’ve seen it proposed, I really like the idea of a tunnel into an asteroid and an artificial sort of mountain built up to shield the cylinder. An asteroid also gives you a source for metals and a nice big counter-rotating mass to prevent precession.

  56. Jesus, man. What are you talking about?

  57. ^^^


  58. Comment by MJ on January 31, 2020 11:54 am
    Jesus, man. What are you talking about?

    He’s designing a giant hamster wheel for you.

  59. *puts on monocle

    Oh, right. Of course the gravity thingamajig wouldn’t be something by that. Only an idiot would think otherwise. I dare say. And whatnot.

  60. We’re designing the prison where the Democrats will eventually be held. Because St. Helena ain’t gonna cut it this time.

  61. Or, alternately, we’re discussing where the next Rome will be, since we’re fresh out of Frontier down here.

  62. Things are getting weird around here.

    I like it.

  63. Fatty better start running since he just committed to the ragnar ultra in September.

  64. How many minutes should I put a whole tuna in the microwave for?

    I’m just looking to wake it up a little. Not kill it.

  65. Fatty is running. I promise you that.

  66. I started watching the movie Van Helsing last night. Totally believable. I want his gun. The Dracula brides are HOT.

  67. A whole tuna in the microwave, lol. My mom remembers when she was a kid, being in a market in Buenos Aires with the fishmonger taking crosswise slices off an enormous tuna like wagon wheels.

    Oh, and you really should watch this whole video. I really, really want Biden to be the nominee. All the shit that was buried in 2008 will be extravagantly mined by Trumps’ team.

  68. Dracula 2000 had some hawt brides too.

  69. And despite all of that dickassery Biden prevailed in the political arena. Democrats are dipshits.

  70. He’s was an idiot 12 years ago. Now he’s a very slow idiot.

    It’s not gonna be him anyway.

  71. I know. Sigh. So sad. He’s the perfect one. A buffoon, and evil. Can’t even draw an endorsement from his former two-time running mate. This is a tragic loss of future comedy.

  72. Biden is a POS. But he’s also an old man that shouldn’t be doing this.

    Fuck his asshole wife and cokewhore son for pushing him into this.

  73. Happy Brexit Day!

  74. The democrat scum tried this same bullshit with Kavanaugh – delay, delay, delay, drip drip drip.

    Suck my balls, bitches.

  75. Pedo in Des Moine, who has molested children between the ages of 1 – 13 released from jail because he says he’s now a woman.

  76. LOL Nadler didn’t show up today.

  77. Can they play the rape card again?

  78. Pedo in Des Moine, who has molested children between the ages of 1 – 13 released from jail because he says he’s now a woman.

    Remember when conservatives cynically joked that would happen and the left insisted that there was no way it could?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  79. MJ?

  80. Roamy, we’ve got a couple of friends who live in or near The Hill. What restaurants you got on your list? I can ask which ones they’d recommend. Lots of good eating on The Hill.

  81. Trump mocking Pelosi by handing out pens

    Comments are great.

  82. Where did we eat during the STLMU?

  83. Whoa:

    Can you hear the air escaping the balloon in large volume, all at once?

    Word has it Susan Collins started speaking at the same time, she’s 3 words in.

  84. Pedo in Des Moine, who has molested children between the ages of 1 – 13 released from jail because he says he’s now a woman.

    It would just be a shame if xis address and some photos made it to 4chan. The harassment xhe would experience might go on for the rest of xis life.

  85. The harassment xhe would experience might go on for the rest of xis life.


  86. One year old. One.

    That there’s breath in his lungs is an indictment of everyone near him with access to a hammer.

  87. Let the 10/10 smashing begin!!

  88. 10/10 would smash if I wasn’t so fat and gay.


    Holy shit, that’s funny.

    Mare loves MJ.

  89. Which is, of course, the reason he wanted out of Gen Pop at a men’s prison. No hammer needed when you’ve got 5 friends who miss their kids.

