Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born March 10th, 1964 in Ogden, UT. She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 362436 and 126 lbs. Please fetch spectacles for Miss Cynthia Brimhall.



  1. We’re going to see our new grandbaby today!!!!!

  2. I hope it all goes well T.

  3. 5 10.

  4. Perfect

  5. No offense to j’brony, pendeejoe, and Mitch, but I prefer Pups’ idea of catch of the day.

  6. Another awesome effort by the Friday crew!

  7. Thanks.


  8. 7.5 months after filling out the paperwork and submitting my fingerprints, I now have my official concealed carry piece of paper. North Carolina’s constitution has a 30 day thumbs up or down requirement to the county sheriffs, but I guess that goes out the window with Covid and a massive influx of applicants. All my dealings with the sheriff’s department have been professional and the communication was good, it just took a long, long time. If you were thinking about doing it some time in the future you might want to move up your timeline.

    *holster shopping*

  9. I like the blue outfit with matching gloves.

  10. And the model gif this week is much appreciated.

  11. Took Illinois six months for a simple renewal for what shouldve been a no brainer due to multiple instructor certs. Congrats. What is your edc handgun?

  12. Morning Rocket Chick! Go ahead and funny file tomorrow, I appreciate it!

    That guy in the gif is a fitness video caster of some kind, Mike Thurston, for your binders.

  13. I’m still working on EDC TRoy, trying to figure it out. I have options. Ruger LCP II in a sticky pocket holster for now, I have wardrobe issues.

    Wardrobe issues = big santa claus looking gut

  14. If any of you can make it past 2 minutes on the youtube links in this post you are a warrior.

  15. If her DOB is accurate, this bird is older than me by a few months

  16. There’s a “your mom” joke associated with sticky holsters that I’ll leave for Hotspur

  17. Beasn there are some in nys that pay attention.
    Upstate ny is solid red we just can’t outvote nyc.

  18. That link is not an endorsement of tenney. I actively worked to primary her.
    But she’s better than katko and a lot of the other scum we have in the region.

  19. New York, New Hampshire and Maine are all similar in that their lower geographical population clusters are filled with liberal wackos who vote for the Dem every time. VT is filled with pot smoking, tree hugging, Ben&Jerry addicts who elected Bernie Sanders and that tells you all you need to know about them. MA, RI and CT are all lost to the Democrats and will remain that way at least during my lifetime.

  20. wakey wakey

    /ignore hair band

  21. The word for the next 2 days is bombogenesis. Blizzard that can turn into a bomb cyclone is on the way. I haven’t heard if it’s named yet.

    Predicted snow totals have varied all week. When I’ve refreshed the screen with my local forecast it’s gone from 18 to 12 to 14 and this morning it’s back up to 17 inches.

  22. Wow. Pupster took pictures of the nudie mags under his bed.

    8/10 would smash but 58 now so no thanks.

  23. You intending on taking it out of your pocket when in a vehicle? Correct? Right now one of your most likely scenario is road rage/carjacking.

    There are a number of vids out there regarding vehicle considerations, I suggest periodic review and physical “walkthroughs” (unloaded of course). That LCP has to be “snappy” due to size. Id also suggest working on “controlled pairs” to really get a feel for bringing the muzzle back into alignment after first shot.

    I’m dying to do some shooting but we’re in the middle of upgrading our range on the farm. We’re installing a rail tie wall in front of the berm and then setting up some steel plates (dueling tree and plate rack)

  24. Poat is in the hopper for tomorrow.

  25. I decided not to get a permit.

    The scenario that I envision to carry a gun is one where permits are not required.

  26. I got a permit because it makes buy a gun a lot easier. Plus, I got it before they decided they’re not going to allow it anymore. Reasons.

  27. Well, yer in luck MJ, that scenario is just about here. Besides that Kriss you got doesn’t conceal very well.

  28. Breyer says he’s not retiring until his replacement is confirmed. How do you have a confirmation if there’s no vacancy?

