Big Game Coming Up

Several years ago I learned that Super Bowl was trademarked by the NFL and that’s why all the print, radio and television ads referred to the “Big Game” (-wink wink-nudge nudge-). In a remarkable turn of events a 72 year old Tom Brady is sitting home with his grandkids and watching the game rather than playing in it this year.

Never had a chance to see Yo La Tengo. I was a fan and had several of their albums. I remember distinctly a trip with my younger brother Kevin to Mt Washington. We stayed overnight at the Lake Of The Clouds hut and as we hiked out the following morning we passed several school groups hiking up the mountain. I was wearing a Yo La Tengo shirt and some kid ran up to me saying “I got it!” with a big grin on his face. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about until he pointed at my shirt. [“Yo La Tengo” (Spanish for “I have it” (referring to a female gender object or person).] I’m sure he had some laughs making fun of the stupid gringo on his way up the mountain. Soon after we came to another group of Chinese kids sitting by the side of the trail. We were surprised when we saw them throwing trash on the ground. Since we were less than 20 minutes from the parking lot I just picked the trash up while giving the kids a death stare. One of the Chinese kids got a big smile on his face and said “Oh, you are a Nationalist”! My brother and I looked at each other nervously, not completely understanding Chinese politics but knowing the Nationalists and the Communists had it out earlier in the century. We smiled and laughed as we backed our way down the trail and a few minutes later realized he was calling me a naturalist. No, just a guy who doesn’t throw my trash in the fucking woods.





I like the Chiefs here, hoping they win. Teams are pretty evenly matched and hopefully the “Big Game” goes down to the wire and has a crazy ending. Happy Thursday



  1. Hope you a enjoy the game. I haven’t watched a NFL game in 3 or 4 years. Didn’t even know who was in the big game. Chiefs and niners? Never would have guessed that.

  2. Football is the primary sport I watch. If the other Boston teams are doing well I’ll jump on the bandwagon and watch the games. The main reason I stuck with the NFL, other than liking to watch the games, is the Brady/Belichick combo which will be hard to replicate. If the Patriots were like all the other schlubs (which is where they’re likely heading) I’d have probably given up a while ago and just caught an occasional game.

  3. Sportsball, bah.

    Feeling much better today. Thanks to all who gave or offered support, that goes a long way towards neutralizing that nasty little voice in the head.

  4. LOL. Fox screwed up, put up Doug Collins’ photo instead of Susan Collins as a senator calling for witnesses.

  5. Glad you are feeling better, BroTim. Still praying for you.

  6. The Super Bowl is really a unique American event. Sort of a secular celebration of excess. My one gambling event of the year (except for occasional lottery tickets and birthday scratch tickets). I do the squares thing with one of the x-ray techs I’ve known forever. I think in 10 years I’ve won once and the rest of the time I’ve paid the winners. I also contribute biggly to a pizza party for the x-ray techs as a once a year Thank You because they do work closely with us and most of them are excellent with my patients. I’ve never built a snack stadium but it’s on my bucket list. When it happens it will be the scaled down version. Other than some dips we’ll be eating normal Sunday food since we’re not kids anymore. Paula and I had the menu discussion last night and the winner ended up being pot roast.

  7. Same here.

    And if it weren’t for this place, I wouldn’t know feetsball was still being played.

  8. The “same here” was praying for Tim. No pot roast or Paulas in my house yesterday.

  9. Wakey wakey

  10. beasn – I put a picture on your facedouche page

  11. So, yesterday Moose ate a bunny and I added 15 pounds to my squat clean PR.

    I really don’t know how today can top that.

  12. In another interesting development – I’ve actually had MINIMAL pain in my shoulder the past two nights or so. I got that sport massage last week (ouch) and I’ve been working on pullups/hanging from the bar with bands (so it’s a controlled thing). I can’t help but think that the hanging is putting things back where they’re supposed to be.

  13. Pay gets his staples out today.

    What else?

    Nope. I think that’s everything from here.

    My wifi is acting weird. It works spotty on my phone. My kindle won’t work on it at all. It says it has a good strong signal. Says it’s connected. But just half the time it just poops out. I an’t figure it out. Don’t know if it’s the router or the cords or what.

  14. Which , is all problematic because I want to download a book.

    Oh, one more thing. My phone works like hell in the house (metal roof). but my new apple watch? It works great. So now I just pretend I’m a super spy or something and talk with my watch.

  15. We are having a very mild winter.

    I think I have only put on a winter coat 3-4 times.

