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Your model for today was born on April 5th in Kyiv, Ukraine, is an Israeli citizen, and currently resides in Austria.  She stands 5′ 3″, is married, has no teeth, models and sells hosiery, and likes totally hairless kitties.  Please use your checkbook or your imagination to fill in the blanks for Miss Katerina Savitski.


  1. Best edentulous Israeli Ukrainian Austrian model we’ve ever had!

  2. If you click the last link you get to hear her speak. It is possible she never shows her teeth because she is a vampire.

  3. 9/10 would smash

  4. “hairless kitty”

  5. Derp you Sean!

  6. For 5’3″ that’s a lot to carry on the front end.

  7. I wonder how long the riots will last. Another 2 weeks?

  8. She has a very nice symmetrical face.

    Shoot, her teeth must be terrible. But not to worry. She’ll use some of that sweet, sweet, modeling money to get them fixed.

  9. “edentulous”. I learned a new word today.

    Thanks jimbro.

  10. Jimbro, I got your hard r right here!

  11. If you ever end up in prison you better hope your cellmate is edentulous

  12. At least “edentulous” includes the “n” as it should, unlike SOME words.

  13. Comment by Brother Tim on June 5, 2020 7:51 am
    At least “edentulous” includes the “n” as it should, unlike SOME words.


    hahahahahahas Stupid words.


  15. wakey wakey

  16. Candace Owens detailed George Floyd’s past crimes in a video, and it seems most of his criminal life was based on drug use/sale, stealing shit to buy drugs.

    And then on the fateful day last week, we have George, again – high on something trying to pass a bad bill. Isn’t this what always lead to his trouble in the past? Drugs, and needing money for drugs? SO maybe he wasn’t actually really cleaning up his life as everyone is claiming. Maybe he was just at the beginning of the next descent into … whatever.

    He held a GUN to a black pregnant woman’s belly while his friends attempted to find money and valuables in her home.

    Saint George.

  17. Well, I see we are going to have to publically shame and privately ruin Carin.

    She’s telling people facts and that cannot be tolerated. We have a narrative and we will let nothing interfere with our ruining the country using that narrative. 10 black people died by the police this year. Yes, that’s certainly a genocide.

    It doesn’t matter if we don’t know what genocide means. DOESN’T matter.

    Now, after permanent shunning of Carin please give to BLM instead of let’s say, oh, something worthless like a charter school in a black neighborhood.

  18. someone killed in Iowa City, ugh

  19. Media giving us an endless repetition of the short clip of the 70-something year old guy in Buffalo being pushed and tripping backwards as he moves towards a police line moving toward him

    NY is a Democrat controlled state yet somehow this will be Trump’s fault. Also, rioting is a young man’s game.

  20. Gentle giant. Was just getting his life in order. On his way to church.

  21. She should have to wear a label identifying herself as a tilt hazard.

  22. Bill Whittle steps in it, and he’s nowhere to be found on his website. If you put out a take that if we just kneel that the protesters just stop, you better be able to defend that. this is horribly disappointing.

    Yes, I realize that this might just be my racist nature, but I suspect it isn’t.

  23. this is horribly disappointing.


    Jay, I know we are both big fans, but holy crap, I could not believe what I was hearing. This has kind of ruined him for me. I might be overreacting but come on.

  24. He better have meant it as sarcasm, like when Critical Drinker praises “representation” in games.

  25. Nope, leon, he didn’t. He retracted what he had said a day before.

    Right Angle with Bill Whittle, Steve Green (Vodkapundit) and Scott Ott.

  26. Guy was not a saint. Got killed. Didn’t deserve it. Cops arrested.

    Burn down cities, disband police, white people kneel to black people.

    Um, yeah, no. Any goodwill is officially gone. Eat a bag of tits, BLM and Antifa scum.

  27. We don’t see it nearly as much as it happens.

  28. Comment from the site:

    I agree with Bill here, the police who are acknowledging what the peaceful protestors are about are doing the right thing. I don’t care how they do it – take a knee, bake them cookies, give out hugs, doesn’t matter – they deserve that recognition because there is a problem and it needs to be addressed. Yes, more white people are killed by police both in absolute numbers and by percentage but there’s nothing wrong with focusing on the black people.

