Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born November 28th, 1999 in Morioka, Iwate, Japan. She stands 5′ 1″ and measures 402435. Please translate for Miss Hana Himesaki.



  1. Nice tits pup.

  2. Those first two gifs made me raff.

  3. How it started:

    How its going:

  4. I should get one of those ties and wear it to work.

  5. Wolf mother has a little ozzy vibe going on.

  6. She could have kept at least a couple of carriers afloat at Midway.

  7. Huge racks on Japanese women always seem incongruous to me. I’m not sure why, it seems like an area that requires further study on my part.

  8. Is she what they call anime?

    Because her boobs and eyes are cartoonish.


  10. 9/10 would smash

  11. There are smart and dumb people in grad school.

    We have to invest 100M for 8 weeks to learn how to value equities and one guy on my team wants to short oil.

    It’s basically a bet that the price of oil is going to go down over the next 2 months.

    I can’t really wrap my head around that.


    These fuckers have been trying to dump the A-10 for years. This seems like an ideal way for them to accomplish that all in the name of “doing something”

  13. They want the A-10 gone because they work.

    Sorry about your bad day yesterday, Roamy.

    Sorry your team has utter morons on it, MJ. At least the short contract should have a lot of buyers. A failure of that magnitude should be a learning experience. Kind of like hitting your naked thumb with a hammer after having positioned it directly over the nailhead and taking careful aim.

  14. Anything is one word.

  15. Yeah, sorry about yesterday Roamy. I know 100% exactly what it feels like to be forced to conform to the delusional behaviors of the crowd. Enforced insanity, it’s really an amazing phenomenon.

  16. Wkay wakey

  17. That does suck Roamy. Sorry you’re surrounded by intelligent idiots.

    I had my mask because supposedly we were supposed to wear it at the show last night.

    I never got it out. Not even going in. There were a few people in the crowd wearing ’em. Just a tiny percentage though.

  18. Roamy’s boss is a dumbass and I don’t mean that in a nice way.

  19. This is Command Day.

  20. Does it kick off CTR-ALT-DEL Week?

  21. It’s CMD-OPT-ESC for us civilized folks, Jimber.

  22. The second video is entitled “Hana Himesaki: together with pretty female subordinate at the hotel”

    The rest of the script is Japanese which I’m unable to read but after viewing the video I believe that she is playing the role of the pretty female subordinate and you, the viewer, are assuming the role of the Boss. Bonus points for vaguely Oriental soft porn music playing as she writhes and contorts about the room but never quite gets to the money shot of feather dusting the bed

  23. A quick image search reveals multiple pixelated images over and surrounding her head which can only mean one thing … without make up on she has horrible acne scars that they’re hiding

  24. Is this really a new phenomenon?

  25. On a scale of 0 to 10 fartclams, how was the Tool show last night Carin?

  26. The show was amazing and our seats were SO GOOD. They played for two hours, and did old and new stuff. Maynard’s voice was great – people have complained he can’t hit some of the notes he used to. He did last night.

    They played my favorite song: Push it and performed a song live they haven’t in 20 years- Undertow.

    My only complaint was that they basically only sold posters to VIP. VIP got 30 minutes prior to go stand to stand buying up the posters (there is a limit, supposedly – unless you just keep getting back in line). I was literally in the building first (I have a secret strategy) and the doors opened at 6:30, at 6:32 I was told they just sold the last one.

    Today the posters are on ebay for $500- $600 . Fuck those people.

  27. I did get a really sweet hoodie. They’re sorta pricey, but after getting fucked on the poster, I just decided to go full send.

  28. My secret? Well, you see some people start lining up hours early. Outside in the cold. I’m not about that.

    They have these restaurants – you have to show your ticket to get into – and then when they open the rest of the venue, you just walk right in. We still even had our table – so I could go try to get my poster (fail) then headed back to the table to finish eating. It was sweet.

