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Your model for today was born March 26th, 1993 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She stands 5‘ 6″ and measures 362435 and 120 lbs. Please tee it up for Miss Paige Spiranac.

Special Hat Tip for Jay in Ames for bringing this young lady to my attention. Touch ’em all Jay!


  1. I think I need to start playing golf. 😎

  2. Sporty

  3. 10/10 MJ would tee off on her

  4. Sweater puppies.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. “healthy”

  7. 10/10 would super stroke.

  8. I just finished reading Lumps’ linked UK report. I am mindful of when authors break up a table like that, they are usually trying to hide something.

  9. Just deferred by marathon until next year. With the boarder closed, the route was super boring, and it took the wind out of my sails for training.

  10. Border = edge between regions
    Boarder = the guy renting a room from your mom
    John = the guy renting your mom

  11. In 8 days Paula will be doing her first triathlon. She really enjoys the biking, less so the running and swimming not so much. She never had formal swim lessons as a kid, mainly just cooled off in the lake. So doing freestyle swimming was hard for her to learn how to coordinate the breathing without lifting her head all the way out of the water. She’s been working on it but I think that will be her weakest part of the 3.

  12. /ignores leon


    Highest state vaccination rate, yet ICUs are full. Uh huh.

  14. There is no way to make “fur” audibly distinct from “fir” and that bothers me.

  15. 9/10 would smash

  16. Morning, dicknuts.

  17. Audibly distinct? Probably not.

    Anally distinct? Most definitely.

  18. I think they’re going to find that areas where infections were higher (michigan for example – despite what Gretchen did) are not going to get all this faster. MORE Of us got covid first, not the vax, so in the end we simply aren’t going to have these lingering issues. Like hawaii. I mean, they completely shut down/closed off.

    Israel will support my theory. They never had the infection rate, but now they’re still seeing super high numbers because the vax doesn’t work, and fewer people in the first year caught it naturally.

  19. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen Paige on BBF yet. She’s been in trouble with the LPGA for her attire. Seems like a perfect H2 fit.

  20. Pit and put? No problem. It’s the ‘r’ that makes it nearly impossible.

  21. Does the LPGA care whether people watch?

  22. “”We now have to wrestle with the fact that the CDC and the FDA have given us formal recommendations that people can travel safely if they are fully vaccinated. That creates some legal challenges,” he said. “I will say this, there is still a concern that people will catch and spread the Delta variant even if they are fully vaccinated.”

    From the article on Hawaii up there.

    YET – I can’t go to my son’s graduation, because I’m not vaccinated. And despite the fact that I am LESS likley to pass the virus along because 1) my immunity is stronger and 2) if I was simply unvaccinated and didn’t have covid, I’d be more aware of perhaps catching the virus and avoiding people if I were sick.

  23. I watched some of the coverage of Biden yesterday.

    He’s very tired and old. Also a racist, grifter, liar, senile fuckface.

  24. We are under the power of idiots. Seriously.

  25. He tries so hard to read the words when he’s in front of the camera. You can see him focusing.

  26. You try reading when your pupils are fully dilated and the TV lights are on you. Joe’s got a tough job here, folks.

  27. At work, but…we get a second positive in this office (which has seven or eight people at most kicking around–more commonly five or six) and, honestly I don’t care what they decide, I go to ground for a while. I can’t afford contact with the medical establishment at this point.

  28. He’s gotta have some serious presbyopia by now, too, that can’t be helping.

  29. Today’s the first day in months that Yahoo hasn’t had a sob story “if only they’d been vax’d” on the front page. I started looking for it just to see what narrative they’d try next. Afghanistan, the next hurricane, and “Real Housewives” are the leaders today.

  30. Take care, BroTim.

  31. I saw a good one yesterday – it was a fitness person, who had previously had covid so “thought” he was immune. Then he got it “again” because he wasn’t vaccinated and ALMOST DIED. His youth and good fitness didn’t help AT ALL.

    Get the vax, people. Get. The. Vax.

  32. Smells like bullshit to me.

  33. wha? I call BS on that one, Car in

  34. I found it. Posted on facedouche with updates (GET YOUR SHOT) – but here’s the news story on it.

  35. roamy, see the “Healthy” link I poated above, for your daily sob story. CNN, though, not Yahoo

  36. Key passage:

    “Phillips said he chose not to get a COVID-19 vaccine because he had the virus before and thought the antibodies would be enough to protect him from reinfection.

