Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born April 9th, 1994 in Dallas, Texas. She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 382744 and 144 lbs. Please stand aside for Miss Greedy Grove AKA Chloe.


  1. Bountiful

  2. Too beaucoup.

  3. “The opulent operation involves taking a thin layer of tissue from the vaginal wall to rebuild the membrane, which partially covers the opening of the vagina.”

    So much to unpack here. She’s trying to raise her value on the dating market but any sane man would run the other way.

    I hope the author was just using alliteration when describing an opulent operation because calling a hymenplasty opulent seems weird.

  4. Jay, I know you’ve been posting a little about this but I must confess, I haven’t bothered to investigate it further because it seems so high school-ish

  5. Too fat with a tat. Nothing good about this one.

  6. She may or may not be inflated, but I’d be willing to find out.

  7. For any doubters who question the veracity of the statement, “Everything is bigger in Texas”, I submit to you, as incontrovertible evidence, pictures of this chick’s ass in this BBF post. Furthermore, if you remain a doubter despite all evidence to the contrary, I will direct you to a gif of said ass in Shaking Mode as seen above

  8. Meh.


    I have my doubts this even happened although the list of people screwed out of their money is long so let’s make it a coin toss as to whether it actually happened or if it’s a scam to either get him more sympathy from the court of public opinion or an opportunity to flee to a country where he cannot be extradited

  10. Wakey wakey

  11. After further investigation I’d like to modify my one word review of “Bountiful” to Globular. Are there do overs in BBF commenting?

  12. EeeeNormAss!!!!!
    Awesome job Pup!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This one is a contender for the coveted Balhaus Award.

  13. Meh. Don’t appreciate the right on right infighting. STAY FOCUSED, PEOPLE.

    Lots from yesterday afternoon that I missed – I coached, and I’m also engrossed in a book.

    Let’s see:

    NO, it’s not the special forces/sailor guy. When he said he wanted to put in 20 years, it was a hard no for her. He tried to back away from that, but she’d decided they wanted different things. Broke up last summer. He made it all the way through the program though and just got assigned as a gunner on the boat. Some big/ass cool gun. Forget which one.

    What else- yea Leon – that’s why I drunk ordered chickens a few wees ago. They were going fast. I finally told Pat the other day. lol he said to me (looking at ALL the eggs we’re getting” “We should get more …” to which I was able to respond “YOU’RE IN LUCK”.

  14. /clears search history

  15. But that guy looked pretty guilty before the search engine stuff.

    /clears history

  16. I don’t like the porny ones.

  17. Jay, could you explain the Crowder situation to me?

  18. And Sobek is right. We’ve had a talk about this previously. Why do people care so much when pretty blond women go missing?

    Well …sometimes because it’s UNUSUAL. We like our news that is “news”. Dog bites man is not news, but Man bites DOG? Headline. It’s in the details of many of these stories that make them newsworthy, not the color of the skin.

    We had a local brown person go missing last week. Missing for about a day until they found his body in a ditch. Hit and run, he’d been walking along the road. Everyone posted about it – OMG, this is terrible, lets raise money for his family, MY HEART GOES OUT … you know, all the social media flurry. But since he was brown, no media attention.

    Well, I know the “inside” story. Dude was a drug dealer, had done someone “dirty” – so they called him out for a deal, while he was in the house they messed with his car, and when he left on foot they ran him down.

    It’s funny (not ha ha) that mob and drug violence consumes so much space in the entertainment industry – but actually NO ONE CARES when another bad person meets a bad end. I mean, the family does. But it’s not “news” because people file it under “Fuck around and find out”. “Life is hard for stupid people.”

  19. What book you reading?

  20. She’s horrific, distorted, cartoonish.

    5/10 can’t smash, fully turtled.

  21. Nothing to brag about. lol. I got a book for 99 cents on kindle and it was the first of a 5 book series. “A court of thorns and roses”. Started sorta like a Beauty and Beast thing. It’s like candy.