  29. It’s just shitty, because some people waited out in the cold to get screwed by the poster scalpers.

  30. sounds like poster scalpers had an inside source

  31. Glad the show was good and also maskless.

    Poster scalping sounds Un-American. I bet it was done by the fucking Russians. After the crash in the ruble they’ve been forced to sell them for a profit on eBay to fund their thus far, unpleasant Ukrainian vacation

  32. I’ve never known of an instance of someone getting fucked on a poster. I mean, I knew you could get fucked on a four-poster. Is that what you meant?

  33. I saw a Tool poster in a puddle alongside the road on the way into work this morning. I had no idea it was valuable.

  34. Tool sounds russian

  35. we use Tool posters in the bathroom. Huh.

  36. Pretty sure MJ is russian.

    Da, Tovarisch?

  37. We used a Tool poster once wadded up to block smells coming out of the waste pipe when we were swapping out a toilet.

  38. Yesterday we did a “one rep Heavy” – (not max rep – we only has 12 minuets to reach a “heavy”).

    Anyway, I only got to 260. But I pick the bar up and put it down. Later in the day they have a video of all these people dropping the bar at the top. Rippetoe says dropping the deadlift bar at the top is for Pussies.


  39. We used Tool posters to pad the weights when we put the weights down.

    In Russia

  40. Poster scalping? Hell, sounds like what’s happening with the housing market these days.

  41. Is one rep Heavy a snatch?

  42. The guy (right in front of me) who bought the last one, had a huge roll of posters and stuff he’d already bought. When he bought the stuff in front of me THAT bill was over $1000. today it’s all probably listed somewhere.

  43. No, J’ames.

  44. how the hell did they get there so far ahead of you? inside job

  45. so it’s a deadlift, and others were using a rack? Yeah, that sounds like cheating.

    Like kipping pullups

  46. A quick image search reveals multiple pixelated images over and surrounding her head which can only mean one thing …

    Actually it can mean more than one thing, often several.

  47. 1) Its a deadlift. But some drop the bar when they get to the top of the pull. Skipping the “put the bar on the ground” portion.

    2) they did get in early – VIP gave them 30 minuets earlier access to the concert floor/area. And they used that 30 minuets to go to all the booths and buy their 1 poster maximum. I could see them walking around from one booth to the next with their shit in tow. It’s just sorta crap. VIP used to give them other perks, and those were cut back. so now they buy all the posters.

  48. I use Tool posters to clean up after doing your mom on a Tool poster.

    It’s Tool posters all the way down

  49. Tool sounds russian


  50. Lia Thomas wants to swim in the olympics. Oh goodie.

  51. she can, just go as a boy.

    Easy peasy

  52. the libs in IA are going crazy, Reynolds signed the bill banning trans women from competing in sports in Iowa

  53. Jay, that’s going to go all the way to the Supreme Court – mark my words.

  54. twitter: on monday, there will only be one demographic that has to mask up to prevent Omicron

    How’s mayor Eric working out? At least DiBlasio is gone, right?

  55. oh I know. I’m sure someone will overturn it soon. Hard to do when it’s passed by the legislature.

  56. DId you guys see the video of the students freaking out on the politician about gender bs?

  57. ent by Jay in Ames on March 4, 2022 12:02 pm
    twitter: on monday, there will only be one demographic that has to mask up to prevent Omicron

    How’s mayor Eric working out? At least DiBlasio is gone, right?


    That’s fucking child abuse.

  58. oh yeah, car in, they were a treat

  59. Why does everyone keep pondering why Brandon is sending Heels-Up to these important summits? It seems pretty obvious, at least to me.

  60. Ok, why?

    Because he can’t travel?

  61. what about his stunt double?

    is that still a thing?

  62. He can’t travel, and when his dentures come loose he gives awful blow jobs.

  63. LOL

    That’s just gross af.

  64. he’s got people for the BJ part. Right Dome?

