Hello best friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born October 13th, 1988 in Mount Union, Pennsylvania.  5′ 4″, 44-28-36 and 135lbs, please keep traffic moving and welcome Miss Christy Marks!





  1. lemonade for the win!!

  2. pup still knows boobs –

    great joob Pup!!!

  3. Good lord. She’s revolting.

    And apparently a bed duster.

  4. The Red Dinner was a year ago.

    Watch the guy on the right when Trump says, ‘Hillary is so corrupt…’

    That is so goddamn funny.

  5. She seems … proud of her funbags

  6. Ew. Those are some nasty boulders. And a distinctly unwholesome smile. Blue tarp on the bed is probably appropriate.

  7. Welp. I gotta go to work. I’ll be on wiser’s show today at around 12:30 Ewok Standard Tiempo.

    Please choose a word or words you’d like me to say on air:

    1. Myopic
    2. Hemorrhoids
    3. Hitler
    4. Fluffernutter
    5. Leon’s flaming pond
    6. Throbber
    7. Ice fishing is the new curling
    8. Hippy fight

  8. I can’t even with this gal.

    wakey wakey

    Ice fishing is the new curling.

  9. I burned the pond on Wednesday, but it’s so low and was so full of dry fuel that I only needed the pilot light. Damned pine trunks are still there, though, I’m going to have to put in some real effort to make them go up in smoke.

  10. Throbber

  11. im gonna miss the muppet show- got a business lunch gig i gotta host

  12. back squatted 190 yesterday. 200 before the end of the year was my goal.

  13. LEon needs a tire fire.

  14. hahahaha, The “production” values on these pictures are priceless.

    She’s perfect for this dump!

  15. Pendejo, that music vid you shared yesterday was excellent. I’m glad I stuck with it until the end to hear that AMAZING fiddle solo. Beautiful.

  16. I really just need a few hours to break the trunks down a little and surround them with a buttload of deadfall from the woods and then leaves from the yard. Maybe later today if the morning goes well enough.

  17. … and tires.

    You meant to say that, right?

  18. Ethan’s surgeon just called to check up on him and tell me to make sure I don’t anything like I saw last time.

    He obviously care more than Jimbro.

    /cancels retainer check I sent Jimbro

  19. Thanks for watching, Mare. I’d heard of John Arthur before but never seen him. Hotel Cali was the finale and I was amazed.

  20. Stupid fat acceptance article on facedouche.

    Look, if you want me to accept you as a person -that’s great. But you can’t force people to say that there is no standard of beauty. If people do- they are lying.

    that’s what these asshats want. Massive lying.

    One of the chicks even admitted to being a part of critical race theory, which is a huge pile of horseshit.

  21. Did this precious young lady have to blow Harvey in order to get this gig? I’ve fallen behind on the pervy news.

  22. Her nickname in a couple years will be “Stretch”.

    Enormous post, Pupster!

  23. No tires, this is still groundwater.

    Being chubby is hard to avoid in modern America’s pastiche of shitty food, but being obese suggests there’s something deeper wrong with a person, on par with a drug addiction. If you’d shame a smoker or an alcoholic, but not a fat person, you’re a hypocrite.

  24. What day of the week do you dust the bed, Carin?

  25. Oh, and today’s model is a horror.

  26. I don’t really care what someone weighs, as long as it doesn’t affect me. If your weight affects your health (and if you weigh enough it eventually WILL) then there is no reason to “accept” anything.

    If you’re 20 -30 pounds overweight and feel unattractive, then that’s on you. You’re responsible for your own happiness, not me. I don’t honestly care, unless you go on about it all the time and do nothing about it.

    Fat acceptance is folks transferring responsibility for their unhappiness. I don’t care how many fancy words they use to express it.

    A few scary quotes: ” “If we’re ever going to have an equitable world for fat people, trans people and disabled people, thin people must use their privilege to push against fat bias.”

    Oh, so … fat folks are on par with disabled people? Seriously? It’s a disability, you see. @@

    When [fat women] speak out about systematic prejudice, medical failure, and the abuses hurled against us, without fail, the most common reaction from non-fat folks is to minimize (or completely deny) our lived experiences.

    MEDICAL FAILURE? what would that be? Tell me more, fatty …

  27. What day of the week do you dust the bed, Carin?

    Whenever it needs it. Duh.

  28. A few scary quotes: ” “If we’re ever going to have an equitable world for fat people, trans people and disabled people, thin people must use their privilege to push against fat bias.”

    Yes, because a person who can’t step back from the buffet table and another who wants to chop his dick off out of some mad desire are the moral equivalent of someone who lost a leg in an accident or war.

