Hello anticipators and wally-ballers, welcome to Big Boob Friday,



Your model for today was born August 20, 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland.  5’7″, 34D-24-34 and 119lbs, please pick up the spare and welcome Miss Christi Shake!


  1. She looks a little chilly in some of the pictures. Also … hawtie!

  2. L to R

    Insomnia, Pupster

  3. Damn. This one is actually kinda cute. Nice job, Pup.

  4. Erin’s sister blasted DH on twitter, and I think there may be repercussions.

  5. I hate you people so much.

  6. THANK GOD I have dogs to entertain me. And metal music.

    HEY MJ – stop changing that baby’s diaper and give us an update.

  7. Car in, what’s kind of repercussions?

  8. I don’t know. Maybe I’m over reacting. But Erin doesn’t “feel well” this morning. It’s like she hates calling DH out for being a dick head – and that’s what Hannah did. Publicly. She didn’t say anything untrue.

  9. Hannah is followed on twitter both by DH and a LOT of Erin’s friends. She didn’t name him though, so that’s good. But it’s pretty obvious.

  10. Is Hannah rooting for anyone in particular? Squeakhole? NKOTB?

  11. No. The only dude she really likes/knows is erins GBF (gay best friend). GBF kinda disappeared while DH was around … I think he probably really didn’t like him. GBF is now back.

    Hannah and all the rest of the kids just took – basically – an instant dislike to DH.

  12. Talkative bunch today.

  13. I’m sluggish today. Work, gym, dancing tonight, I won’t be home until midnight.

  14. Is there anyone who doesn’t love nipples? I think not.

  15. Probably the same communists that don’t like bacon. Vegans, probably.

  16. I’m meh about them.

  17. Carin, that whole sworn statement thing is what is now so fucked up in the military. When I was in, had I done what Rapone did, I’d have a bloody nose, fat lip, a black eye, maybe some cracked ribs, and would have been on watch and watch for a month.

    The military is fucked, and so are we.

  18. I’ve got a guy here fixing the brakes on the horse trailer, so I’ve been busy.

  19. I usually agree with JJ Sefton, but his opposition to a bump stock ban is asinine. It’s over-the-top asinine.

  20. I’m a fan of guns, but not a gun nut by any means. I honestly had never heard of a bump stock until this week. I don’t see a real, utilitarian purpose for them.

  21. My partner is a gun nut as well. He had never heard of a bump stock until Monday.We both agree that they should be illegal. Opposing a ban is counterproductive. It makes you look like a zealot. There is no argument one could make for not banning them that doesn’t make you look like an asshole.

  22. I wouldn’t fight a ban except for the precedent it sets. They frankly seem silly, but I don’t see any reason to ban them.

  23. I’m not welcome at the other place anymore, so rarely visit. And almost never look at the comments (an occasional ONT simply ’cause I miss some good folks).
    But, I’d bet dollars to donuts that there are people making the argument that the NRA & congress is caving on bump stocks…

  24. Im a asshole then.

    Its for fucking guys that like to make noise and waste money. Been on the market for how long now? Used in how many crimes?

    See, these leftists will use any excuse to chip away. Its their favorite tactic. Do I have to provide the bazillion examples of this? Or can we just agree that incrementalism is a fundamental leftist tactic?

    Shit 99% criminals dont do…..

    Buy a 1200 dollar rifle…

    Put a 500 dollar optic on top of it

    Purchase and install 100 dollar after market stock

    Purchase multiple 100 dollar high cap mags….

    This aint the fucking movies

    First we’re gonna ban the stocks, then we’re gonna ban the mags, then we’re gonna ban the rifle.

  25. Pick your battles, Troy. Bump stocks ain’t the hill to die on.
    If we could trade them for nationwide Constitutional Carry or Shall Issue, would you? I certainly would.

  26. Automatic weapons are illegal. Therefore by extension, altering a weapon to make it perform as an automatic should be illegal. If you’re making an argument that automatics should be legal, I can’t help you understand my logic.

  27. Just finishes reading that sworn statement. That officer wasn’t the only one who had run-ins with the slimey little commie.

    How on earth was that behavior allowed, how was he allowed to advance, and why is he still ‘serving’? WTF?

  28. And now that obama the cunt is gone, can this kind of shit be fixed?

  29. Are we going to ban pump and lever actions too?

  30. How on earth was that behavior allowed, how was he allowed to advance, and why is he still ‘serving’? WTF?

    It was allowed because the officer who filed the sworn statement didn’t stomp the shit out of the asshole on the spot. It was allowed because his shipmates didn’t stomp the shit out of him every time he spouted his seditious bullshit. The military has become a cesspool. The commies are winning.

