It seems redundant to label a BIG BOOB FRIDAY post as not safe for work, but today’s gifs will probably get you fired.


Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born on January 4th, 1994 in Munich, Germany. She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 342537 and 112 lbs. Please welcome Miss Lucy Li – AKA Scarlett Lee / Lucy Lee / Lucy Ly / Lucy / Teal.



  1. She has big knockers.

  2. Ho-Ho-Ho !!!

  3. One of the “terraforming” proposals is literally hitting it with a comet to knock some of the atmosphere loose.
    Maybe wing a comet with dinosaur DNA into it

    Two birds, one stone

  4. Generic bars are not nearly as fun as little dog head nipple covers

    The sheer number of pixelated gifs tells me everything I need to know about the business she has chosen


    (Imgur video with sound)

  6. I read an article about the sheer number of Florida condo complexes in the 30 to 40 year range built with the same construction technique as the one that collapsed at Surfside. It seems obvious that this is going to shake up the FL real estate market for a long time.

    Nothing like a building collapse to bring the risk from potential to holy-shit-it’s-real status

  7. Taking “housing collapse” in a new direction.

    I rate this week’s model “meh” to “adequate”. May be because I woke up an hour early and don’t feel like working today. May just be that porn stars just do jack shit for me. Or it may be just a general lack of Giveafuck.

  8. She has a nice personality.

  9. She’s no Farrah Fawcett

  10. 8/10

    Would smash with a biohazard suit on

  11. At least they bounce.

  12. Wakey wakey

    Giving this gal a butterface score of 10. If that’s the best they can do with lighting and makeup …

  13. I read the comics in the Boston Herald e-edition and the one called “Baldo” about a Hispanic kid and his family is okay, it gets the occasional chuckle. Currently he’s lamenting the fact his girlfriend broke up with him and it’s played out over a few days.

    I feel like I’m being set up for another “groundbreaking” gay story line.

  14. Must be, Jimbro. Because it’s not funny in any way.

  15. morning report at AOS seems more bitter than usual.

  16. I’m thinking the fraidy cats of COVID are the new normal. Still see so many masks, and so many scolds. Give em an inch, they take a mile.

  17. Maybe wing a comet with dinosaur DNA into it

    Two birds, one stone

    Actually, if you time it right, you can aim the gas cloud to get captured by Mars.

  18. Finally seeing something on the AZ audit, from yesterday’s press conference:

    Lindell is having a cyber symposium in Aug in Sioux Falls. He’s going to release his “packet captures” findings. Antivirus on machines in Maricopa last run in 2019, upon install of Dominion software. I’m really curious as to what he has. He says he hasn’t released anything yet, even with all his movies.

    WTF is a packet capture, anyway? Sounds made up, like “dark web” which makes me chortle every time a newsiot uses that term.

  19. I’m worried it’s a Deep State sting to permanently discredit him. Mike might know pillows, but a technically adept flim-flammer telling him what he wants to hear might just pull it off.

  20. wow, we killed it early leon. Well done!

  21. We’re in program increment planning. I’ve basically been on the phone since Tuesday morning.

    I’ve decided I need to have a frank talk with my boss before I make a final decision on taking the job or not. If he’s about to retire (and given that he’s on vacation this week, while we plan for the next 12, he might be) that matters. If he isn’t, I may hang in there for a few more years and aggressively invest in hard assets like a tractor, shelters, and fencing.

  22. I wish you luck. I was hopeful when I asked my supervisors about the possibility of working remotely. I was disappointed that I wasn’t more valued.

  23. Today’s model is a most excellent example of Titonic stock. She would breed me many strong sons.

  24. Way to shoot yourselves in the dick, guys.

    *starts Silver Revolver Coffee Company*
    *St Michael blend for battle prep*
    *St Boniface blend for when you gotta knock down some idols*

  25. Leon, do it.


  27. Francis, 84, issued a new law requiring individual bishops to approve celebrations of the old Mass, also called the Tridentine Mass, and requiring newly ordained priests to receive explicit permission to celebrate it from their bishops in consultation with the Vatican.

    Under the new law, bishops must also determine if the current groups of faithful attached to the old Mass accept Vatican II, which allowed for Mass to be celebrated in the vernacular rather than Latin. These groups cannot use regular churches for their services; instead, bishops must find an alternate location for them without creating new parishes.