  16. Lot of folks like the Pats that you wouldn’t think did (not from the NE area or what have you). I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010-11 with a company from the Yankee Division (based stateside out of the Boston area). Those guys were hilarious… But the Pats lost the Superbowl that year. It was like a funeral around the COP for weeks. Not a single wise-ass comment made for days. I was starting to worry about them.

  17. They all think alike at Harvard.

    Malia Obama Told To ‘Shut The F*** Up’ By Comedian For Interrupting His Show

    She and her friend were whispering and making fun of the comedian during his show from the front row, so they got the heckler treatment. Harvard audience didn’t think much of his shaming the princess and her friend.


  18. 20 years ago tonight HotBride and I met for the first time at some mutual friends’ Super Bowl party.

    You could probably look up who was playing. Friends kept the sound off except during the commercials.

  19. In my army guard days I was attached to some headquarters company and my “drills” involved doing retention physicals in an armory in Springfield MA. Lots of YD troops passed under my stethoscope back when I knew where mine was. Losing twice to the Giants led to sadness both times it happened. As much as people make fun of Eli Manning I just can’t because he made Brady his bitch twice

  20. Woo hoo! The organization I work for finally paid attention to the havoc caused by an ill-chosen deadline and shuffled it out of the way so I and my fellows elsewhere can actually get our jobs done! (If this seems vague, it’s because identifying who I work for in public settings would effectively give away my identity, and while I can live with being a target, I’d rather not make those around me targets as well…)

  21. Tim, that’s great news. Take the small victories where you can.

  22. DA BEARS!!!

  23. super bowl shuffle was teh awesom

  24. Who let Roethlisberger in?

  25. Man, I had to suppress the impulse to execute the standard gag from the HQ on that…

  26. Geez. Maybe a half-dozen total children birthed from the “ladies” in that pic, tops.

  27. I didn’t mean the thumbs down, quite the opposite.

  28. Unlike pupster, full of negativity, I pressed the thumbs up.

    Keep that in mind during the favorite commenter caucus coming up.

  29. J’ames, shouldn’t you be in line already?

  30. Anyone else have a prostate exam this morning?

    Technically I am overweight as well, which kind of made me laugh a bit but also offended me.

  31. Get your butt probed today, fatty?

  32. They covered the rally today, interviewed someone in line. Pretty fair, but they also advertised the protest happening across the street.

    Bernie had a rally in Ames, in a elementary gym (read: small) and they were celebrating the overflow crowd IN 1/2 OF THE DIVIDED GYM!

  33. Wasn’t mentally prepared for that.

  34. Gotta keep your gloves up in here, mister.

  35. Now you’re qualified to be a mayor

  36. Where do I go to get my innocence back?

  37. Comment by MJ on January 30, 2020 10:18 am
    Where do I go to get my innocence back?

    Do service as an alter boy.

  38. MJ: “Where should I put my pants?”

    Doctor: “right over there next to mine”


  39. Look fatty, you’d better get running.

  40. Do you worry when you go in for those that he’s going to notice the waxing, bleaching, and overall looseness of the sphincter?

  41. I can’t. I’m too fat to run.

  42. Less than 8 months.

  43. The Ragnar allows Amigos, right?

  44. I’ll never make it. SOOOOO fat.

  45. One foot in front of the other, tubby. Increase speed. This isn’t rocket surgery.

  46. Car in, you should buy a scooter and chase after him during the race while shouting, “Waddle faster, fatty! IT’S FATTY SEASON!”

  47. Buck up. You want another prostate exam?

  48. LOL. Good idea. Of course, you’re not allowed “pacers” and they may consider that the same.

  49. Waaaay too many carbs on that snack stadium.

  50. Speaking of thumbs up, Hi MJ.

  51. Also, here is your entertainment for today

    You’re welcome

  52. Hey Peej, I noticed you didn’t have a bread machine on your wedding gift registry. Is this a cry for help?

  53. I thought my request for furniture porn would suffice…I don’t wanna be all greedy and shit.

  54. Ugh, Just when I’m getting all settled to be a jackass with the hostages, someone’s computer has issue.
    I don’t come to this place to work

  55. Comment by Car in on January 30, 2020 8:37 am
    So, yesterday Moose ate a bunny and I added 15 pounds to my squat clean PR.

    Feed him another bunny, see if your deadlift goes up……

  56. Feed him another bunny, see if your deadlift goes up……

    Now I’m picturing Moose as an overstuffed ball trying to waddle away while a roid raged Car in chases after him saying, “Just one more. I’ve got to beat my Fran time!”