  22. I will direct you to a gif of said ass in Shaking Mode as seen above

    Did that, and it synched up with the song of the day. I was entertained.

  23. Never trust a big butt and a smile
    That girl is poison

  24. I’m still reading the orphan train book that I interrupted to read “Butterfield 8”. I can’t remember who recommended it to me, it’s interesting but longer than I’d like (same thing your mom said about Hotspur).

  25. wow, Candace Owens is fired up about the Crowder bomb. And avoiding what Crowder talked about.

  26. She has a nice smile. But one of my rules is never go to bed with a woman that could smother you if she rolled over and you couldn’t extricate yourself.

  27. making it about money, 140 million?

  28. Daily Wire gave an initial offer to Crowder to join. He has left the Blaze, and his shows are no longer on that site. Initially Crowder didn’t name Daily Wire, only complained online about the wording of the contract. To Sum Up (heh) the contract (which he didn’t mention money at first) was for 192 shows a year (4 days a week, 4 weeks vacation), and if he didn’t make it, he would face penalties. However, this contract specifically tied performance on Big Tech (Facebook, Youtube, Google) and strikes and bans with other penalties. and we’re talking 25% at a pop, and 100k an incident, if he gets banned. This is the rub of the argument. Crowder focuses on this, and Daily Wire focuses on the money.

    It appears this stuff happened a month or two ago. Now Crowder appears to have made a call in the last week, which the recording comes from, in which he set up this recording. Bad look, as he had high ground before.

  29. If I’d had to guess where she was from, “Dallas” would’ve been my first guess. She seems to be going for something of an even more distorted version of Anna Nicole Smith. And failed.

    Should still be in contention come November.

    Nice job, pupster!

  30. Now Daily Wire hosts are opening the guns on him. Candace is fired up on last nights Tim Pool.

    Crowder will be on Pool on Monday.

  31. Supposedly Ace has a post in the works, according to Methos in the ONT

  32. “A court of thorns and roses”. Started sorta like a Beauty and Beast thing. It’s like candy.
    I got ya. Zombie Lit is my candy read. Once you accept the premise that dead people are coming back to life you can forgive the numerous holes in the plot.

    Currently muddling through an account of the Winter War of 1939 between Russia and Finland. Interesting topic (to me anyway) but requires a little more focus which is in short supply at night when I read books on kindle.

  33. casualties will be on both sides, sad

    too new, not a lot out there on this, except for youtube vids of the respondents

  34. She seems to be going for something of an even more distorted version of Anna Nicole Smith. And failed.
    That’s it!

    Thanks Tex, I was trying to think of that name when I was looking at her pictures and she crossed my mind but I could not think of her name

  35. Thanks for the explanation Jay. I still don’t care other than the fact that the left will use this as ammunition against conservatives and further evidence that there is a civil war between the extreme MAGA wing of the party and the Cheney/Romney wing

  36. Well, there is one, that’s just a fact. We have a civil war between the actual republicans and the grifters just in it for money, they have a war between the grifters just in it for money and the revolutionaries trying to immanentize the eschaton.

  37. And now, according to Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia is open to discussions about trade in currencies other than the US dollar, according to the kingdom’s finance minister.

    Another triumph of the Brandon Admin. Gotta crash the dollar at all costs.

  38. That is true. Just better to settle our differences out of the limelight.

  39. Given the monolith media, I can’t even imagine how brutal theirs is behind the scenes.

  40. The sun is setting on the USD being the world’s reserve currency. I really can’t name a better currency (Euro, yuan, ruble … just not seeing it). Gold has been shooting up over the last several months so maybe the BRICS+ or whatever they’re calling it will adopt a gold standard for their transactions.

  41. Lumps shared a tough client story, so I’m going to, too. Different kind, though. I responded to a report of a dead infant, four months old. Interviewed mom and dad, neither of them seemed to know baby was dead. They said they left the house, baby was fine, babysitter looked in on baby ten minutes later, dead baby. So my buddy and i were the ones who broke the news.

