1. there. Ah, that new poat smell.

  2. Smells like fish. and your mom.

  3. Not this shit again.

  4. I write something thoughtful, you complain. I link wonderful music, you complain. I post delicious, edible fish based shapes…and you complain.

    Conclusion: HS is a woman.

  5. I got my Chyna shot yesterday and it feels like I got slugged in the arm.

  6. Actually got a response back from my rep, Randy Feenstra, who replaced Steve King in Congress. I had asked how he had voted on leadership, and if he could explain how Liz Cheney had regained her leadership role after unconstitutionally voting to impeach the President.

    Thank you for reaching out and contacting me about my vote on Republican Leadership.

    America is facing many challenges that we must address together as a party. As Republicans, we must unite to push forward strong and conservative policies. At the start of this year, we as a Republican Conference came together and decided who would lead our party for the 117th Congress. In the beginning of February, we came together again and ultimately decided to preserve the current leadership. Our Conference stressed the need to overcome the many challenges facing our nation. I will serve the 4th District of Iowa with the same heart of service as I did in the Iowa State Legislature.

    Moving forward, I believe that Congress should embrace its role as a check on the Executive Branch, while being mindful of our rhetoric and committing ourselves to treating each other with the spirit of grace. We are government together. My main priority will always be delivering results for the people of Iowa’s 4th District by giving farmers, small business owners, and families a seat at the table.

    Again, thanks for contacting my office. Your voice and comments are very important to me. Always feel free to call at

    We all have to come together. We all have to work together.

    Even red districts, that vote red, are being pulled into the blue. Red districts like this should be going further red, to drag the rest of the GOP that way. But we aren’t. See also TX, and KY.

  7. Chris, no, definitely not something you should know. It’s from Waiting for Godot. I’m reading it because it’s on this list I’m working through, and that’s literally the only reason.

    That bit that I quoted is the only part I’ve found so far that has any meaning at all. If you know what you’re waiting for, then the waiting is bearable. If you’re waiting for nothing whatsoever, then the waiting is awful.

    Just seems like an ironic thing to say in a play that is famous for being about waiting for nothing whatsoever. Like giving your audience the middle finger for two hours and then closing the curtains.

  8. Hartford Courant headline….. Alarm growing as major covid-19 variant now makes up more than 25% if covid infections, experts fear reopening plans premature.

    Pretty sure I predicted this a couple of weeks ago.

  9. ” slugged in the arm” is better than pounded in the punanni

  10. experts

    There’s no such thing. The last year has made that abundantly clear.

  11. Did they give literally any insight into how they are discerning these “variants”?

  12. MJ, I haven’t listened to Pork Soda in forever. Back in high school I pretty much wore that album out.

    It’s fun to listen to Larry Lalonde playing any Primus album and imagine them in a recoding studio, Les says “Here’s this new bass line I wrote,” and Larry says “what the heck am I supposed to do with this?!”

    The guy studied with Joe Satriani. He knows what he’s doing. But none of the normal rules apply in Primus.

  13. Primus was always good for “what the hell is that?” when you played it at the bar.

  14. Typical form letter response Jay. I bet most GOP would send the same response.

  15. Yup. I’m not a big dollar donor, so I get the scraps.

    My mom is planning on going to a lot of meetings this year. She’s gonna ask questions.

  16. These assholes all have advisors who run in the same circles, and who all live in blue cities, date Democrats, and drink the Flavor-Aid that says this stuff is what the public wants.

  17. That I don’t like Primus is usually an issue with many of my tool buds. I just can’t with the voice

  18. To his credit, I got a response. Ernst and Grassley don’t even send me a form letter. Their volume is probably higher, but not terribly so. 4 reps in Iowa, 2 Senators. Should be double.

  19. And Grassley runs on a campaign of “I visit all 99 Iowa counties every year!”

  20. anyone else watch Tucker open that case of whoop ass on the NYT reporter last night? I see the times is claiming harassments again.

    And they basically doxxed Carlson. Hypocrits.