  29. Someone did a Downfall video of Trudeau vs. the truckers, but I can’t get the link to work. It either goes to Telegram and you have to log in, or I get a screencap.

  30. When even the Associated Pravda has turned…

  31. Car in, I listened to one Composer Reacts video. It was an interesting idea but his presentation didn’t really grab me. Maybe it was just that one video, but it took forever for him to get going.

  32. I’m sensing a reaction to last week’s fiasco. Good choice of reaction, though.

  33. “Key Pa. Dems to miss Biden visit, cite scheduling conflicts”

    Lot of that going on. Heck, Tank Abrams had a scheduling conflict (wink-wink) when Spongebrain did a speech about voting rights in her state as a MLK Day thing. This was to ostensibly drum up support for his Democrats Win Forever federal takeover of elections bill.

  34. There’s a vocal coach who does them and she’s really good.

  35. And at his 2 hour presser he did say he plans to be out and meeting the people more over the next year.

    Americans can’t wait to meet you Brandon …

  36. As she listened to the first part she appeared to be getting a little tingly IYKWIM

  37. She gets very tingly

  38. Iowa isn’t in any immediate danger of losing gun rights, but maybe I should get one too. Blue blue blue Ames might be fun to try that in.

  39. Why is she getting tingly over some weed?

    Oh, “The Pot”, not the pot.

  40. She talks about how Maynard sings his vowels . Which is a thing for Sobek.

  41. All I can think of is how much longer that video will make a Tool song.

  42. You have constitutional carry as far as I can tell Jay. Went into effect last April. Open or Concealed. The Permit system is still in place but not enforced.

  43. I’m sure there’s a metaphor here

    And the metaphors will be crafted to suit the needs of each side of the aisle

  44. One of my puppies is having a bad dream.

  45. Mayor Pete is on that. And by on that, I mean he’s not. Because he’s focusing on equity, on transportation infrastructure.

  46. 3 degrees and 1 1/2″ of snow, no fun at all.

  47. Come on car in, there’s racist roads out there to worry about!

  48. OMG the irony, it burns!

    When democrats tell you something is wrong, it’s what they are currently doing

  49. Heh, saw an ad for banana pepper powder (yum) from an organic farm in Tipton MI. $6 for .5 oz? cheaper to buy cocaine!

    Organic is french for More Expensive.

  50. Ruger LCP II in a sticky pocket holster for now, I have wardrobe issues.

    That’s been mine for a year.

  51. If all goes well I’ll be flying to Boston in a couple hours, and then on a plane over an ocean. That means I’ll have lots of time to read Gravity’s Rainbow. For those of us who are reading it, are we waiting on anyone else? Last I remember, Jay didn’t have his copy yet.

  52. I added a Crimson Trace green laser guard and had to switch to a DeSantis U4 holster, but it still works great.

    To solve the car situation, I keep a Kimber Micro 9 in the pouch on the back of the passenger seat.

  53. That’s a good Skid Row song. Sebastian Bach is a great rock singer.

  54. Trying to remind myself today the need for my paycheck outweighs the intensifying impulse to just chuck it all and walk out for good.

  55. picking mine up at the library today

  56. Stephen King is happy with Jay’s choice to read a banned book

  57. banned, or shunned?

  58. My library has two copies. One of them (the one I got) has clearly never been read. The other was a little worn, but not too bad.

    I’m on page 20, but I had to stop and go back to make some notes. The character names are pretty weird. I assume Teddy Bloat is named after a former a senator from Massachusetts.

  59. that ruger looks comfy to shoot. looks small, I have larger hands, would that be true?

  60. I hereby ban Gravity’s Rainbow from The Hostages. There, now we have more cred when we read it.

  61. really like that Kimber, too

  62. Organic is french for More Expensive.

    Yes and no. I used to think this, but what it really means is that the processes are more manual and less reliant on Big Ag for herbicides and synthetic fertilizer. In a supply chain breakdown, these sorts of operations may be your only option. “Organic” tends to be more expensive because it’s traded efficiency for resilience. The real price of “inorganic” food is hidden to an extent by subsidies, economy of scale, and foreign labor.