    After the interview, another jurisdiction arrested the parents in connection with the death. Not at my request, and very much to my surprise. Im thinking, their stories have some problems, but i dont think that gets us to probable cause to accuse them of killing the child. It’s more of a “the other was primarily took care of the baby so it’s their fault” kind of situation – perfectly understandable, and slso says nothing about how the baby actually died.

    So mom and dad have been in jail for a week, knowing their child is dead, and also facing criminal charges for it. I cant imagine how awful that would be. And the more i think about it, which is a lot, the more convinced i am that they should never have been arrested. It’s not really my responsibility, because it’s a different jurisdiction that filed the charges, but it still bothers me a lot.

  42. not sure I’d classify Daily Wire as grifters.

  43. I don’t, Jay, I meant the Cheneys and Romneys. The “Right Wing Media” civil war is a whole other thing. No equivalent on the left, to my knowledge.

  44. Sobek, you’re in a tough but necessary line of work. I dealt with the broken bone aspect of the abuse and in a few cases the years later manifestations of head injuries from intracranial bleeds. I always wondered how Mark, the social worker who handled it at our institution, handled it. Great guy, I took care of his kids a few times over the years for minor injuries.

  45. If there were bruises or broken bones, I’d say “giddy up, you suckers can rot in jail while i take my sweet time on this investigation” and it would never bother me a bit. The client who beats his kids isn’t a problem client at all.

  46. That’s it!

    Thanks Tex, I was trying to think of that name when I was looking at her pictures and she crossed my mind but I could not think of her name.
    Heh. Jimbro, I had to Google it too. Literally typed in “Guess model marries billionaire” and boom.

    Interestingly, Anna wasn’t born in Dallas (as I’d thought), but Houston. But definitely fits the platinum blonde Dallasite archetype.

  47. Thanks, Jay.

  48. It appears this stuff happened a month or two ago. Now Crowder appears to have made a call in the last week, which the recording comes from, in which he set up this recording. Bad look, as he had high ground before.

    If I were trying to hire a loose cannon like Crowder I’d have all kinds of language to pin down his behavior.

    I’ve always considered a him a bit skeevy. What he’s pulling now pretty much confirms it.

  49. agreed, after hearing about the phone call set up. But I disagree with Daily Wire tying money to Big Tech sites. But that’s what negotiations are for, not airing dirty laundry online.

    His site StopBigCon which is also part of this was obtained on 12/18/22, the day before he announced he’s leaving the Blaze. So this has been planned for a month, and now he’s putting the finishing touches on it. Candace revealed that part.

  50. but he’s got a HUGE audience, so I wonder how this will play out. Pitting chess pieces against their own side seems unproductive.

    But he’s launching a new distribution network, it seems. That’s always good, but you want to start out differently. Pool sits on the outside, which seems wise at this point.

    Monday’s show should be on fire.

  51. As a fifth generation Texan (on my mom’s side) and 4th generation poor white trash (on my dad’s side), I think I’m more than qualified to pontificate on today’s lass. I’ve spent very little time in Dallas but by Texas norms:

    a) She’s too fucking white.
    b) She’s a perfect model for the term “lardass”.
    c) She’s a whore.

    In summary, if I were 25 I’d call Hotspur and give him her number.

  52. All media is a scam. This feels more fake than rasslin’.

  53. I watched the Rumble promo for the Slap Fight championship thingy. Holy crap that looks brutal and stupid. Someone’s going to end up paralyzed from that shit.

    Will not watch. Give me Lingerie League ping pong.

  54. there have been videos of people with concussions from slap fight. I don’t watch that either.

  55. Like, I get that we’ve lost basically all popular sports to the Woke shit, but this is the wrong horse to ride.

    Strongman, Highland Games, Lumberjack competitions. Hell, make something up, like cinderblock tossing or something.