    This is a “turn the cheek” moment? The one the Bible tells us about? I’d like our resident biblical scholars to help me find it. I’m having difficulty.

  29. Look at the ratio of likes to dislikes on that video.

  30. I guess we have to focus on the 2 incidents out of the 10 that Tucker pointed out the other day, where the cops weren’t immediately dragged through the streets like Mogidishu in Black Hawk Down. 325 million people, and we need to focus everything there. This is gonna be a hard sell.

    Maybe we start with pulling police presence from majority black neighborhoods. Just prevent the possibility of contact.

  31. 3 times more likes, mare.

  32. Jebus, just read ace, and this just sums it up:

    So now that the Evergreen State College racial caste system is now taking hold in the cities, I’m sure if we just ignore it more, it will finally just go away.

    It’s just like the Lord of the Flies drama at Evergreen. That’s the one MJ, Car in, and J’ames have been humorously viewing for a few years.


    But I was assured that the economy was destroyed and we were all going to die penniless in the streets.

  34. That’s a lot of dislikes, Jay. And if you read the comments, People are not agreeing.

  35. guess I never pay attention to likes. Just noticed that ratio. And I have read the comments, that doesn’t reflect that ratio.

  36. I pay money for his site, because I like his stuff that much, and I wanted to fund more of it. The comments on his site aren’t any different. Only a couple of supporters.

  37. Short answer on the economy?

    No one knows. My uneducated guess is continued pain given the far ranging effects on finances from a complete shutdown.

  38. I missed the Bill Whittle thing. Usually a fan of him.

    From what you all are saying he said we should give them what BLM/Antifa want?

  39. he says we need to acknowledge their feelings. Kneeling lets them know that this is real.

    Except it isn’t.

  40. Ffs… Bill Whittle was one of the pundits most responsible for my conversion to conservatism (back in his essay days).

    Really sad to see him soy out. Had this talk with my mom yesterday. She’s a little left of center. She said the same thing Bill said… Protesters are different than rioters. Okay. Granted. But when the protests have violent and destructive elements, how do you keep protesting if you are a decent individual? Look at the Tea Party protests, and the lock-down protests. Any fires started there? Any national monuments defaced? Where there no trouble makers there, or did the “protesters” police their own. Is it so hard, if the non-violent protesters are the vast majority to just stop people from throwing firebombs? Or is it maybe that the current protesters aren’t actually interested in a solution, but in retribution for hundreds of years of perceived wrongs?

  41. Pussy whipped.

  42. They just haven’t heard that we don’t think that the killing of George Floyd was wrong. Kneeling helps them, it lets them feel it’s real. It’s not just in their head.

  43. The University of Iowa football team now has a choice. They can collectively stand, or kneel, for the national anthem. Look for this in your local sports teams.

    Also, the resurgence of Colin Kaepernick.

  44. As I did the dishes I was reflecting on all this stuff. One common line of reasoning I’ve heard is that the problem police officers are due to “the unions”. Conservatives are usually not fans of unions. I’m okay with them in the private sector trades but not for government employees. (Hmm … which I suppose cops are). What I realized is that they need them because so many of their actions end up being either directed or criticized by the politicians. Cop unions aren’t going away any time soon.

    Mayor: Use a soft hand on those protestors
    Cops: Sure boss
    -riots ensue, buildings burn-
    Mayor: Someone should have seen this coming! I need a Blue Ribbon panel to look into the action of the police department in this city!

  45. White women are shaving their heads.


  46. I think that LA and NYC are going to have police recruitment problems moving forward, given their leadership position on police.

  47. I’m with jimbro, the unions have protected the bad eggs for too long.

  48. So if you’re black in those cities, crime is now legal.

    This will have no unpleasant consequences whatsoever.

  49. Virtue signalling bullshit:

  50. hahahahahaha

  51. Let the record show, I cut my hair short LONG before this!

  52. I don’t have a problem with unions defending the “bad eggs”, because it’s their job to be advocates for their members. It’s no different from a defense attorney who helps a rapist beat a conviction, even if he personally thinks the guy is scum. And cops are going to by their nature operate in an environment that is very uncertain, with lots of grey areas, split second decisions, criminals who lie about what happened, etc.

