1. I meant to give this a thumbs-up.

  2. I gave it a thumbs up to balance the karma out

    We’re at a neutral point again

  3. As I get older I think of those fail gifs differently. For example, woman trying to be slick as she slides down the banister with a glass of wine or champagne. FAIL is funny but knowing how much they must hurt afterwards always makes me cringe a little.


  5. Space Pens!

  6. What’s with the two no-shows on the post? Are even the memes on welfare now?

  7. I don’t like watching innocent people get hurt. Steve Inman clips are better for that sort of thing.

  8. Let’s talk fake wuflu vx cards.

    Wakey waket

  9. I deleted the two dead links. I just copy/pasta these pics so sometimes they go away.

    Also, I have insider information that the wine drinking staircase slider is fine, and the fall actually re-aligned her hips to the proper position,and relieved decades of pain and social stigma from a congenital defect of her pelvis.

  10. Dishwasher one was house guest.

    Just like that, then load a bunch of knives and forks facing up.

  11. Ya Roamy, coming soon to a theater near you.

  12. TeeRoy, all the zombie apocalypse prepping doesn’t sound so crazy now.

  13. My town issued a mask mandate.

    If it’s enforced I will spend my money elsewhere.

  14. The Catholic elementary school I sent my kids to is now requiring masks. Dammit, I was hoping we were better than that. They have a capital campaign going on right now, and of course the first fundraiser is requiring masks for all attendees. Good luck with that.


  16. For the slide, I had to watch repeatedly because of the mechanics of what happened to that glass. It’s amazing.

  17. Going to go pick up Mrs. Pupster’s car from the dealership service department, the lamination on her touch screen control started peeling off and pushing buttons on it’s own. Dodge seems to have some quality control issues. Last year the foam they put under the door panels started swelling up from moisture retention and popped the door panels off the windows. Dodge Cares (TM) has taken care of these two repairs, both out of warranty.

  18. At first I thought it broke when it hit the ground, then I thought she pulled her hand towards the railing and it smashed into the bar before hitting the ground. Now I think she just crushed it with her hand as part of the reflex action.

  19. The Super Mario Bros meme was my favorite. It’s a fine crop of memes, Pupster. A bounteous harvest.

  20. I had my covid status checked at a concert last night.

    And. Is I know you can use a photo from your phone where you circle the appropriate info in big red pencil and they’ll be like yeah whatever ok.

  21. Let me know if anyone needs something similar.

  22. How was the show? Do they still do “Fruit Salad” as an encore?

  23. Now I think she just crushed it with her hand as part of the reflex action.

    I think she drops it when her wrist hits the top rail and it breaks on the stairs.

  24. I do my t think it breaks in her hand. Looks in tact and then shatters.

    Show was great. VERY LOUD. They’re better as an acoustic group but man was it fun.

    Opening group was so awful I felt bad for them. My HS band was better.

  25. Slowly but surely I’m seeing more masks everywhere. I made an early grocery run this morning and maybe 1/4 of the other shoppers had masks on. Employees are back to masking.

  26. What concert did mj go to . And I need a vx card.

  27. No masks in my restaurant last night. Usually there are a few. Zero

  28. The high muckety-mucks at work are holding a town hall meeting next week and have opened up a forum for questions. Ho. Lee. Shit. 45% of the comments are “when are you going to enforce the vaccine mandate on all these MAGAheads” (and damn, these people want/expect you to DIE if you don’t), 45% are “who’s paying for the weekly testing, because hell will freeze over before I get the vax”, and 10% are “shouldn’t we be building a rocket”. $5 says they cancel the town hall.

  29. The glass breaks way too early for that to be the stairs.

  30. “shouldn’t we be building a rocket?”

    More like “shouldn’t we be congratulating Muslims on their historic contributions to the sciences?”

  31. I like the passwords/guard rotations one. Man, if I had a nickel for every date like that …

  32. Apparently Muslim adulation has been replaced with “equity” talk and Black Lives Matter.

  33. But we’ll always have space pens

  34. I’ve got a few of those kicking around here and there. You really never know when you’ll be tasked with writing upside down and a feller can’t be too prepared.