    My opinion, but farmers deserve to make a decent wage, same as tradesmen and laborers. If they can’t, they’ll get supplanted by Big Ag, and those guys aren’t your friends. These are the people breeding crops primarily for ease of enhanced mechanization rather than nutrition, destroying topsoil because they can “always” move to new fields after it’s depleted, and aggressively pushing fake meat because real meat keeps literal cowboys employed.

  63. We’ve traded resilience for efficiency in nearly industry. And then we’ve traded efficiency for ideological conformity. So…yeah.

  64. Well, hello Cynthia. She’s an older model so she should have some wisdom, however, her bathing suit is impractical for water sports.

  65. depends on the water sport, mare. Keep an open mind.

  66. I’m around the same spot Sobek

  67. heh, Steve Deace is on You Are Here from last night. This should be interesting.

  68. The part in GR about the giant Adenoid was pretty wild. I can tell I’m going to like this book.

    Also, the imagery on page 7, where Pirate sees the vapor trail of a rocket launched 200 miles away, is really unnerving.

  69. I’m reading a Penguin Classics, 2006 edition, 776 pages. Is that what you have, Car in? It will be easier if we have the same page numbers.

  70. library edition I show has 760 pages

  71. ames library has the 776 page version, I’ll request that

  72. Two avid readers are on page 20 of a book, give or take, and one mentions a desire to take notes to keep track of things in it …

    The old gypsy woman doesn’t need her crystal ball to see the future on this one

  73. Stephen King’s advice is all well and good until the publishers go woke and won’t publish your book, Amazon and BN decline to stock it, and all the independent bookstores closed a long time ago.

  74. that ruger looks comfy to shoot. looks small, I have larger hands, would that be true?

    It is very small and snappy. Your mom says my hands are average size, and even with the extended magazine floor plate my trigger hand pinky has trouble finding good purchase.

  75. Cynthia was one of Barker’s Beauties on The Price is Right in the early 90’s.

  76. Let’s Go Brandon in Canadian

  77. Why is Anne Boleyn black in this latest film?

  78. Silly Roamy, England has always had a large black population.


    Art was controlled by wypeepo though, and they never painted or sculpted blacks in history because racism.

  79. Just a lot of weird decisions going on these days. Minnie Mouse in a Hillary(TM) pantsuit for another.

  80. Cynthia was in a lot of B-list movies, a few TV episodes and did some work for the esteemed publisher Playboy. A quick scan of that work reveals her preference for donning a merkin when otherwise nude.

  81. Speaking of Minnie Mouse in a Hillary(TM) pantsuit

  82. I’m in Boston. So far so good. But apparently it’s about to dump crazy snow on me, so we’ll see how that affects my connection.

  83. Paula and Ben were supposed to be on a weekend trip to FL for a random winter warm weekend but a couple of weeks ago a few things happened that would have made it a tough trip. Nothing big but just enough to make her cancel it. They would have had a hard time getting back Sunday after everything was shut down on the east coast tomorrow.

  84. A good story with some sad parts. First of all this:

    Twitter: Nick Bassett passing

    Some back story: Nick had a tumor discovered when he was 2, been dealing with it for a long time (29 when he passed away). He had his legs amputated recently, and obviously got around in a wheelchair. He was known as an Iowa State Superfan. He went to all the games, had a relationship with all the players and fans. He had a great sense of humor, calling in to radio shows and talking about dancing in a wheelchair, asking police on air about the process of arresting someone in a wheelchair, and just all around being a positive person. He went into the hospital recently from complications, and wound up being declared dead. He was kept alive on a ventilator, pending organ transplant donation.