  57. Do you think Bernie knows the DNC will never let him win?

  58. Friday we’re doing Fran.


  59. Those are the best “wake up ” songs I know.

  60. Missed one.

  61. Today is Wiserbud’s three year anniversary as a radio superstar.

  62. He promised he’d remember us when he was famous.

  63. Maybe I’ll call in and give him a play by play of this morning’s appointment.

  64. Adam Schiff is handsome and virile.


  65. *knocks MJ over with a feather*

  66. I haven’t really been paying attention to the peach mints thing but I caught about 15 mins of questioning yesterday and I’ve seen 10 mins today.

    There is some grade A bullshit being slung here.

  67. I can’t watch anymore. Schiff was just on my teevee and I threw a kettlebell through it.

  68. MJ aren’t you a bit young for your doc to be punching holes in your starfish ?

  69. Or are u applying for the space command ?

  70. Astronaut program?

  71. Adam Schiff is handsome and virile.

    They probed him too hard.

  72. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street?”

  73. Who knew Sesame Street was in the Castro District?

  74. MJ aren’t you a bit young for your doc to be punching holes in your starfish ?
    My dad had prostate cancer a few years back. He’s ok. And I’m pretty cute so….

  75. Hey, everybody stop picking on Fluffy, he can’t help it.

    MJ, do you think your obesity is related to your glandular problems? And have you managed to find a good, supportive bra? Carin has advice on sports bras so your big floppy knockers don’t whip up and knock you out during your run.

  76. jam, I saw a comment of yours a few days ago…something something about being sick and a nurse. Are you okay?


  77. Hey, everybody stop picking on Fluffy, he can’t help it.
    MJ, do you think your obesity is related to your glandular problems? And have you managed to find a good, supportive bra? Carin has advice on sports bras so your big floppy knockers don’t whip up and knock you out during your run.
    I think it’s more related to PCOS. I haven’t found a good sports bra yet. Just this morning I stepped on a man tit while I was running to the freezer to get my sixth bowl of ice cream. Goddam did that hurt.

  78. mmm, $3 steak at Bonanza.

    So fresh you could see where the jockey was hitting it.

  79. Shefit is what I wear, MJ, even though the brand name is (obviously) triggering.

  80. I don’t think She is MJ’s pronoun

  81. Comment by jam2 on January 30, 2020 12:43 pm
    Astronaut program?

    “Ass-tronaut” Pretty sure he’s been riding rockets for years….

  82. OMG, just when you thought impeachment trial couldn’t get any weirder…

    Lev Parnes escorted out of Senate chamber because ankle monitors aren’t allowed


  83. open box sale on Thermapen Mk4 Thermometers, electronic, instant read, highly recommended. 77:14 shipped.

    Email me if interested

  84. Eh, it’s not a personal link:

  85. Shefit is what I wear, MJ, even though the brand name is (obviously) triggering.

    We should start a new brand, Xhefat.

  86. I’m half-listening to Rush and it’s hard to know which way this is going to end. If I heard right this will be over and done with tomorrow. He keeps saying “All they have left is trying to dirty up the acquittal” after playing soundbites of Dems saying you can’t have a trial without witnesses. They’re conveniently forgetting the 17 witnesses they had in the House with no cross examination.

  87. That Thermapen looks too sharp to safely do a rectal temp

    Hopefully they’re not open box goods on sale

  88. Ew, they’ve been poked into someone’s meat already

  89. With MJ’s training he ought to be able to shove his finger up your ass and get within a degree or two. I mean, how accurate does it have to be?

  90. geez, I thought you doctors had steadier hands than that!

    What is Elizabeth Warren gonna pay for when you can’t even take temperature?

  91. So, it’s like your mom putting her hand on your forehead to determine fever, in a way?

  92. I personally like the back of the hand to forehead method. Highly accurate and not as messy

  93. Great minds or something like that

  94. This question is my favorite so far:

    Payyy Murray (D – Washington) Have you ever gone to the doctor and expected to get blood drawn but then someone shoves a finger up your ass? Asking for a friend.

  95. MJ takes a seat after his doctor’s visit

  96. damnit jimbro – that was the image I was going to search for.

  97. Sekulow doesn’t fuck around. Jeez.

  98. They know the media, with malice, will memory hole conveniently forgetting the 17 witnesses partisan hacks they had in the House with no cross examination.


  99. beasn I somehow got an infection in my reft reg and by the time I got to the hospital I couldn’t walk. Four days of Iv antibiotics and now a PICC line and I’m getting ready to head home. Sunday to Monday was dicey — the ugly red line had gotten to the important parts and I was not having a good time.