    IMHO, if you have an actual “bad egg” who is protected, it’s usually because there’s a failure of leadership. Supervisors who passed him along rather than counsel, retrain, or document infractions, or worse quietly supported such behavior until it became politically inconvenient.

  53. Candace Owens is excellent. Look at this chart. It would be funny if our lives weren’t getting screwed.

  54. So white people are shaving their heads in response to blacks in their neighborhoods.

    History is rhyming.

  55. They rely on the union, because it means more work to fight them. Believe me, leadership hates work as much as workers do.

  56. If you click the link on the bullshit virtue signalling you will see that this girl is a dirty little liar.

  57. Morning, Hostages.

    She’s impressive.

    So Minneapolis will have a Committee of Public Safety? Sounds familiar for some reason….

  58. Wall the fuckers off. I have tried giving every benefit of the doubt, tried finding every way to smooth the paths, tried to see it their way. I. Am. Done.

    I will deal with individuals I know as individuals. I am beyond done with wanting anything to do with any of this garbage beyond that.

    Wall them off and walk away.

  59. Shaving heads was another symbol of submission, after WW2, when collaborators had their heads shaved by citizens, after their towns were liberated by allied troops.

  60. It’s a stupid time to be alive.

    I’m glad I am but the stupid is strong this year.

  61. Larry Elder
    #DefundthePolice? Then give us our taxes back because we are going to all need a private security force.


    Yes, WTF are we paying for?

  62. Upside to the George Floyd Sainthood coverage?

    Haven’t had to hear about Pride month.

  63. I’m sorry, the taxes will be needed for the community committee for public safety.

  64. Pride parade in Minneapolis should be interesting, with no police.

    IIRC, gang bangers of all colors don’t like homosexuals very much.

  65. It’ll get called off. Uninsurable. Just like everything else in that city once they pull the trigger on that stupidity.

  66. Doesn’t matter. It’s like Christmas, people love the pride parade in Minneapolis. I’m sure it’s fun. People will still go.

  67. I’m sure it’s fun.


    I’m sure it’s beyond degeneracy.

  68. I’ve heard reports of Latin Counts fighting off Antifa in some places.

    If protection money buys actual protection, the mafia has an angle here.

  69. I find myself wondering if the new Vigilance Committees sure to form in the near future will need some help securely communicating via the dark web.

  70. If you click the link on the bullshit virtue signalling you will see that this girl is a dirty little liar.
    The second picture ID’d her as a Holy Cross (in Worcester, MA) sophomore shaving her head for St. Baldrick’s. I’m not sure if that’s a national thing but they do it every year in Boston, it’s a benefit to fund cancer research. Gronk was always a featured participant.

  71. Bangor Pride parade is virtual this year according to the news

    They promise in 2021 they’ll be back with double the rainbow hued unicorn dildos as they had before

  72. The second picture ID’d her as a Holy Cross (in Worcester, MA) sophomore shaving her head for St. Baldrick’s. I’m not sure if that’s a national thing but they do it every year in Boston, it’s a benefit to fund cancer research. Gronk was always a featured participant.


    That was my point, she linked that pic again like she had just shaved her head for BLM whatever that means.

  73. I kneel for God and NOTHING else. Period. Defund the police? Only thing that’ll get you is a whole lot of dead black people.

  74. It’s a stupid time to be alive.
    I’m glad I am but the stupid is strong this year.
    Totally. I’m trying not to lose focus. Trump needs to win for a few reasons:

    1. If he loses we’re stuck with the GOPe forever
    2. If he loses the Dems will not settle their intraparty differences and we’ll have riots every few years
    3. If he loses we’ll be crushed because we supported him

  75. Comment by mare on June 4, 2020 5:54 pm
    HOLY F*CK even Bill Whittle sounds like a moron on his last youtube video.

    I saw that. And I left a comment for him. He definitely sounded like a moron. It will be awhile before I can take him seriously again.

  76. To be fair, he is talking about protestors, not rioters. At this point I can’t tell them apart either. I don’t see how he can make the comment. He’s silent on his website too.

  77. You can’t separate protestors from rioters.

    They told me this about Charlottesville. Everything is either all good or bad.

