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I don’t even know what this means, because I still haven’t seen the movie.


Trump embarrassing us overseas:



Things I find on Facedouche:






Have I ever showed you guys my REALLY fat cat?



You think if I get my mom one of these, it will help?



This is for Leon:



That’s enough.   Vet office opens in 25 min then I can start calling.



  1. Their you go.

    Hope your happy.

  2. Youv dun grate wurk

    Thankx Carina

  3. Feel better, Oschi.

  4. Assault weapon bans are unconstitutional. The intent of the amendment was that every able-bodied man might be as well-armed as any soldier, so as to deter invasion and tyranny.

  5. Tell Oschi to stop snortling her food so fast.

  6. 11:30. I showered for nothing. I needed to be ready in case they could see her immediately. And I had to shower – I worked out last night and didn’t’. /gross.

  7. Yea, I wish. I’m going to have to get her that chair and hand feed her.

  8. heh, love how the meaning of the word “militia” changes depends on the lefties need for a certain law.

  9. plus the inclusion of “well regulated” and a comma. Sometimes the comma is left out.

  10. “It means the army!” No it doesn’t, fucktard, they had the word “army” at the time and didn’t use it, so they couldn’t have meant that. Writings of the time comport to the understanding I laid out almost exactly, with some allowance for minor drift in word usage, not meaning. These were men who’d just fought a war against their own army, they said what they fucking meant.

  11. “Well regulated” meant “regular in appointment and equipment” in that context, just like the clause in the constitution about “regular trade” between the states being enforced by the federal government meant that the feds could step in to halt interstate tariffs, not set the price of wheat.

  12. Leon knows stuff!

    Good poat, Carin.

  13. The queen, as far as “royals” go, is pretty cool. Especially the fact that her being alive keeps that complete idiot Charles out of the limelight.

    If anyone was embarrassed by Trump in England, get your head examined.

  14. The queen carrying the golf bag is pretty funny.

  15. Mornin’ all.

    Mare, I apologize if I came off as critical yesterday, as that was not my intent at all. I agree with your stance completely, I was just relating a story it reminded me of.

  16. Being a hostage means never having to say you’re sorry.

  17. I’m sorry too.

  18. Today is going to be a shitty day. I can feel it.

  19. Another day that ends in “Y”

  20. Today will be whatever kinda of day you allow it to be.

    Ruck up troop and Charlie Mike.

  21. Well, it was a pretty sorry story.

  22. I’m sorry about your mom.

  23. Expected high of 107F in my little patch of paradise today. It’s a good thing we got all those windmills cause there’s gonna be some stress on the old electrical grid for a while.

  24. I’m sorry about your mom.

    Worst “your mom” joke in H2 history.

  25. *pops his buttons*

  26. #sorrynotsorry

  27. I think back to when we had one window air conditioner in the house. How did we survive?

    Must be global warming.

  28. I’m sorry j’ames is sorry about hotntot being sorry about Leon being sorrynotsorry about giving your mom another sorry std

  29. I found a katahdin sheep farm in Paw Paw. I should ask them if I can get a tour and buy some meat. They sell breeding stock, so this might be my “in” to the business.

  30. Looks like they’re getting $5-6/lb for product through their CSA. Not too shabby. If I can set aside 3 acres for livestock, I could probably butcher 10-15 animals a year at 40-50 lb of meat per animal. Done right, my meat is free and pays me to farm it. Not a lot, but it’s sustainable.

  31. sheep = really good gyros

    Especially sous vide then smoked.

  32. lamb is usually $9 a pound here. Sometimes down to $6

  33. I don’t like lamb. It tastes gamey.

  34. It is different. Gyro mixes it with beef and spices.

    I would bet low and slow, with a little or no smoke, would really improve the taste. It does with venison and other wild meats (like turkey).

  35. “tastes gamey”

  36. “Relationship advice for Erin”

    don’t taste gamey?

  37. *prepares to be sorry*

  38. Sorry I brought it up…

    NARRATOR: He’s not sorry.

  39. Leon mentioned this before.
    A certain breed he was looking at is much less “lamby” and gamey. Not sure if this is the same variety.

