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  1. I will always pop a decoration towel’s cherry.

    Some choice memes.

  2. Wakey wakey

    Who decided to clear Kamaltoes path to “Re-election in 2024” by clearing out her competition?

    This is what Pat’s been saying.

  3. Okay, you know I love me some weekend memes, however, I don’t know if it’s not enough coffee or too much but I don’t get a few of these and are some serious?

    What’s is happening?!?!

    Oh and alien vs predator is my favorite.

    *scratches head *

  4. Saturday and those fucking microorganisms are all but gone. Should have charged the little fuckers rent.

  5. Their mRNA might be hanging around still.

    You should get the new Crypto vaccine just to be sure.

  6. *The H2, Popping Guest Towel’s Cherries Since 2009*

  7. Big day today, I’ve already finished BBF for next week, tomorrow’s meme poat is scheduled.

    I’ve to run some errands and then do yard work while day drinking. Busy busy busy!

  8. We’re going to use the porkulus $$ to buy a mini tractor and some assessories, I think. May as well be ready. I must build the still this year, too.

  9. All, the old “cat and chicken” gag. Classic.

  10. I don’t get it.

  11. L to R: Pussy, Cock

    That’s all I got

  12. Just read a Boston Herald story on MA dramatically increasing the license fees for hunting and fishing. Predictions of increased “nuisance animal” reports and poaching weren’t mentioned.

  13. I woke up this morning and thought, “what day is it today?” MEME DAY!

  14. Jay mentioned Brady got a year extension to his contract. I just read a story about that now. “Restructuring”. He did that with the Patriots a few times over the years to help with the salary cap restrictions and let the team pay for talent around him. Hard to say whether he plays to 45 years old. If he’s winning games and championships, why not?

  15. Tom and I graduated from UM at the same time. That’s so weird to me.

    What’s Woodson up to these days? Those guys were a hell of a team back then.

  16. Hunting/fishing license fees have always been the self licking ice cream cone of state gov.
    The fees are used to pad the general fund and retirement accounts for a select few “managers” in the department.
    There is nothing that they do that can’t be covered by troopers, sheriff deputies, or on water / ocean by the coast guard.

  17. Jimbo, I’ve read that about Brady before. He gets a lot of hate, but he cares about winning and his team more than his pocket book. Also I was glad to see him win the superbowl. I thought read Belichick was undercutting him a few years ago and wanted him gone.

  18. Some house cleaning, light yard work, then maybe getting the motorcycle out for a short ride. I need to burn off that gas. It has Stabil in it, but it’s still five months old.

    That cat chicken meme is gonna keep me up tonight. *strained expression*

    “Can’t. Figure. It. Out.”

    Margaritas tonight.

  19. Finish a drawing I started a week ago, work on a writing project, pack for a work trip, read a book from my list, help one of my kids work on a project, play a board game with the family. I have a busy day ahead. I think I’ll warm up by dicking around on the internet for five straight hours.

  20. Going to run to the store, then the gym later today. Today’s project is to finally start working on the mock up of a revolutionary war waistcoat.

  21. CoLex is going to end up on a government watch list because of his interest in Revolutionary War regalia.

    If anyone sidles up to you and says, “I also like Revolutionary War regalia, we should plot to kidnap a Democrat governor,” you should be suspicious.

  22. Biden isn’t happy because a) he doesn’t want a precedent out there that Democrats aren’t allowed to grope women without their consent, and b) he’s a grouchy old crank who is going to be murdered by his Veep.

  23. I find y’alls lack of day drinking suspicious.

  24. I like to picture Pupster in overalls and a straw hat, left hand on his hip and right hand holding a hoe, smiling with satisfaction as he surveys his crop of memes which are coming up nicely.

  25. I find y’alls lack of day drinking suspicious.

    If the wife were here I’d be all in, but it’s just me, Possum and the livestock. It’s going to be hard enough to get the garden project done without her getting bored.

  26. She’ll still have to beat Gavin.

  27. That’s why I think the “recall Newsom” movement may be successful. It would kill his political career.

  28. Heh, Paula is getting into biking more and more because she’s always looking for low impact exercise due to her total hip. She’s been to a lot of the local bike shops and had good luck. Today she and Ben went to a coffee shop he likes up in Orono (UMaine’s town). Since they were already in town she wanted to check out a bike shop up there.