    You may ask, what the hell is a good story in this. Well, today his dad called in to a local radio show. He had news that a 40 year old man, and a 50 year old man had already received his kidneys, and were going to progress in recovery from their troubles. I can’t imagine how that made the dad feel, and the onion smell and dust was very prevalent in my office cubicle just now. So glad I got to listen to that podcast.

  85. BTW the first comment in the twitter link is Mrs Russ

  86. Lucky they decided to have the snow storm on the weekend.

  87. LOL Stormy Daniels got fucked by Avenatti.

    What’s she so upset about? She let every other swing-dick up and down the east coast fuck her.

    What’s one more?

  88. but he fucked her out of her fuck money. Kinda double fucked

  89. Penguin classic 760 pages.

    I was at lunch in Detroit with future doctor daughter.

  90. 1995 edition. I’ve been trying to read this dang book for that long? Good lord. But yes, the pages are a bit yellow.

  91. Adenoid was a strange choice, because I’m not really sure what one looks like.

  92. I’m picturing a roughly spherical, pinkish gray blob with veins and stuff.

  93. Do we need to rewrite the lyrics to Keep on Rockin in the Free world?

  94. Yea, I imagined some just giant lump of organ flesh. Sorta nose shaped (hey, i can’t help what my imagination does).

  95. “Two avid readers are on page 20 of a book, give or take, and one mentions a desire to take notes to keep track of things in it …”

    You might be on the right track, but also, I don’t want to go too crazy with the reading before J’ames even has his book.

  96. This might be a highly effective tactic:

    State Line Crosser Dennis (LGB)
    Yoko Ono has threatened to have her music added to Spotify unless Joe Rogan is removed

  97. Loudoun Co is still f*cking around. They are abusing kids nor wearing masks. They segregate them to other rooms without instruction, teachers nit responding to emails about class work They are missing, won’t let them get water or use the toilets, rooms they’re put in are either 85 or 65 degrees..

  98. youngkin has a direct line for just that type of fuckery, beasn. He’s doing good things.

  99. It’s only money, Stormy. You’re sitting on a gold mine.

  100. I’m sensing a reaction to last week’s fiasco. Good choice of reaction, though.

    One man’s fiasco is another man’s Only Fans subscription.

  101. Jay, when you vacuum seal your meat (SYWM), do you freeze the meat first or seal it raw?
    The instructions of this thing recommends freezing it first.

  102. I have Gravity’s Rainbow on my kindle. 770 pages.

  103. Buying penzey’s spices? Might want to rethink that

    Company that Called Republicans Racist Loses Massive Number of Customers

  104. If you freeze it first it will keep it’s shape. It’s helpful with hamburgers. Freezing also helps cut down on the liquid being sucked into the sealer. I never have frozen. and I can seal liquids now, with my chamber sealer, can’t do that with food saver types.

  105. The way the book is set up, jumping around without telling you when it’s doing so, is a big part of what makes things difficult. So going back to re-read has its benefits. I just finished the section starting on page 30 (“On the wall…”), then had to go back and figure some stuff out, and realized that the spying scheme is going very poorly if everyone knows about it. Gloaming tells Jessica “Roger’s with Captain Prentice. The usual Mysterious Microfilm Drill.”. I read that the first time and assumed it was about the messages encased in the broken up rockets and so it didn’t stick with me that it was actually about Bloat’s scheme. The second run through I understood so it sticks better.

    I heard someone describe GR as not a book to be read, but a book to be re-read. That makes sense to me.

  106. The first section of the book is the worst, as far as that goes. I have questions. The first sentence is “A screaming comes across the sky.” But when Pirate is on the roof, he talks about how the rocket bombs are supersonic, so you wouldn’t hear them until after they detonated. Do what’s the screaming?

    And then why do we move immediately into a scene of refugees piling into metro cars to get away, if we already heard a screaming sound? And that scene starts with the feeling that the evacuation is too little, too late, but nothing explodes. So what happened?