  35. I’ve got my space penis. You really never know when you be tasked with fucking someone’s mom upside down and a feller can’t be too prepared.

  36. I think that’s the white wine spilling, not the glass breaking.

    I bought space pens! for stocking stuffers last year. Haven’t seen one since January or so. They are sneaky.

    My office never took down the Face Mask Required sign from last year, but nobody wears them in the office. They did send out an email to make sure everybody knew the county mandated indoor face masks and “be sure you have one with you” but that was for our techs. The mandate isn’t officially enacted until Monday so we’ll see what happens. What a time to be alive.

  37. Wayne County is trying to mandate masks in all schools, public and private. They have no such authority, but it forces people to spend money and time fighting the bullshit.

    This only ends in violence, they won’t let up.

  38. I mentioned this before: our local school district voted no masks for this year and within a week it was announced that there was some “voting irregularities” and students would be required to wear masks. There was a special pink postcard sent out and in our mail today. What a crock of shit.


    (Imgur Webm)

  40. Ben said he’ll wear a mask because he knows the commie teachers discriminate against anyone who doesn’t follow the party line and he doesn’t want a lousy grade. Sad that he’s already figured out what bullshit goes on in the world. He’s not a sooper genius but he’s a bright motivated kid who is a very good observer of human behavior.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  42. On further review, yes, some of the wine spilled, but I still don’t think the glass broke on stairs. It moved sideways and hit the railing.

  43. Back, and to the left.
    Back, and to the left.

  44. OMG Pups!!! Laughing my ass off over here. Sent that link to my brother.

    My little brother used to work for a large tree surgeon type company. He was sent to upstate NY as part of a crew after a large winter storm. On the drive up, he and the other guys in the truck were astounded by the depth of snow. They were driving down one road and at a distance saw a man shoveling snow and the snowbanks were above his head. The crew were amazed. As they got closer it became apparent that the man was a little person. They all fell out laughing.


  46. no idea what that last thing was referring to

  47. It all makes sense now

  48. We all accept that my mind is a bag of raccoons fighting over Little Debbie snack cakes. Last night, I was having serious RLS. Was sent to the couch. My apocalyptic dream involved getting from the Mesa to the Convention Center. On the way, I kept breaking into homes for safety AND stealing Dachshund puppies. Dodging bullets and machetes, while stealing Doxies.

  49. Yellow Lab= Lumps meme cognition
    Black Lab = Pupster

  50. 😦

  51. I’d watch a movie of oso sealing Doxie pups.

  52. Stealing, even.

  53. The puppies were so cute. Only one puppy from each litter. Feeding and watering abandoned pups that weren’t Dachshunds. Piebald. Dapple. Red. Black and Tan. Double Dapple. Long haired. Fighting our way to the Convention Center where we were going to make our stand. Dan “So we’re the Warriors that just happen to steal Dachshunds?” Oso “Shut it, Dan”

  54. Gracious! That’s one heck of a poat. Good job Pupster. Re: the glass – it breaks on the second bar below the railing.

  55. Probably not wine in the glass, more likely Kettle one botanical. Don’t understand the marketing behind botanicals, drink it straight up, uncut, out of the bottle, then finish the ad with “please drink responsibly”. Must be a lawyer on the marketing team.

  56. I like Kettle one. Only Vodka that doesn’t give me an excruciating head ache, but I like it in a pint mason jar with 6 standard home freezer tray ice cubes first placed in the jar, then 2 of my slender fingers of K1 poured in, topped off to the brim with a squeeze of lime and tonic water. 1 or 2 after work usually does the job.

  57. Every town around here has issued mask mandates.

    I can’t escape the madness.

  58. BTW, if you don’t drink from Mason canning jars you have no class. Fight me!

  59. Does anyone drink vodka in a glass like that? Gotta be white wine.

    Also, I don’t see any reason for her to have fallen when she did, which makes me think she was pulled off that railing by an invisible wire.

  60. My thoughts exactly.

  61. invisible wire?