    They’ve taken over academia, the media, and all of entertainment. Now they appear to have control of the military.

    Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

  31. Leon, that comment is stupid.

  32. Good morning.

    I must say, the quality of BBF dramatically improves when you expand the geographic target area for models to points outside of former Soviet states. I do not miss the mustachioed, bearded circus sideshow freaks of old.

  33. And now that obama the cunt is gone, can this kind of shit be fixed?

    I dunno. xbrad & MCPO might have some opinions, but Schlicter does not radiate optimism.

  34. No sir, they are not. Class Three weapons are available and highly regulated. Illegally modified weapons are illegal. This stock was ruled by the ATF as legal. FIRING it and allowing it to auto cycle is the illegal part.

    If your making the argument that a single shot rifle in the hands of a LAW ABIDING citizen is different from a Automatic in the hands of the same law abiding citizen….. I cant help you understand my logic.

    * for the record, I dont give a shit about bump stocks. As a former professional weapons handler / instructor I wouldn’t use one, recommend one, …nada.

    We can agree to disagree on this one.

    I think we can all agree the Commie West Pointer is very very problematic. I would like to see where this mutt is seeing as how last I heard he had been pulled from Ranger School.

  35. I am conflicted. I wanna fight like TT for the reasons mentioned. I wanna compromise like chi for the reasons mentioned.

    Can I just punch a Nazi-puncher until I work it out?

  36. I have no use for a bump stock, but I’m with Troy. They’ll make the same objections to high capacity magazines, semi-auto actions, ammunition quantities, etc.

    The restrictions against silencers and short barreled shotguns and rifles are silly as well. Hell, even in France silencers are legal. They put in the restrictions on short barrels as part of a push to ban all handguns back in the ’30s. Step 1, ban handguns: Step 2, prohibit shotguns and rifles from being cut down for concealment. Step 2 passed, but they couldn’t get step #1 done. So now we’ve had idiotic laws on the books for decades.

  37. Jazz, you don’t need permission to punch a Nazi-puncher.

    TT, I see your point.

  38. I think the commie west pointer should have his balls shaved, hooked to electrodes, & lit up while being waterboarded for the next forever or so. Treasonous little bastard.

  39. Fanning == “automatic” to a gun-grabber, Hotspur. If a bouncy stock counts now, say hello to bolt-action shotguns.

  40. “Comment by terribletroy on October 6, 2017 11:03 am

    Im a asshole then.”

    *raises hand and stands in line with TT*

    not one fucking micron of movement should be given to these leftist asswipes –

    my response to chuckie turdball scumer “we’ll talk bump stock bans and child murdering restrictions in the same bill – you vote for abortion restrictions and i’ll consider bump stocks” :

    until then they can lick my hairy ass

  41. The more I think, the more I am inclined to adopt TT’s line of thinking. The slippery slope is real, and shit picks up steam once it’s sliding. I think I have to be a purist just b/c on that account. Fuck toe–holds.

  42. Tack 0-care repeal onto the bump stock ban.

  43. And a Fed audit.
    And The Wall.
    And E-Verify.
    And new nuke plants.

  44. and new refineries

  45. and term limits

  46. and pelosi, schumer, mcconnell, and ryan each eating a bushel of rotten goat dicks

  47. and flat tax

  48. mj sighting

  49. he seems more disoriented than usual

  50. Ok jazz told me I had to post this this morning…
    This is my latest column, others are posted there as well. Kinda fits with discussion I think!
    Of guns and men via @mattosnews

  51. What’s your twit handle, jam2? I might be following you already, but I’ll add you now if I don’t & if you’ll give it up. Which I hear you do. Frequently. And cheaply. ;-)

  52. G”morn, Toni.

  53. And I didn’t notice the new thread this morning so I left comments over at the old one. I promise I’ll get the hang of this very quickly I’m normally not so stupid, but mornings are not my best time

  54. And no federal funding for “sanctuary” whatevers. Not to cities, not to states.

    FU CA.

  55. If y’all are so stubborn as to not give an inch on even something as unreasonable as a bump stock, then be prepared to never get anything WE want, either. 20 week abortion ban? Ain’t gonna happen, and we’ll never defund PP at this rate either. Or anything else that is sane.

    Again, pick your battles.
    And, Leon, I love you, but I don’t know how you’re equating pump action with this argument. That’s a stretch and a half.

  56. Toni, werdpuss isn’t always good about linking the next poat at the bottom of the last.

  57. I see that Troy, jam, and Pepe are on the old NRA style of negotiations (me too). Don’t give an inch, they will want more.