    Best I can tell, there’s a narrative shift on page 5, with the sentence “but it is already light,” and then we get Pirate’s name in the next paragraph. We’re no longer in an evacuee situation. So I guess the first four pages are a hallucination/bad dream, or else Pirate is experiencing someone else’s fantasy (later on described as his special power), or it’s a time skip of some sort. “It is already light” makes me think he just woke up. The writing in those first five pages certainly feels like a nightmare.

  107. I just read Slaughterhouse Five last December. GR is reminding me a bit of that. Both set during WWII, both have a protagonist with unexplained powers that produce absurd situations. But Vonnegut’s style is as simple as humanly possible, and Pynchon’s is most certainly not.

  108. Listening to some Bongino podcasts from earlier in the week and he mentioned this article that wonders whether the Hillary Russian Collusion effort was simply repurposed from its original target of Biden, who she feared entering the race, to Trump.

    Having Russian prostitutes pee on a bed seems more fitting to Hunter’s M.O. than to Trump’s when you think about it.

  109. I’m oddly reminded of the story of how Big Trouble in Little China was originally the sequel to Buckaroo Banzai.

  110. Except the writers did better work in that case.

    And early 80s Kim Cattrall was smokin’. Ellen Barkin makes every scene she’s in painful.

  111. I hadn’t heard that story, Leon, do tell.

  112. Kim Cattrall made the right move by not getting involved in the sequel to Sex and the City. The new series is woke and stupid (but I repeat myself), and I think the only people watching are the ones that love to write about how much they hate it.

  113. The stinger at the end of BB for Buckaroo Banzai vs The Crime League was optimistic, too optimistic. The writers had a whole script written and were ready to go. Then BB… underperformed. It was a cult classic before VHS made that a viable business strategy, and the budget for it meant that no one was going to invest in a sequel. So the script got shopped around, edited, and edited, and eventually became a supernatural crime drama set in Chinatown after some producers and investors got involved.

    There’s so much re-write there and so many hands involved that it’s hard to see the beats where it would have been a BB story, but that’s the tale I’ve heard.

  114. I recall someone saying that one of the brainstorm moments in the editing process was splitting BB himself into two characters (since Buckaroo was half-American/half-Japanese) and that eventually became Wang and Jack. Which sorta explains how Kurt Russel got to play both headliner and sidekick.

  115. Holy cow, just boarded my plane. Screw you, bomb cyclone! Also, I totally love French accents.

    Catch you dimwits on the flip side.

  116. Au revoir!


    Another reason she’s glad she canceled the trip. We can be cold here for free.

  118. Jesus Sobek…spoiler alert?

  119. “…spoiler alert?”

    Sorry for ruining the first forty-two pages of a fifty year old book that you aren’t going to read.

  120. My new edc is a Springfield Hellcat with a swampfox red dot. I’m new to red dots on my handguns, still don’t know if I like it.

    Also got a Aliengear modular holster that I like quite a bit.

  121. Winter months I just say F-it and carry my Glock 27 in a shoulder holster.

  122. Sobek, assume you’re headed to Paris on AA?

  123. Delta

  124. I meant Air France. And Paris is just a layover.

  125. Phat, you gonna sack up and read GR with us?

  126. Start 787 school next week, will be a little busy for the next month.

  127. “Jesus Sobek…spoiler alert?”

  128. From what I remember of attempting to read GR 3 decades ago, I’d rather get some booze and kill the few brain cells that recall anything about it.

  129. I think I had GR on a shelf at last house.
    Not sure if it made the transition
    It may have become a casualty of the moving wars.

  130. I liked slaughterhouse 5.

  131. Best book ever.

  132. Book Club II: Slaughterhouse Five

  133. LOL

  134. I’ll drink to that.

  135. fuckin a


    (Imgur video)

  137. I run high vis (red front, green rear) night sights on my handgun. Optics are for rifles for me. My handgun presentation is dependant on acquiring the front sight as I push out. With optics its a slightly different height to gain the dot so it’s delayed acquisition. My perspective is handgun shit is close and quick requiring less precision than the fine nature of a red dot. My goal is to get rounds on target to disrupt the attack and then be more precise in delivery as I dial in my sights.