    “I did not get vaccinated because I made a mistake,” he said during an interview at the hospital. “I thought since I had COVID in January 2020, I was immune to it.”

    Really? You had covid in January? Because … the chance of that isn’t great. I mean, you may have had SOMETHING, but since there wasn’t a test for covid back then, you simply cannot prove you got a second case.

    It could have been your first case.

  37. But no one bothered to ask that question?

  38. so 1 person out of 300 million has an extreme reaction, and now everyone has to vaccinate? First, at 56, he’s in a higher risk category than kids. I have no problem with him saying he should have gotten a vacc, but he doesn’t get to choose everyone else. And they still haven’t given lip service to natural immunity.

  39. If you really loved your son you’d get vaccinated. But it’s too late now – 30 days between doses.

  40. that’s all I could get before the adblock warning blocked me

  41. Tests weren’t widely available until MONTHS later, and covid didn’t arrive in colorado until March 5th.

  42. I say this is a bullshit story. He probably didn’t have covid, but that doesn’t make the point he wants.

  43. A Madonna with meatballs.

  44. I’m certain I had it, symptoms lined up perfectly, but it was in Feb 2020, no way to be sure.

    I identify as a wuflu survivor, though, and that’s sufficient.

  45. I mean, people say they had covid before it was really “out there” – and I don’t care/am not arguing. But for him to claim that natural immunity is a fail because he got it twice is unsubstantiated by the facts.

    Did he take a test? In January before it was thing here in the US. Or is just going on what may be a false supposition? That his flu in January 2020 was Covid, when it was … just the flu.

    It DOESN’T PROVE anything, is my point.

  46. you could get antibody tested, leon, if you really wanted to know.

  47. My point though leon is if you NOW catch Covid, you cannot claim that acquired immunity doesn’t work. Because you really don’t know if you had it. I mean, they wrote STORIES AFTER STORIES about this guy, and people are passing it around facebook as if it means something.

    It doesn’t.

    If you caught the China virus, i’m gonna guess you might probably say “I guess I had something else last time”.

  48. It’s been 18 months, an antibody test might find nothing after this long even if I’m right.

    If I caught it now I’d know it had been something else, and I swear I won’t wish I’d gotten ‘vaccinated’, not out loud or silently. I’ll isolate, self-medicate, fast, and see what comes.

  49. if the antibody test finds nothing, then you have no immunity

  50. From another story: “When a test showed that Phillips had COVID antibodies, he decided not to get vaccinated, figuring it was unnecessary. ”

    humn … ok. So, explain to me how covid antibodies still brought on a near death covid case? I mean, I think this is just a case of “we really can’t prevent it 100%”

    A friend of mine got her second shot yesterday and passed out. My crossfit friend got sick as shit for days and days after his first. How is this healthy?

  51. And Carin is exactly right. If there was an early infection, it was impossible to test specificity. Wasn’t even really possible to test with any certainty until earlier this year.

  52. The person who posted this on facebook also posted something making fun of ivermectin.

  53. I don’t think you have any risk, since you are healthier than the average joe. But the vaccine is proven as a therapeutic, and will lessen symptoms. It’s the risk that it’s gonna do something else entirely that has to be weighed.

    This is what I went through when deciding what hill to die on.

  54. “A: If you have a positive test result on a SARS-CoV-2 antibody test, it is possible that you have recently or previously had COVID-19. There is also a chance that the positive result is wrong, known as a false positive. False positive tests may occur:

    Because antibody tests may detect coronaviruses other than SARS-CoV-2, such as those that cause the common cold.
    When testing is done in a population without many cases of COVID-19 infections. These types of tests work best in populations with higher rates of infection.

  55. Ames local FB page continues its Jihad against ivermectin and vaccine hesitancy.

  56. if the antibody test finds nothing, then you have no immunity

    Not true. I don’t have circulating antibodies for dozens of viruses that I’ve survived, but there’s a record of sorts that the immune system uses to spin up production of antibodies with new infections. And any medical test has thresholds beneath which no detection is possible. I doubt you could find them for chicken pox either, since I had that like 40 years ago.

  57. This helps:

    Everything is a lie.

    Carry on.