    Tell you what? Let’s treat them as actual moral equivalents. I want all of these people to get better. I want the legless person to get a new leg or the closest functional facsimile, I want the madman to get help for his psychological illness, and I want the fat person to get help for their addiction and self-control issues. Let’s treat injured minds like we treat injured bodies: as something to be healed in the interests of returning to normalcy.

  29. The divide in this country is real. I’m not “compromising” on my beleifs. Just so happens those beliefs are the same as the Founding Fathers. I’m in good company and history is on my side.

    The other side is not compromising. They hate me and my beliefs. Anyone who thinks the Country can be “healed” is nuts.

    I think it will only get worse.

  30. Meh, I’m chubby. I need to lose about 30 pounds. I go to the gym daily and watch what I eat so I’m not Jabba the hutt, but I do have a belly. I don’t blame society for it. I also wear appropriate clothing, which is something a lot of people seem to have forgotten how to do.

    I don’t mind a girl who’s chubby, especially if she obviously makes an effort to take care of herself. I’m amazed at the number of women who don’t even do that much. The dating sites are full of them.

  31. Anyone who thinks that I’m a right-wing nut building a rural compound to ride out the coming civil war is wrong.

    It’s not especially rural.

  32. That’s a lot of people, Alex. As I said, I don’t really care, until people start lecturing me that they’re oppressed by those extra pounds.

    Look, dude, you’re oppressing yourself.

  33. That was sort of my point, Alex. Sedentary life and modern food means chubby is the norm, and isn’t necessarily a sign of terrible health. I get that. Obesity takes some sort of damage in a person, even now.

  34. Today’s model is a pro at making sure there are never meal leftovers to deal with.

  35. I have been stuck at 175# pretty much forever, now, which is probably 15# over where I’d like to be, but I’m not fat, and this takes no effort on my part to maintain at this point. If I had a month of normal, 40-hour weeks (and I could find a buyer for the chickens), I could probably get there, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

  36. Well I’m a fatty, but I’m not blaming anyone for it. I just like beer and BBQ too much.

    Plus B-bops burgers. Amirite?

  37. We all like beer and bbq.

    My point isn’t to shame anyone. But the argument is mixed up. By not ENDORSING people who are overweight – to them – that is the same as shaming. By working out or encouraging a healthy lifestyle – that is considered shaming.

    I don’t look like a model – hardly ANYONE looks like a model. Yet it’s the overweight folks who are so butthurt by that. “the standard of beauty is impossible” – yea . we know. Duh. That’s why most of us ignore that glamour bs, and most of the images are airbrushed anyway. Don’t buy it. Don’t accept it. Get healthy. Stop idolizing folks who push the impossible standards in hollywood and music industry.

    Lecture over.

  38. Jay, the last pic I saw of you, you were kicking your fat’s ass!

  39. As long as I can continue to call a fattie a fattie, I don’t care. It’s like everything else in society, these fatties want us to accept them as beautiful and normal…it may be normal now but I don’t accept it as normal or beautiful.

    Don’t forget these assholes were telling us to just accept and pushing awareness of trans people (like we needed to be aware) now they are allowed to use any bathroom they want and when they are legislated against, sports teams won’t operate in that state.

    Give an inch, they take 100 miles.

  40. Not gonna lie, I think that she’s adorable.

  41. The Harveywood beauty standards for men are just as impossible anymore (roids or GTFO), but that’s the point. No one in the real world is making dating or marriage decisions based on those standards. A woman my age who isn’t overweight is ‘model beautiful’ compared to the majority of the population.

    Amusingly, 80% of men are “below average” in looks according to studies of women’s reactions on Tindr and OkCupid. But it’s men who are shallow and only care about looks.

  42. Right there with you, Alex. She looks like wife material.

  43. Ok, Ethan’s PA was Hollwyood male standard beautiful. If ONLY I could throw one of my daughters at him.

  44. Imagine what my grandchildren would look like?!!!?

  45. Even worse than the branding, initiates were often forced to do burpees and wear knee-high socks.

  46. I’m going to start a cult self-help organization.

  47. Just start a yoga studio, Alex. The branding will bring you the trim.

  48. Sorry, in context “branding” was the wrong word to use.

  49. I’ll start a chain of BDSM/Yoga studios. The branding will bring me trim.

  50. Apparently there’s an adult gymnastics class near my work, at the right time (after 7pm). It might be very doable.

  51. I mentioned to a coworker that I do progressive calisthenics and she asked if I could do “that one move from 50 Shades of Grey”. Does anyone know WTF she was talking about?