    In addition, Francis said bishops are no longer allowed to authorize the formation of any new pro-Latin Mass groups in their dioceses.

    Francis said he was taking action to promote unity and heal divisions within the church that had grown since Benedict’s 2007 document, Summorum Pontificum. He said he based his decision on a 2020 Vatican survey of all the world’s bishops, whose “responses reveal a situation that preoccupies and saddens me, and persuades me of the need to intervene.”

  28. So I’m a Catholic whose Church has abandoned him, and an American whose Government has turned on him.

    Y’know, when you’re trying to unlearn that those with responsibility will stab you in the back, these are just the reinforcements I need.

    Time to hoist the black flag.

  29. We need to accelerate the schism to prevent the schism.

  30. A very good priest once told me that sometimes God leaves us with lesser temptations to keep us humble of heart and less inclined toward greater sins. I’d take a pope with a coke and stripper habit over one who insists on scandalizing and dividing the church.

    Rodrido Borgia, pray for us.

  31. I spent a couple of days in Munich back in 17. I don’t recall seeing this puta, but then again I didn’t frequent that side of town much.

  32. OP sums it up well here:

    What we have now are just rumors, the real issue is that Francis is such a man that they are very plausible rumors.

  33. The Cathedral is desperate. Their grand dream of a world unified under the banner of technocrats and a non-threatening vaguely western ideology is falling apart. Trump, rather than being the cause, is what we always said that he was: a symptom. But these are weak men and women, midwits who learned how to game the system and get all the correct credentials, but not how to take risks and operate on the ragged edge where there are no standardized procedures or nice neat theories. The managerial class gained leadership, and are horrified that they are expected to actually perform. And when the people reject their idiotic schemes, they double down and try to force everyone to comply.

    This will end as such things always end.

  34. St Michael is a white supremacy symbol?


  35. Trump was a symptom, but also a catalyst. His election and the events that followed changed the situation in ways that can’t be undone, though they will take time to fully play out.

    The Uniparty thought having their captive pet Republicans would keep the genie in the bottle. Trump was an unexpected x-factor. He’s not just a symbol of resistance to their plan, he’s a reminder they don’t have the level of control they think they have. They can’t stand that.

  36. We value you, Jay! Especially your memes.

  37. You wouldn’t believe the number of protestants who think “archangel” is the highest of the choirs, and some who think Michael is literally the only one.

    Any descendant of Israel reading it at the time of Christ knew that archangels were the next-to-lowest choir, and the lowest choir present in Heaven. Michael was just another schlub on the golden street, taking on a seraph, the highest-ranking. He’s of a type with David taking out Goliath.

  38. Somewhere along the way “white” and “black” stopped being truly racial, but instead cultural. This is why we get such gymnastics about who’s what.

  39. Being pure spirit, angels aren’t white or black. It’s just a painting, an imperfect, artistic rendering of a holy triumph on behalf of God and Man, since the elevation of Man was the primary cause of the War in Heaven.

  40. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 16, 2021 10:04 am
    We need to accelerate the schism to prevent the schism.

    In a weird way, this may be the truth. Encouraging the divide earlier rather than later means that there is less underlying anger and hostility, which in turn increases the possibility of any such schism being temporary rather than permanent.

  41. So MJ doesn’t feel left out, here is his BBF for this week:

  42. Maybe. It’s also possible that all those private revelations of a great heresy dividing the church are coming to pass in our time.

    I got nothing. All I know is that the sacraments are valid, assuming I can ever bring myself back to them. My parish isn’t passing the baskets at mass yet, and I’m not doing online donations. I’ll have to mail them in.