  58. I read somewhere that covid 19 antibodies gave some immunity to SARS. nature is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

  59. Also my test came back negative.

    I had to get one to go to a concert. LOL

    I’m hoping there are like 7 people there.

  60. So, a positive anti-body test doesn’t definitely prove you had covid. Since he claims he had it in January, and wasn’t tested at the time, and then got sick as a dog – I’m going to bet he didn’t have it.

  61. People are so dumb it’s painful. But we’re basically all living in ‘my truth’ situations.

    A very large portion of the country thinks that if its real to them, it’s real.

  62. Or — and I’m going out on a limb here — the whole story is a perfectly-crafted piece of bullshit meant to be force-fed to your friends who claim they don’t need the vax.

  63. Post modernism won.

    Objective truth lost.

    Hotspur sipped peen.

  64. I’m at risk for anything that creates blood clots. I’m a hard pass. I’ll retire early and wrangle my way through taxes, welfare, and ag subsidies until I can draw on my 401k without penalty.

  65. So I should consider this vax for its “therapeutic ” benefit in the event I catch something that is already 98% survivability? It provides no immunity from infection, it doesn’t eliminate the spread of infection, and its potential side effects are severe.

    The delta variant is killing more vaxxed people in the UK than unvaxxed. (Which kinda undermines the whole therapeutic benefit bullshit)

    This is a simple risk vs return scenario. The potential benefit does not out weigh the risk, therefore it is a poor investment.

  66. I’ll consider the vax when we understand it better and I can make a more informed decision.

  67. Assessing individual risk and making an informed decision is no longer permitted, TeeRoy. Kommissar out front shoulda toldya.

  68. That MJ. And when they can logically and clearly explain why I need it if I’ve had the virus.

    Stories such as the one I linked doesn’t convince me. that’s a vignette, not data. the more they push that sort of bullshit, the more suspicious I become.

  69. Div 402 is getting calls today. Ethan’s most recent letter said we probably won’t get a call until around/after the 7th. After battlestations and we get the “I am a sailor” call.

    His last letter was pretty good. Passing everything. They lost people from their drug tests, even people with his rating. idiots.

  70. I need a laptop. for ethan’s graduation. We’ll be in chicago and they livestream it. I don’t really want to watch it on my phone.

    Some of the hotels live stream it. I guess I should call.

  71. glad Ethan made it. do contact highs show up? these tests sound pretty sensitive.

  72. Home computer set up? Tablet?

  73. Cast it to TV? firestick? Chromecast?

  74. My home computer would be too bulky to take with. I don’t know that my tablet still works but I’ll give it a go.

  75. I don’t know how to do all that other stuff.

  76. borrow someone’s tablet. You don’t want to miss this.

  77. humanevents? that’s a right wing winger site. Couldn’t possibly be any truth there.

    Got a Politico link? CNN? MSDNC?

  78. If you’re going to Chicago you’ll drive right past me, I can lend you a laptop if you like.

  79. wonder if we could capture the stream for her?

  80. I am at work and the flag is not at half-staff. WTF. Every shooting incident in the last 7 months gets recognized but not our Marines and Navy?

  81. must be a mistake. Our flag is half staff

  82. I haven’t had cause to say it out loud, but I’ve been mispronouncing “Deace” in my head for a while. Watching Steve’s July interview with Alex Berenson.

    “Days” with a soft ‘s’ like in ‘ice’, not an almost-z.

  83. he’s had some good ones. Look up his interview with Malone

  84. I’ve never watched, most of my podcast news has been WarRoom.

  85. Leon, that’s a backup plan, but hopefully I can find something easier/less trouble.

  86. So I made this for dinner last night.

    Spaghetti squash with broccolini and leaks.

    I feel 80% more ghey. Which is saying a lot.

  87. UK report shows over 2/3 of covid deaths in 2021 were of the vaccinated.

  88. Is that actually true?

  89. I saw a sample of total and then extrapolation and when people do that, I generally just take it as manipulation to get the desired outcome.

    I’d want to see the total covid deaths from 2021 and if they got the jab.

    That’s it.

  90. To confirm: From the 1st of February to the 2nd of August, the UK recorded 742 Delta deaths (yes, the dreaded Delta has not taken that much life).

    Out of the 742 deaths, 402 were fully vaccinated. 79 had received one shot. Only 253 were unvaccinated.