  100. That image has been around.

    Just like M … I can’t do it. I feel like we’re just piling on now.

    Try this MJ, it says “For Butt”. It ought to do something for you.

  101. The only reason impeachment has gone anywhere is because of the media.

    This is embarrassing. It’s just so fake.

  102. I was walking out of the convenience store this morning with my 20 oz cup of coffee and a newspaper parked in a rack by the door had a headline that read, “Sanders within 3 points of Trump Head to Head”. I didn’t notice whether it was Dallas, Austin, or USA Today. I just thought, “what a bunch of fuckin bullshit”. I’m used to y’all having to live around a bunch of useless dumbasses but I’m not ready for it.

  103. I left something out. It said sanders within 3 points of trump head to head In Texas.

  104. This whole thing is Failure Theater for the Dems’ loony base. Pelosi never wanted to do it in the first place, and none of their subpoenas were backed with force of law. If you really thought you could remove the Prez for cause, you’d make it watertight.

  105. Ah shit, Jam, yikes!! I’m glad the red horse of disaster didn’t take out your vitals and that you’re feeling better. Now please visit more often for your daily dose of Vit. H so that we can keep an eye on you.

  106. And I thought my weekend was shitty…glad you’re on the mend, Jam! People, stay on top of little wounds and infections. They can kill you.

  107. Yikes, jam! I had my brush with sepsis a couple of years back, that’s ugly business. Glad you’re on the mend!

  108. Does this look infected?

  109. When Ethan got that infection, we found it before it made him sick and he kept wondering why we were making such a big deal about it.

  110. My brother in law died of sepsis. He had an abscessed tooth that he refused to get treated. He’d be in extreme pain with a fever, then the infection would burst and the pain would subside a bit, then it would come back even worse. Eventually he got a really bad “case of the flu”.

    His ex-wife and daughter found him on the bathroom floor after nobody had heard from him for four days, including not showing up at his daughter’s soccer game – dead as a doornail.

  111. Glad you’re doing better, Jam! Do they know what caused the initial infection? Did you have a laceration, or was it something else?

  112. Here’s how the witness question should get settled:

    Schiff and McConnell should each have to pull out their dicks on national TV. Then Kamala Harris has to blow them. Whoever cums fastest wins. Even Kamala wins.

  113. … ex-wife and daughter found him on the bathroom floor …
    That’ll leave a mark

  114. Whoever cums fastest wins
    That’ll leave a mark II

  115. only reason impeachment has gone anywhere is because of the media.

    This is embarrassing. It’s just so fake
    One of Trump’s many victories is opening the eyes of so many people about the Fake News Media. Democrat operatives with press passes.

  116. I am getting really tired of everything being “Debunked” without any investigation. Chris Wray needs to be fired.

  117. Lol. Now MJ is the resident fatass!!

    And he gets his prostate rubbed. Hahahahaha

    Yikes, I just grossed myself out.

  118. Star Wars themed plane was next to our jetway at SFO. Weird seeing Southwest at Hawaiian airports. We did the Ricky Gervais and brought our own peanuts onto the plane. No one died.

  119. Holy crap, Jam. I just read about your leg. So sorry but happy you got the treatment you needed in time!! (Hugs and smooches to you and your gimpy leg)

  120. Glad you’re on the mend, Jam!

    Vitamin H puts a smile on my face.

  121. What Mare and Roamy said. PJ wasn’t here long enough to invite us to the 10/10/2020 wedding.

  122. I’m not in charge of inviting people to Rocketboy’s wedding, but I can invite people to the rehearsal dinner.

  123. Alabama meat up?

  124. STL. I have been given the info for several restaurants on “The Hill”, and I was going to ping Beasn about them.


    Favorite comment on this stupid question: “Why Are You Hitting Yourself?”, Senate edition.

  126. And I didn’t like Jonah Goldberg (Ahoy!) much before, but that stupid puking gif he tweeted kept showing up on my Twitter feed until I finally blocked him.

  127. MJ has been debunked.


  128. You don’t know where that guy’s fingers have been.

  129. puke gif is awful

  130. “Turns out impeachment hearings aren’t as interesting without the blowjobs.” – Ron White

  131. Puke gif is worse than Mr Creosate. SIC. Roamy, The Hill has awesome Italian. Mmmm…Fried Ravioli.

  132. Apparently all of the birds in Hilo come home to roost in the tree next to our lanai…🤣🤣🤣

  133. Details emerged. Roderick panicked.

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