  40. Pastured animals finished on grass have a distinct flavor, but you’re likely tasting some of the lanolin in that case. Wool sheep have a lot more of it, and I’ve read and heard that hair sheep are much closer to a beef flavor.

  41. I need to get out of the hotel, but there’s nothing cheap to do (besides your mom) and I don’t feel like a long drive.

  42. Yeah Chi, katahdin is a hair sheep breed, so I’m optimistic. If I can get a half share this year and the meats is satisfactory, that’ll tell me if this is what we want going forward, or if I need to find some other livestock.

  43. as leon said, the gamey flavor is usually a result of fatty acid oxidation (going rancid). to minimize gaminess one would want to remove as much of the fat from the meat as possible before cooking. gamey venison is almost always a result of poor prep.
    the fat oxidation is also a main reason re-heated meats (venison, lamb, etc) are damn near unpalatable

  44. I hear the Soylent corporation is looking for farmers as part of their newest venture.

  45. *keeps mumbling gamey*

  46. I’m a soybean sharecropper.

  47. *reports leon for cultural appropriation. *

  48. *mumbles he’ll be sorry*

  49. Actually, I’m the one leasing the land, the other guys are the sharecropper. I’m a plantation owner.

    *sips mint julep*

  50. Oschi has pneumonia. Again. I could tell because her breathing was off, so we got it before she’s really sick. She’s actually out running around with Moose right now. But her x-rays looked pretty bad (I think a lot of that is just permanent damage).

  51. You should make Mrs. Leon wear hoop skirts.

  52. I don’t really know that I can get her to sit/eat in one of those special chairs. But this might work:

  53. Or this: more attractive.

  54. You should make Mrs. Leon wear hoop skirts.

    That would help segregate (SWIDT?) “the vapors” when she eats a lot of cabbage.

  55. We lease our land too. Last year was corn. Think the farmer is doing soybeans this year.

  56. I tried lamb. Once. My plumbing objected for three days.
    Also allergic to lanolin.

  57. Car in, can you go back to her breeder and make them pay your vet bill?

  58. Tucker explains Helsinki.

  59. I’d rather have a President who is friendly in public by has policies that are tough, than a President who talks tough in public, but is conciliatory in private.

  60. I’d rather have a president who is a man, not some effeminate douche who got elected because of melanin, or some bulldyke just because vagina.

  61. Brother Cavil, I’m sorry…no worries…I hopped on H2 early and then left to get a bunch of errands done.

    All is well and if I see your Dad on his lark in a grocery store I promise I’ll be kind to him and won’t kick his tires or shake a beer and spray it in his face!

  62. And what the heck is going on with Oso??? I need to go back and start reading the evening H2 shift comments.

  63. Holy crap and now Carin’s sweet doggie is sick???

    Saying just H2 prayers is a full-time fricken job.

  64. All is well and if I see your Dad on his lark in a grocery store I promise I’ll be kind to him and won’t kick his tires or shake a beer and spray it in his face!

    If you see him on a lark in a grocery store, he’s a zombie, given he’s a year and a half dead. In which case, well, I’ll understand.

  65. Oh, damn, now I’m really sorry although I laughed out loud at your zombie comment.

    For Brother Cavil and no one else ((((HUGS))))!

  66. You know what pisses me off? Zombies riding Larks in the grocery store. Assholes.

  67. There is so much societal wrong here it’s a black hole of crazy:

    *It’s technically a rape but this girl has consented as much as a 15 year old can consent under the law.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  68. Beans, the option would have been to return her for what we paid. The vet bills have been many times that over. They used to just put these dogs down or wait until they just got sick and died.

  69. Bill Kristol is a cunt.


    Relevant to my earlier comments. I ain’t even mad.

  71. I have a wedding to go to, but oschi says no. She sat ON MY LAP at the vet’s office.

  72. Holy crap, I just realized that that’s a legit Rectification of a Name.

    It’s happening!

  73. Sick oschi is attached to my hip. I think we took her in before she got really bad, so I’m hoping the meds knock it right out.