  78. Has anyone seen xbrad anywhere?

  79. Bill Whittle – the Charles Johnson of 2020

    Bill Whittle – Gabriel Malor’s BFF

  80. They told lots of good people that, MJ.

    I’ll be over here with the paste, if anyone’s hungry.

  81. haha, nice one, HS

  82. Ugh…Charles Johnson, that’s a name I could live happily never hearing again.
    What’s up with Gabriel Malor? Has he changed?

  83. Has anyone seen xbrad anywhere?

    His last post on faceyspace was May 30th

  84. Gabe? Dear Lord. He’s burned pretty much every bridge and bit of goodwill he ever had on the Right. He’s turned into a completely disdainful condescending holier than thou liberal Republican along with a full devotee to ORANGEMANBAD.

    I have a guess as to why he’s gone this direction, but only a poorly informed guess.

  85. Gabe began his devolution as a NeverTrumper. Now he’s a full on Deep Stater.

    Not the same guy we used to know.

  86. Ahhh that’s too bad. He was my favorite gay log cabin Republican back in the day. Guess D.C. got to him, eh?

  87. DC is def part of it, but my personal opinion (and a few others) is that the real cause is his SO.

  88. That would make sense. Shame

  89. yeah, I don’t get it either, Bcoch

  90. I totally lost it for Glenn Beck when he threw Andrew Breitbart under the bus over the Shirley Sherrod thing. Henceforth, Beck was a total crapweasel in my book.

    Whittle’s moronic stance yesterday isn’t to that level, but it makes me wonder what other bullshit position he’s going to take as he sees the political winds blow.

    I’ll be watching with interest.

  91. Gabe was always an ass. There was an undertone to his posts that seemed condescending at best and contemptuous at worst. If there is an outside influence, it hasn’t brought out anything that wasn’t already there.

  92. Beck lost me too, HS. Used to be a loyal listener. Now I’m occasional. This clip is old Glenn, and it was good to hear.

    I think his problems started with all his pain problems. Still not clear on that. Think he still thanks his Mormon gods for that cure.

  93. In other news, I found out something while working from home.

    Marie Harf is a commenter on Fox news. Still.

  94. They also consult Chris Wallace, for some reason.

  95. Yeah, I was wondering about Xbrad too. He’d been posting a lot on twitter about his Army days, then suddenly went quiet. Hope he’s OK.

    Damn, I miss the blogosphere from 15 years ago…

  96. Marie Harf is a cunt.

  97. 6/10 would smash and make a baby on her glasses

  98. *dry heaves*

  99. Marie harf or Chris wallace?

  100. Marie harf or Chris wallace?


  101. Damn, I miss the blogosphere from 15 years ago…

    Super big yes *cries*

  102. Comment by Hotspur on June 5, 2020 12:39 pm
    Marie Harf is a cunt.




  103. You know what? All these stupid fucking good protesters can die in a fire right along with the bad ones. Wanna know why? Its cause their fucking protest is based on a lie. A environment that doesn’t actually exist. Police Brutality exists and when practiced its is applied regardless of race, creed, etc. The brutalist does it to everyone cause that’s how they get their kicks. Im done with this shit. I refuse to participate in a charade. And I have nothing but contempt and ridicule for anyone that does. This is nothing but astro turf outrage designed and implemented by the progressives to undermine our civilization and security. Those behind this are absolute traitors and should be shot on sight.


  104. Thanks for the update on your kids yesterday, Peej. Sounds like they are turning out well.

    I thought I recalled one of your boys enlisting in the Navy, but I’m probably just getting senile. Mare reminds me regularly that I’m quite old.

    As for me, I’m still working. I enjoy it, and I have the luxury of only doing the things I like, and leaving the stuff I don’t for others to take care of. Once upon time I thought I would retire, but I no longer have any desire to do so – maybe when I’m 80.

    HotBride is doing well.

    The boat goes in the water sometime before the 4th (we hope) so hopefully we’ll be able to cruise a bit this summer.

  105. The blogosphere was Superior to twatter.

  106. Leaving Nancy Pelosi with nothing but botox and tears and a ransom note written in whore-red lipstick.


    I don’t care what anyone thinks, Ace is fricken funny.