  43. I like the Latin Mass, but I’m not super hardcore about it. I have no problems with the ordinary form. The thing is, the TLM has become an identity issue, a way of distinguishing oneself as separate from the grey blob that is the modern world. As Western institutions seek to crush all markers of a distinct identity you’re going to see more and more pushback from young men and women who are desperate to belong to something larger than themselves. Pop culture can’t provide it: Tony Stark’s death isn’t Christ on the Cross, Oprah Winfrey will never be able to replace Saint Peter, and there’s no Funko Pop that can fill the place where the Crucifix stands. A Church that was healthy and courageous would lean into this desire. Embrace TLM, not all the way, but enough to show that you understand the desires and concerns of its supporters. Encourage the increased use of Latin at Mass, perhaps even pick one day a month where all masses will be in the extraordinary form. Encourage believers to learn Latin. Talk about how the traditionalism of such a mass is part and parcel of the way that the Church is eternal. This also allows them to reinforce that while they respect the TLM side, Vatican II still stands, and both sides must come to a compromise for the unity of the Church.

  44. Francis the Jackass Pope will do more to divide the Catholic faith than Henry VIII ever even dreamed of.

    Will no one rid us of this troublesome travesty of a priest?

  45. How do you feel about Chris Stapleton?

    cover song, but he’s really good.

  46. heh, the olds in Elk Horn used to have a Danish only service in the morning. That was trippy.

  47. how does Sobek fall on country music? He’s broken down classical and metal so far.

  48. Put a communist cum guzzler in St. Peter’s Chair, and you’re going to get deconstruction.

    Keep him there long enough and you’re going to get the liturgical equivalent of BLM, antifa, and CRT.

    It’s dead Jim.

  49. Reaction video to Chris doing Tennessee Whiskey (the song above).

    He always blows people away with his voice

  50. As much as it pains me to say it, today’s post makes Pajama Momma’s absence more bearable.

  51. Dave Rubin concerning the new LA indoor mask mandates (vaccinated or not):

    “I want to choose my words carefully,


  52. so glad I’m not in a blue state, but dreading the blue city I am in. I can see them trying to reinstate this here.

  53. Thankfully the town in VA where I live seems to be fairly normal. A few people still wear masks, but most everyone is done with that bullshit.

  54. My grandniece’s 2nd birthday is coming up and the party will be a dinosaur theme since she’s taken interest in them and loves to growl like one. (…she still loves her Toothpick, tho..) So I thought I’d get her a pillowcase with pastel dinosaur print from my favorite Made in the USA shop that manufactures such things, and a MyPillow, to get a jump on the big girl bed her parents are talking about.

    Imagine my dismay when the only thing that pops up is their notice that they’ve gone out of business. W…T…F? So I duckduck to find out what happened. They are based out of GA and did their own manufacturing. Had 80 employees. Baby and children’s bedding. You could buy any of their designs by the yard or have them make whatever bedding you wanted — duvets, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc. And it was QUALITY fabric. Handmade in GA.


  55. Gonzales children’s products maker Crown Crafts Inc. is shuttering Carousel Designs LLC and its manufacturing site in Georgia, which it acquired several years ago in a multimillion-dollar deal….

    …”It is in the best interests of all our stakeholders as we continue to manage Crown Crafts with a focus on long-term profitability and expense control,” said E. Randall Chestnut, chairman of Crown Crafts.

    Founded more than three decades ago, Carousel is a direct-to-consumer baby products business. It had roughly 80 employees at the time of Crown Craft’s $8.8 million acquisition in 2017, according to LinkedIn profiles of its former top executives and federal regulatory filings….

    …Crown Crafts produces infant and toddler bedding, bibs and other children’s toys it sells through subsidiaries NoJo Baby & Kids Inc. and Sassy Baby Inc.

  56. From what I’ve seen of Nojo Baby, it too is on the expensive side being sold at BBB and Macys. Not sure about Sassy but I suspect when I investigate, it is along the same line and more than likely they are not Made in the USA. hint hint
    Made in China or India = cheap labor.
    Made in USA = less profit for execs.

  57. Hotspur’s model:

    10/10 would smash. Love the tie rack. So hot.

  58. Hmmm, a friend posted that their local WalMart no longer accepts cash.

  59. Last time I bought from them was early spring. Right before their announcement of closure on May 11. Didn’t even get a notice. I wonder if their employees became nervous when the company was sold in ’17 and I wonder if they were given a head’s up of it’s coming, sudden doom.

    Makes me sad. It was srsly nice fabric. Really soft. I am so glad I bought another 5 yards of my favorite design, last year. Too bad I didn’t do some forward thinking regarding others. Meh.

