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Your model for today was born on August 4th, 2000 in New York City. She stands 5’3″ and measures 32G2435 and weighs not much. Please turn on safe-search and welcome Miss Autumn Falls.



  1. Just my type. Foist!

  2. Meh. 8/10 would smash

  3. Hotter than Meghan Markles

  4. Excellent song

  5. tit-rated for maximum effect

  6. Meh.

  7. The categories made me laugh.

    She might be the car keying type.

  8. I think I’ve been commenting here about 10 years. I still can’t understand why anyone would read this blog. I still don’t understand why there are fit chicks or mushrooms on monday.

    The H2 is a mystery.

  9. wakey wakey

  10. The Mystery of the Hostages

  11. With a name like Autumn Falls she better have some spring in her ass if she plans to make a living with it.

  12. I would like the black lace stockings please, kthxbye.

  13. She looks kind of stupid.

  14. All hands meeting yesterday that covered a lot of bases – current work, future work, certain team recognitions, new hires, retirements, and acknowledging the one-year anniversary of the Chyna flu. The (female) manager talking about covid started crying. It was really cringy.

  15. I think I’ve been commenting here about 10 years. I still can’t understand why anyone would read this blog. I still don’t understand why there are fit chicks or mushrooms on monday.

    I have explained this ad nauseum. I can only assume that your continued confusion is proof that you belong in management.


    It’s almost like there are inexpensive treatments for Covid that aren’t a costly experimental vaccine

  17. a) continued confusion or b) willful ignorance?

  18. There’s no bailout money or corporate grift in cheap treatments for a minimal threat.

  19. She looks kind of stupid.

    Not with the glasses on she does not you are just a hater.

  20. A friend of mine just recovered from a pretty nasty case of covid. She believes that ivermectim kept her from being hospitalized and ending up in really bad shape. She took it two weeks in when nothing helping.

    There have been no real studies of it.

  21. Lib friend that jumped the line to get her covid shot has now missed 3 days of work due to reaction. She’s miserable with fever, fatigue and body aches. This is better how?

  22. Different lib friend waited until today to go shopping to prepare for the blizzard about to hit Colorado. Good luck with that.

  23. Karma as side effect, I like.

    I’ve wasted what, five years of my life here now? And a decade at the HQ. Time well wasted, IMHO.

    Back in the salt mines! Feels good for some reason…

  24. Yeah, I need to give up on recovering my bookmarks (I let Firefox update, that was my first mistake), fix my lunch, and go to work.

  25. The VA was allowing extra time off to ‘recover’ from the vaccine.

    I’m not sure why a stay at home mid level manager needed to skip the line to get vaccinated but they actually got a benefit for doing so.

    They got to stay home for 3 days after taking a shot from an elderly person.

    Our society is fucked.

  26. The (female) manager talking about covid started crying. It was really cringy.

    They’re gonna have a real hard time during the next economic downturn, not to mention once we get into the next bloody war.

  27. Autumn Falls. More like Autumn Goes Down.

    She thick.


    An interesting article about “elite” private schools and nutjob parents.

  29. Autumn has an active career in the physical performing arts, IYKWIMAITYD

  30. I like how my phone loads an app, and they waits until JUST before I make a selection to change everything on the screen, so that the option I didn’t want is the one I select.

  31. Lots of artillery going off on Quantico…

  32. This wagon’s septic tank is not condom free. Guaranteed.

  33. Dan Bongino sure is animated in his podcast, isn’t he?

  34. I find him a bit hard to watch.

    But MJ likes it that way.

  35. Eight Republican lawmakers voted with the Democrats to pass the “Background Checks Act,” which prohibits private firearms transfers without having a background check.

    Below are the 8 Republicans who voted with Democrats:

    Vern Buchanan (FL)
    Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
    Maria Salazar (FL)
    Andrew Garbarino (NY)
    Chris Smith (NJ)
    Fred Upton (MI)
    Carlos Gimenez (FL)
    Adam Kinzinger (IL)

    leon, there’s your buddy Fred Upton again! Shocker, huh?

