1. Excellent group of memes.

    “It’s weird being the same age as old people” hit hard. Real hard.

  2. Bootleg fireworks will never not be funny. I played it for Mini-me since she will be missing Independence Day and they don’t believe in cheap Chinese explosives here.

  3. Wakey wakey

    Went to see Puscifer last night and they were awesome. Carina Round has the voice of an angel and it’s not studio magic. Just amazing.

    It’s also sorta weird seeing Maynard at the front of the stage.

  4. guhmmenneh.

    Cloudburst woke me up in the wee hours.

    *shakes fist at cloud*

  5. We watched a whole show of home-made fireworks last night. He does good work, was a great show.

  6. Larissa Pacheco

    I image searched the name. Early photos and recent. She’s been injecting some T.

  7. So I try to go to sleep and chills and fever and constant bathroom runs. Fuck if I know what that was about but it seems to be cleared out. Good thing this is a three day weekend because I got NO fucking sleep.

  8. Sounds like food poisoning, Tim. Eat out recently or have some old leftovers?

  9. Too many candidates. Well, it’s gone at least.

  10. Waiting on two packages. One from the UK, one from Denmark. Both made it to the US in record time. The one from the UK has been sitting at the distribution center in IL, for several days. The other one has been sitting for two days at the first of five distribution centers it will move thru, in NY.

    Lazy incompetent.


  11. BroTim, if it’s out of your system, perhaps you can now get some sleep.

  12. OMG, you’re right beasn. She either switched places with her brother or she’s been doing testosterone. You should hear her voice. It sounds like a dude. Last night I was convinced it was a phony trans faker type person.

  13. Oppressively humid today. Got a couple zucchini mounds constructed and im thinking of throwing in the towel. Not used to this, its been a pleasant and dry spring up until now.

  14. I have been interested in Pecan trees and doing some research, there are male and female ish trees (more complicated than you want to hear but close enough)
    I found you can buy trees that have been inoculated with truffle spores. Makes it more interesting!

  15. terminal list? oh yeah. no superficial bs here. good, and pay attention.

  16. Comment by lumps on July 2, 2022 11:00 am

    I have thrown the lighter and held the firecracker.

    Luckily the fuse burned my knuckle and I dropped it an instant before explosion.

  17. cheesesteak for lunch. life is pretty good right now

  18. ok that is the most original execution ever

  19. I’m having a fabulous Holiday weekend, and my life is perfect.

    that’s how it’s done, right?

  20. Simone Biles and Megan Rapinoe will receive the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 🎖️

    … uh … ok.

    I don’t know what either of them did to earn that.

  21. Simone: Gymnast/Quitter for mental health reasons

    Megan: Purple haired dike soccer player hawking footlongs

    Clearly deserving

  22. He’s either that stupid, or he knows his supporters are that stupid.

    I haven’t decided which.

    Why not both?

  23. Paula hit Sam’s to buy some stuff for a get together on the 4th at camp. I added her to my membership and brought a receipt for her to show at the service desk to get her card. The lady at the desk laughed at her when she brought it in because it was dated October of 2021.

  24. sound familiar? makes a lot of sense

  25. Second round of Covid for this person:

    Wanted to let everyone know that I am back to good health! Thankful that I did not have a bad case of COVID this time around. I’m sure that being vaxxed helped!


    I had never heard of this before but Dan Bongino mentioned it on his podcast yesterday and I just saw a WSJ article about it. I’d like to know the logic behind this decision which now looks like a colossal Charlie Foxtrot

  27. Absolutely lashing with rain right now. Second round today. Supposedly that’s it for rain for the long weekend.

  28. Bobby Bonilla day is quite popular in baseball circles, especially when making fun of front offices and the mets

  29. sunny and 86. James Reece is harder to kill than Mitch Rapp, or Dewey what’s his face. Scott harvath would be home crying by now, take that nevertrump thor

  30. Mini-me safely ensconced in Scotland. She has a “flat”, which seems like the wrong word for a dorm with a kitchen, but she has her own room and her own 3/4 bathroom. Nice view from the window. The flat is shared with 14? other girls. Orientation tomorrow, and classes start Monday.
    Tomorrow is a travel day for Mr. RFH and me, hoping it won’t suck too bad. Still hoping to see Phat flying my plane.

  31. Alabama weather is going to be ugly after two weeks of overcast skies with occasional rain.

  32. We spent almost 2 weeks in Ireland. Exiting the Albuquerque airport to bright sun was brutal.

  33. J’ames, Reece is such an awesome character. Antoine Fuqua does great work. Pratt was amazing in Mag 7. Great collaborations.

  34. Jimbro, I love the ducks on Twitface. Capybara man, too.

  35. Bobby Bo Day is great! #LGM 🤪👋🏻⚾️

  36. This might be of interest to lumps and all you other vanillaphiles

    No idea if that’s a good price

  37. Funniest thing about The Terminal List is a journalist actually doing journalism.

  38. The fuck is “CZ”?

  39. pretty good journalist. Joe Galloway like

  40. Fuqua is good. 3 men go off the boat, 1 splash

  41. Jay, Jack Carr. 5 books in the Reece series.

  42. oh I know. liked the series, recommend I would

  43. beef and rice went as well as chicken. I’m having pastrami. debating on having onion buns, so good

  44. CZ is a company that makes pistols best known for being bass ackwards with the slide inside the frame rails.

  45. Yay, Elliot. You knew about Jack Carr and didn’t tell us?

  46. scroll down for the longer clip. So cute.

  47. Lumps, we know I have no linkfu. Watching videos of puppies crashing and burning.

  48. There’s a Twitter page for German Shepherd puppies

  49. everybody has been talking carr

  50. Neighbor had a little kid birthday party today, which just culminated in a fireworks display in the street. Of course the street in front of their house was full of party goers parked cars, so genius sets them off in front of my house. I sat on the front porch to watch.

    One of the boxes full of rockets fell over and lord reekused the houses on the other side of the street. If it had fell the other way I might have taken a couple red glares to the face. I yelled ” DAT WUZ AWESOME” but everybody was screaming and running so my comedy stylings were in vain.

  51. J, I had to search. I’m Connelly, Crais, Mitch Rapp, Stephen Hunter. No Carr.

  52. Seriously? He’s been on all the talk shows, thought for sure we had been discussing.

  53. Not that I’m aware of. I don’t talk show. I’m still about the Stephen Hunter prequel

  54. guess there’s only a couple of references. Back in Oct 2021, mare brought it up

  55. the tv series was really good. I haven’t read the books. Guess I wasn’t clear on that, after I read it again.

  56. hmm, this movie Aliens, is it any good? Guess I should watch it.

  57. Can’t do a music post tomorrow, too much time on family time today. Sorry.

  58. I got ya, sobek

  59. my musical selections will be legendary as usual

  60. Oh, shoot, Jay – I just added a poat for tomorrow! If you want to push mine aside til Monday, feel free. Otherwise, I can just delete it 😊

  61. (It’s just a copy of my standard July 4th blog poat at my place)

  62. I’ll schedule mine for later then, thanks TiFW!

  63. in fact, mine is now the tuesday post.

  64. Back at ya, Jay! I always love Tuesday memes 😊

  65. Ducks entertain retired people.

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