  60. Went into CVS to buy some sudefed, and the clerk at the front register nearly came over the counter in order to tell me all about how he loved my Gojira shirt.


  61. What a bummer, beasn.

  62. Did you get his number, Alex?

  63. I’m saving myself for Sean’s Penis. I can save him, I know I can. With me it’ll be different.

  64. Now why on earth would a Walmart not accept cash? Because they assume most poor people only carry EBT? Do they get jacked on a regular basis by inside burglars?

  65. >>Did you get his number, Alex?>


  66. I’m so sad they postponed the concert again. I just can’t right now.

  67. When I worked at the Wally world, I was told that one of the office workers – those who manage the till – walked off with over $35k over a few weeks time. She was fired but not prosecuted because they didn’t catch her in the act and I’m guessing they followed their own stupid rules of not touching criminals or their bags of merch/cash.
    After that, they decided a camera in the money room would probably be a good idea. Derp.

  68. Why did they postpone, Car in? Because of the VARIANTSOMG!!

    Local news is running with that shit without ever mentioning hospitalizations/deaths numbers, which aren’t happening.

  69. There are costs to carrying cash. Dealing with counterfeit bills, thieving cashiers, etc. I don’t know their policies, but they may also have issues with “returns” (read: shoplifted goods that are then returned for a refund) being demanded in cash. There are also costs to move large amounts of money, in the form of security to transport it to and from the bank, secure registers or safes inside the stores, etc.

    Plus there’s probably pushback for public health reasons, as you don’t know how many times that dollar bill has been stuffed in a stripper’s thong, or the hands holding it have been washed after taking a shit.

  70. We can’t even listen to local news anymore, it’s all bullshit. Husband turns it on and I turn into Hotspur like, “TURN THAT SHIT OFF!”

  71. Comment by Car in on July 16, 2021 2:20 pm
    I’m so sad they postponed the concert again. I just can’t right now.

    Hear me out. What if we kidnapped them, and held them on a dock in the middle of a lake, and refused to release them until they performed their full set?

  72. >>>pushback for public health reasons,

    So why after all these decades of cash money is that a problem now?

    So much for trying to live under the radar…

  73. We are gradually getting out of the cash/check business. Most customers are choosing self check, curbside, and cash free transactions. Our self checks don’t take cash or checks. COVID eased people into no cash.

  74. That is an idea, CoAlex. I’m sure they’re just as desperate to perform as I am to go.

  75. Mr. B thinks it’s an experiment like what one of the PNC Bank branches is doing near us. He went to deposit his mom’s checks and they told him they are now cashless. He has to go to another branch for any cashbacks or cash deposits.

  76. So why after all these decades of cash money is that a problem now?

    Meh, I’ve heard complaints about it for years. The Kung Flu just gave the argument new life.

  77. no cash makes it easy to transform from actual money, and go all electronic. No dollar bills means no more printing money, and easy to control.

  78. Most money has been electronic for years, decades even.

  79. but if you remove all of it, makes it that much easier to control it, and switch. new alternative currency, ala Bitcoin, except controlled by the democrats.

  80. No cash = sucks for waiters and tradesmen doing side jobs and others in various crafts.

    No cash = a more corrupt fed knows your every move.

  81. OSO, besides Toothpick, who is your next two favorite travel buddy Gunds? You’ve said before but I am senile.

  82. Toothpick is Sweet Lou. Humphrey, Mando, Trump, and 007. They just got back from Camping/Taos.

  83. Humphrey was my Christmas gift from Dan. 1988.

  84. I feel bad for many bands who can’t perform since it does not effect the young, I can’t even…

    I’ve been following a certain KPop band – because they’re funny as heck, damn cute, and shut yer pieholes – and the oldest member is right there at the age where he HAS to enlist but they are globally hot right now and it looks like they won’t be able to tour until next year. Were we all seers, they should have all enlisted March of ’20, so that by next year, they’d have served their time and gone straight into touring. Touring is where most of the money made goes to them. From what I hear, touring internationally, they divide 70%, company gets 30%. Money made at home, it’s 50/50. Sucks, but other companies are worse.

    Because of their global impact, to the benefit of Korea, the law of enlistment was changed for them….via the high honor they were bestowed…to anyone getting that award can postpone serving to the age of 30.