  52. Standing on your head and spitting wood nickels?

  53. Their website is awful, but it seems like a fun idea.

  54. I took some classes in Tuscon about 7 years ago and enjoyed them. There’s also a MMA studio that runs wrestling classes. With the motorcycle lessons and the swordplay, I can finally become a superhero!

  55. I sometimes miss my motorcycle. Not enough to buy another one, but I do miss it.

  56. Everyone is busy reading the cult article.

  57. How much does it cost to have someone design a very basic business website? Our business site is still one of those free template things and it hardly gets any eyeballs anymore. We don’t really need it to promote the business so much, but mainly to not look so old mom n’ pop cheesy. Scott needs a professional looking site. It’s time.

  58. We do handstands a lot … that and cartwheels are about all I’d want to do at this point in my life (I used to be a gymnast – I could do flips and all that shit).

    When I was in marching band, they used to make me show-up the cheerleaders by doing my backhandsprings on the sidelines of the football game- I could do many, many in a row. After a year of that, the cheer coach came after me and made me try out for the team.

  59. I hope that comment doesn’t attract every bot in the world. We’ve gotten harassed enough by those people over the years.

  60. Cult article was too weird, so no I wastn’ reading.

    I was reviewing all ethan’s surgery stuff. He had torn his meniscus again, but he’s thinking not as badly because he’s in a lot more pain. He’s decided that the majority of the pain is from the meniscus. /shrugs.

    I dunno. I think he’s just built up his pain tolerance after 10 months of this.

  61. Laura, have a look at

  62. Depends on what you’re looking for, Laura. If you’re willing to fill in a lot of the content in a template yourself, you’re mostly paying for hosting. If you just need a static site with some pictures and contact info and a few different pages, that shouldn’t cost much at all to set up.

  63. Steve’s got some crappy callers today. Is it normally like this?

  64. Stop making fun of MJ.

  65. Kind of weird that you guys are talking about fat acceptance. I spent a good portion of the wee hours reading a blog by a chick that has spent 3 years training for, then not competing in an Ironman.

    She finished a half sprint tri which is 400 yards swimming, a six mile bike and a mile and a half run. That’s pretty great but I think its a pretty unrealistic goal to prove fat people can do anything and fail miserably.

    She did go to the Ironman a few years back but couldn’t finish the swim at the cutoff. Since then she’s been injured but still training and trying to compete I guess.

    The blog is a weird mash up of SJW bullshit and training logs.

    It’s a total car wreck but boy did I fall down that hole.

  66. Why would you waste valuable sleep time on such a pursuit?

  67. Should I head over there and start shaming her?

  68. Ironman races are literally stupid.

    Unless you’re running for endorsement and a career, there is zero point.

  69. It’s gotta be an ego thing for most folks.

  70. Tri? I can understand that.- that can remain in the realm of fun. But the amount of training required for an Ironman (and the physical payoff) is totally not worth it.

    Only super athletes and those who make a living doing it should run ironmans. It’s unrealistic, dangerous, and stupid for someone out of shape to make an Ironman a goal.

  71. She finished a half sprint tri which is 400 yards swimming, a six mile bike and a mile and a half run. That’s pretty great but I think its a pretty unrealistic goal to prove fat people can do anything and fail miserably.

    Oh, I’ve heard of those. They spash color on them too at certain stations, right ?


  72. Why would you waste valuable sleep time on such a pursuit
    Meh. I was holding the baby.

  73. Been there. That’s how I ended up watching 3 seasons of Grimm.

  74. Get the kindle app on your phone. I managed to read a few good books that way.

  75. Meh. I was holding the baby.

    Feel kinda silly about all the fancy bedding/crib now, don’t you?

  76. Lauraw, Mrs. Pupster can do that sort of web site stuff, if you’d like to run it past her shoot me an email pupstersez g mail or straight to the source prettysleepy at gmail.

  77. I just put my kindle in the baby room.

  78. Feel kinda silly about all the fancy bedding/crib now, don’t you?
    No way.

    Even if he never uses it, it looks nice in there and that’s the most important thing.

    Some might say loving parents, but I lean more toward quality furniture.

  79. LOL. And just think – you can advertise is as “Like New” when you go to sell it one day.

  80. Loving parents is a scam.

  81. Sell it? MJ is going to have so many bambinos, that shit will be all worn out.

  82. Sell it? MJ is going to have so many bambinos, that shit will be all worn out.
    I’m too old for more babies.

    And besides, I’m a sooper jeanyus. The crib converts to a toddler bed thingy, then an actual bed.

    Duh. Everything is a transformer now.