  21. I give this poat 🐠 🐠 🐠 of these and 🎣 of these.

    I also give MJ my blessing in smashing it. Or anything else he wants to smash. The boy has no discernible standards.

  22. I have a Senator who visits all 56 counties every two years. I think that makes more sense than 99 every one year, because that makes me think he rolls down his window and waves as he drives past at 75 mph.

  23. My one high school bud who i know still listens to Primus was also the biggest Tool fan. Huh.

    So weird how redneck Les sounds, for a guy who grew up next to Berkley.

  24. Complaining about the lifesaving vaccine that daddy trump developed all by his lonesome.


  25. *enjoys both pairs of aftershokz, delivered in a very timely manner.

    Guess Iowa should run the post office too, along with elections.

  26. One of the biggest Primus fans I ever did know tried repeatedly to smash my then girlfriend.

    She was def 10/10. He was not.

  27. I saw Phil Graham walking through the Dallas airport one time about 10 years after he’d left the senate. That’s the only time I’ve been in the presence of a US senator. And I’m ok with that.

  28. “Moving forward, I believe that Congress should embrace its role as a check on the Executive Branch, while being mindful of our rhetoric and committing ourselves to treating each other with the spirit of grace. We are government together.”

    That last sentence makes my blood boil.

  29. Primus would be a good name for my cock. If it didn’t already have a good name.

  30. Minimus?

  31. LATIN WARS !!!

  32. “Moving forward, I believe that Congress should embrace its role as a check on the Executive Branch, while being mindful of our rhetoric and committing ourselves to treating each other with the spirit of grace. We are government together.”

    That last sentence makes my blood boil.

    Agreed. Government isn’t supposed to be a circle-jerk. I want someone who promises to gum up the works. Vote no on every nominee, no matter how qualified. Vote to slash the government budget for every agency. Use every procedural trick to make life miserable for the rest of Congress.

  33. Yet another video source

    Focus is on news clips from what I can gather

  34. time for more meetings, on how to improve 30 year old applications without rewriting them.

  35. Might be time to just send those through a logic analyzer to get a replicable set of inputs/outputs.

  36. If he’s like other dementia patients I have known, it’s the opposite, MJ. He’s tiring his caretakers out. Demented people do not sleep.

    Oy. Forty hours at a time which includes wandering, yelling, crying, screeching, accusations against caregivers from whatever episodes watched of Dr. Phil, death threats.

    Lots of drugs and memory care facilities are best equipped to safely handle them.

    Someone gave Mr. B the book,, The 36 Hour Day, that covers all you need to know about it and how to handle them.

  37. Drugs, memory care facilities, and access to the nuclear launch codes.

  38. Jay, you should email your rep. back and say, “So in other words, you’re going to do as you’re told.”

  39. Yeah, we had one that screamed 24/7 in the loudest voice you could possibly imagine. If this person had been a singer they would have blasted ears at the back of the house. I had to wear ear protection to be in the room. I felt terrible for all the other patients in the unit that had to try to live and sleep through that. It was horrible enough working there. I remember opening the door, walking onto the unit, hearing the screams, and shuddering at knowing it was going to be another full day working with that.

    This person also physically attacked staff. We had two sent to the ED, many of us got scratched, hit, bitten, etc. Old people can be quite quick and strong. We had that patient for over six months. We can’t do anything for them, but they are very hard to place elsewhere. If this is to be my fate someday, it makes a good case for euthanasia and I won’t pretend otherwise.

  40. Gaetz said one of the first things to happen when he showed up in congress was them offering him committee assignments… with prices. Listed prices like it was a menu. The money was for the Republican house campaign fund.

    I wonder if Marjorie got a refund.

  41. During the times of the Dear Leader 0 wasn’t there some propaganda along the lines of we are government together? Trying to remember the exact phrase.

  42. “‘Government’ is just what we all do together” IIRC.

  43. I’m back, bitchez

  44. If this is to be my fate someday, it makes a good case for euthanasia and I won’t pretend otherwise.

    Once upon a time we put them in straight jackets, but I suppose that would be inhumane now. Just let them assault others so that their rights aren’t trampled.