  85. Is Mando his real name? Which one is Trump, before he was Trump?

  86. Suga will go into politics. Mark my words.

  87. Nah, I think Suga will become the producer he wants to be. He’s already writing a lot of the songs/music not only for his own band, but he writes/produces for other Korean singers. He has said he always thought he’d do his 7 year contract and then go on to what he really wanted to do…produce…since most bands break up when their contracts end. But then they skyrocketed to the top and he’s like “We never thought this would happen and we’re not sure this is what we wanted.”

    RM, a.k.a. Namjoon the leader, on the other hand, may take the political path but I hope not. He, too, has written many of their songs and wants to be a dad. I hope his efforts stay in that arena. He’s articulate and quite smart (148 IQ) but being young, his head is still in the idealistic clouds of woke rainbows.

    Funny how both of them started out as rappers, are the rappers of the group, but come off as more thoughtful than the American rappers they grew up loving.

  88. No cash means every transaction has a 3rd party approver.

    The transaction is taxable and deniable if your social credit is insufficient.

  89. It is my sincere hope that they stay away from politics, which ruins everything.

  90. Exactly, leon.

  91. Cultural differences. I can’t think of two things further apart than Korean and American Ghetto culture. Styles may be similar but they come from two radically different places. It’s inevitable the content will be poles apart.

  92. Slumbers is Mando. Doyle is Trump. Mylo is 007. Humphrey is a Bumble.


  94. Your mom was getting stankier than usual, so

  95. Comment by osoloco11 on July 16, 2021 4:09 pm
    Slumbers is Mando. Doyle is Trump. Mylo is 007. Humphrey is a Bumble.


    I literally have no idea what any of those words mean. I might possible get “is” and “a.”

  96. How many partridges and pear trees?

  97. Driving while black.

    Ooops, there’s body cam footage, lying Minnesota Dem scum

  98. I literally have no idea what any of those words mean. I might possible get “is” and “a.”

    This happens with Oso from time to time. We’re not sure what causes it or what can be done about it.

  99. IKR?

  100. The officer returns to his cruiser for about 14 minutes of the roughly 16-minute long video. After returning to Thompson’s car, the officer says that Thompson’s license has been suspended in Minnesota. Thompson’s license had been suspended in 2019 after he failed to pay child support. As WCCO reports:

    This scum is an elected Minnesota legislator, driving with a suspended Minnesota license on a bogus Wisconsin license.

    His constituents will probably not reelect him.

  101. Yeah, courts knew about Hunter Biden last summer, delayed subpoenas to shield the election:

  102. His constituents will probably not reelect him.

    Keith Ellison beat his wife, and Ilhan Omar married her brother.

    Yeah right he won’t be reelected


    Those are bears. Geez.

  104. Pretty sure if valid ballots were the only ones counted, those two were not elected to anything, Jay.

  105. Beasn and I are talking Gund Bears.

  106. I can’t think of two things further apart than Korean and American Ghetto culture. Styles may be similar but they come from two radically different places.

    Early on, after they debuted, they flew to LA to learn about American hip hop ways. Think they got a small taste of that difference.
    They kind of do ‘reality’ videos throughout their career and you can view that LA trip on youtube.
    I think part of their success is putting themselves out there to their fans. They take along the cameras to the different countries they do concerts, they do Run BTS (compete with each other in various games or cooking shows, etc), and Vlives where they talk individually or in groups directly to their fans. Run BTS can be hilarious when you get to know their personalities. It’s endearing that they’re not scared of being goofballs.

    I hope they are secretly dating and/or married. A mom can dream.
    I don’t care how much that business uses these kids as their money making slaves with zero private life. Tho, they personally took their very small, nearly broke, unknown company to billionaire status. They’re close friends with the former CEO…so I believe they are now treated much better than other company’s slaves.

  107. Beasn gifted me with Toothpick/Sweet Lou after MA died. We’ve started buying Gund bears again.

  108. Thanks oso, my brain has remembered what Humphrey/Bumble looks like. I got confused with that name change cuz there is a Gund Humphrey.

  109. Yep. All my previous Gund bears have names that start with an H. Thanks to you, Sweet Lou broke the H. Disney has a Humphrey the Bear.