  83. Best of luck with the toddler bed. Mine still sleeps with mom in the SleepNumber.

  84. MJ, do NOT make the decision about having more children yet. If you can, do. One is not enough. It can be enough but have more! We need families like yours.

  85. You are not too old for more babies.

  86. I’m too old for more babies.

  87. MJ, do NOT make the decision about having more children yet. If you can, do. One is not enough. It can be enough but have more! We need families like yours.
    I agree. We’re going to decide pretty soon, though. I want our little guy to have a sibling and so does GND.

    I was just being silly before.

  88. You’re never too old for kids. That’s just a misogynistic lie by men who want to turn women into brood mares.

  89. Siblings are good. You’ve got a spare, and there’s a greater chance of having at least one kid who’s not a total fuck up.

  90. Plus, it’s one more person they can remember you with after you’re gone. That will matter someday.

  91. Regarding the weight discussion earlier, I have to wonder about the effects of putting so many people on prescription drugs nowadays. Antidepressants, birth control, etc. All screwing with biochemistry.

  92. I wish I would have had more children. But I had a really good scenario. My husband was happy to have me home. We could afford a one income household and still not feel strapped and stressed all the time (we did live within our means). Not having to work and focusing on children and home was a blast for me. I know that opportunity is not afforded to everyone.

    After thinking about it for several years, regardless of our income we would have made one income work so I could be home and we would have lived accordingly.

  93. Comment respectfully, asshat.


    WTF is that supposed to mean?

  94. See, I told you she wouldn’t listen!

  95. I’m so glad you’re thinking about it, MJ.

    My kids, although VERY different and would be in different social circles if the same age, really love each other and spend lots of time laughing about shared history (family stories) making fun of the crap I said and did as a mom and just having that security that another person exists who has the same memories.

  96. See, I told you she wouldn’t listen!



  97. Couple pics of Elliot and his riding shades:

    pic 1

    pic 2

  98. Now Asshat Wilson is claiming that calling her an empty barrel was racist.

  99. Unless you’re English and have the last name of “Cooper”, I don’t see how that’s possible.

  100. If I could go back in time, I’d have four more kids. It would have increased my chances for grandchildren. That, and they would have had plenty of buddies to play with.

    And maybe one of them would think of their mother once in a while and CALL HER.

  101. LOL, Elliot is just too cool.

  102. I’d have knocked my wife up on our wedding night if I were a wiser man. We might have 4 kids by now.

  103. What the?
    Is the name of your local convenience store actually Kum & Go???

  104. That’s his mom’s house.

  105. I stopped at 5 because we would have had to buy a bigger van.

  106. And, I told Pay when I was 22 or so that he had 6 months to get me a ring, because I wanted to get married and start having kids. We lost the first one, but Ian came a year after we were married (November birth, we were married in Aug – so a year and a few months).

  107. Lots of women lose their first pregnancy. We might have, but aren’t sure.

  108. Yea, I was pretty sure. I was 12 weeks.

  109. Skinbad’s top post at IB is hilarious and an indication of what kind of fun he is as a dad and husband.

    I started tearing out my garden today. Have to take my time because I keep re-injuring my stupid shoulder. The nasturtiums that grew up the fence left so many big fat seeds on the ground, it looks like gravel. I don’t think I’ll have to deliberately sow those again for years.

  110. Is the name of your local convenience store actually Kum & Go???

    Yes. Yes it is. We are all in 4th grade in IA.

  111. Hmm, are you sure you want to go into the whole “your mom” thing here, beasn?

  112. >>>Steve’s got some crappy callers today. Is it normally like this?

    It’s almost as if there was a bet to see who could be the biggest, most obnoxious asshole today, huh?

  113. News guy, producer and station manager were outside the studio window just rolling with laughter.

    During the commercial break, the SM came in and said “This is what you signed up for!”

    It was pretty hilarious. I try not to hang up on people, but those guys (and they are regular callers) were just assholes.

  114. Sure as heck felt like it. And then there was MJ.

  115. 3pm doctor’s appointment. Showed up 10 minutes early. Still in waiting room, third in line. At 4, I’m walking out

  116. >>>>Sure as heck felt like it. And then there was MJ.

    Little guy was pretty good, wasn’t he?

  117. Re: kids
    I lost the first and fourth. Pretty sure getting the flu had a lot to do with it.

  118. Stupid me didn’t pack warmer clothes or a quilt. Sun went in and it’s getting a tad chilly. Will have to put on some socks. Boo

  119. Lauraw, yesterday I stubbed my toe which made me jolt my arm. Many f-bombs may have been said.

  120. So Melania cut 1st lady staff from Mooch’s 16 down to 4. $1.2M to a bit less than $500k.

    Four is still too many but I’m not Preznit.

