BBF – Out On A Limb

Ahh-ite, line uptime to get the weekend kickin’. Pupster took a hike is away smokin’ dope and head bangin’ with his buddies on the left coast working hard. Handing the keys to an unstable person is probably a sign of stress. We may need to put up the H2 emergency signal for the West Coast Cabal to go bail help him out.

Most likely these amazing PhD candidates have been featured before, yet as with most great things in life, once is never enough.

Please stop being sorry long enough to welcome a fine bevy of breasts!!!!

(for a lurker friend of mine)

June 1, 1926 – dungeon passcode: 36C-23-36

Rosanna Castillo:

November 30, 1988 – geodata: 38DD-26-35

Catherine Bell

August 14, 1968 – winning lottery numbers: 38D-25-36 5’10” 147#


go try to get something done today, all right

hidden update for marezeedotes


Real update – I found a picture of Mj, GND, and MJ Jr.



  1. Catherine Bell, best part of that show JAG.

  2. ww

  3. Kids are here. all my chargers are missing.

    good ole days.

  4. Wedding was fine. Here’s my commentary.

    The guy who got married was basically Ian and Matt’s best friend through high school and afterwards. His mom (whom I’d never met – TRAINWRECK) was divorced, dating, and didn’t really have time for him. SO, he basically lived at our house on the weekends. By Sunday, he’d say “bye, I’m sick of the O’Briens” but it was sort of a joke. He left a car in my garage for over a year working on it, bla bla bla.

    Last Januaray (a year ago) he decided to “meet” up with one of the tinder gals (or something) – they were using the app “ironically” – but both Matt and Brad met their gf there. So, his first “date” – my house. Yea, he brought her to my house. Anyway, so that’s the backstory.

    Meets the girl? Brad is gone. Doesn’t hang, changes all sorts of life plans (college Nah, now he’s working at Ford or something with girlfriends dad).

    The wedding party? Maid of Honor – her sister. Best Man? – her brother (who is 18).

  5. Catherine Bell has an amazing Body!! Good choice, Jam!

    *She is currently doing a series called The Good Witch and I don’t watch it but every now and then my husband and I will see the end of one while we are waiting for a Hallmark movie (saps). Ms. Bell as lovely as she was made the mistake of having lip injections and now has a weird top lip. My husband, who always thought she was really attractive, knew something wasn’t right but didn’t know what and said, “What did she do to her face?” Did NOT like.

    Oh, look, 20 bucks!

  6. When my youngest was in about 3rd grade she had a “questions about you” assignment and one of them was, “What is your favorite song” and her answer was, The theme from Jag. We still laugh about it. That use to be our favorite show. Harm was caaaaute.

    Oh, look, $20

  7. PhD candidates?

    Pretty huge D’s.

  8. hidden update for mare

  9. ANyway, my long story $20. He was obviously searching for a family and he’s found one. They seem nice, yada yada. But seems he’s lost himself just a little bit. Plus the wife “hates” ian … which … Ian is ultimately unhateable. It’s really ridiculous. That’s a pretty black mark for me.

  10. Maybe she’s repressing lust and this is her only coping mechanism.

  11. My kids say that she doesn’t get Ian’s humor. Plus, Ian sometimes lacks a filter. He doesn’t really care for Chelsea, so he’s probably been too biting at times. The new wife is kind of controlling. and that’s a big no-no in Ian’s book.

  12. Shit tests. Ian would pass, sounds like new husband doesn’t much.

    Fingers crossed.

  13. Ian would totally pass. He’ll ok a girl for crap he doesn’t care about – to please her. but then he’ll put his foot down.

    His ex showed up late, and the two were dancing the night away.

    I don’t know what that means, but it’s been an ongoing thing.

  14. A veritable Whitman’s Sampler of fine females!

    JAG wasn’t bad TV, really. And it spawned NCIS and all that comes with it, too…

  15. Well that crapped out early.

    Rained here. Hard and fast.

  16. Anyone else love it when everything gets dumped on you because people are going on vacation on Monday, and they decide Friday is get ready to go on vacation day?