    She texted me about it after. They couldn’t go in the store. Staff brought bikes out for them one by one. Masks on all around. But the kicker was the Black Lives Matter sign in the window along with “Everyone Welcome” sign with smaller letters of “Except White People”. I really hope that was a response to the BLM sign but from the sounds of things, it was their sign.

    Orono is full of college students and professors and various hangers on so it’s part of the little blue island extending from downtown Bangor to UMaine.

    My response was please tell me you didn’t buy anything from them. She didn’t thankfully but mostly because it was cold in the parking lot and she had to pee. Had she been warm the salesman might have sold a bike but it did not happen.

  29. I would pointed not buy a bike from them and make sure the store knows why.

  30. Sobek needs to make his art work into some of those Non Fungible Token NFT-thingies. Foolish people with money to burn are dropping serious currency on vaporware.

    Even Rob Gronkowski had some sports cards made into NFT’s to sell.

    Who is bidding on these?

  31. Since when does the vice president tell the president what to do?

  32. When the Vice President is a woman.

  33. Ben got the mail today and the new aftershokz headphones arrived. I sort of guessed what was in the box which thankfully had no labels to give it away. As it so happened, I had just found an ancient set of nesting plastic tire levers in my junk drawer upstairs that have probably been there 20+ years and I gave them to her as I walked in the kitchen. As I was looking at the box and trying to figure out if it was the headphones she said “Let me guess, this is my birthday present?” (meaning the tire levers). My jaw just about hit the floor. I think I recovered with my lame laugh and response and the surprise gift remains a surprise.

  34. How do you say Orono in Maine? In Minnesota it’s OR NO.

  35. OAR-UH-NO

  36. pResident Kiddiesniffers speech caused a run on water. Gas has been going up around 5 cents a day. I love Meme Days.

  37. Clear plastic deployed, 40’x25′ covered. To be followed by cardboard, compost, and wood chips.

  38. 37 minutes ’til margarita.

    Short ride on back roads. Love seeing the Trump yards, flags, and signs. Makes me feel better knowing there are other like minded people.

  39. I just cracked a Long Trail Green Blaze IPA in the 12 ounce can. None of those fancy boat drinks around here.

  40. Paula drinks 4 or 5 times … a year. If I knew she’d have a mixed drink I might be tempted to actually make them. Instead it’s either a beer or brown likker in a glass with a big ice cube.

  41. I saw my 2nd Biden Harris gear since last year. I’m supposed to believe they won NM. I only know of 3 CoWs that voted Joe/Hoe in a place where you can lose your job for talking politics. Lumps is right. Not only did they steal the election, we can’t even talk about what we saw.

  42. Jimbro, have a Marg party where MJ and Wiser compete to make the best Margarita. Do we have an official H2 Drink? Beer?

  43. Official H2 Drink

    Based on volume consumed I’d go with beer.

    Based on alcohol content I’d wager whiskey but I could easily be persuaded it was vodka, gin or pruno

  44. damn diet, no drinking

  45. pretty much beer only here, or spiced rum and coke. Tequila is for dart nights, because 2 of us like it, and the other 2 dont.

  46. Paula would be the best Margarita Judge. Pruno?

  47. I had to reattach our antenna onto a vent pipe on the roof.

    So I went to HD and purchased (2) 3″- 4″ hose clamps, the second largest ones, and climb up onto the roof. Too small.

    Back to HD to purchase the next size up, 5″ – 6″ and climb back up onto the roof.

    Guess what? Too large.

    GAH! Duct tape and zip ties it is.

  48. For some reason, Bourbon doesn’t spike my glucose 🤷‍♀️ My beer has been reduced to Michelob Ultra AKA beer flavored water. No more Malibu. I can still drink a basic fresh Marg, but no flavored. No processed. No Italian Marg 😭

  49. Pruno is prison hootch, fermented in plastic bags or containers from whatever they can get their hands on. I’m told it’s an acquired taste.

  50. Wait, I thought the average was 3 HD visits per project? Duct tape and zip ties is usually the first answer and requires 0 trips

  51. scott, unscrew the ends of 2 smaller ones, and use the band on one to the screw on the other. Then you can tighten from 2 places

  52. Thanks, Jimbro. Mi familia is more familiar with prison tats.

  53. Short ride on back roads. Love seeing the Trump yards, flags, and signs. Makes me feel better knowing there are other like minded people.