  121. They make fun of me for losing my shit when we’re running behind in the office. I don’t like making people wait. Sometimes I need to be a dick and cut a visit short but there’s more people in line who want to get in and get on with their lives. When I do run behind I have the staff keep people informed.

  122. Plus I hate office days. Much rather be in the OR cutting limbs off and reattaching them in unusual places but you need to see them before and after I guess.

  123. I don’t mind a few people to help the first lady, since she’s supposed to be the White House hostess and all that crap. The Trumps seem to respect that they’re spending taxpayer money.

  124. 4 people for someone at that level seems reasonable, honestly.

  125. It used to be that any dinners/hostessing was done on the President’s dime. Back in the day, that was hard for some of them to do as some were not well-to-do and they weren’t paid that well.
    I’m glad Melania cut the staff to 4. I was just projecting my social anxieties/hermitness on her.

  126. 77 degrees and sunny in Southern Canada today, enjoying the sun on the back porch with a tasty beverage.

    My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

    Regarding the fat shaming discussion, I used to take issue with the “overweight people lack discipline” sentiment, but have grudgingly acknowledged the truth of it as I’ve gotten older and rounder. I know how to slim down, I know I can, I’ve done it before, but it takes a back seat to other things I’ve got going on.

    My friend used to call it 2 second discipline, you only have to be strong for the time it takes to say “house salad” instead of “double cheeseburger”.

  127. Jimbro, LOL!
    Now can you fit in this week’s bovinous boobed specimen and do something about that?

  128. mmm, double cheeseburger

  129. Reduction Mammoplasty

    I once slept with a woman who paused before she took her shirt off and said “Just so you know, I have scars”. In my head I was like, oh no, she’s gonna get emotional on me about some past sexual trauma. Turns out she had a reduction mammoplasty because she formerly had some major sweater puppies taken down and the surgeon left major scars. They were pretty dramatic. I’d like to think her parents (doctor, lawyer) got a discount on the surgery because no way was it a finesse procedure. She was a head case anyway and I finally broke up with her a few months later. She’s an anesthesiologist Who now does “life coaching”. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she accused me of not moving on fast enough from my brother’s death. One last grudge fuck and she was gone.

    Perhaps I’ve shared too much…

  130. I used to pack really great lunches for work at my old job. Coworkers would see my little container with greens, slices of mozz, olives, a 1/2 sweet potato, sliced veggies, and a chicken leg, and say, “Wow, where did you get that?” as if there was someplace that actually sold healthy food like that.

    If there were a place that sold plates like that, nobody would buy it. They’d get the double cheeseburger and fries.


  132. I’m in love with charcuterie, if there was a place that sold it with a drive through I’d go way out of my way to go there. Crackers, dried fruit, nuts, pickled veggies, smoked meats and cheeses.

    The only places that serve it plated are high-end restaurants for $20 a pop.

    A disciplined fatty would make up plates or baggies in advance and take it to work with him. An organized fatty would have a week’s worth of charcuterie in the fridge at werk. Me, I’ll have the quarter pounder extra value meal if I eat lunch at all.

  133. 4 seems to be the minimum. One at the Home Office, One with Her at all times, One thats One step ahead of her as she moves about, and One on standby / Off.


  135. I’m in love with charcuterie, if there was a place that sold it with a drive through I’d go way out of my way to go there. Crackers, dried fruit, nuts, pickled veggies, smoked meats and cheeses.


    Mare loves Pups.

  136. ” Crackers, dried fruit, nuts, pickled veggies, smoked meats and cheeses.”

    Evidently Charcuterie is French for Lunchables……… 🙂

  137. Damn it, pepe beat me to it.

  138. Redneck charcuterie: lunchables and a bottle of Boone’s Farm.

  139. 4 seems to be the minimum. One at the Home Office, One with Her at all times, One thats One step ahead of her as she moves about, and One on standby / Off.

    The First Lady has a selection of unpaid interns as well. Buddy of mine at ML worked for Laura Bush.

    Part of his job was going on the advance team for her public appearances to ensure things were set up right.


  141. Sharp cheddar, colby-jack, monterey-jack, goat-cheese, dried cranberries, summer sausage, kalamata olives, smoked cashews and crackers on the table RIGHT NOW.


  143. Add some pickled artichoke heart to that plate.


  145. ^ for Mare

  146. So, in doing some research on El Goutcho, I found out I may have been inadvertently poisoning myself.

    Gonna put aside the B-12 supplements for the time being and find a multivitamin that doesn’t give you 300% (!!!) of the recommended daily amount of the stuff.