  90. Booby model’s eyebrows are most natural in the pic of her wearing the red sports bra. She’s most pretty in that one.

    My mom and sister plucked their brows to nothing. I mostly just kept mine from being a uni-brow. Daughter thanked me for setting an example of not overdoing it.
    Since about age 40, only once in a blue moon do I have to pluck an errant eyebrow hair out of my chin. And like Car in mentioned, with age, they’re thinning out.

  91. One year old. One.

    That there’s breath in his lungs is an indictment of everyone near him with access to a hammer.

    Male or female, any f*cker who does that needs to be in a hole in the ground. Maybe that is why he wants to transition, so that he’ll be harder to find.

  92. And a pox on every house who allows this freak to walk.

  93. Aww, lookit all the doggehs at daycare!! Elliott looks all growed up and full of himself.

  94. How are Beasnette and Beasnsoninlaw settling into married life?

  95. Side boob! Under boobs! NIPPLES!!!!! Is this a great country, or what?

  96. Hehe, Arrowhead burgers

  97. $8 a lb hamburger, lovely.

  98. And a pox on every house who allows this freak to walk.

    There’s a great vigilante TV series to be had in a “Dexter”-like character that lives daily life as a super-liberal judge that lets these assholes off just to execute them at leisure after they think they’re safe.

  99. If only there was a way an average person could shape ground beef …

  100. Too dark for TV Leon. Great plot for a novel

  101. Quick quiz. Who knows what the term DSL refers to (not in regards to internet service).

  102. Dip Shit Liberal?

  103. Is it the same as CSL?

  104. Dick-sucking lips?

  105. dick sipping lefty

  106. CoAlex, I’m guessing married life is going okay for them. They finally opened a joint bank account but it looks like she’s still paying all of the bills from her pre-married account her check gets deposited in.
    I’m hoping because he’s paying his stupid school loans down as much as he can each month. Though she had enough to cover it….which is entirely something that could happen, if it wasn’t already done…..which they’ll never tell me.

  107. Dog Shit Liar?

  108. DSL…opposite of LSD in druggie world.

  109. My wife and I didn’t have a joint bank account until last October after 14 years of marriage.

  110. Catholic historian Roberto de Mattei is claiming, based on documents he has received from “several bishops,” that Pope Francis’ post-synodal exhortation of the Amazon Synod will open the door to abolishing priestly celibacy in the Latin church.

    According to documents obtained by Corrispondenza Romana, the apostolic exhortation, due for release in February, repeats almost verbatim a paragraph dedicated to priestly celibacy the synodal final document.

    De Mattei argues that the inclusion of this text effectively “opens the door” for the German Bishops, and others, to create a married clergy. “There is no reason to prohibit in other regions of the world what will be permitted in some parts of the Amazon,” he writes.

  111. I just opened a joint bank account with my future wife, Svetlana. She lives in Russia.

  112. Comment by Hotspur on January 31, 2020 1:40 pm
    LOL Nadler didn’t show up today.

    To be fair, he left to be with his wife, who has pancreatic cancer.

    I can’t stand the guy, but I’m willing to give him a pass on this.

  113. I think it’s a little funny that 200+ years later, Britain finally gets its own Independence Day.

  114. Are they sure that they want priests to be able to marry?

    One vindictive divorce could set a whole lot of alimony/child support cases rolling, and the wealth of the Catholic Church could be wiped out in one generation.

    Lots of ambulance-chasing, rent-seeking lawyers out there who will be more than willing to empty the deep pockets of the Church.

  115. Don’t Smack Leon?

  116. There are some Latin Rite priests that are married, converts from Anglican/Episcopal. Nearly all of them agree that being unmarried would make priestly life easier. I doubt very much that the practice would significantly change even if the discipline did. And it’s a matter of an Order vs Diocesan priesthood, too. I don’t foresee Dominicans or Benedictines ordaining married men, or even Jesuits.