  17. I better shut up before I go on a rant.

  18. Ranting is a bad thing? I was not informed.

  19. Rants are permitted here so long as you follow the formatting guidelines.

  20. Jay you should rant. It’s free here

  21. And if carin tries to fire you it’s ok to tell her to shove it.

  22. Mini rant –
    I got an email approval on a contract – started the job and the guy that approved it is wondering why I’m working on the stuff in the lab

  23. To put it nicely; he’s a bit forgetful.

  24. Tifw has a post on the moon landing anniversary. I’d forgotten bout that. Too bad we aren’t as dynamic a society as then. Now it’s all about which end of the bottle you’re trying to cork and with what kind of cork.

  25. The husband is pussy whipped. Sometimes people have to get married in order to break up. Seen it a million times.

  26. Oh, and shove it, Carin.

  27. Had the grandkids over for dinner last night. Maxwell is 20, Rowan is 11 going on a pain in the ass, Natalie is 16 going on BBF, and Madeline is 15 going on 5′-11″.

    They’re a blast.

  28. 5’11” is a tough height for a woman. She’s competing with every other woman in her cohort for men 6′ and above, or she’s dating men she has to look down at.

  29. Shove what?

  30. I haven’t fired anyone yet.

  31. Jam said it was okay to tell you to shove it.

  32. It was a preemptive comment.

  33. And yes, 5′-11″ is tough, and at age 15 I don’t think she’s stopped growing. She’s skinny as a rail, so maybe she can parlay that into a modeling career. She’s certainly pretty enough for it.

  34. Natalie is also extremely pretty. Neither one of them have ever had a boyfriend. And they’ve been extremely close since they were little. Best friends.

    It’s been fun watching them grow up.

  35. My daughter has a booth in the Ann Arbor Art Fair this weekend, and she always invites her out of town artist friends to stay with her, hence the kids are with us for the weekend, as they got evicted from their bedrooms.

    Natalie and Madeline are helping my daughter in her booth today and tomorrow, so their Meme (HotBride) gets to drive them downtown so they don’t have to park. She loves it.

    Last night she made her special spaghetti bolonagse for them, which they eat plate after plate of.

  36. [video src="" /]

  37. Well, poo.

  38. The whole town is going to smell like patchouli and weed.

    As it usually does.

  39. I went on a blind date with a girl like that, then introduced her to my nerdy friend who was just a smidge taller than her. They’ve been married almost 20 years and have 3 kids now.

  40. I haven’t been to the Art Fair in probably 30 years.

    It isn’t Art, and it isn’t Fair. (Except for my daughter.)

    If I had to describe it, I’d say, “It’s women from Grosse Pointe and Birmingham walking around with art on a stick, accompanied by their slouchy husbands, in 90º heat with 90% humidity, accompanied by occasional thundershowers”.

  41. Husband and the daughter decided to take a road trip to South Dakota. The son said, ‘Hey, come pick me up. I’ll go.’ He’s kind of on the way.
    I need more than a 12 hour notice. That and the heat is not relenting. No real rain in sight. If I went, all the plants would croak by the time we got back. No way I’d ask MIL to do all of the watering.

  42. Nah, I hate bitching about my coworkers not doing there job, and making mine harder. I am at the same level as everyone else, so no one answers emails, or does anything until the managers get involved. And I have to stand on the counter and jump up and down to get anyone there to do anything.

    Meanwhile, all the new people get to do what I was hired to do, and I get to do the jobs of everyone else that quit.

  43. Just gets my blood pressure up.

  44. /considers correcting Jaymes’ grammer, decides against

  45. How ya hanging Jay? Looks like your AO got bombed by nayders last night. Hope you and yours aren’t impacted. Gun Show tommorrow, the son and I will be in attendance. Looking for some mag pouches and a plate carrier, maybe a battle belt….and GUNS.


  47. Comment by Jay in Ames on July 20, 2018 12:29 pm
    Remember all those clothing designers that refused to work with Melania?


    That’s hilarious, Jay!

  48. Between cases and saw an update that Trump is on tape discussing a hush money payment to a Playboy model. Went for a coffee in the lounge and CNN is on. They are breathlessly reporting on EVERYTHING TRUMP. I don’t think that’s new info for anyone here. It’s just the first time I’ve seen it live and not on a video compilation on a conservative website.