    Banning bump stocks will not do anything to curtail violence. You can use your belt loop as a bump stock, check the vid I posted yesterday. Hell, I think you should be able to buy a bazooka, nothing in the constitution says you can’t.

    I see the benefit of background checks, too, but they don’t do anything either. Only prevent regular folks from their rights.

  58. Chi, do you not know what fanning is? You can hold the trigger back and slam the action on pumps, levers, and SA revolvers easily. How is that not equivalent?

  59. I just ate another 3 Tony Packos hot dogs. I’m gonna move to Toledo. These things are freakin’ incredible. I will eat them in the hall. I will eat them while I ball. I will eat them on the sod. I will eat them off your bod. Dayum.

  60. Do I have to go back to the last thread to see THE QUESTION answered? You did ask the question didn’t you? Who was in charge of vetting last nite?

  61. it’s all negotiations, chi. They never give anything up. Time for us to play by their rules.

    I’m willing to give them a useless ban on bump stocks. But their side has to give us something.

    See how that works?

  62. leon, that is exactly what a bump stock is doing.

  63. Chi here’s the problem. You’re reasonable on bump stocks, fine. But in the next breath they’re talking about semi auto weapons. And how those aren’t necessary either. And you were so reasonable about the other why can’t you be reasonable about this?

    We all have seen this game before and it’s always incrementalism. They’re not going to trade this for anything worthwhile. Not concealed carry not reciprocity. None of it

  64. Like I said, chi, I’m conflicted. While I lean one way, I am extremely sympathetic to your argument and see the merit in it.

  65. I think J’Ames & toni are on some sort of journ-o-list.

  66. Glad to know. I swear that thread wasn’t there when I first looked here this morning!

  67. I answered. XBrad had the baton. Hope I did ok

  68. Do I have to go back to the last thread to see THE QUESTION answered? You did ask the question didn’t you? Who was in charge of vetting last nite?

    This complaint is valid.

    Xbrad dropped the ball. Toni’s in Cali just like him, too. No time zone excuses.


    I sound just like a little bitch nark.

  69. *calls the secret number, reports jazz to “the authorities”.

  70. Toni’s answer:

    I just removed it to jump in the shower. But normally only one because I’m one of those uptight bitches that walks around with a “stick up my ass” and the leather’s less scratchy

  71. Not his fault I didn’t see it last night. I answered this morning in the old thread

  72. Do I need to go copy paste it for y’all?

  73. *calls the secret number, reports jazz to “the authorities”.

    I think I get a raise when you do that.

  74. Did I pass???

  75. Day 4.

    Dry mouth, slight headache, blurry vision.

    Sounds like MJ’s been on a Hostage “camping” trip.

  76. You can have the bump stock if we can ban infanticide after 20 weeks. At least on our side, it IS about saving children’s lives.

  77. While turning over last night, I jerked my damn gimp arm wrong. OOWWWW!

  78. So, we shouldn’t punch you in the shoulder today?

  79. Didn’t most of Europe ban infanticide after 20 weeks? I think they did. I thought lefties wanted us more like Europe.

  80. I wonder how Joss Whedon feels about all this Harvey Weinstein clamor.

  81. You better be wearing a helmet and a cup if you so much as touch my shoulder.

  82. I just removed it to jump in the shower. But normally only one because I’m one of those uptight bitches that walks around with a “stick up my ass” and the leather’s less scratchy.

    I find this response acceptable. Then again… Im a nobody here that mostly lurks…

  83. Jazz, He’s got to be probably thinking that he under estimated what he could get away with

  84. Ow,, beasn. My mom had her shoulder replaced 3 weeks ago. I watch that pain a couple of times a day. Hope your gimpiness abates.

  85. Have you ever heard a Tasmanian devil?

  86. Look – while I’m young compared to all you curmudgeons, I’ve been following politics since before I could vote. The Reagan Era.
    I understand how slippery slopes work. I understand how pinko commies work. I understand how RINOs work.
    But I don’t give a crap about a bump stock, and if we can get one simple but real right tied to any ban cool. Give me shall issue.

    Meh. I hate arguing/debating silly things like this with people I like and basically am on the same page with 99%. I’d rather talk about bacon. How have I never seen ‘bacon ends & pieces’ in the grocery store before???

  87. I think most Hollyweird directors have skeletons like that in their closet. Just waiting for more to come out of the woodwork.

  88. I find this response acceptable. Then again… Im a nobody here that mostly lurks…

    I’m so glad I never had to answer questions like this. I just got group cavity searched.

  89. I don’t think of it as arguing. I think of it as broadening my horizons. I learn quite a bit here.

    Capital punishment, religion, etc. I’ve learned other viewpoints from people I respect.