    Click to access Technical_Briefing_20.pdf

  91. That body. Whoa.

  92. Thanks for linking. I’ll go through it.

  93. I’ll consider the vax when we understand it better and I can make a more informed decision.


    I don’t get it, why would you get a vaccine for something that is .06% deadly. Safe or not.

  94. Car in, you’re free to stop by in either direction regardless. Sheep should still be walking around and they are fuzzy.

  95. Whew! Other person tested negative. Life goes on.

  96. Johns Hopkins just put out a study that shows fully vaccinated are 7 fold more likely to get symptomatic delta than a person who has previously had covid and not been vaccinated. I saw the study numbers from Bloomberg on Instagram. If I can find a good linkable deal I will.

  97. Biden’s hanging his head toward the mike, collapsing into his binder … my dad used to do that. When he was weak and sick and dealing with things he didn’t want to.

  98. Leon is temping me with fuzzy sheep.

  99. He doesn’t look well.

    Maybe the Delta will get him, god willing.

  100. I’m still expecting a false flag.

  101. How so?

  102. They’ll whack him a la JFK and use the occasion to really go full Mao.

  103. Hell, they might do it to Byrd.

  104. Is the Byrd the guy that murdered Babbitt?

    That’s what I would do. I’d take him out and really demonize the out party.

  105. It’s a good way to start the purges.

  106. Brian Tyler Cohen sure stepped in it

    Good Tweet, Brian (quoting Johnny Jones)

    He deleted it and apologized. Progressive political podcast host who doesn’t know who Johnny Jones is before trying to be edgy? This is who the left is, and they aren’t impressive, at all.

  107. They’ll use a white male deplorable to maximize the BLM outcry.

    Byrd’s a dipshit and they know it, no big loss. Worth more to them as a false martyr than a living interviewee.

  108. unfortunately MJ and leon are both correct in those would be ways to proceed.

  109. saw byrd admit that Babbitt was unarmed, and he knew it. Coward

  110. He’s so dumb that he doesn’t understand he’s worth more dead to the left than the right.

  111. beasn shared this story of an elite SAS unit being rescued. there are still heroes out there

    later in the article:

    The UK wants to double its Kabul airlift numbers to 12,000 this week, but the PM accepts that the success of the mission is reliant on US troops maintaining control of Kabul airport.

    Johnson said last night: “It is vital that the international community works together to ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the Afghan people to secure the gains of the last 20 years.”

    Despite the entreaties from fellow leaders, President Biden has been non-committal, saying yesterday he “hopes not to” extend his current deadline. He made a pledge to US citizens that “any American who wants to get home will get home” but pointedly failed to mention his allies.

  112. Anita had to make her mammogram appointment yesterday. They asked;
    “Have you had the Covid vaccine? If not, good. Don’t get it before you come in. It screws up the imaging with all kinds of crap showing up in lymph nodes and other places. This results in a bunch more tests.”

  113. finally some sense! that’s great

  114. The person who posted this on facebook also posted something making fun of ivermectin.
    I had an email from the CDC today warning about increasing calls to poison control centers and ER visits because of inappropriate use of ivermectin. Pre-Covid there was about 3600/week and most recently it was 88,000/week. Then they discuss several cases of inappropriate use of veterinary formulations and end with the admonition that ivermectin is not authorized for the treatment or prevention of Covid.

    Most of the cases they cited were stupid people failing their IQ tests. No word on how the people who got the right doses at a pharmacy did.

  115. Those numbers are prescriptions filled for ivermectin

  116. so, those weren’t the incidents, just the prescriptions? And the incidents were separate? interesting

  117. but 3600 prescriptions a week for horse dewormer might take a bit off their current demeaning of ivermectin users

  118. Mitt Romney is getting spanked like a bish on faceass. His post about the fallen in Afghanistan has 63k and counting, comments telling him to look in the farking mirror. Our marine’s blood is on his NeverTrumping ass.
    It’s beautiful.

  119. Michael Byrd is a black supremacist and murdered Ashli Babbit in cold blood.

  120. It didn’t start as a veterinary drug, do the dipshits know that? The horses are taking a drug made first for people.

  121. There was zero justification for him to shoot. ZERO. She didn’t present a eminent to threat to anyone. Worst shoot I’ve seen in a long time. For them to give him a pass is criminal.