  147. I had not known that you had el goutcho, Shawn.

    I have pulled some old cyberpunk cop books published in 1990-1991 off my shelf. I’m curious how they’ve held up.

  148. This series, which appears to be the only thing the author ever published.

  149. I had El Goutcho before Rosie got it. But nobody ever offered to make me a Fake Reg.

  150. Vitamins are a scam.

  151. Expensive piss.

  152. Minerals are where it’s at

  153. Like feldspar? I probably need more feldspar in my diet.

  154. The only people who need to supplement B12 are vegans and vegetarians who don’t eat enough eggs.

  155. “”
    Comment by Jay in Ames on October 20, 2017 1:57 pm

    Couple pics of Elliot and his riding shades:

    pic 1

    pic 2

    hahahaaaaa –
    j’ames lives with billy idoggle

  156. “Much rather be in the OR cutting limbs off and reattaching them in unusual places”
    so that explains the pic in your last poatation

    ‘ware the ides of hippaa

  157. “The First Lady has a selection of unpaid interns as well. ”

    that sounds good to me –
    we’re not electing a squatch with great arms, or a grandma that everyone likes, or a super model that only leftist nancy boys despise-

    we elect a damn president – not a royal family.

    First Ladies need to fund their own way – exclusive of secret squirrel protection.

  158. The only people who need to supplement B12 are vegans and vegetarians who don’t eat enough eggs.

    I actually had a B-12 deficiency when I got out of rehab back in 2011.

  159. Jimbro, you didn’t share too much. I get insight from others experiences. One of my favorite things is hearing a real experience that would not have crossed my path. I thank you.

  160. Common occurrence

    You’re probably replete by now

  161. pleats –


  163. I don’t mind the White House having a couple of staffers to help with the first lady stuff, which seems mostly to be social and PR. What I would love is for a president to say, “My wife has no interest in serving as first lady, as she will focus on our children. However, I have asked MAJOR Jane Smith / Sen. June Cleaver / whomever to serve in the position and she has accepted.”

    Heck, Trump could hold a competition for it. Maybe some sort of televised event where young ladies demonstrate their grace, eleganance, knowledge of the issues, and appearance in a tasteful bikini. All critical components of the First Lady role.

  164. long day / week –
    i’m out

  165. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the interns get a stipend from the RNC.

  166. “stipends”


  167. WiserTV!

  168. Scott,
    When your gut was trying to assplode and kill you, what were the symptoms?
    Not “asking for a friend”, asking for me.
    I’ve got lower-left back pain from hell, and constipation. I thought it might be kidney stones, but I got a CT scan of my gut and no stones. They did three passes at different voltage and reported on pancreas, kidneys, bladder, liver, spleen, and see nothing wrong.
    Got an ultrasound scheduled for Friday, if I make it that long.
    Doc is thinking diverticulitis…

  169. Holy shit, Sean, my doctor (the one that suddenly quit and dumped all his patients) put me on a B-12 supplement that is 4,000% RDA. I kind of assumed any extra would just be excreted.

    The supplement that I will vouch for really helping is the CoQ10. I think it helps my heart, and at this point, I don’t care if it’s a placebo effect.

    ChrisP, hope you feel better soon. Prayers up.

  170. I was actually looking up information on CoQ10 when I found the B-12 and gout information. A friend suggested I try CoQ10 for joint pain, and I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of other places as something that helps gout sufferers.

  171. I thought chondroitin/glucosamine was for joints.

  172. One of my favorite things is hearing a real experience that would not have crossed my path. I thank you.

    This explains the popularity of those old “one time at band camp” stories.

  173. Plus I hate office days. Much rather be in the OR cutting limbs off and reattaching them in unusual places but you need to see them before and after I guess.

    I’m sure ethan’s surgery fubared the doctor’s day. Surgery started at 7, wasn’t done until 11:45. It was supposed to take two hours. Oops. There were some people in the waiting room for a long time – I assume they were waiting for the same surgeon.

  174. I think the episode where the mom kills the daughter is coming soon to Lapeer Creek.

    Someone talk me down.

  175. “An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers.” ― Plato

    And that Maxine Waters-wannabe is saying that was racist.

  176. I think the episode where the mom kills the daughter is coming soon to Lapeer Creek.

    Someone talk me down.

    Having to replace her with a cute little kid will spell the death knell for the show. I mean, it might limp on for another season or two, but the fans won’t like it and the writing will suffer.