  49. Your daughter’s art stuff is pretty good Hotspur. You’ve linked it before and I’ve appreciated looking at it.

  50. So, who all’s rushing out to see Mamma Mia Part 2 tonight?


  51. (You can only say “Abba-tastic” in an effeminate voice, shouldn’t be a problem for most of you)

  52. Updated this poat with a JUST FOUND family picture of MJ and etc.

  53. ” Dozens of runners collapse from heat exhaustion in hottest EVER London Marathon despite warnings to ditch fancy dress in 74F heat as race organisers run out of WATER”



    Hey dipshits, it wasn’t the heat. It was that you didn’t have enough water .

  54. Crooked forearm time!

  55. Catherine Bell is all kinds of yummy.

  56. So, the Republicans are conventioning in Charlotte in 2020. May I suggest the Democraps showcase the results of their policies by having their convention in San Francisco? I know I’d donate some feces for that!

  57. Dem convention will be in MI, WI, or PA. Bank on it.

  58. MI might be too much salt in the wound. I’ll vote WI just for the grudge against Walker.

  59. We vote for a governor this year as the current governerd is term-limited. If Colbeck loses that race and the Dem wins, MI is a bright purple whale. If Colbeck walks away with it, WI or PA are more likely.

  60. I was hoping the RNC would tell Charlotte to F off after the stunt city council pulled.
    Tell them “screw you, we’ll take our hundreds of millions of $ to Puerto Rico.”

  61. Leon, have you ever run across any health negatives wrt erythritol / truvia sweetener in your meanderings?

  62. TT, the tornados weren’t around me, but pretty close. So far I haven’t heard of fatalities, but Pella and Marshalltown are a mess. Tornado hit downtown Marshalltown, and took out a factory in Pella (Vermeer, ag equipment).

  63. Some people have insulin reactions to every sort of sweetener, and your liver has to process any alcohol you imbibe, even sugar alcohols, so you wouldn’t want to burden it to excess with too much at once, or ethanol (i.e. booze) at the same time.

    I use them from time to time, but always scant amounts. I’d rather just have real sugar on rare occasion than keep my sweet tooth frequently fed.

  64. Man, if you’ve got truvia in your meanderings, you better wash your thong!

  65. I had a case of Truvia after I drank the water in a third-world country. I was on medication for a month.

  66. Actual stevia leaves are fantastic for sweetening beverages. The plants aren’t too hard to grow, either.

  67. So, Whoopi threw Judge Jeanine off The View for supporting Trump. Nice.

  68. Hit 108° yesterday – the low a couple of nights ago was 87°. We’re supposed to hit 111° this weekend.

    Guess who is staying inside? (The new double-insulated windows are FANTASTIC!)

  69. What about the squirrels? If you’re hot, they’re hot.

  70. Thunderstorms and a tornado watch here.

  71. Hope it isn’t the one we had yesterday!

  72. If someone isn’t sued, fired or jailed for a) leaks (remember, we’re supposed to trust the FBI-yeah, fuck them) or b) breaching attorney/client privilege then screw our whole effed up government.

  73. I had never heard of this, kind of amazing:

  74. What about the squirrels? If you’re hot, they’re hot.


  75. or b) breaching attorney/client privilege then screw our whole effed up government.

    Yeah, how is playing a tape of atty/client discussing an issue…when the client wasn’t aware he was being taped, allowed? Did the judge allow it or some f*cker leaked it? And if some f*cker leaked it, then the case should be tossed with prejudice because that shit came from the prosecutor.

  76. So, Whoopi threw Judge Jeanine off The View for supporting Trump. Nice.

    While they were on air? Everyone knows Jeanine is a Trump supporter. So why ask her on if they don’t like it?

  77. *listening to this again*

  78. mare, it’s all okay when it’s done to republicans…especially Trump. Even some on our side is find and dandy with laws being broken in pursuit of Trump. See that shit in certain groups on faceass.

    These f*ckers don’t see it’s not about him as they cheer on the destruction of Rule of Law. Same ones who cry like little bitches because ‘our country is going down the shitter’. Pisses me off to no end in having to defend the man.