  45. The money was for the Republican house campaign fund.

    That’s sounds a great deal like Pay To Play. If Gaetz didn’t take that to the press, he’s a dick too. They’re all dicks.

  46. I think Gaetz just did.

  47. A lib friend of mine (who is a fair bit younger) told me a friend got her a slot at a pharmacy in Ohio for her shot. She said she didn’t feel like she was taking cuts. I said, “Yeah, you are, but whatever.”

  48. I don’t get why everyone who has gotten the shot is still wearing a mask.

    Biden and Harris got the shot but they wear masks outside, alone, etc.

  49. It’s so no one can smell the donkey dick on their breath.

  50. My word for the day is “cryptosporidium”. Turns out that’s what’s been kicking me around the past week and change. Fortunately I’m told if I play it cool it might be gone by the time the meds get in.

    I sure get the weird stuff these days, eh?

  51. Thanks Leon. If I were you Jay I’d challenge him on that belief.

    They just don’t get it.

  52. You know what passes as small talk these days, “Did you get your vaccine yet?”

    I was asked that today by the woman at the lab corps place. I need my annual tests and also a check to see if I’m developing an ulcer.

    She asked me that and I nearly rolled my eyes. I’m just gonna start lying and saying, “Yup, got all three shots at once.”

  53. Im not sure the right person will even see it. To respond I have to go through multiple web pages with contact info on all of them. Not sure it’s worth it to have an intern read and respond to it.

  54. Heh, i like it, all three shots.

    See how many catch it.

  55. If they do question it, exclaim, “Oops, sorry. People aren’t supposed to know about the third shot. Forget I said anything.”

  56. So, does this go under DudesPostingWs, or WomenPostingLs

  57. what does he charge? He’s got a “booth” in the back.

  58. Both, I think

  59. “Three shots? I thought here were only two.”
    “My doctor recommended three.”
    “Who’s your doctor?”
    “Dr. Bofa.”
    “Bofa? What kind of name is that?”

  60. Nice man cave. I noticed there was only one recliner in the room.

  61. Crypto is rough Tim. Be glad it wasn’t Giardia or you would have had Beaver Fever.

  62. If you thought we had silly arguments in here, this is what is discussed on Next Door app

    We order a lot of take out food and even if we ask them not to give us. plastic utensils, they still do. Is there anywhere to donate these?

  63. Gun control, alive and well! 2 bills have passed the house, and both had GOP support

  64. haha, Rand Paul on Crowders show

    “Sounds pretty crazy, not sure I want to be on!”

  65. That is a pretty cool man cave.

  66. Nick Searcy
    2tsSpnonhcsmored ·
    Just want to congratulate leftist Democrats on their greatest, dreamiest, bestest 12 months ever! They shut down the entire world, destroyed capitalism, stole a bunch of elections, burned down half of America, opened up the border for a massive influx of illegal immigration, and got to scream at people who weren’t wearing a mask and accuse them of being murderers! WHAT A YEAR FOR YOU GUYS!

    Nick Searcy is a treasure.

  67. next level trolling there

  68. Another nice sunny day. Walked out to check out the garden. Looks like a lot of last year’s unharvested brassicas- tokyo turnips, mixed green and red cabbages, kale, etc- survived protected under the snow over the Winter, as did all the mache. A lot of the mache is actually in good shape for making salads right now, and the ice just melted from them.

    The brassicas are biennials and will be in their second year, so they will be flowering and they will all grow into large bushes covered with sweet little broccolini shoots. I’ll be picking them during the hungry gap, around Spring planting time, depending on the weather and the variety.

    Om nom nom

  69. You’re not supposed to be gardening. Stay out.

  70. Cuomo got 7 figures to write his Covid How-To book. Now the publisher isn’t publishing it any more.

  71. I’m laying out my “kill the grass” plastic sheeting tomorrow.

  72. Aerating a lawn: Cheaper to pay someone, or something I can do by renting one? We’re talking maybe .25 acre of lawn.

  73. My word of the day is whoveverwrotethesemotherfreakingfederalregulationsneedstobedraggedoutintothestreetandshotandhavehiscorpseurinatedonbyadiseasedgoat.