  107. I hope all my lefty friends cut their hair off so I can snigger at them.

  108. Baby groundhog #2 swims with the fishes

    This time it was Rowan all by himself. Paula took Lola up to camp for the day to clean up the yard and inside before we start going up more. After I got home I sat outside with Rowan and was just grabbing a cigar when Rowan took off like a rocket to the woods. After trying to herd it and getting nowhere he shook it like a rag doll and that was it. Hopefully groundhog mommy and daddy realize that the neighborhood has changed for the worse for them.

  109. Comment by Hotspur on June 5, 2020 1:23 pm
    I hope all my lefty friends cut their hair off so I can snigger at them.


    And when the dipshits post it on facebook to virtue it up take a screen shot so we can laugh at them too.

  110. Your governor is such an effing whore.

  111. heh, the context for ace’s comment makes it even funnier.

  112. car in, that newsweek article is great

  113. jimbro, Trump is in Maine! Did you meet him?

  114. The hypocrisy of the left has become a clown show.

    Whitmer has to wear a mask so we don’t see her bright red nose.

  115. Not yet, he’s coming over later for the Groundhog Lives Matter rally

  116. Jimbro, Trump isn’t coming to your house. The optics just wouldn’t be good.

  117. Aww, DC mayor renames street near White House Black Lives Matter Plaza

  118. Come on, HS, jimbro isn’t an eye doctor, he doesn’t know optics

  119. I’m wearing my NineLine Betsy Ross t-shirt today just in case

  120. LOL

    If you want to go where the crime is the worst in any major city in America, search for Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks Boulevard.

    Or Black Lives Matter Plaza.

  121. The reason we’re having riots is because Murder Hornets flopped.

  122. A shame it would be politically impossible to revoke DC home rule. It clearly doesn’t deserve it.

  123. I wonder if Dems are currently busing thousands of black folks along the coast trying to get them hit by a hurricane.

  124. Nah. Probably illegals or perhaps disabled children.

    They thinned out the elderly already…

  125. MJ found his souvenir SS hat

  126. I’m betting on another immigrant caravan straight into hurricane country.

  127. All of whom need to vote by mail or our democracy is in peril.

  128. Maybe they could poison a city again and blame it on Trump? It’s been done recently but no one really remembers.

  129. Nobody got sick, and nobody died, but yeah, Rick Snyder poisoned the whole fucking city of Flint.

    It had nothing to do with the City employee who neglected to inject the correct chemical mix when they switched water sources.

  130. Lapeer is having a protest.


    When it hits the UP have we reached end stage?

  131. The best part of that was water from a city run by democrats for most of a century sending water to another city run by democrats for most of a century in the blue-est part of the state under the thumb of the UAW and it was Rick Snyder’s fault because he was in office when the water tested “bad”.

  132. Lapeer is having a protest.

    Go and take pictures so you know who to ignore when they cry for help in the Burning Times.

  133. Daughter is in the living room listening to all the KK Slider songs from Animal Crossing.

  134. It’s like now – all of this police brutality is in cities run by democrat mayors and councils, with black police chiefs, and affirmative action hires up the ass on the force.

    Bad behavior by bad cops is protected by unions, but we’ve always been told by democrats that unions are good.

  135. Some people got sick at the Flint hospital from Legionnaires. They tried to tie that into the Flint water deal.

  136. Unexpectedly, Economy Rebounds to Produce More Jobs In Any Month Since 1939 — and Perhaps In All of American History

    Ace really should have gone all in and said “Human History” for fun.

  137. It seems that most of these civil rights problems come from liberal towns, which … weird, right?

  138. It’s systemic racism built in to a system run by black people.

  139. Well, it’s so systemic the black people can’t even stop it. Obviously.

  140. It’s so pervasive, that the deaths will soon break into double digits every year.

  141. Oh look, Cavuto on TV


  142. Which one is you?

  143. I’m the guy with a mask, hat and haz mat coverall on.

    White guy

  144. thought he would.