  79. Trump is the guy to deal with all that. Any other of the GOP candidates would have folded to the pressure by now. “Go along to get along” is their modus operandi. Trump is all like FYNQ.

  80. Drain the Swamp!!!! Mueller is a dirty cop. Whitey Bulger dirty! Jeffrey Epstein dirty!!!! Look at the creeps he’s been party to giving immunity.

  81. Jimbro, no more Mr Nice Guy!!!! W was a weasel for not fighting back. BDS was about us! GOP voters. Trump is unmasking the swamp critters on all sides and in the MFM.

  82. Thanks for…uh, this poat Jam2.

    Sitting at the airport, I’ll get home around 1:30 AM.

    Sean, I’m sorry we couldn’t get together for lunch this trip, I’ll be back a few more times before September. Is your tar-pit email still active? I don’t have another email for you.

  83. When husband/daughter got to beasnson’s apartment, daughter had to text me that his apartment was neat and clean. Last time I was there, it was a pig sty. Gave him trouble for that because it’s a nice apartment (he lives next state over).
    I told her the real test of clean will be in the bathroom…go in the bathroom and check for barnacles and a filthy shower curtain.

    She said that is why she is texting. No barnacles – bathroom clean. I’m not supposed to mention her reporting it because they are getting along at the moment. Heh. (I won’t tell. He can get quite crabby.)

  84. Trump is the guy to deal with all that.

    Jimbro, I hope so. When the swamp went TWELVETY!! over him mentioning their corrupt asses in front of Putin, he should have never ‘clarified’ anything. He should have doubled down. “I expect KGB behavior from Putin, not from my own intel agencies.”

    Then he should start cleaning house.

  85. Next have her look for receipts labeled “Maid Service”

  86. I heard Howie Carr talk radio on the way home and he was saying that the rumor is that change is coming after the midterms. As in bye bye Jeff Sessions

  87. As much as I want to believe that Sleepy is methodically getting a case against the Deep State, so far I’ve been underwhelmed by the IG whitewashing. They let Iwan plea to bank fraud!!!! I’m back on team LIFB.

  88. Sean, I’m sorry we couldn’t get together for lunch this trip, I’ll be back a few more times before September. Is your tar-pit email still active? I don’t have another email for you.

    I hardly ever check that email address, but I’m pretty sure you have my phone number. If yours is still the same since the last time I saw you, you should see a text from me.

  89. Jimbro, why wouldn’t he do it now? Get Jeannine in there and let her clean house RIGHT NOW and rip some new arseholes.
    Nothing stopping him from having Strzok or Mueller fired RIGHT NOW. Especially since Rosenstein pretty much exonerated him.

  90. oso, didn’t Sleepy say at the beginning that he wasn’t going to go after hillary?

  91. Yes, because Banana Republic.

  92. This shit has got to stop, or we have no Republic.

  93. I’m starting to think Flight 93 should have continued its mission. (I don’t really think that, but how did we get from 9/12 to jihadis living and killing in the USA?)

  94. Speaking of Jeannine, I just looked up what the fat tub of lard did to her on the View. She was telling the Fox and Friends crew about it.
    Said the first segment went okay and then the second one Whoopi went off on her and how Trump riles up all this hate…pulled her mic and walked away at commercial break. Jeanine’s like ‘hey this segment isn’t over’, but pulled her own mic walked off the set and down some stairs where she ran into the nasty Fat Lard, who stood in her way. Whoopi proceeded to say, ‘FUCK YOU’, several times and ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS BUILDING’.

    Supposedly Whoopi apologized to the audience, who didn’t know what transpired when the two met on the stairwell, but not Jeanine. Only a producer called but she hasn’t talked to him/her yet.

    And Whoopi is still employed. Imagine if Fat Tits McCain did that to a well known hillary or obama supporter.

  95. Last time I was there, it was a pig sty. Gave him trouble for that because it’s a nice apartment (he lives next state over).
    I told her the real test of clean will be in the bathroom…go in the bathroom and check for barnacles and a filthy shower curtain.

    She said that is why she is texting. No barnacles – bathroom clean.

    What’s her name and how long have they been dating?