    More like The Hand of God

  62. Quid Pro Joe doesn’t have the cojones to call a drone strike on a goat fucking mountain man, let alone a ISIS-K

  63. Sure Sobeck. Pretty much anyone 30+ years post boomer, faux intellectuals pretending to be classy

  64. Her feet hit the post.

    She had to throw her feet forward, balance lost.

  65. ^ usually still living in a dorm, wearing an evening dress, sliding down banisters in the stair well between floors. Gotta admire the dude though!

  66. This was a drone strike on bad optics. They had to convince the rubes they were “doing something”

  67. The engineer in me is struggling to remember which class of lever applies to the brains auto correct function Scott refers to. Apparently auto correct has sucked since the beginning of time itself.

  68. The hand of God is called gravity.

    Also Dave, have you answered the number of bullwhips up your ass question? Not my rules, they were in place before I got here.

  69. Local restaurant puts a tamale on top of their posole. Dan made posole the other day. Put a tamale on top. Super yummy. I needed sour cream to cut the heat. Cheese, onion, and sour cream. It only needed black olives for Californication.

  70. Thermador, that’s the hand of Newton.
    * I know your handle is spelled wrong, auto correct & I’m growing weary of scrolling to correct the correction, sorry.

  71. wow, Meijer the rep from MI that will be primaried went to Afghanistan and fairly reported. a glimmer of hope

  72. Read their names out loud to honor them…

    U.S. Marine, Sgt Johanny Rosario (25)
    U.S. Marine, Cpl Hunter Lopez (22)
    U.S. Marine, LCpl Kareem Nikoui (22)
    U.S. Marine, LCpl Rylee McCollum (20)
    U.S. Marine, LCpl Jared Schmitz (20)
    U.S. Marine, LCpl David Lee Espinoza (20)
    U.S. Navy, Maxton Soviak (20)
    U.S. Marine, SSgt Taylor Hoover (31)
    U.S. Marine, Cpl Daegan Page (23)
    U.S. Army, Ryan Knauss (23)
    U.S. Marine, Sgt Nicole Gee (23)
    Name not released
    Name not released

    Then lift a prayer for their families and their sacrifice.

    Also, note their ages. They were just getting started in life. They had hopes and dreams and families just like the rest of us. They gave that all up protecting others. That’s what Americans do. That is who we are.

    Heroes, all. 🇺🇸


  73. It’s a wire, dang it. The real question is, who pulled and why. We already know it fixed her posture problem, but was that the intended outcome? That’s actually three questions.


    good on that ltc for doing the right thing. put him in charge

  75. Not that I watch the news anymore but I can’t imagine the networks broke into previously scheduled programming to show the coffins arriving in Biden’s home state of Delaware

  76. 2 women. New deceased today. 14. 81 million votes, y’all. If you believe otherwise you deserve to be shot by MF Byrd. For the common good.

  77. Dan has sick varicose veins. Surgery was finally scheduled in December after months of compression socks. My cousin, his dermatologist, gave him a treatment for Varicose vein excema. FF, cancellation. Dan gets laser this week and vein stripping next week. I’m losing my Yuengling TX run and my Sodpoodles bb

  78. pobrecita!!

  79. YUENGLING RUN is rescheduled. I will always make it about me. 👋🏻at Lumps. I watched Graham Norton about Igor and the Dr. I know how to drain the lump.

  80. tom Petty radio ftw!

  81. used to despise this guy when he argued with Larry elder. but his sticking up for trump revealed a true change. lots of respect for him now.

  82. Thanks, Chrispy, for always linking This Week In Pictures. Love it.

  83. Drinking ended, recovery proceeded.

    Sean 10, Indians 0

  84. I remembered it was an August date and after reading last night’s derp it was on my mind. You have my admiration and I will always hope for your continued success. #ODAAT

  85. For real, the dishwash loading one stabs at the heart. Both exes same problem. How hard is it to not realize how water flows from jets and load to put flatware in the bottom and bowls only on top to allow waterflow. Continued even after many dirty loads and several explanations. Just learned to get to it fast enough to prevent waste of soap.

    Yes probably will probably end up in spam bin for old poat response.

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