  177. You don’t think we can find someone who looks kinda like her and just pretend no one notices the difference?

  178. Worked out well on Bewitched.


  179. Oschi started doing something weird while I was at work – so Pay has taken her to an emergency clinic. Moose is whiny and not happy. Right before they got there, a dog who had been hit by a car came in, so they were waiting when I called Pay.

    And ethan’s leg hurt tonight. I think he should have been icing, and didn’t, so it swelled. He didn’t because it didn’t hurt. Until it did.

    See, I guess I should have taken tonight off.

  180. Squeakhole is over . They’re carving pumpkins.

    I think he waited an appropriate amount of time before he decided to move in. Now he’s following her around like a puppy dog as DH used to. This guy isn’t a dh, though. None of her friends are advising her against dating him.

  181. Isn’t cherry juice a great remediation for gout?

  182. I drink cherry juice every day. It helps some, but I’m gonna probably have flareups for the rest of my life. I have to watch my diet and stay away from the sauce. Which, the latter part, I’m doing anyway.

  183. A buddy has bouts of the gout. I really feel for him. He still can’t figure out what causes them, but is convinced it’s diet related.

  184. Red meat, shellfish, beans, and deli meats and sausages containing nitrates are the main culprits, food-wise. Drinking alcohol (especially beer) and drinks sweetened with HFCS are also likely to trigger flareups.

    I eat a lot of chicken and fish these days, and I pretty much only drink coffee, water, and unsweetened tea. I still occasionally get flareups, and it seems like changes in the weather can actually trigger them sometimes, too. It suuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

  185. Dan always has cherries, cherry juice, and his meds. Still gets flare ups. El Goutcho

  186. Wait… where’s Phat?

  187. Squeakhole is over
    Another episode of Lapeer Creek is over
    What is next?
    Wedding Bells?

  188. Flame throwers or Gasoline Bombs?

  189. I wish I had a brand-new car
    So far, I got this hatchback
    And everywhere I go, yo, I gets laughed at
    And when I’m in my car I’m laid back
    I got an 8-track and a spare derp in the backseat, but that’s flat

  190. wakey wakey. 7:30 and it’s still dark here. I’m not adjusting to this well.

  191. New bedroom floor finish is safe to move furniture back in on Sunday. Then our house guest will move in to the room I’m currently living in, the following Saturday.

    The duck hunters are really going to town back there in the swamp. BLAM BLAM BLAM. We bought Houseguest a little noise machine for her room, to help cover the random house noises and squeaky floors around here. It doesn’t have the juice to smother fucking shotgun blasts, however.

  192. How’s your brussels sprouts plants, Carin? I think I’m giving up on this crop.

    I never covered them with spunbond, and now I’m having the same problem this year with a warm Fall allowing bugs to continue to chew on them when the sprouts should be fattening up undisturbed in cold weather.

    Big waste of space in my garden for the whole season. I’m not doing this again. Just gonna do what I did before and plant them for the Spring flower shoots, those little faux-broccolinis that I love.

  193. Heh, Scott just got up: “They’re being very shooty today.”

  194. ChrisP

    Stomach pain, it felt like intense hunger.

    The fever part is what made me go to the hospital.
    It was the right call.

  195. The chickens really enjoyed them Lauraw.

  196. A deer broke into one of my pumpkins and ate about a third of it. I meant to move the rest to a spot near the deck yesterday but didn’t get it done before dark. I wish I had time for vengeance.

    The daylight thing has been messing with me too. I’m getting tired much too early in the evenings, and Possum appears to have no circadian rhythm.

  197. All my squash are in the picture window. They look nice and they catch lots of sun in the afternoon.

  198. We don’t have one, and the animals and kid would make that tricky even so. Storing in the crawlspace last year ended in rotting, so I may end up storing them in the barn after they’re cured a bit more.

  199. Your next house has to have a Pumpkin SunRoom.

  200. Pole Barn
    Guest house/ H2 Party Pad
    Root cellar
    Chicken condominium
    Drainage pond/ H2 swimming hole/ snapping turtle farm
    Pumpkin Sunroom Solutions™

    We need to really talk out Leon’s house plans. He may be forgetting something important that he desperately needs.

  201. Possum needs a rock climbing wall.

  202. Chin up bars in every doorway.

  203. Everything on that list is already in the plan.

  204. A spare bedroom sex chamber for Hotspur’s mom.

  205. DAMMITT!!!

  206. A clean, refrigerated room off the barn for hanging and butchering game and your own grass fed beef.

  207. Some part of the barn has to be made dock height so Leon can receive his ammo shipments.

  208. There’s a grass-fed beef farm two “doors” down. I won’t have to raise it. I’m planning pork and meat chickens. I need to learn how to butcher and cure piggies. Homemade capicola and sassage.