    Shoulder stocked firearms, give me a optic every time.

  138. Dayam! Thx Pup! This one is a year younger than me & looks great!
    Now for a philosophical question to obtain the opinions of the hostages & hostagettes.
    You’re driving in the dark with old school halogen headlights, your high beams are on. A vehicle with LED headlights & fog lamps is coming toward you in the opposing lane. Are you, or should you be morally obligated to dim your lights?
    It’s a burning issue with me since I decided to drive with high beams on in the dark all the time, only dimming them for those with the same old school lights that I have.

  139. If you don’t dim the high beams you have become the monster you tried to vanquish.

  140. Would I dim for

    -LED headlights & fog lamps? No

    -Old school halogen headlights? Yeah

  141. Posted another “I did that!” sticker at the gas station today.

  142. That being said, I don’t drive a ton at night and pretty reflexively dim my high beams for any oncoming vehicle regardless. There’s not a ton of other cars on the road and the biggest source of mayhem are the deer and moose.

  143. I’ve used mine up, time to order more because this shit isn’t going away any time soon

  144. Your lights automatically dim when you hit a moose.

  145. Pretty sure there hasn’t been a moose in my neck of the woods since shortly after the glaciers retreated & alligators inhabited the Ohio / Mississippi conjunction. But you’re absolutely correct!
    Pup, I get your point, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made.

  146. Why is your headlight dimming policy based on what the other driver has? I don’t understand the headlight racism.

  147. I dim high beams for all incoming traffic. Doesn’t matter what anybody has/ what I have. Any old high beams can still be blinding at night.

  148. You dim if they are vaccinated.

  149. The why behind this is I have 6 sets of LED lamps that attach to the role bar on my F150 in my wish list at Summit Racing, flip a switch & guess what! If I can’t see where I’m going because the selfish want to blind others. Why should I allow you to see where you’re going if you’re intent on blinding me? I have a full tubular frame under me, you have a unibody. Guess who wins in a head on?
    Fucking things piss me off, those that choose to piss me off should also be phased off. Fun is fun, fair is fair. We’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

  150. Semi drivers with their all knowing GPS are the worst offenders on the cow paths I drive on. However, do you really need your headlights to be surrounded with a pearl necklace of white LED’s? And why white, while on the topic of racism? Too proud for black light? Huh? Huh? Velvet Elvis wants to know!

  151. Camling down, watching Star Wars, Revenge of the Syph while listening to one of Billy Idols albums from his Tetracycline Tour.

  152. Sent a picture of me and our new grandbaby to Jay – hoping he will post it in POL. I may have been holding him a lot this afternoon….

  153. We’re launching into a blizzard weekend. Gonna be awesome. We have all the things. We’ll be holed up in paradise for a couple days. Life is delightful.

  154. my phone says it might get to 49 here tonight.
    I’ll bet that is better than Maine or even lumps place.
    Not bragging, I am digging for my Colorado clothes!

  155. In Bamalama, you can get pulled over for not dimming your lights. Cop is checking to see if you’re impaired.

  156. I’m so happy for TiFW! I was afraid her daughter was going to change her mind.

  157. YaY Teresa! I’m so happy for you.

  158. TiFW pic added to POL

  159. Thank you, Jay!

  160. Spoiler alert for Pupster. The rest of you can keep reading.

    Things get super weird on page 63, when PISCES is interviewing Slothrop. There’s this line stream of consciousness thing that may or may not involve Slothrop getting raped by a young Malcolm X. Then it starts to get weird.

    So I came up with a few theories about what was going on, and then on page 76 found my answer. The point is, if you don’t know what’s happening, just accept it and keep going, because things might make more sense down the line.

  161. Dean experienced relentless pressure.

  162. *reads through thread*

    Some of you guys are ACTUALLY READING GRAVITY’S RAINBOW???!!!


  163. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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