    The GOPe and the Dems want Trump and MAGA to go away. It ain’t going away…

  54. I guess I have pruno, then, I just call it homebrewing.

  55. Finished my drawing. Maybe it will show up on next week’s AoS pet thread.

  56. Decent reviews on that…

    I rarely drink brew. I use Hornitos, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar.

  57. Didn’t think of that. Connect them and wrap around twice.

  58. I know that I’m the weirdo here making the rest of you feel normal. BTW normal is now on the woke chopping block. Friday morning, I realized that I was missing a silver dollar chunk of skin off my midriff. Gauzed up with Dan’s leftover skin cancer supply. Last night, I got hot and I was ready to get rid of my blankets, I realized that the night sweats had created a seal between my arm and my right side midriff…used my left arm to break the seal. Apparently, the night before I just peeled my skin like Buffalo Bill.

  59. Good God woman what are you made of, paper mache? Take care of yourself.

  60. By the way I mean that in the best possible way, not in the asshole way it could be read. Please do take care of yourself.

  61. *feels normaller*

    Boy 2 got me a front license plate for christmas, I had to modify the license plate holder with a razor knife and make new top holes. Sliced my finger up pretty good. (No more day drinking razor knife combos.)

  62. Jimbro, have a Marg party where MJ and Wiser compete to make the best Margarita. Do we have an official H2 Drink? Beer?

    aHEM. There is actually and actual BARTENDER among the H2. I mean, shit, I only did it for most of my life.

    But whatever. Have the disk Jockey and the …. whatever it is that MJ does compete.

  63. Carin adding the Angostura BITTERS to the drink recipe!

  64. I was hoping for a bloody finger picture Pupster. Hopefully you avoided nerves, vessels and tendons.

  65. Oso, this is good stuff if you’re skin hole has stubborn healing

    It’s OTC and Walmart sells it

  66. Sort of a long read but it goes by fast because it’s interesting

  67. So far, regular petroleum jelly is working. Just weird having a hole in my side belly. Is Carin comparing her Miami OH and lotto cashiering to MJ and Wiserbud? 🤪🤣👋🏻

  68. That was an interesting article Jimbro. Thanks for sharing. Hard to trust the fibbies these days.

  69. Thermadin, old lady dry skin and the type 2 Diabeetus. I’m slathering with the Cornhuskers and the O’Keefes. It really freaked me out. Using my hubby’s leftover skin cancer protocols.

  70. I like this guy. He’s fighting back and coaching others how to do it…in airports, in stores. AND he’s Canadian.
    His message, these fuckers are violating your rights because you are letting them.

  71. Speaking of which, some punk worker confronted me in the grocery store yesterday cuz I wasn’t wearing a mask. I looked him in the eyeballs, held up the mask which was in my hand, and told him I’m medically exempt. Fucker. It was during a slow part of the day and there were very few people in the place.

    I everyone stopped wearing the masks and opened their businesses at the same time, what can they possibly do to you (also that guy above point).

  72. Taught my kid to make linguine with clam sauce tonight. Boys who can cook are ladykillers.

  73. Montana clams are world renown.

  74. My hubby does all the cooking. BITD his mom had breast cancer. His dad stepped in with the cooking. Dad was a better cook. Dan was 8. He never had gender issues about cooking. He expects a Bill Barr “Surprise sammich” periodically. I will always be thankful for my FIL

  75. Boys who can cook are ladykillers.

    Hasn’t worked for me.

  76. Take the plastic and cardboard off.

  77. I just finished a grilled ham n cheese that I made from scratch. No ladies are lined up to audition for mother of my children. Vasectomy in 93 may have something to do with that.

  78. should have used artisanal hand ground cheese. They would be throwing panties at you by now.

  79. Take the plastic and cardboard off.

    No plastic or cardboard. But Oso will vouch that my red sauce has good color.

  80. I need to try my hand at cheesemaking.

  81. Darlene elbowed Robbie pointedly.

  82. Dan reheated a pie for pie day. He made a point to read about taking the plastic off. No cardboard. I H8 you guys! (Slams door on blog. Stomps feet)

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