  90. I wonder how Joss Whedon feels about all this Harvey Weinstein clamor.

    My hope is “nervous” while sending cashier’s checks to Amy Acker, Charisma Carpenter, and Eliza Dushku.

  91. Try think we’re about in the same generational age. I get you, have no desire to own a bump stock. Never shot a semi auto. I agree with you about getting something good for the deal, but have you met our Republican Congress? When have they gotten anything from anyone other than another crappy loser sandwich

  92. J’Ames, the Coreys (Haim & Feldman) used to talk about how they were abused. I’m betting every single Disney/Nickolodeon show star has been, too.

  93. Oh and bacon ends and pieces are a wonderful thing great for soups beans or any kind of cooking. Usually the really fatty pieces

  94. I think the political reality re: bump stocks is that the negotiation is over. The capitulation already occurred. And my only beef with it is that its

    nothing but a symbolic gesture

    opens a door to future “negotiations”

    cause you can bet yer arse high caps are up on the agenda next week.

  95. I don’t think of it as arguing. I think of it as broadening my horizons. I learn quite a bit here.

    Civilly exchanging ideas, disagreeing on strategy, and agreeing to disagree is classical argument, which we do here. And we each value things differently – cool. At the end of the day, though, all that really matters is that we do what I want.

  96. cause you can bet yer arse high caps are up on the agenda next week.

    Yup. And then lead ammunition. and then gun powder. and then….

  97. My mom had her shoulder replaced 3 weeks ago.


    Don’t tell that to me. (how my son said it when he was 3).

    I hope I only f*cked up my tendons. It feels like my tendons. I had it before in the other arm..but one spot on the side. Now it’s my right arm, on the side and right in front. Tendons where shoulder/arm meet. I think moving the MDF was the last straw.

  98. I haven’t tried this in a long time. I hope I don’t blow up the blog.

  99. Hoping for the best for you, beasn. You might want to back out of some of your arm-wrestling gigs for a few weeks.

  100. Well, I didn’t blow up the blog. This is what I was trying to link:

  101. This silly bint

  102. @ Chi

    Conversing, not arguing. I see the logic in your position and understand your sentiments. I don’t fault you for them one bit. The pragmatist in me agrees, get something in return. The deeper pragmatist in me doesn’t see a path to that historically nor in the immediate future. The environment is too toxic.

    PS. You one of dem “glass half full” guys? cause ifn you are…


    PPS. Fellow Virginian here, Madison, Culpeper, Rappahanock, Prince William County…. now I reside in Illinois.

  103. Whoah – forgot the rules. I was supposed to take off the https, righht?


  104. Please tell me you like bluegrass, troy.

  105. Toni is an op-ed writer for a paper in CA. She posted a link to her latest up above, but I’mma pimp it for her here, too. Of Guns & Men

    If you’ve got a comment on it, she does appreciate discussion.

  106. Duca’s stupid tweet only makes sense if one takes the inverts the conceptual theme of “A Boy And His Dog” and takes it literally

  107. Here’s my arguing style:


  108. Gustine doesn’t really count as California. Per the state legislature, the Central Valley isn’t really real.

  109. Limiting options for both birth control and abortion turns women into slaves of reproduction.

    Sex has consequences, and you are already a slave. Your slavery to your animal urges is not my concern and shouldn’t be my problem. Pay for your own lifestyle drugs and sacrifices to Moloch, bitch.

  110. Yeah, bitch.

  111. FFS, noone is limiting anyone’s birth control or baby killing options. If you want either, pay for it your own self.

  112. Hi @xbradtc!!! You are correct, We aren’t part of the real California, we actually produce things here, like food and stuff!

    County CEO said we are amongst the goats and weeds a few years back!

  113. Leon’s still muttering sense, I see. ;-)

    Hotspur…. Okay, you made me laugh. Dammit.

  114. and thanks @Jazz for the pimpin’ – whooring ain’t easy these days!

    I do appreciate the comments though!

  115. Duca’s limiting her own BC choices by being such a flaming see you next thursday. Who wants to cuddle H2SO4?

  116. Troy,
    The glass is neither half empty nor half full – it’s just there, man. Now pour me some bourbon in it please.

    And, Cool Beans. I’ve paddled a lot in those areas. Lived in Richmond for a number of years, and paddled/fished every river within a 60 mile radius. Culpepper & West of there is beautiful country.

  117. I’m going to the garden for a bit. BBL

  118. I’m still getting the occasional thing out of my garden, and the cabbages and leeks are growing again, so I haven’t ripped everything out yet.