  56. Is World’s Strongest Man still on at 2am on ESPN8, the Ocho?

  57. All y’all is crazy. She’s as cute as a (the world’s largest) button.

  58. NCAA Division 1 Intercollegiate Cock Wrestling has been interesting to follow on The History Channel. U Penn seems to be utilizing more trannies than some of the others. I’m pretty sure Cal Berkley will win the ship. AKA CockBowl I sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Stay tuned.

  59. Jay is that ad real?

  60. If you don’t see “her” as a woman, that’s on you:

  61. I don’t think so, but I could see it happening!

  62. The 2nd Amendment is for weapons like this, not weapons of war


    Easy Company wants its shit back.

  63. Conservative, Inc. always winds up as a circular firing squad.

  64. wow, all kinds of conservatives at Shot Show. Wonder if pepe is seeing them?

  65. It’s clear the only way that fat fuck gets to be with chicks is if he pretends to go work out with them.

    Put away the Twinkies and go jogging, you fucking whale.

  66. but I don’t like jogging!

  67. That’s a pedo play, right there. Man in the ladies room!

  68. Moms Demand Action sounds like something I could get behind.

    Or under. Or on top of. I’m not picky.

  69. I don’t really want to shit all over Crowder, but if his beef is real, and I’m not thinking it isn’t, this is entirely the wrong way to go about resolving it.

    I can’t respect a guy that pulls a stunt like this. And I sure as hell wouldn’t trust him going forward. Nobody should.

  70. Your mom demanded action.

  71. The hormones that fatass is taking are not working.

    And it’s not just education, idiot. No parent wants their kid or young daughter forced to see a fat guy’s penis. Or a skinny guy’s.

  72. Men who take estrogen get fat. Men who get fat naturally tend to over-produce endogenous estrogen. The surprising thing is that there are any trannies that are not fat.

  73. Trigger pulled. 30 Black Sex Links (SYWM) are shipping to me from I-oh-wuh the last week of Feb.

    Which gives me that long to get a brooder built.

  74. And I sure as hell wouldn’t trust him going forward. Nobody should.

    Yeah, Crowder nuked every bridge within a 1,000 mile radius around himself. Nobody will trust a phone conversation with him ever again. Maybe he was auditioning for Project Veritas?

  75. where in iowa leon? webster city?

  76. Rudd. Hoover Hatchery.

  77. Sorry, Hoover’s. Hopefully no relation to John Edgar.

  78. cool. There’s a huge hatchery in Webster City. That’s where the dirty jobs episode “chicken sexer” was at.

  79. I bought unsexed. I’ll leave it to providence how many are going to be in my auxiliary laying flock and how many are going in the freezer.

  80. That is also why I picked the breed I did. It’ll be obvious by March how many I’ve got of each to work with.

    If by some miracle there are more than a dozen hens, I’ll sell some.

  81. meat birds?

  82. Black Sex Links are a dual-purpose hybrid. Momma was an Australorp and dadda was a Rhode Island Red, and the coloration of the offspring follows sex in like manner, at least in gen 1, and even if you aren’t a trained chicken sexer, you’ll know what you have well before the crowing starts.

  83. I had an old rooster and his name was Joe.
    He got so old he couldn’t crow.
    His feet were froze and he couldn’t scratch,
    But them old hens’ eggs all hatched.

  84. don’t you have to wait to ask them what gender they identify as?

  85. My cousin is among the FAANG layoffs occurring today. She’s a rabid leftist who routinely called her mother to berate her for voting wrong. She’s been bragging about her awesome FAANG job and the super cool corporate apartment and whatnot. Is it wrong of me to laugh? I submit that it is not.

    (The only part that isn’t funny is that said cousin, who is 37 years old, still lives off her mommy, who will actually pay for whatever she needs to break her expensive lease and move out of town. But then, my aunt is the one who didn’t cut my cousin off 15 years ago, so maybe it is still a little funny.)

  86. ugh, it’s hard to cut off family

  87. I owned my third house at 37.

    Aunt should cut that idiot off so she grows up finally.