    Shoot him last, after you shoot the ones that let him walk.

  122. It’s the BLM strat. Pick the worst possible criminal and make him out to be a saint, because the real goal is division, not recompense.

    They know Byrd is shit and that it was a bad shoot. They are trying to get him killed, and he’s too stupid to realize that the people exonerating him are setting him up.

  123. I wrote my weekend poat. Anyone is welcome to publish whenever.

  124. I’ll schedule it for Sunday, sobek

  125. Comment by MJ on August 27, 2021 12:10 pm
    So I made this for dinner last night.
    Spaghetti squash with broccolini and leaks.
    I feel 80% more ghey. Which is saying a lot.



  126. done, 4:58am sunday CDT

  127. spaghetti squash is delicious. Almost better than regular spaghetti, when combined with my MIL recipe for spaghetti sauce.

  128. the idiots don’t care, leon. They are busy making fun of conservatives, who are staying alive at a greater rate because of that horse dewormer that wasn’t originally a horse dewormer.

    How many died because they are smug assholes?

  129. Smug should hurt more than stupid.

  130. Any ivermectin poisoning in the US is a direct indictment of the Faucists, and another example of how India is a better country in many ways. If docs were told the truth and allowed to prescribe, there wouldn’t be any fucking poisonings.

  131. They won a Nobel Prize for Ivermectin. It’s a godsend to people in third world countries.

  132. 6 billion HUMAN doses of Ivermectin in Africa. It’s safe.

  133. They take several doses. Hence the number of doses higher than the population.

  134. Tokyo Medical Association just said it was to be put to immediate use.

    Twitter leftists will suddenly decide that Asians aren’t smart.

  135. Thanks J. I didn’t realize you could schedule things. I should look into that.

  136. they’ll just ignore it.

    local group sure does. Lots of horse pictures posted.

  137. leoncaruthers on August 27, 2021 at 7:49 am
    10/10 would super stroke.

    So 5’6″ is not a deal breaker?

    I was worried.


    CDC Advisory

    Short version: We insist you take the shot!

  139. 24 fold increase in Rx’s and only a 5 fold increase in calls from people using the wrong dose or form. Maybe if they allowed doctors to prescribe without harassment they might have less people having trouble

  140. I can climb any mountain, Pupster, it’s just that the short ones are more appealing. It’s that “illusion of attainability” thing. 6′ girls can be gorgeous, but I know I have absolutely no chance. I can fool myself more easily if they’re tinier.

  141. well that’s just wrong! It’s sound of music, climb every mountain

  142. I’m not going to check the archives but I don’t believe you’ve rated a 10/10 before. I like her too.

  143. I though very seriously about deducting a point for the dye job, but she might have the brown hair that bleaches in the sun anyway and just wanted an even color, so I let it go.


    ARF video about Russian ammo ban


  146. BWAHAHAHAHA That dogs face!!!!

  147. Huge day today.

    3 stops, 3 states.

  148. I’ve watched that cat/dog video 3 times, I can’t stop laughing.

  149. High fives Scott.

    (Do people still do that?)

  150. It’s fist bumps now.

  151. Pup, Nice selection today.

  152. Jay,

    I was in your neck of the woods this last week. Flew into Cedar Rapids and drove down to Missouri see my Mom. All my brothers were back and it was good to see everyone. If I had more time I would have got in contact with you.

  153. Elbow bumps – no hand touching. God, you’d think some people never heard of Covid.

  154. Jay was getting an anal probe. He wasn’t available to meet up.

  155. Fist bumps if you aren’t gay.

  156. Heard of what?

  157. Tried to watch the 100th birthday celebration for Gene Roddenberry, gave up when George Takei wouldn’t shut up about Black Lives Matter.

  158. Takei is a B-List actor and an A-List fudge packer.

  159. Hotspur, you are correct.

    Still astonishes me that he loudly defends the party that put him in a concentration camp and calls us the fascists.

  160. His relevance, if he ever had any, ended with the series. He’s like an infant screaming for attention. Nobody will pick him up and hold him.

  161. Cancel the playoffs…..or at least give this honey a bye to the finals. To quote that great American philosopher, Richard Pryor, She so fine I’d suck her daddy’s dick.

  162. thermadin that would have been fun. next time

  163. Department eleven requisitioned petroleum.

  164. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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