  119. But I want my hard earned money to go for shit like tatts, piercing, drugs and alcohol. Sex is a right. I shouldn’t have to us my money to pay to avoid the consequences.


  120. Any parent who allows their kid to be on Nickelodeon or Disney should be charged with child abuse.

  121. I’m not that big of a gin fan, but I’ve discovered a Scottish gin called The Botanist. It’s good shit.


  123. Freedom’s just another word for “somebody else pays the bill”.

  124. Look, I ranted at the HQ about the mechanical masterpiece of stupid that is the bump stock and the political pile of stupid that is the fight over it. If there was a lick of good faith among the Dems and if there was any feck whatsoever among the GOPe I could live with a ban on something as blatantly silly as the bump stock, but we are where we are, so we gotta hold the line. Stupid, but since the smart has no place in DC, there it is.

  125. No WHITE man is gonna tell me what to do. He’s gonna pay for what I want, though.

  126. Less than 2 weeks until QOTSA

  127. And by the way, the salmon last night was a huge success. I took two cedar planks, put them on the grill for ten minutes until they were charred, flipped them over, and laid the filets skin side down on them, then grilled them for about 15 minutes. They came off the planks with skin intact, and tasted delicious – the filets, not the planks. I marinated the filets in maple syrup for about two hours before grilling.

  128. I may just leave all my kids at home and take three random strangers with me.

  129. I’ll try that with liver, Hotspur. See if it works.


    Imma going to use that later when I troll lefty sites.

  131. I’m sorta fired up today. Imma gonna go to a gun show and get myself one of those loophole guns.

  132. I’m having leftover spaghetti (homemade sauce) for lunch. Nothing like fresh, homemade tomato sauce.

  133. Until he identifies as a black woman, then it’s a jump ball.

  134. I’ll try that with liver, Hotspur. See if it works.

    Now you’re just making fun of me. That pound of chicken livers was the best 89 cents I spent all week! It was an awesome dinner.

  135. If you put a funny hat and fake mustache on him, you could probably take Moose.

  136. I just really hate liver. And I’m sorta making fun of Hotspur.

    My dad LOVED liver. LOVED it. He’d make it when I was working or otherwise occupied so I wouldn’t have to smell it.

  137. My kid loves the pack of gizzards, hearts, lungs and chicken livers. I throw them all in a foil packet with some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and lemon – maybe herbs de provance if we are feelin’ fancy and throw it on the grill. Him and the hubby eat them all.

    My personal feelings – ick

  138. The reason the Harvey Weinstein thing is such a big deal to me is because all of the same, old, Dems are involved.

    Anita Dunn, Lanny Davis, Lisa Bloom, Obama, Clinton, etc.

    The party is still in the hands of these people which tells they might actually be fuxxored for a bit.

    Until the people change, the culture of corruption will stay.

  139. Mom always makes her Mom’s stuffing in the turkey for Thanksgiving using the gizzards, heart & liver. I grew up on it, and would fight to the death to get the last serving. I could eat the stuff all by itself and never touch another bite of the giant spread on the table.

    That said, fried chicken livers are altogether a different bird, so to speak. Just a southern thing? And I’ve never had calves’ (calf’s?) liver – I hear it is absolutely disgusting. I believe it.

  140. It’s almost time to make brown pudding again. Going to try it with chicken livers this time.

  141. Toni,
    I read your op-ed. Well thought out. You’re a good writer.
    I was going to drop a comment, but I’m shy and not so smart, so I didn’t want to be the first one there.

    BTW, eventually, these folks will ask you about your garden and your Crossfit routine. Be prepared.

  142. We ask about workouts, not crackfat. If you were in crackfat we wouldn’t have to ask, you’d have told us already.

  143. Also, we’ll judge your taste in music.

  144. Thanks @Chi – hardly any commenters at my site, ever. But people stop me on main street (or email me) to give me thoughts. I even get a few letters to the editor!

    Thanks for the kind words!!!

    So, I will probably disappoint many here – granddaughter of a farmer, but no garden – my Dobie would dig 90% of it up – but if we move next year watch out, my plans are for about an acre or so of food growing and fruit trees

    No crossfit for me – was a nationally ranked swimmer in my misguided youth – and now am like Dracula to sunlight with crazy exercise routines. Not that I don’t need to get my ass moving, one of these days, but that looks like a bit much for me!!!

  145. and @Chi – stuffing is my FAVORITE part of the Thanksgiving meal!!! Could leave most else – except for corn pudding!

  146. jazz – i’ll look my twit account up. can’t remember the last time i used it. i think it’s at ericg1 or something like that

  147. OMG – y’all need to see the video, read this one!!!

  148. I use the giblets in gravy/stuffing, NOT the liver.

  149. @ColoradoAlex – Southern Rock/Classic Rock is my fave stuff and oldies. Listen to some country. Creedence, Zepplin, Steve Miller, old Chicago, etc.

