Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born August 17th, 1989 in Romania. She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 36 – 28 – 37 and 136 lbs. Please welcome Miss Luna Amor AKA Alexya / Luna Moon.


  1. Oof! I don’t think those udders are anywhere CLOSE to “36”….

  2. Each maybe.

  3. Moooooo.

  4. But she seems nice

  5. Smelly pirate hooker. Rosetta approves.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Ifn ya ever had a hankering to hang a gypsie, here’s your preview.

    And yeah, Rosetta would be at stroke level this morning.

  8. Bang not hang.

  9. The “Arm As A Cross Bra” really puts the enormity of her rack in perspective.

    She puts the B in BBF

  10. I’m scared.

  11. Damn things cause tidal effects when she walks by…

  12. OMF’ingg….!!!!!!
    The next Betty Balhaus rival.
    I’m in love!!!!
    A true bbf contender!!
    Pup you’re a boob genius.
    Ten thumbs up and a hearty arrrrrhhhhggggg for shivered Timbers.

  13. Watching her crawl around on her hands and knees would be worth the cost of the cover charge.

  14. Moving day!

    8/10 would smash


    I believe each one of her massive mammaries qualifies as both a Platonic Solid and Near Earth Object. And the veininess is just .

    Pupster, ya outdid yerself.

  16. Boobs should never be bigger than your head.

  17. Hide your fancy hand towels MJ.

  18. 8!?

  19. To be fair I didn’t look at the pictures first

  20. If you still haven’t… don’t.

  21. MJ gets the name and goes straight to Pornhub.

  22. She does those videos where she crushes melons with her melons, doesn’t she?

  23. Uhmmm…not exactly. She really likes to, uh…hang out with her peers and compare notes.

  24. elliot is loving chicken and rice diet. there is now rice everywhere. I don’t know how he does it.

  25. ?

    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  27. “”Boobs should never be bigger than your head.””
    Geoff needs a bigger head.

  28. Yay, Elliot.

  29. Slow day…

  30. I was curious about pancreatitis in dogs –
    One of the articles I read stated some breeds are more prone to it. Cockers are one of them.
    I had a Frenchie that had a chronic pancreas problem.
    I hope Elliot bounces back fast.

  31. The Terminal List is pretty good, so far.

  32. On Prime?

  33. watching ep 1 too

  34. Anybody notice a change in tone from the administration?

    From lying about how great everything is and nothing is their fault, to, subtly, “Screw you. This is what we’re doing. Deal with it.”

    I think they’ve cottoned on to the idea that everybody hates them and that is not going to change anytime soon.

  35. Jimbro, si. lumps, we know it is by design. They know we know. We know the election was stolen. They know we know.

  36. They’re daring us to do something about it. They know too many people still think “the process” can work. When it fails they’ll rub our faces in it and dare us to take the next step.

    Dear God, it’s going to happen, isn’t it? The stupid sons of bitches are about to blow the whole damn thing to smithereens…

  37. And they think their “plan” will let them control the result. Even though it’s obvious to everyone with eyes to see these retards couldn’t plan breakfast with everything on the table for them.

    God help us all.

  38. oh, MAN. This is great. A lefty sounds off at Dems using RvW to fundraise. “You want MONEY?! Call your guy!”

  39. On the five just now. “What have you changed your mind about over the years?”
    I lots of other things, but I have to agree with Gutfeld on Glenn Greenwald and Matt Tiabi.

  40. I don’t watch Faux News. Break it down for a slow Messican. Recently found out I WASN’T BIPOC. Not Indigenous. Too colonizer. Too white.

  41. So you’re kind of like the Rachel Dolezal of messicans?

  42. Nah. I’m really Messican. More Spanish than Indian. My Grammo called herself Messican. Illegals were Los Indios. My Grandpo, was more European than Spanish. German and Irish. Wee bit Messican. Smaller bit Isleta Pueblo. Grammo was pure Spanish. No Indio.

  43. I’m not fluent, but I refuse to speak Spanish. Messicans love American holidays. July 4th is huge. Lots of lawbreakers at the Rez. White people buy fountains and sparklers. They don’t break the law.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  45. Nair, or does this tucking barely passable tranny shave?
    The close ups reveal pores where pubes should be growing!

  46. Read it louder and slower.


    Remember during Obama’s terms, when conservative activist orgs were saying things like, “Every time we make plans to do something, the government seems to know about it and preempt it, before we do it…”?

  48. Watching UFC, a dude named ‘Larissa Pacheco’ just clearly beat the shit out of a woman. Making zero effort to look or act like a female, except he’s wearing a spandex top.

    Did an online search asking if this is a male or female, and all I have found is squirrelly articles intimating that people like me are bad people for asking the question. So, yeah. Dude. If this was definitely a female, they wouldn’t be coy and shitty about it.

    Oh, and “she” is a “lesbian.”

  49. Tonight’s entertainment is Dracula instead of Star Trek! “Dracula 1972 AD” starring Christopher Lee as resurrected Dracula and Peter Cushing as the descendant of Van Helsing. This is Cushing’s film, Lee is barely in it. Double feature! “Satanic Rites of Dracula” with the same two guys, made in 1973 next.

  50. UFC is going to blow up their business model if they persist with that. Only people watching will be wifebeaters and bitter divorced men.

  51. We’re watching Fargo season 3 and The Terminal List on Amazon. Holding off on The Boys and Umbrella Academy.

  52. Property tax bills showed up today.

    Bill for our 2 cars is $1515.00.

    Love where you live.

  53. The ritual sacrifice woman is topless in this one! Alas, blurred out in this broadcast tho. Not a BBF contender in any case.

  54. It’s almost shocking how pro-Christian these movies are. TOS too a lot of times.

  55. Donnie experienced repeated prolapses.

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