  145. I’m still in quarantine. Haven’t heard from the company that WM outsourced for HR.

  146. Ya wanna watch a movie, Cray-cray Bear?

  147. Ben’s cow orkers were sending him pictures of the secret service at the drive through of Chick-fil-a. They tried to bribe them with a free meal to get PDT to stop by. Agent said he usually goes to Wendy’s. Way to let a kid down. He saw AF1 fly out on his way home.

  148. The stress of The-Project-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, coronavirus, lockdowns, riots, protests, last minute venue changes, Mr. RFH’s wedding suit locked up in a store that hasn’t reopened and is not likely to in the next week, lack of sleep, sick daughter (she’s better today, thanks), son ignoring my texts, friends having surgery, last minute guests backing out of the wedding, last minute wedding party people backing out of the wedding, people that don’t fucking know what RSVP means, quarantine 15, perimenopause, the heartbreak of psoriasis, the price of tea in China, and Epstein didn’t kill himself, are all taking their toll on me. Got shouty at Mr. RFH when he made a snarky comment at me, and we went straight to DEFCON2. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Fuck it, going to make something carby for dinner and drink the bottle of wine I bought.

  149. You tell ’em, Roamie.




  153. The good news today was a lot fewer people wearing masks.


  155. Wow, Roamie, hope things settle down. Maybe Jimbro can prescribe some Valium or Xanax. Mare probably has essential oils……are they flammable?

  156. Pups, I’m good. Watched Muppets and End Game.

  157. Sedgwick is overwhelmed. I’m still in Quarantine.

  158. The medieval Pumped Up Kicks is stuck in my head.

    **squishy hugs Hotspur, Pupster, and Pepe**

  159. Roamy, you are a damn treasure! It’s cliche but I’ve been through a wedding and planning a wedding is hell. And I didn’t have to do it with all effing hell breaking loose with pandemics and riotous bullshit.

    Please, if anything I’ve ever said made sense, if you can get your Son and FDIL married, with just the closest people they know and love, decent food, lots of booze, and toasts that make every single person who showed up feel special, everyone will look back with good feelings. Have your husband wear the best “suit” he has and everyone who doesn’t show up can eff the right off. Focus on Son and daughter in law and all will be well!

    I’m praying for you and yours and keep venting here.

  160. I can’t imagine how much worse it is for FDIL’s mom. I had to move the rehearsal dinner, she had to move the wedding reception.

  161. Roamy, trade that bottle of wine in for some whiskey. You’ll feel worse in the morning but…….fuck it.

  162. Holy shit, I forgot about FDIL’s mother.
    What hell.

    No matter what happens, if everyone says “this was so lovely” everyone can go home happy.

  163. She cracked me up, she said, “we’ve reached the stage where whenever you talk to someone, it’s going to cost you $1K.”

    I think they are spending too much, but I have learned to shut the fuck up, and I can understand if you set aside the budget for a larger wedding, then you can go a little overboard on a smaller one. We are spending half of what we expected on the rehearsal, even with moving it.

  164. 30 years of BS in NM.

  165. Some lady in California bought 2 giant planters at auction for $190.

    Shipping to California will cost about $800.

    I hope Laura likes her new planters.

  166. It’s interesting hiring lumpers from the moving company.

    Most of the guys are too young to remember 9/11

    I pay them well, so they like me, but I am the crazy uncle.

  167. Street lights are on.

    Everyone must be bed.

  168. Going through emails. Oy.

    Shipping to California will cost about $800.

    How much is a rental truck leaving CT now? Airfare is pretty cheap.

  169. Re:emails – remember all the ones from every business that had your email? Now we have version 2.0 with George Floyd/Black Lives Matter.

  170. Full moon tonight – that explains a lot.

  171. Rental truck and gas would be about double.

  172. Watching Hot Ones on youtube is pretty funny.

    Celebrities eating hot wings. Shaq was hilarious

  173. I like that channel Jay, you are right it is funny

  174. **squishy hugs Hotspur, Pupster, and Pepe**

    This is some sexist bullshit right here

  175. I love that channel Jay! Gordon Ramsay was good too.

  176. heh, Weissgerber from previous Project Veritas video arrested paying protesters to riot

    A Bernie Sanders campaign manager.

  177. hah, love how Gordon’s kids goaded him into it

  178. Darby’s entirely ready, Paula.

  179. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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