  150. That seems like a nice coffee shop. I wonder if they’d make coffee for my het wedding.

  151. Rush wondered if the Weinstein stuff came out because money is power in Hollywood and he’s a bit short on money at the moment.

  152. I agree with TT.

    It’s the same reason why I was against gay marriage.

    They never stop.

    Now women can have dicks and 6 YO’s can choose their gender.

  153. Gay marriage was always just a canard so they could weaponize people.

  154. Though, being a practicing Catholic, I always wonder if there isn’t something literally diabolical behind it. They’ve essentially outlawed authentic Christian witness and intervention to those living that lifestyle, thus ensuring that the souls are lost. If I were the Devil, this would be exactly the plan.

  155. Children are the next frontier. Just look at the parental consent for abortion fight. Why would they need tweens to have access to abortion with parents being involved?
    Meh. Sickening. I’m going back to day drinking…

  156. *without

  157. Where the eff is Mare?

  158. Children were always the goal, along with ending monogamy. They want the destruction of the family.

  159. I stole your comment, Carin. I plagiarized you. 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed did not approve of my actions.

  160. I just really hate liver.

    Organ meat is gross. While I laud my progenitors for their survival skills, I wish they’d have focused their culinary talents on more palatable flesh.

  161. mmm, loophole guns, just like your mom likes.

  162. If you were in crackfat we wouldn’t have to ask, you’d have told us already.

    This is a fundamental, undeniable, universal truth.

  163. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on October 6, 2017 2:14 pm
    Also, we’ll judge your taste in music.

    No worries Alex, my husband and and the man-child do all the time, I can be a little eclectic – it’s all pointed fingers and chants of SHAME…. why should y’all be any different. LOL

  164. I agree with TT.

    It’s the same reason why I was against gay marriage.

    They never stop.

    Now women can have dicks and 6 YO’s can choose their gender.

    For a guy w/ such an insane avvy pic, you sure talk a lot of sense.

    /That pic has always scared the crap outta me. I would brownstripe myself if I saw that face in my front door’s peephole.

  165. Gay marriage was always just a canard so they could weaponize people.

    Dammit, leon, you don’t have a monopoly on brilliant insights today. Stop it.

  166. Don’t inflate his head too much. The guy looks ridiculous like that.

  167. And leon’s following post is just as profound. Someone duct tape his fingers, please?

    As we get older and stop making sense
    You won’t find him waiting long
    Stop making sense, stop making sense…stop making sense, making sense

  168. / goes on 57 state shooting spree

  169. Where the eff is Mare?

    She’s never here when I am. I think I scare her.

    Children were always the goal, along with ending monogamy. They want the destruction of the family

    Exactly right. It takes a village, motherfuckers.

  170. / goes on 57 state shooting spree

    I hope you ate your liver first. You need your Vitamin Gross.

    Do you twitter, Carin? Can I stalk follow you there?

  171. Any Hose-tages I’m not following, I would like your handles, pls. I am @gadsdenjazz there.

  172. I meant following on Twitter, not through your neighborhood.

  173. I don’t twat.

  174. If you’re listening to Chicago, Toni, your family SHOULD be judging your taste in music (or lack thereof).

  175. Nothing like Jazz to get the post total back up.

  176. * adds wallpaper scraping to the list of things that suck *

  177. I’m half Irish, J’Ames. I don’t need anyone to talk to for a good conversation.

  178. Hahahahaha @Chi – we used to listen to greatest hits on the way to swim practice with my mom and it’s kind of ingrained at this point – think Chicago, Neil Diamond, Elton John – but also gave me Billy Joel, Juice Newton and some others I still love

  179. My dad bought a house for our family when I was 10, scott. House was 100+ yrs old, every room in the house had multiple layers of wallpaper over paint over wallpaper over paint.

    Worst. Summer. EVER.

    We had to score the walls diagonally and then run a carpet steamer over them and then scrape like mofos to get the wallpaper off, and then had to wash the glue off the walls. I’d rather have burned the house down for insurance money.

  180. Juice Newton is cool, but she’s no Eddie Rabbit or Faggot Bruce.

  181. Definitely no Faggot Bruce – but I can listen in the car with my son and not have to have a LONG CONVO about things I do not want to explain

  182. I need some new downtempo/chill music. I’ve been on a Zero 7 kick lately, w/ some Air, Telepopmusik, Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corp., & Morcheeba thrown in. Any suggestions to help a guy down on his tunes?