  36. I’d like to know what private firearms transfers are so dangerous, right now.

  37. Whoa, maine has a sane democrat!

    Maine Rep. Jared Golden was the one Democrat who voted against the bill.

  38. Because they don’t create a paper trail

    You don’t believe they don’t keep track of all those 4473 forms?

  39. oh yeah, that’s why this is so dangerous, its a gun registry. This would include all the guns.

    Not the ones lost in a canoe accident, though. Those are truly gone. Truly.

  40. Alex – I live by Quantico too. It was worse a few weeks ago.

  41. Jared Golden represents the red part of Maine. He’s prior service which got the camel’s nose under the tent to unseat Bruce Poliquin. Poliquin was a solid Republican but he has the personality of an old dog eared copy of Reader’s Digest (large print) in your doctor’s waiting room. Golden is a young man, fit and dynamic. He knows he won’t stand a chance if he votes with the gun grabbers.

  42. So, nobody is going to mention that Sean misfired last night? That that was not, in fact, derp?

    Is anybody going to check on him? See if he’s okay?

  43. this is why amerikkka has nurses.

  44. Fred has really covered himself in glory of late. Must be planning to retire.

  45. He probably mispoated. He meant to say, “Do eat Russian pistachios.”

  46. Do Russians eat pistachios?

    Close enough

    Do Estonians relish pistachios?

  47. I wonder what’s up with Bongino’s Report page being filled with ads like “Do you think Ted Kruz should resign?” and “Recall these GOP Senators”. Any ad for a buck?

  48. Comment by n8sebaka on March 12, 2021 9:51 am
    Alex – I live by Quantico too. It was worse a few weeks ago.

    I remember that.

  49. Did you hear that the Michigan State Basketball team officially changed it’s name to the “Michigan State Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage” (MSSPRM) Like that won’t backfire!

  50. 206 Covid deaths in the last 16 days in Iowa. 15.82% tested positive.

  51. Without checking, I predict that Rocket Mortgage is another Andy Jacobs brainchild.

  52. Yeah, saw the Rocket Mortgage thing. More will be doing the same thing, as Pay For Play makes it’s way into college sports.

  53. Bongino doesn’t have a pay version, so his ads are the only income source.

  54. Most of the Bongino stuff I hear is on Rumble. I look at his site occasionally, not long enough to notice the ads. His last show said he said that soon he’ll be coming out with a platform for conservatives.

  55. Brady gets a 4 year extension? Didn’t see that coming.


    NY state budget is balanced, in the 1.9 trillion bailout bill.

    Yeah, I’m real fuckin happy

  57. Blue states will never, ever pay for their malfeasance. We’re the hostages to a fiscal union at our expense.

  58. On the plus side, we can now predict the next scamdemic based on NY’s balance sheet.

  59. hmm, candace owens joining daily wire team.

  60. Whoa!

    Full capacity! masks required, but good luck enforcing that in 40k fans!

    St Louis is 25% capacity.

  61. hmm, candace owens joining daily wire team.

    That was announced in early November, but I think she had a baby, so it’s taken awhile to get her up and running. First show it tonight.

  62. is

  63. Eff the masks!!! They don’t do shit and I’m sick of them.

  64. Why do you like Daily Wire Hotspur? I see the occasional linked article there but don’t spend any time there. Is there a paid vs free option?

  65. Carin, I just scrolled through comments again and forgot to reply to your ivermectin comment. Around the time Scott mentioned he got his HCQ I read something about ivermectin and the article mentioned an Indian (Dot) supplier. I looked at the site and they offered lots of dosages/quantities of ivermectin and a ton of other pharmaceuticals. I didn’t buy any but they sure as hell wanted me to for a few weeks with follow up emails.