  74. A wedding on a Thursday?

    I hope she gets better soon, Carin.

  75. Tucker explains Helsinki.

    Trump has the authority to clean out the DOJ and declassify all of the information. He needs to do it. Why isn’t he?

    Strzok still works for the government. Why?
    Rosenstein effectively said no American was involved with Russian collusion. Why is Mueller still employed?

  76. Let me first answer you by saying, “No.: Secondly, I demand a recount. Third, I lurves Mare and Beasn and maybe Carin???

  77. Yea, it’s a weird day for a wedding. It’s for the boy who used to basically live at our house. Hes been seeing her a year and a half, she’s knocked up. They were getting married already, but … hopefully it works out.

  78. Sean’s penis strikes again!

  79. No worries, mare! I learned to laugh to keep myself from cracking up completely long ago–I wouldn’t have painted that picture otherwise… 😉

  80. Car in, I hope for his sake he’s sure it is.

    I hate being that cynical, but there it is.

  81. Sure it’s his


  82. France just outlawed paternity testing without a court order, because cuckolding is a human right or something.

  83. Sean’s penis strikes again!

    Huh. I thought it was usually the vaginas that went on strike.

  84. Leon, see I was right about the reification of names thing.

  85. because cuckolding is a human right or something.

    Men should be grateful for whatever access a women deigns to allow to a child, apparently.

  86. Car in, play Billy Idol on the drive to the wedding.

  87. So, if there is no paternity test, does that mean she doesn’t get child support payments?
    Might not work out how they planned…

  88. Dancin’ With Myself?

  89. As I understand it, paternity in France is now assumed to be the man living in the house with the mother, or the man she names as the father if one doesn’t live with her. You pay until you prove otherwise.

  90. Also it’s illegal to prove otherwise.

  91. Gawd, I hope that last statement was a bad joke.
    Sadly, it’s believable at this point.

  92. “Bad joke” pretty much describes all of French jurisprudence since Robespierre.

  93. When civilization is so degraded that barbarism is preferable, well…

  94. Anyone else wondering if America’s soy milk supply is tainted with bacteria that completely disrupts the brain’s ability to think logically?

  95. Pretty sure it’s the soy part of it.

  96. or the taint part

  97. that documentary pic of queenie carrying trumps clubs cracks me up.

  98. the left loved it when barry pissed all over the uk with the churchill bust thing

  99. Must. Kill. All. The. Squirrels.

    Little bastards have gleefully ripped the bags we put on the peach tree. Every morning, one or two bags are lying on the ground with unopened peaches in them. The carcasses/pits of the peaches that we didn’t get around to bagging are strewn under the oak tree.

    Apparently this particular peach cultivar is a late harvest variety. When they are fully ripe, they taste and smell soooo sweet! Unfortunately, we’ve only had a couple of peaches make it that far unscathed.

    Time to get a pellet gun.

    Of course, the wienie millennials who are taking over the neighborhood would have a case of the vapors if they saw me on my front porch taking aim at one of those little varmints 😈

    ***wanders off, muttering about leaving the dead carcasses as a warning to the other squirrels***

    ***remembers that dogs would roll around in said carcasses, then come inside***

  100. Might be peach gnomes

  101. The squirrel that ate most of our blueberries is now eating or tomatoes. Grey squirrel with a blond tail.

    He’s on the list.

  102. our.

    stupid u

  103. Where Jim Acosta went to college

  104. Kill all the rodents.

  105. ive been grossly remiss in my squirrel remediation program here.
    one of my honey crisp trees went from bumper crop to bummer crop.
    i’ve tried to reason with them – no bueno – now it’s jihad

  106. stupid u
    Comment by scott on July 19, 2018 6:20 pm
    Where Jim Acosta went to college


    HA! yes

  107. This year we have a bumper crop of rabbits in town. Enough that I was telling the folks that next year we’ll probably have to eradicate a bunch of them next year. They aren’t really much of a nuisance yet. I figure most real gardeners around here are wise enough to rabbit proof their plots. But there is a shit ton of them. They are fun to watch. The youngins jump and Chase each other and they aren’t showing as much fear of humans as in the past. The mil puts down grains and such for them and the birds and they’ll sit 4ft away from you happily munching…..