  96. I’m starting to think Flight 93 should have continued its mission.
    After noting the corruption in D.C. and various jihadi events, one of the fathers of one of the victims on Flight 93 said the same thing.
    I kind of agree.
    Had them f*ckers been doing their jobs, there is a good chance 9/11 wouldn’t have happened but Clinton’s priorities were blow jobs and ching chong cash.

  97. What’s her name and how long have they been dating?

    I want to believe.

  98. If I had some dough, I could push Whoopie’s face in it and make gorilla cookies.

    /Redd Foxx

  99. Clinton sold out our national labs to the ChiComs for PAC money. Funny aside. My uncle was next in line to be Albuquerque US attorney. He was running the Las Cruces office. After the Buddhist monk money, I was present for the phone call from Bill Richardson explaining to my uncle why he wasn’t getting the job. A Chinese attorney jumped past everyone to get the job. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Uncle still votes D

  100. Oso, I seem to recall reading about the way the Chinese collect intelligence in the U.S. The Russians would get someone deep inside an organization. Years spent grooming them, until they were in an important position. The Chinese seem to often take the opposite route. They try to get a bunch of low-level folks. If you have a dozen Chinese-Americans with family back in the mainland who are working on various parts of a project, you can put together a lot without any one of them seeing the whole thing.

  101. I’d kick Whoopie in the cunt, but I’d probably lose a shoe, and what would I do with a half of a pair of shoes?

  102. Whoopi is pure nasty. Go look for the show where she farted during the taping, in front of the audience. You know Ms. Nasty smells like ass.

  103. She’s the stereotypical loud mouth angry black bitch, man hating twat.

  104. Donate your solo shoes to an amputee after your cunt punt

  105. Great idea, Jumbro!

  106. CoAlEx, my 4 years in Taiwan colored my view on ChiComs. 72-76. I really H8 ChiComs and their DRat apologists.

  107. I H8 the antiSemite Jimmeh Carter

  108. Donate your solo shoes to an amputee after your cunt punt

    Ooh! We could kind of combine this with Make-A-Wish and get annoying celebrities to be the puntees!

  109. Whoopie had spent all if her “golden years” making it impossible to watch Ghost again.

    ST:TNG was already unwatchable.

  110. Dan made Kung Pao Spaghetti. I’m already reeling from the sugar. GN

  111. Loooooooooong Friday

    (note the gas was 91 cents a gallon then)

  112. I didn’t punch out until 8 PM.

  113. There’s a derp on my phone.


  114. You should Purell that.

  115. I got a bad feeling we’re going to miss the launch. It will *not* be my fault.

  116. Can you imagine when this race is won
    Turn our golden faces into the sun
    Praising our leaders we’re getting in tune
    The music’s played by the derp man

  117. marching orders have been given.
    a whole gaggle of giggling girl scouts are heading to chez monkey hut for a crossing over soiree and i have been tasked with outside fluff and buff stuff…

  118. fyi – i axed the leader type lady if “crossing over” required surgery;was told it did not, but i might if questions like that lept being axed.

  119. lept = kept

  120. 2 years ago i was conscripted to “help” a group of crosser overers with a project that required the use of table saws and routers…
    two sets of said crosser overers displayed clear signs (as in huggy kissy pda type phooey) of their crossing over.

    i was told it was just a phase. and that kids now a daze were more gender fluid.

  121. *fists blog to test for signs of life*

  122. *notes odd odor*

  123. Today is the first day of vacation and the only day it’s not forecast to be raining. The local weather dude had a graphic with the word YUCK superimposed over M-W due to rain, humidity and scattered yeast infections in fat rolls. Good week to catch up on my reading I guess.

  124. Good luck with your crossing over ceremony Jam. I hope it’s painless and you slay with your matching wig, dress and heel combo

  125. If I’m remembering correctly we had some event to celebrate becoming Boy Scouts after being Cub Scouts/Webelos. As with most stuff back then it was a non-event event.