    The lack of focus on other treatments and general health improvement (I.e.: obesity prevention) tells me that this is not the crisis it’s being portrayed as by the media government complex

  66. Why do you like Daily Wire Hotspur? I see the occasional linked article there but don’t spend any time there. Is there a paid vs free option?

    You can catch the podcasts after the fact on youtube, so no, you don’t have to pay. I do it because I want to support and encourage them.

    Matt Wash, Michael Knowls, and Ben Shapiro al do daily podcasts. Ben does a show every Friday called Debunked wherein he takes a liberal load of bullshit and disassembles it in 15 minutes or less.

    I enjoy the whole channel, and think it is worth the money. You also get access to exclusive Daily Wire content like Run, Hide, Fight – a pretty good movie with no real political message.

    Gina Carano is also going to do a movie with them – to be announced.

  67. Ah, yes. I remember when everything was Bush’s fault.

    I couldn’t finish that Atlantic article. Partly because I don’t give a care about elites and how they choose to waste their money, but also because the article meandered all over the place.

  68. I’ve been looking elsewhere since Rush is no longer with us. So far I’ve settled on Bongino but I’m looking at other places. I’ll check out Daily Wire.

  69. Another awesome job by the Boob Crew!!!

  70. FOMJ!!

  71. I’m surprised that the two shitwads from upstate ny didn’t vote for the document and confiscate bill.
    Of course they’re getting so much hated mail and in person fuck yous that maybe they’re taking a break.

  72. Bush is a globalist clown. I’ll never trust him. It’s cute that Obama was sending us down the tubes and Bush couldn’t get enough photo ops with the Obama’s. Eff you.

    And thanks, Bush for NEVER negatively commenting about Obama’s policies but opening your stupid yap about Trump.

    Trump ran circles around Bush’s foreign policy, border security, the economy and America first in general.

  73. And Mare wants to make Matt Walsh’s babies, so there’s that.

  74. That’s one hell of an endorsement

  75. And I bet if Matt got a load of Mare, he’d be happy to oblige.

  76. That’s the first time this week Hotspur has said something to me that didn’t make me want to poon punch him.

    I don’t know about having his babies, but he is an incredibly good “listen.”

  77. Hotspur’s poon killed it

  78. Party Tits is the best nickname of all time.

    Prove me wrong.

  79. Is that in reference to Donkey Chompers?

  80. Cuomo’s pierced nipples

  81. BBF but with Donkey Chomper’s goofy mug photoshopped on the model’s.

  82. I’ve looked into Ms Falls work.

    Shocker. She rents her various holes for a few thousand dollars a day.

    That seems so…low. It’s sad, really.

  83. The value of that asset is about to depreciate rapidly.

  84. When Cuomo says all the bimbo eruptions are bullshit, I actually believe him. I expect he’ll actually win that war and stay governor. It’s distracting the press (and thus the idiot public) into forgetting that he murdered 15000+ people with his nursing home policies.

    Hell, this may even be his idea.

  85. 12 more dems calling for Cuomo’s head.

    Kill all the elderly people you want, but don’t touch a face, or a boob!

  86. No one calling for him to return the Emmy?

    It’s all a joke. Look at Governor Coondog and his rapey Lt. Governor. That is never discussed any more. They said, “Wasn’t me,” and the media was like “ok.”

    Leon makes a good point. The issue now is his accusers. Deny, deny, and deny. It’s simple. He knows it will go away.That’s an easier battle for him to fight than murder. Media obediently obliges.

  87. Nothing happened in Virginia. Bluster, deny, don’t resign or apologize. No consequences come unless you flinch.

  88. Hey wasn’t me.

  89. Governor Wuhan had an incident with a male aide who accused her of grabbing his junk at a party. 2019. Host of the party said something something about the guy not understanding that MLG was just being playful with water games. She dumped water on his crotch and then groped him while drying him off. Gay guys don’t get to “Me Too” Female Democratic Governor’s, either.