  110. ❤ ❤ ❤

  111. This was my busiest day in the office in months. By God, it felt good!

  112. There is a (little t) tradition that St. Michael was Jesus’ guardian angel while He was on Earth.

    I did a spit-take at Hotspur’s BBF model for MJ at 10:53.

    Kept reminding mask-wearer-even-though-he’s-vaccinated-even-though-I-told-him-don’t-wear-a-mask-virtue-signal-harder-twit that I needed his samples if he truly needed the data by close of business today. He finally brought them to me at 2:00. It’s somewhere between 4 and 6 hours to run, maybe half an hour to crunch the data. He gets to wait until Monday.

  113. Ah, Friday

  114. Roamy, Small t tradition that Mike was watching over our soldiers. San Diego with the Super power of Patron Saint.

  115. Maybe St James/Diego was about defeating the Moors. IDK

  116. John Bolton is a dick.

    >>>PoliticsBusiness Insider
    John Bolton says Trump isn’t ‘capable’ of staging a coup because ‘that requires advance thinking, planning, strategizing’

  117. Osita, and St. Philip Neri for Special Forces.

  118. San Felipe de Neri is our Old Town church

  119. I have a Snuffles Gund bear.

  120. That’s nuts, Mare.

  121. Roamy, I have all the Snuffles. All sizes. All colors.

  122. Dead

  123. Just think, only 1% are reporting to Vaers.
    They’ve gotten more reactions from the jabs than the total years combined of flu vaccines.

  124. TGSG Ded

  125. Why are you dead Ghost? Did you get jabbed?

  126. Payment processing is a huge business. It’s not just the cards. It’s the company that facilitates the transaction between the card and the bank, the company that verifies the identification of the card holder, the company that processes the information related to your credit balance, and so on, the company that weighs your balls.

    Ok, perhaps I made up that last one. But my point stands.

  127. Beasn, nobody wants to talk about Vaers.

  128. Everyone knew about Hunter Biden about a year before Joe decided to run, which means Joe decided to run about a year before he publicly decided to run.

    That was the signal and the press dutifully fell in line making sure that all of the bad shit, even though there were actual pictures of him naked with hookers and blow didn’t see the light of day.

    It’s sickening. But you know what? Joe Biden will die having outlived all of his kids.

    That’s punishment. And I’m not a believer.

  129. MJ. All that 💩 you just said. We are approaching a cashless society. Scary part is cancel culture forcing undesirables off of online payments and banks. Laura Loomer is a message to the rest of us

  130. I often think about the fears we have as conservatives. But the left has the same risk for the most part. Perhaps not as acute.

    Bernie Sanders had two elections stolen from him.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it’s just an insider’s game as Alex of Colon has theorized.

  131. I paid cash for my ivermectin.

  132. There’s always going to be somebody willing to deal under the table, you just have to figure out if it’s going to be folding money, old coin silver, booze, or pot.

  133. MJ, if you read the emails, Hunter boosted his dad’s presidential run to protect him from prosecution. Hunter apparently understands the DOJ and Justice better than DJT Jr and his never ending perjury trapped that he escaped by get this…telling the truth.

  134. I followed Leon’s advice and got small bottles of vodka and rum in glass, not plastic.

  135. RMF, Exactly. Vaccine underground. Wink wink nudge nudge. Mi familia are willing to accept that Ana got them treated. They will still vote D🐀

  136. The “Tasting History” episode on gin is instructive as to the nature of future “cash”.

  137. DAN and I left the familia campsite early. We are decided that we will no longer visit the D🐀 Eye of the storm.

  138. Good call. I’m not going back to Detroit without power armor.

  139. st Philip Neri is my gmas church in omaha, aunt too

  140. *likes

  141. I guess the Pope’s announcement and Cuba pushed South Africa off the news pages? Or am I not reading the right sites?

  142. South Africa is the wrong kind of genocide for people to know about.

  143. South Africa’s civil disobedience looks too much like our’s.

  144. Yeah, they don’t want to cover mass unrest in response to a former president being arrested.

  145. Except the former preezy of S. Africa stole a bunch of money from S. Africa and the rioters are like blm, that support him.

  146. Disturbingly, Eric remained paralyzed.

  147. Come and Go with Meme

  148. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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