    It’s from the Greek, if I’m not mistaken.

  74. Well, I still have to lay out row cover on the garlic beds to protect them from allium leaf miners. And I have to put mulch on the strawberries and prune the fruit trees. But I call that maintenance, not gardening-gardening. I haven’t started any seeds or anything.

  75. The real problem isn’t so much with the regulation itself, but with some nitwit who doesn’t understand the plain English in the regulation.

  76. The problem is government.

    A play in one act

    Cast of characters:
    Sobek – a super cool dude who is way handsome
    Felon – a guy who committed and then admitted to a violent felony
    Nitwit – someone too stupid to breathe without written instructions and a life coach

    Act I, Scene 1
    Sobek: hey, do you want this thing back?
    Felon: no.
    Sobek: you sure?
    Felon: yes, I’m 100% positive.
    Sobek: is that because you’re a felon, and this thing is a gun, and if you took it back you would be committing another felony, and also it’s a cheap piece of crap?
    Felon: yes, for those reasons.
    Sobek: all of that makes good sense to me. Please sign this form.
    [Felon signs the form].

    Scene 2
    Nitwit: you used the wrong form.
    Sobek: go fuck yourself.

    Exeunt omnes

  78. I’m having a day.

  79. I’m laying out my “kill the grass” plastic sheeting tomorrow.

  80. This person also physically attacked staff. We had two sent to the ED, many of us got scratched, hit, bitten, etc…..

    In her 40 hour manic cycles, MIL moved FAST, for a 91 year old. Surprised she didn’t break a hip. I am certain had she been a ten years younger, she could have/would have caused some damage upon my person. I almost forgot that she did take swipes at the help with her hand and a frying pan.
    Psych doc said that if the meds did not help, she would burn herself out in about six months. They did work. No more 40 hour cycles, no more angry/vicious/evil talk but she still hears the voices and still wanders.

    Everyone in the community she lives, from assisted living to memory care, has had both shots, with many having survived covid. So why aren’t they open for inside visits?

    Still trying to get Mr. B. to take her, her sofa.


  81. So, in this Collapse America bill, black farmers will be forgiven up to 120% of their loans. White farmers get nothing. How is that not racist and could the white farmers sue for discrimination?

  82. And did’t we go down this road before with Pigford? Are the same black farmers going to be double-dipping with this new round of gubmint checks?

  83. If sobek could get a screenwriting gig I might go see a movie every once in a while.

  84. My word of the day is fellatio. I’ll use it in a sentence: Your mom is great at fellatio.

  85. CHOF?

  86. Does anyone (Leon) know anything about switching wheat with barley? I basically don’t eat wheat except on the weekends, when I make pancakes on Saturdays and order a hamburger on Sundays, plus maybe a croissant to two on Fridays since I’m not eating meat. But I’ve noticed that since I cut back on my wheat consumption the rest of the week that I feel better, and that too much gives me a nasty headache. I’m wondering if I might be able to switch out the bread and pancakes for barley alternatives and avoid the wheat (if not the gluten).

  87. I mostly swap wheat with other starches entirely if I’m having carbs in a meal. White rice, potatoes, yams, squash. If you need a bread of some kind, you could try barley flour or rice flour, but you’ll likely need some added protein to get you any sort of a stretchy texture.

  88. I like Hotspur’s WotD better than mine.

  89. Swap out the wheat for dicks. It’s called the Hotspur diet.

  90. I always start my seeds too early and everything gets leggy and total disaster is emanate. This year I’m being smart.

  91. imminent?

  92. The problems is the plants emanate from the seeds to early, and disaster is imminent. Or eventual. That’s the better term.

  93. too early

  94. Good job, Car in. Only four tries.

  95. We spring ahead this weekend.

  96. imminimminiment

  97. brassicas, tokyo turnips, kale, mache, broccolini

    I’ll give you turnip (not tokyo) and kale.