  65. Macroeconomic measures…people don’t care about those.

    They care about a $80 fill up and a $20 bag of cheetos.

  66. But sure, keep fucking Hillary Clinton’s fartclam.

  67. Dude, talk about gross….

  68. Well, the death rattles have started. Dad’s 90th birthday is Sunday. I don’t think he’s going to make it.

    But we are here, and I kept my promise to keep him at home.

  69. You can’t do more than that, Teresa. It’s his time and your time to be a stand-up daughter. Well done.

  70. Dropping the bar at the top of a deadlift is skipping half the rep.

    Plus it’s always looked stupidly dangerous for both lifter and weights/bar. I’ll set it down, thanks.

  71. Yea, agreed. I can’t believe the gym owner let them all do that and said it didn’t matter to him/it wasn’t “his” standard. Whatever.

  72. you’re doing God’s work, TiFW. must be hard.

  73. Seconded. Prayers for you and your dad, Teresa.

  74. I just lol’ed:

    “Also his condition is what doctors call “Ambulatory Retarded” and the very sight of him would only sap the morale of the West.”

  75. My hands are killing me. Butchering is no joke.

  76. Favorite co-worker comment today – when we said Kamala knew how to work the poles, that’s not what we meant.

  77. Prayers up, TiFW

  78. “My hands are killing me. Butchering is no joke.”

    I don’t think you’re supposed to strangle the rams to death.

  79. ” when we said Kamala knew how to work the poles, that’s not what we meant.”

    That’s freaking hilarious.

  80. I am really pissed at all of the COVID Karens – I hadn’t seen my dad in 2 years, thanks to the fearmongering.

    At least we had the last 3 weeks together. Well 2 1/2 weeks, if you count the time that he was conscious. And he was in horrible pain the entire time.

    So thank you to all of the shrieking harpies, and Fuck Joe Biden in particular.

  81. One of the last things he said was that he appreciated us being here to help him. And we got to say “I love you” to each other. That’s more than a lot of people get.

  82. “That’s more than a lot of people get.”

    I’m glad you got that much, TiFW. Prayers up.

  83. It’s more the 3+ hours of wrangling a slowly shrinking carcass with one hand while hacking away at it with the other, Sobek.

  84. Het boobs are the size of the Yamato and Musashi!


  85. Like most big-boobed Asian gals, she’s really top-heavy.

    Insufficient junk in trunk. Needs more deadlifts and squats and red meat.

  86. Been there, TiFW.

    Praying for peace and mercy.

  87. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 4, 2022 1:21 pm
    you’re doing God’s work, TiFW. must be hard.


    for a sec I read that as a comment to Leon and his sheep.

  88. Someone has to make the sacrifice, mare

  89. Someone has to make the sacrifice, mare

    We’re not going to talk about how much blood is involved. No altar, though, just gets shoveled into the compost heap.

    Off topic, this is a sobering read, I may have to read this guy’s blog more often, though.

  90. thought you weren’t supposed to compost animal parts

  91. Praying for the TiFWs. There needs to be a reckoning for all of the COVID BS that kept families apart.

  92. Roamy, I’m sorry that you work with asshoes

  93. You can, Jay, just takes longer and you have to worry about scavengers. We scoop the coagulate up and bury it in the horse poo, no worries.

  94. Didn’t know you could compost dinosaurs. If you’re composting cake, something has gone terribly wrong in your life.

  95. Chickens like cake. And Doritos.

  96. Pretty sure back when he wrote that he was a young whippersnapper with only 6 kids and no chickens. He has 10 kids and a few dozen chickens now, he’d probably use my method (if the birds will eat it, let them).

    I gave them a spine to work on today.

  97. Prayers for you all T.

  98. Teresa, being with someone who loves you as they pass is the best final gift you can give them. I’m glad your Dad isn’t alone and he has you.