    That said, this is an imbecile covered in gasoline playing with matches. It’s going to cause schism not seen in 10 centuries if it’s true.

  117. WTF? Bolton hired the Vindman twins?

    fuck that guy

  118. Mrs. Pupster and I had a joint account for our first 15 years of marriage, until I finally had to make her get her own after she bankrupted us with unauthorized purchases of dog toys, hookers, blow, and methamphetamine.

  119. Please tell me she was using all of those simultaneously.

    Lie to me if you have to.

  120. I cast thee out Ginger Succubus! (right after we do some “things” over here behind this closed door)…….

  121. Oh no, they were all for me. I just didn’t authorize it.

  122. No witnesses for the democrat dickholes. Fucking Collins and Romney have achieved dickhole status.

  123. Huh, I didn’t realize GB was in the EU for 47 years. They must have adopted the Euro later than 47 years ago because I spent pounds in London and Ireland when I was well past drinking age.


    Pseudomonas and Proteus.

    Eww …

  125. Trump murdered another religious scholar.

  126. Birds also smell like Fritos.

  127. Bolton hiring the Vindman’s? He ain’t as bright as we thought. What a disappointment.

  128. Husband and I have always had joint accounts as we have always been on the same page re: finances. I did put a little savings acct in my name back when I was working but he told me to keep it in the event someone hacks into the one we use most often. It is now used for paypal/ebay when I sell stuff.

  129. We’re on the same page, we just had separate accounts when we married and never got around to changing that.

  130. My sister and her husband have a joint acct and then one of their own. He makes a lot more than she does, even in his retirement but she has to pay half of every bill, sometimes more because he spends every other dime he gets. She has to beg him for his half. He refuses to save anything and she can never get ahead to save enough to get away from his arse.
    He’s also been getting into his pension. I’m thinking he wants to disappear it so that there would be little left for his ex-wife…and my sister if she decides to leave his ass.

  131. GB never adopted the Euro. I spent Pounds Sterling there in 2013. I don’t think Norway ever went to the Euro either. We’re going to Czech Republic and Poland for my 60th in a couple of months and both of those countries still maintain their own currency.

  132. Just got a call from Pet Paradise. I was freaking out. They just wanted permission to have one on one doggie care. They think she’s slowing down. We know she’s slowing down.

  133. My favorite quote from today: The talking heads on cable news all look like kids that got socks for Christmas.

  134. Beasn, the restaurants are Bartolino’s, Rigazzi’s, and Favazza’s. Also looking for a good STL BBQ place that caters. Waiting on an approximate headcount from FDIL.

  135. Mr. RFH and I have always had a joint account. I handle all the money.

  136. My favorite quote from today: The talking heads on cable news all look like kids that got socks for Christmas.

    Someone needs to photoshop Maddow’s head onto Ralphie in the bunny suit.

  137. Roamy, I saw that one. LOL

  138. Did you guys know about Rat Lungworms? I do, now.

  139. Tree outside our room is where every single bird on Big Island roosts for the night. It is pretty amazing.

  140. Cook rat to 165 and you’ll be OK.

  141. *does the hang loose hand sign at Oso*

    How many whales have you seen today?

  142. MJ would do the same but his hands are full of cake.

  143. I should save this for HHD, but I won’t.

  144. Pups? J’Ames?

  145. of course!

  146. Whoa, Bolton took $100k for a couple speeches from a Ukrainian oligarch? Per John Solomon.

    Follow the money, again.

  147. Pre trump service, BTW

  148. Interesting. In the way that cocksucking pricks are interesting. Bolton and Romney are “follow the money” WHORES. And not the good kind. Yes, very interesting.

  149. haha, MSDNC interviewing Lev Parnes on the senate vote.

  150. HI MARE!

  151. Pups, wrong side for whales. Road trip tomorrow. MJ, get a FB Page. Malasadas and whales, FTW

  152. Darren envied rich people.

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