  90. Who decided to clear Kamaltoes path to “Re-election in 2024” by clearing out her competition?

  91. went somewhere outside ames for supper. no masks at all

  92. Eeny Meeny Miney hey Moe! BITD my sister threw a fit because no one was coming to TX for her graduation. Our Valedictorian cousin graduated on Saturday. My Nina is very soft hearted. Sunday night rolls around for my sisters graduation eve…Aunt VA rolls up. Mexican clown car. My Aunt Martha, my Aunt Monica, my Grammo…then the kids start getting out of the car…Cece, Ana, Monica, Celena, and Erica. Alicia was 2 months old so she was being held by her mom, Aunt Martha. 40 years of Mexican Clown Car jokes. Local news pimping the SUV/Semi crash on the border. Reason #452 why I’m going to hell…Dan “Looks like Aunt VA just lost the Mexican Clown Car record”

  93. I forgot my cousin Cathy with an “Y”. My cousin Cathi with an “I” wasn’t there.

  94. Almost no masks in Brattleboro VT.

  95. Still more masks than not where I live, but no one says anything to people without one. If you go to the rural counties that aren’t Indian Reservations, no masks anywhere.

  96. Crap, I’m drawing a blank on the HQ commenter from Brattleboro, VT.

  97. Mary from Brattleboro

  98. Mary Clogenstein?

  99. Outside exercisers/dog walkers the masks are down from 50% to about 15%, masks inside businesses holding pretty steady at 80%…it’s just become a habit now, wallet, phone, keys, mask. I still see people driving in their cars alone with a mask on but not like a few months ago.

  100. Joe Biden

    Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet

    One of these things is worth a damn

  101. Virtual Joe spoke fairly well last night.

  102. Mandatory security training today, kept thinking about how Hillary needed this class, got distracted by this figure. I can’t unsee how her pants look like she wet herself.

  103. really good big 12 game, ok st and Baylor. osu up 4

  104. Mrs Jay was walking the dog by daycare. lady in her car to pick up her pet got her attention and pointed to her mask, inside her car.

  105. times Jay has worn his mask outside: 0

  106. Cunningham from osu might be the #1 pick

  107. only the 2nd loss for baylor

  108. TV guide lied to me and said there was a baseball game. Basketball game being broadcast instead. Bastards.

  109. We were watching Mike Trout and his LA Angels. MLB network

  110. Psst…There is only one OSU. THE Ohio State University. Thanks guys for the Mary Clogenstein. Pretty sure she’s from NH.

  111. fuck a bunch of ohio state. Okie Light for the win.

  112. Mary Clogenstein from Battleboro, VT.

    Pretty sure it’s just a sock.

  113. No Okie Light. No Ducks.

  114. Oops. It is a sock, but you’re right about VT not NH.

  115. Pupster’s gonna fight you all for the Ohio State comments.

  116. Not me. We are THE OSU simpatico. BDBITL. We’re so good, our band gets the #MeToo

  117. DCIFLG!

  118. Dan wasn’t feeling well last night. He didn’t wake up when I started walking. I woke up on the ottomans missing a silver dollar amount of skin. Gauze and surgical tape. Still itchy.

  119. ducks is Oregon, not OSU, silly oso.

    OSU = Oklahoma State, not the poisonous nuts

  120. how did your Red Raiders lose to TX? Rooting for OSU tomorrow.

  121. Don’t know. Don’t follow hoops much. Shaka has been on the edge of getting run off for a year or two now and will probably win it.

  122. gotta save his job. Really like Beard, he’s a good one.

    Prohm is prolly gonna get fired. I like him, good recruiter.

  123. Hoping for a playoff spot for the Cyclones next year. They have a shot, everyone is back.

  124. football of course, basketball is a hot mess.

  125. Very impressed with isu football coach. He’s the real deal.

  126. Does everybody read proficiently?

  127. Whut?

  128. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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