  88. Yeah, my mom had to cut off my sister (financially only; I don’t mean cutting contact) and make her pay her own bills before she finally grew up. My aunt should have done that with my cousin 10-15 years ago.

  89. It’s stroke season y’all, like happens after every flu season….right? Apologies for it being instagram but the original comes from tiktok and I am not signing up to look for it.

  90. Sees the ginormous hind quarters of today’s specimen.
    Wonders if Leon is still breathing.

  91. Something’s… off… with her proportions. I turtled.


    Glenn Reynolds is microdosing fuckitall and blogging about the WEF.

  93. I’m pleased that some of the highest-profile non-dignitaries had to cancel their appearances. It makes me think there were credible reasons.

  94. Sadly, none of them cancelled for polonium-related reasons.

  95. Polonium…you know, I had the same thought a week ago. Funny, it can’t be just you and me, I wonder how many people of the world are on the same wavelength. So to speak.

  96. OK, apparently I REALLY need to get control of this slug problem in my greenhouse.
    I had no idea it could get this bad.

  97. yes, there was a movie about killer slugs

  98. So I got an email at work about Mare returning, and I said wut. Mare, you’re quite shapely.

  99. The question is whether any of them has a small team of dedicated hookers willing to save the world.

  100. Great post potential:
    Anatomy of a Slug
    a biography of xyz.

  101. yes, there was a movie about killer slugs

    There’s a couple of pretty good ones, actually. That’s not one of them. There’s a great one where the slugs turn frat boys into zombies that’s like top-tier B and the title’s not coming to me.

  102. This one:


  104. So Dark Side of the Moon turned 50 years old this month. Dang.

  105. The actor who plays Jesus in The Chosen gave a barnburner of a speech today at the March for Life.

  106. Is it bad that I had to look up FAANG?

  107. Nah, just means you don’t have a lot of software engineer buddies 🙂

    (My cousin is not a sw engineer. I don’t know what she was doing for them, but it wasn’t technical.)

  108. I had to look it up. Not a one of them I’d take a job with and all my acronyms are DevSecOps stuff most of the time, usually caused by vulnerabilities those guys sold.

  109. AANG is Alabama Air National Guard, so I was thinking Florence or Fairhope or something but knew it wasn’t right.

  110. Hell, I had to look it up. Stoopid twee media acronyms.

  111. Yeah, in my career the initials that mattered were GD, LM, RTN, MDA, and BA.

  112. Occasionally NG, but they’re tiny these days and didn’t play much in my space.

  113. Oh, so are we all gonna Oso tonight?


    Howm I doin?

  114. Hey, if anyone wants a job in radio, I know a station that is offering a midday gig at $250/week.


  115. Crowder is looking for work.

  116. […] Hostages presents Big Boob Friday […]

  117. Buzz Aldrin celebrated his 93rd birthday by getting married. Based on her Facedouche data, I estimate his lovely bride is 52 or 53. Best of luck to ’em.

  118. chicken rental on Tucker!

  119. Doctor! Everything’s really painful!

  120. Ah, Saturday. If I am not called upon to go to a work site today, I’ma whip this house into shape and then start work on my acoustic panels for the dining room.

    I have a strip loin roast to cook too.

  121. Bongino was talking about the chicken rentals as well

    You’re out in front on this trend lumpy!

  122. Scott mentioned something about it last night and I turned to check out the TV, I think I saw “Homestead Jenn” on the screen. That’s the same company I used. It’s like a franchise. My chickens will be distributed out of a small farm not too far away from here.

  123. It really is a novel idea, not sure why it hasn’t taken off before now

  124. Sadly, no longer a novel idea but rather commonplace

  125. Meme Girls

  126. We’ve discussed this concept here in the past

    Sadly I saw an article a day or two ago that was shocked that Trump was STILL touting his success with the vaccine and Warpspeed. Almost as if he was burning bridges with the electorate. Weirdness

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