  183. I was pretty much horrified when I first heard Faggot Bruce. I had to re-align my brain, like watching a Rob Zombie movie.

  184. I think I am way too conventional for your music tastes Jazz.

  185. I see your Neil Diamond, Toni, and raise you one Little River Band.

    For chill, Jazz, I usually put in Govt Mike’s ‘The Deepest End.’ Or for really chill, this acid jazz mix CD – Sharpshooters, DJ krush, powdered rhino horns, etc…

  186. Sessions issues guidance on fed policies toward free exercise of religion. Good stuff, I think

  187. Ahem.
    *Gov’t Mule, dammit.
    (Warren Haynes rocks. Check out his tribute to Jerry Garcia – ‘Patchwork Quilt’)

  188. For chill, Jazz, I usually put in Govt Mike’s ‘The Deepest End.’ Or for really chill, this acid jazz mix CD – Sharpshooters, DJ krush, powdered rhino horns, etc…

    Heading to youtube now. THANKS! :-)

  189. I think I am way too conventional for your music tastes Jazz.

    Nah. Expanding boundaries can be a little unnerving is all. ;-)

  190. I see your Neil Diamond, Toni, and raise you one Little River Band

    I’m going all in w/ Pure Prairie League and Ambrosia (esp 1st album)

  191. Remember when Letterman got busted fornicating in his NBC studio office bedroom suite?

    Good times.

    Don’t worry – this Weinstein stuff will blow right over.

  192. I wish Weinstein got busted going bottoms for Soros. THAT would be funny.

  193. Erick Ericson w/ some good commentary

    Kind of like a less volatile wiser. :-)

  194. Did y’all switch threads and leave me talking to myself AGAIN?

  195. Drive time is always dead.

    Old houses suck.

  196. I’ve been putting off this project for 30 years.

    The paint color under the wallpaper? Forest green.

  197. you’re hurting my feeling, scott. I love old houses.

  198. Nothing is easy in old houses. Every little project turns into a much bigger one.

    My next house will have right angles, level floors, and insulation.

  199. So, since it’s dead, I’ll throw out a food bleg.
    What the heck do I do with all these little Japanese eggplants?

    I’m thinking of dicing one up, sauteing it in butter and adding it to my first ever quiche…
    Cooking is experimental at Chez Chi.

  200. @Chi Slice for chips or bread and fry and use your homemade tomato sauce and go for eggplant parm – layer with cheese & sauce (ricotta, mozzarella and parm) so yummy!!!

    They can be the sub for meat in many recipes – but I suggest soaking in milk to take the slime off before you cook. Also tenderizes

  201. I don’t believe in eggplant. It’s the food of the debbil.

  202. I used to feel the same, but found a great recipe – and almost anything tastes good if you fry it. My whole fam loved the parm – and it was requested for Xmas Eve a few years running. I even like it, and I agree that eggplants are usually evil

  203. I’m looking at fail truck vids. Too funny. I want to find the old timey one w/ the fail horn that we used to kick around here from time to time

  204. Thank you, Jazz.
    Finally, someone other than me killed the thread.

  205. Make ratatouille with the eggplant. We had that 5 times a month after that Disney movie came out, back in the day.

  206. Greetings, people who may or may not be conspiring to kidnap a newborn baby.

  207. “Make ratatouille ”
    how much rat did you use

  208. sean, c ari n needs to act quickly or else mj will get his/xhe/their legs back under they/them/zern and notice someone crackfatting thru the house with a papoose


  210. Hula hoop chick kinda looks like a friend of mine.

  211. Nothing is easy in old houses. Every little project turns into a much bigger one.

    My next house will have right angles, level floors, and insulation.


  213. *steps on poat’s neck*

    And STAY DEAD.

  214. Sean M. on October 6, 2017 at 8:31 pm
    Hula hoop chick kinda looks like a friend of mine.

    Ummm, does she need any more ‘friends’ by any chance?

  215. MJ needs to list all of the things he has taught his kid so far.

    I bet he’s slacking.

  216. Ummm, does she need any more ‘friends’ by any chance?

    Look, I would introduce you to her, but the thing is…well, it’s not like I’m ashamed of you, but…

    *trails off*

  217. She seems nice. In all the right places, too.

  218. they’re all “nice” until their sig-ot catches you balls deep in the 100 acre wood…. then all bets are off pooh

  219. She has VD, and a mustache.

  220. the mustache is a feature

  221. VD or not, she’s thick. In just the right way. I’d take her home to meet Mom before one of your Monday ‘girls’ anyday.