    Squirrels on there hand are definitely the debbil. I ever tell you guys the story about being arrested in NYC at 9yrs of age for attempted squirrel murder with a big ass knife? I was a latch key kid, it was summer, I was wearing shorts. Got bored, decided I’d feed the squirrels across the street at Colombia U. I get half loaf of bread, cross 116th St and commence to communing with nature. Everything was going grand until I ran out of food. Now the squirrels are giving me the hairy eye, then one of the squirrels runs up my leg! Cept, I’m wearing shorts. Fucker shredded my leg! Of course that shit hurt, scared me, and pissed me off.

    That’s it, this fucking squirrel is done! Now, back at the apt I had my “security” knife. It’s summer I was alone most of the day so I would get the biggest knife in the kitchen and keep it with me “just in case”. (I’d had bad people at my door in the past but that’s another story) So I go back to the apt, grab two slices of bread and the big ass kitchen knife and I make my way back to campus to the same spot. And that is where campus police found me attempting to murder a squirrel. They take my knife, down to the cop shop we go, and call me mum. I’m wondering if the cops got a giggle over that shit. I got a shredded leg, a trip to the ER, and a pissed off mom.

  108. Can someone rescue my squirrel related comment from spam please?

  109. Mucho grassyass

  110. Prayers for Oschi.

  111. Hoping all the Hawkeyes are safe. I H8 Tornados.

  112. Funny, Troy. That’s the right attitude.

  113. So, in the past 24 hours I’ve had a) a neurotic german shepherd across the hall, b) two idiot fighting and stomping around in the room above mine, c) some nutjob on bath salts smashing windows and vandalizing cars in the parking lot, and d) fleas in my room.

  114. Welcome to the Buckeye State?

  115. Wow, East of me, and south. Bondurant is close to work.

  116. Comment by osoloco11 on July 19, 2018 8:26 pm
    Welcome to the Buckeye State?

    Not an auspicious start.

  117. I stayed at a hotel outside DC that was so bad they took your money upfront.

    If they had 20 rooms, 15 of them were occupied by drug dealers and hookers.

  118. cable and tv just gave out. hope it isn’t this storm. sun is out here.

  119. Net neutrality did it.

    That or the tax cuts.

  120. Russians could have hacked it.

  121. LabCorp just got hit with a massive ransomeware attack via a brute force RDP hack. Not related, but scary.

  122. Mare, what’s up. I usually drunk post once you’re asleep. I’m sober on Twitter.

  123. “occupied by drug dealers and hookers.”

    MEAT-UP!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!11!!! 2018

  124. The hotel actually isn’t that bad. I’ve been here two weeks and the past few days have been crap, but the rest of the time was fine. The place is clean, and looks like a lower-mid-level hotel, and the staff were responsive to issues. They gave me a new room, kicked out the troublemakers, and apologized for the issues.

  125. It was all a misunderstanding.

    You were supposed to hire the troublemakers.

  126. CoAl, go to the Montgomery Inn.

  127. BRAINZ!

  128. go to the Montgomery Inn

    They put anchovies in the bbq sauce.

  129. They put anchovies in the bbq sauce.

    That’s almost as bad as carrots in the chili.

  130. I dice carrots and put them in spaghetti. I made chicken and dumplings yesterday and forgot to put in the leftover cauliflower.

  131. “anchovies in the bbq sauce.”


  132. One of the best steaks I’ve had was at The Montgomery Inn in Dublin, I don’t know if it is still there, but it is on a hill above the river, nice view. I’d always heard they had good ribs, but they never really did it for me. They sell their BBQ sauce in the grocery stores, anchovie paste.

  133. The left attacked a thankful St. Jude family for thanking Eric Trump for a $16M donation to St. Jude. #WalkAway

  134. I pictured a rainbow
    You held it in your hands
    I had flashes
    You saw the plan
    I wandered out in the derp for years
    While you just stayed in your room
    I saw the crescent
    You saw the whole of the moon
    The whole of the moon

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