  209. So, Lauaraw, is “houseguest” code for underage hooker you’re planning on kidnapping?

  210. I want to do dairy goats, but wife thinks daily milking needs to wait a few years until Possum is a little older.

  211. We are genuinely planning on a spare house for my mother-in-law, but it will probably be a single-wide.

  212. The butchering room needs a mechanized track in the ceiling for the meathooks. Leon can show this area to Possum’s prom date.

  213. This is such an exciting and hopeful time for you, man. So fun to contemplate all the plans and possibilities.

  214. It really is. I can’t even describe how excited I am about the new kitchen sink we want to get.

  215. Walk-in smokehouse next to the root cellar. Smoke the hams then hang them in the cellar.

  216. Giant farmhouse sink, I’m guessing??

  217. I’d rather have an overmount, but mostly like that.

  218. My canner doesn’t fit in our sink. I hate washing that thing. A good sink is such a nice tool to have.

  219. Gorgeous.

  220. Big deck with a bbq, and a stone fire pit with sunken seating area.

  221. Laundry room with useful cabinets and situated sensibly so you aren’t doing three storeys every time you forget the fabric softener.

  222. I love this stuff.

  223. The deck is probably going to wait until 2019 unless this place sells for an especially nice price.

  224. Large garden fence with electrification and automated machine guns.

  225. You’re gonna need a bigger tractor.

  226. Brush hog, for sure.

  227. Something for toting timber.

  228. Tractor is probably 2019 also, but there is a tractor store right next door. I’ll be able to buy one and drive it home.

  229. No garden next year either. Fruit tree planting.

  230. A brick wood fired oven outside.

  231. Yeah, plant your orchard asap. Still kicking myself for not planting cherry trees fifteen or ten years ago.

  232. Good one, Alex. Awww yeah.

  233. Lauraw, I’m going to need you to come over and use your nursing skills.

    Ethan’s leg hurts, and Oschi has pneumonia again.

  234. I still need to figure out what fruit I can plant in that soil. High clay, high water table, etc. I might have to build a mound for each tree.

  235. I haven’t seen a firing range mentioned yet.

    And I’m with Laura – plant your orchard yesterday!

  236. We closed too late in the year or I’d have planted trees this year. I’m considering bringing cuttings from our forscythia (?) Bush to use as the living fence around the neighbors. They grow fast and smell nice.

  237. Yeah, you will need berms for most fruits. But I bet if you call some nurserymen, you can get some grafted onto wet clay tolerant rootstocks.

  238. I don’t actually shoot all that much, planning to do all my hunting with the crossbow.

  239. It’s not too late to plant trees. With the weather we’re having I’a say it is ideal

  240. Two Levelor blinds hung in my office. Now I can fuck off.

  241. Car in, I’m sorry to hear that.

  242. I could try to get over there and plant trees, but it’s a question of free time. I’d need a full day over there at least, and I don’t have any earth moving equipment beyond my spade and mattock.

  243. If it looks like I won’t get to Texas anytime soon, I may just buy land there and start planting fruit trees anyways.

  244. Its too late in this latitude. They would only have a few weeks before the kind of frost that bucks up freshly turned earth comes. That would kill the trees.

  245. Deer and mice eating the bark off them in winter, the risk of blowing over in storms…you won’t be around to monitor your investment during the worst part of the year for them, and they won’t be growing anyway. Bah. Spring.

  246. Maybe just build the berms now, or over the Winter. They’ll thaw faster than the surrounding soil and you can plant your trees sooner in Spring.

  247. That would give the soil in the berms plenty of time to settle, too. Otherwise you’d have to build them in Spring and ideally wait a few weeks before planting.

  248. We are on our way back from a job in Vermont. It’s a gorgeous day. We’re getting spoiled this year.

  249. Blabbity blab.

  250. Everybody on H7?

  251. Noo poat.

    Also, Leon, add at least 50% to how long the builder says it will take to build. Current house was supposed to be finished in time for us to move before Rocketboy was born. He was four months old when we moved in.

  252. Fall planting of trees is supposed to be a good idea. At least that’s what I’ve read.

    If you can water them regularly and get a good mulch around the tree it’ll survive. The roots will still grow in the ground. I’ve planted both times over the years but not recently. I’ve lost track of which ones were fall vs spring and had successes and failures with each method. If you can find decent trees at the garden center they may be on sale because they want to reduce inventory before Christmas tree season.

  253. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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