  98. I think mache is French, as in Paper Mache

  99. Wypipo spicy is the sweat drop.


  101. Did anyone watch the Vaccine episode of South ParQ? It had its moments.

  102. I don’t watch TV.

  103. I stream South ParQ and a few other shows. Letterkenny and F is for Family.

  104. Congress, and by that I mean the scumbags that are double timing it across the rubicon, need a very direct and unequivocal lesson in where they stand in this nation.

  105. I’m actually 95 / 5 pro burning times.

  106. Universal healthcare control.
    Now universal gun control.
    Without 2a all the rest fall.

  107. Lowers are now going for over 300.
    And you’re lucky if you can find them.

  108. Nice post MJ.

  109. And also –

  110. Let it burn

  111. Monkey boy out.

  112. They’re recycling parts of his campaign speech because he has that memorized

  113. Damn, this place is dead. Everybody watching Matlock? Murder She Wrote? Maybe off taking advantage of the early bird discount at Sizzler?

  114. I just finished crocheting the main part of a blanket. Thinking 17 strips is enough. I will begin adding a border after I portion out and freeze the chicken broth I made.

    Thinking about this and being pissed…

  115. He’s pushing the vaccine too hard.
    I bet he’s scaring people.

  116. (IMGUR VIDEO with sound)

  117. Best speech of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. He’s been vaccinated for a month, so has Cumala. Both are double-masked in public.

    Why get the vaccine?

  119. That’s gold Pupster.

  120. Didn’t want to watch the speech. Joe’s dementia meds are obviously titrated for maximum effect and his rehearsals for several days will allow him to read the words off the ‘prompter just fine. And we’ll be fed the MSM lie that all these MAGA-heads telling stories about Joe being off his game are obviously untrue. Therefore we need to hastily import hundreds of thousands of hardworking immigrants to compensate for that, give teachers increased salaries to not teach, be anal swabbed for Covid weekly and have your guns taken away if we ever want to get back to normal.

  121. We’re looking at masks until 2022. Hoping that vaccines aren’t mandatory. CoWs that have had COVID and the vaccines, must still mask up.

  122. Are you guys getting the news memorials for all the COVID deaths?

  123. Pepe, have you been watching KOB?

  124. I haven’t watched hardly any news since shortly after the stolen election. I did read the scrolling Covid death thingie disappeared from XiNN after Joe was sworn in.

  125. Do we know if that was a live speech?

    Could it have been taped and edited over the last week?

    Everything is fake.

  126. Trump’s fault obviously

  127. lies lies and more lies

    Pandemic met with silence

  128. The live Tucker Reaction cam is a nice touch

  129. No idea Scott. Would not be shocked if it was prerecorded. If I was in Biden’s employ I’d strongly suggest a taped speech. If anyone questions whether it was live or not they will face the wrath of the left.

  130. the business owner just wants the truth, in Philly.

    So do we, lady, so do we. 3am pause, what’s the truth?

  131. You can’t handle the truth

  132. He wants the states to stay locked down. Stay with it!

    Look at Florida asshole. Iowa, South Dakota.

  133. Are we vaccinating at the boarder?

    Shut up and role up your sleeve.

  134. What the hell is child poverty?

  135. Long dark winter, dark days ahead.

  136. I leave the state and I am supposed to quarantine.

    Illegals can do whatever they want.

  137. he forgot his mask, for the walk back. He walked up with one.

  138. Biden doesn’t walk, he shuffles.

  139. old people in slippers do that

  140. anyone watch the MSDNC reaction?

  141. Watch news before bed? Nah. My heart rate would never let me sleep.

  142. Disney+ coming out with a new Mighty Ducks. I watched Stoopid baseball movies not Big Green or Hockey. Only soccer movie I watched was Victory with Pele. Some guy named Pele

  143. And Sylvester Stallone

  144. Oso, we don’t get tv, so I don’t see local news. I check once or twice a month. Generally they have articles saying what a great job the dems and our brave governor are doing.

  145. Good rant:

  146. Do Russians eat pistachios?

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