  222. Anybody still alive in here?

  223. Was that…Jazz?

  224. He clearly said ‘to blave’

  225. It was indeed Jazz, MJ. Congrats on the baby, btw. Everyone said I was a fool for taking the bet that it wouldn’t have a tail, but WHO’S A STUPID MOTHERFUCKER NOW?!!

  226. God bless my wife. She was just voted teacher of the year for her school for the last calendar year. She’s telling me nonstop about all the shit that’s happening at school. I don’t care in slightest. Which is why I’m not a teacher. I’m nodding and smiling. This is why I miss important shit.

  227. Wait, MJ had a kid. God help that kid. I mean, CONGRATS TO MJ.

  228. I’m drinking and overpriced bourbon and openly checking out the pianist’s rack in the low cut dress she’s wearing.

  229. Why congratulate MJ. It’s GND who’s a parent now.

  230. There should be a note-taking service like they had while I was in college, but for real life. That, or you could just wire up your house with tape recorders like some kind of Floridian Nixon.

  231. I hope you ate your liver first. You need your Vitamin Gross.

    Do you twitter, Carin? Can I stalk follow you

    I do, but I’m rarely there. My wisdom cannot be constrained by arbitrary comment length. My name is probably carinrose or something like that.

  232. My dog Sam eats purple flowers.
    We ain’t got much, but what we’ve got’s ours.
    We dig derp and the rain and the bright sunshine.
    Draggin’ the line

  233. sean how do you know there wasn’t / isn’t a tail?

    your end-zone dance may be premature

  234. mj – how goes the muppet farming?

  235. Car in i spammed your gmail

  236. it’s not pr0n this time

  237. Got the zoomies.

  238. Ha ha ha haaa! I remember when our girl Ruby would do that. She’d also come running into the livingroom and do a leap-bounce off the back of the couch. Like a rubber ball. Then continue zoomies.

    Good morning, hoselovers and innocent newborn infants.

  239. I miss the good old days when Sox would get the zoomies. Now he just shits in the closet.


  241. chaotic storage –
    sounds like my workshop

  242. wakey wakey

  243. Whoops, just noticed the zoomie video was on the ONT. Sorry for the repeat.

    Rainy day here in southern canada, I think I’ll look for the winter clothes boxes that I seemingly just put away a few weeks ago. First frost estimated next week. If I’m feeling extra energetic I’ll take the AC units out of the winders.



  246. Time to pour out a forty for AOL Instant Messenger as of 12/15/17. Other than tossing out countless AOL CD’s I never used their system. My friend has had an AOL email address forever.




  249. After chores I’m going to a local festival today with my sister. Haven’t been to an Autumn fair in a long time.

  250. 29 degrees here right now.

  251. About 65 here now. Unseasonable. Has been this way for a while. Only a few chilly days in this Autumn so far.

    I just piled all the Winter squashes into the picture window. 5 Jarrahdales, 3 Tromboncino, 7 Butternuts, and 4 Galeux d’Eysines. Quite festive in appearance. One of the bigger Jarrahdales has spots and therefore is meeting its maker this evening or tomorrow.

    They should mostly be good until next Spring. One of my tricks to make them stay good longer is to never cut the stem. I harvest by cutting the vine on either side of the stem and take pains to make sure the stem stays intact and in good shape and dries well naturally.

    That said, I smacked one of the really long Tromboncinos on its way indoors and cracked the green stem. That one will be watched carefully in the coming months.

    Your excitement is palpable.

  252. Smacking your tromboncino….
    Probably a limerick about that somewhere.

  253. I might harvest pumpkins later if it stays dry and Possum can be persuaded to help me.

  254. Our high today will be 102.

  255. Hotspur, give an inch they want a mile. No on any “compromise” position an anything gun related. Eff them all.

    But I still love you.

  256. On a plane waiting for take off. Heading home after what seems like a month away. Mother’s funeral, which was lovely, she would have loved it. The young priest was so great I think he converted several people. My Mom would have loved this guy. He spoke as though he knew our family, well, for 40 years.

  257. My $.02: You’re all right. The very fact that you can’t outlaw a finger in a belt loop (Hell, it’s such a simple tool, that bump thingy might be able to be effectively reproduced with just a bent piece of heavy wire), coupled with the fact that criminals don’t give a fuck, means that both outlawing it or not outlawing it both accomplish fucking nothing. It doesn’t matter either way. No lives will be saved, and people will still easily hack their weapons if they want to play.

    The only thing tipping the argument into the no-ban side is that it WILL be used by overzealous police departments to harass innocent hobby shooters who may not be aware of the ban. Just like they have done to people who unwittingly cross state lines with a carry permit in one and not in the other, and have their lives ruined.

  258. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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