  99. I’m with Lumps on this.

    Peace to the tifw’s

  100. Thank you, everyone. Been texting with my cousins from Dad’s side of the family. Two of my older male cousins were “space-mad” back in the 60’s-70’s; they were the perfect age for it, and loved visiting with Uncle Lowell because they got to visit NASA and actually see Mission Control and some of the space memorabilia.

    Dad was one of the engineers who helped put man on the moon; he also helped get the astronauts from Apollo 13 get back home. One of my cousins commented that he was struck at how matter of fact Dad was about that time; to him, it was another day at the office, and everyone was working really hard to get their guys home. There was never any thought of being heroic or anything else – everybody was doing their job.

    Growing up in that environment, most of us NASA kids never gave it a second thought; it wasn’t until we grew up and got out in the world that we realized what a unique upbringing it truly was.

  101. Laura, you are right. I was with Mom when she passed; I will be with Dad when he finally goes. I’m planning on spending the night in the recliner again tonight.

    It will be a LOT more peaceful than last night – he was in a bad way until we got the right mix of painkillers and anti-anxiety meds worked out. Repositioning him in the bed helped a great deal, too.

    Mom and Dad were there when I came into the world. It is my honor and privilege to be there when they left/leave. Circle of life and all that.

  102. Prayers for you and your father as well Teresa. Taking care of parents is not an easy thing.

  103. TiFW, I am happy that you are able to be with your dad.


    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Nother one)

  106. OMG, she’s great.

  107. Apparently the first load of FOIA’d documents on their Pfizer decision have been dropped by the FDA. Let’s see what happens.

  108. 2 more shootings in the Q. We’re dining in the Heights before heading Downtown for Jo Koy. Happy that Carin attended Tool.


    This is where I am. I don’t believe a fuckin’ thing on TV. It’s all an op.

  110. Finally got home from work and had a chance to look at the model gif. Pupster loves me.

  111. I thought you’d like that one.

    L to R Pupster, Roamie

    (Gifycat webm)

  112. Prayers TiFF

  113. I did not wear a mask today. It was nice seeing co-workers take theirs off as well. Mostly older co-workers have had enough; it’s the 20-somethings who blindly obey, which I thought was interesting after reading the “where have the workers gone” link.

  114. Regards to Leon’s comment about compost
    It seems to be a thing now about sustainable livestock. I heard something today saying farmers are soil tenders. In order to get good soil you need 3 guts, A Ruminant, a Gizzard and an Omnivore. The ruminant has an inefficient gut but converts grass to nitrogen. The gizzards convert ruminant waste to more nitrogen and the omnivore converts the rest to nitrogen. I am pulling these ratios out of my ass I just heard it today. Decaying vegetation is around 500 carbon to 1 N after running through all 3 it reached the ideal ratio of 25:1

  115. I only wear a mask if they say so, in the free state of Florida, I have only worn a mask in doctors offices. Several of them did not require it after delta until Omnicron I have not been to the doc in a few months.

  116. I am glad I’m not a manager for the space station. I’m hoping they have a contingency plan if Russia decides to turn on us up there, but there might not be much we can do. If I were them, I’d be looking at how to isolate the propulsion block from the ground, because you can’t just unbolt it. Better to have it dead than actively deorbiting the space station. Also the possibility of 5 astronauts coming home in the SpaceX capsule instead of 4. There’s seven people up there now, four Americans, two Russians, and one German. One of the retired astronauts’ memoirs said that the Soyuz needed to be balanced very carefully or you end up way off course, so here’s hoping if the Russians do bail, that they take Maurer with them

  117. soil tending kilt it?
    I need a Derp from Sean

  118. My father passed away peacefully at 2:35 am, 1 day shy of his 90th birthday.

  119. Out of respect for TiFW’s loss, there will be no derp tonight.

    Much love, Teresa. Asking God to help you find comfort and peace in this most difficult time.

  120. Please derp, Sean!

  121. ^ im sorry lord, feed me to the pygmies…

  122. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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