  126. “Oso, I seem to recall reading about the way the Chinese collect intelligence in the U.S.” …
    “The Chinese seem to often take the opposite route. They try to get a bunch of low-level folks. ”

    the chi-coms have a clear presence in the US pharmaceutical development arena which is modeled exactly like what colex said.

    they infiltrate at entry level science and engineering positions and then build cells(for lack of a better descriptor). We half ass joke about it and call it the chinese mafia.

    they will then only hire chinese candidates once they get to the appropriate level of management.

    in one group i did some contract work for, it was so bad that HR had to tell the manager no more chinese, he had to have diversity in his group….. said guy then hired a korean.

    i personally witnessed one chi-com get marched out of a place by the feds.
    have heard numerous accounts of it happening at other places, and know of 2 very high level chinese dudes that left their place of employment under dubious circumstances and found out down the road they were heading up start-ups in hong kong that interestingly enough made the same thing as they had worked on stateside

  127. jimes – as you said it’s kind of a meh event. they use our place because of the pool.
    i’ve got a sequined tankini imma trot out

  128. Good to get the use of your pool. Swimming pools in the northeast have a limited season and it must feel nice to see it being used. My folks got a built in pool to replace the above ground one about 5 years too late. I was in 8th grade and my older siblings were pretty independent as was I when I got my license/car. My younger brother got the most use of it. I looked on google maps a few years ago and whoever bought the house still has a pool there. I can’t imagine it’s the same 1978 version.

  129. ^^^ reminds me of DaveinTexas’ lime green thong.

  130. “Ever since the election, I see these women on the news marching up and down and wearing their pink pussy hats and hollering obscenities and I think, what are they going to tell their daughters? They’ll have stories about the evil Trump and how awful everything was, and how he was Voldemort and Sauron and Satan all rolled into one, and their daughters will ask, well then, what did you do to fight this great evil, did you join the army or take up arms like they did in the American Revolution, or what? And the mothers will say, no, I jumped up and down and shouted that Trump was a Nazi while dressed as a giant twat.”

    Best Morning Rant ™ ever.

  131. There’s a local weather chick who looks even bigger than your second bathing suit picture. She’s good at her job but it’s distracting when you watch the report because she wears the same weather girl dresses they all wear and her colossal FUPA looks like it wants its own ZIP code.

  132. What launch are you getting ready for Roamy?

  133. Eye bleach! Please!

  134. Obese weather lady is someone who will forever be described by her catty friends as “She has a really pretty face”.


  136. wife worked in a perinatal center – they called the big chicks “fluffy”

  137. swifty – how goes the music biz?


  139. During residency I had several roommates to help with my mortgage payment. I was so busy that I hardly saw them which was nice. One of them was a med student who at some point had lost a bunch of weight via prepackaged meals. He had an abdominoplasty done by the plastic surgery fellows to save some money. My other roommate was my brother who hilariously described this guy’s first shit after surgery. He had been eating Percocet like candy and was all bunged up. Not to mention his abdominal wall was being held together with hundreds of sutures and a binder. He was on the shitter for hours, moaning like he was giving birth to a breech baby. Thankfully I missed the whole thing

  140. He had a wound dehiscence (breakdown) and went through gauze to pack the wound like people with a cold go though Kleenex. Because he was a spoiled mommas boy with no insight into real world problems and solutions he let the used bloody gauze pile up in the bathroom and overflow the basket. I finally had to crack the whip. So many stories about this guy. He finally got the boot about a year later.

  141. Jam, taking a break on the music scene to write the great American novel. Or beat on computers all day, one of the two.

  142. Jimbro, SpaceX launch in the fall.

  143. cable news is legitimately just Talking Dead at this point. a bunch of guests with questionable credentials making up fan fiction about what might happen next with what they watched on tv
    — jack allison (@jackallisonLOL) July 17, 2018

    Talking Dead is a show on AMC that tries to dissect meaning from the Walking Dead. The only reason I know it exists is it’s listed with TWD when I watch it on demand.

  144. Space X

    I’ll be watching for news about that launch!

  145. The east Asians working in TLAs clique up pretty hard in DC, too. Never quite enough evidence to claim outright espionage, but the racist hiring is obvious and unpoliced. It’s infuriating. Mormons might be doing the same, but they sail through background investigations generally, so that might just be coincidental.

  146. Nu poat

  147. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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