Come and Go with Meme


  1. It might be lack of sleep but I literally lol’d too many times to count as I worked my way through these. Now my coffee is lukewarm.

  2. I’m also struck by the lack of coverage about the riots in S. Africa. I heard the Health Ranger podcast yesterday and he was going on and on about it and focused on how they’re destroying farms which sets them up for future food shortages. Mike Adams (the self described health ranger) loves hyperbole but he uses it mainly to get his message across. Anyway, as has been said here, he predicts this stuff coming to our neighborhoods. As in, get your preps in order.

  3. Two nights ago Ollie slipped out of the bedroom when I made my nightly bathroom trip and I didn’t notice it. (No lights, black dog, carpeted stairs, etc). When we got up around 0430 the nightmare was just beginning. There was regular diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, chunky vomit, liquid vomit and the likely source of all his troubles, a clump of fabric from a flying squirrel toy. Of course we had left the door to the mud room and the porch open. He spent most of yesterday sacked out and recovering. He’s on the chicken and rice diet for the next few days and seems to be recovering.

  4. Catching up on Bongino podcasts on Rumble and this one is a doozie

    Ep. 1563 Why Won’t The Democrats Call Out Evil When They See It? – The Dan Bongino Show

    Scary shit

  5. I’m skimming through these some of which are funny

    Figured some of you would appreciate the list

  6. gmermeh

    This poat is yuge. Amazing, nobody was expecting this, what Pupster was able to accomplish, no one has ever seen anything like it before, but he did it, and it’s tremendous.

  7. Alfred Hitchcock will be shared via text with many friends and family members today.

  8. Two in pink, one in stink will be shared with your mom.

  9. Wakey wakey

  10. Well……we’re off to a rousing start.

  11. I’m going to have to mow the back yard with my scythe. It’s been raining every few hours for days now. Way too wet for the tractor or push mower.

  12. How do you know it was Ollie?

    *subtly nods head toward Paula*

  13. Pup – great job on yesterday’s boobathon!!

  14. She’s off to another adventure race today and as I finished up a yuge sink of dishes earlier I looked up and noticed Ollie hunched up in the universal Dog-Taking-A-Dump position and yelled for him to stop. I must have missed him giving me the signal that he needed to go out. He’s subtle, just sits down near the mud room door. Got him and the other critters outside while I cleaned it up. Hopefully he’s getting near the end of all that because it is disgusting. Do they make doggie probiotics? I’m sure they do, by the time I got them he’d be back to normal.

  15. Give him a half rotted woodchuck.
    Great source of probiotic wee-beasties and dogs love it.

  16. Thanks Jam2. I thought yesterday’s model would create more of a stir, she’s a contender for sure. Next week’s model is even better looking and somewhat more wholesome than Lucy…not a very high bar but still.

    *gives CARin and BroTim the stink-eye*

  17. It’s 85 already and I have to mow today. The crabgrass has sprouted seed-stalks that are feet high, the rest of the lawn could probably wait another week but here we are.

  18. half rotted woodchuck
    We went through that with Rowan 4 or 5 years ago with a half rotted owl carcass. He waited until everyone was asleep before the worm turned and the owl made a comeback


  19. Lucy had fantastic jugs despite having pixel disease of the nips

    Not much of a looker, but that’s not the purpose of this exercise, is it?

  20. Trump’s lawsuit against the social media companies got a little coverage, mostly mocking by the usual suspects, and then fell out of the news cycle. Not a week later the Biden administration makes his case for him by telling the social media companies can and cannot allow to be published.

    I don’t think he has a chance in Hell given that he’s going up against companies favored by and run by the Progs, but who knows, he may surprise me and everyone else with the results.

  21. Why Won’t The Democrats Call Out Evil When They See It? – The Dan Bongino Show

    Umm, just spitballing here…..because they are the source of said evil knowing that their propaganda arm called the media, staffed with their own, will run cover for them, duh.

  22. Kimbrough, Viva and Barnes talked about Trump’s suit and Barnes suspects the lawyers he hired poisoned pilled it. Wrong lawyers for that sort of suit. BRB, I’m going to go grab that part of their discussion.

  23. JIMBRO..not kimbrough, fucking phone, wth.

  24. So your dogs eat stuffed toys, half rotted owls, hurl blood, food and bile all over the carpets, and shit on the floor by the door.

    What else have you trained them to do?

  25. Trump has right idea but it’s being poorly executed and he feels he may be being sabotaged because of who the lawyers are. Reminiscent of bad advice he kept getting as president by entrenched Bushites.

  26. At least Ollie got out the toy via both ends. Friend of ours had a dog that kept eating his daughter’s underpants they kept leaving on the floor…knowing the damn dog ate them. The girls were teens and early 20s.
    Twice it took surgery to remove them. If it were up to the husband, he would have had the dog put down. I would have made the kids pay for the surgery.

  27. What else have you trained them to do?
    They chase frisbees and tennis balls like professionals

  28. … suspects the lawyers he hired poisoned pilled it. Wrong lawyers for that sort of suit.
    Story of Trump’s life

  29. I’ll watch it later, I’m listening to a review course for CME’s and trying to pay at least a little attention to what they’re saying

  30. Veggie garden work all morning.

  31. Magnolia tree has a bunch of sprouts growing under it. I potted three of them up. I also have a bunch of cuttings in propagation buckets, hopefully I will get a baby tree or two out of the effort.

    The magnolia I bought mom for Mother’s Day a few years ago died. If I can get one of these to survive, it will be the perfect replacement. This time I’ll use tree wrap though, to protect it from gnawing rodents.

  32. Gonna try to see if I can get some of the lower branches to root into the ground. Maybe try some air layering too.

  33. I thought this was the no gardening year. (checks notes)

    If no one else has any content for tomorrow, I might instigate another rousing game of “What the fuck is in Pupster’s Yard”.

  34. Pupster, I have enough memes for a poat.

  35. Yaaaaay! The funny folder strikes again!

    Let me give you the credit you deserve for being a meme poater before it was mainstream.

    (IMGUR VIDEOS in sequence)

  36. OOOH, I could add pictures to such a poat.

  37. /stuff garden pictures back into pocket.

    It’s FINE. I didn’t want to share anyway.

  38. I can’t imagine having that much spare time.

  39. you could make mad imgur money if you did

  40. I think Jesse Kelly hosts the perfect h2 podcast. Friday was hilarious. its like hanging out with a sarcastic narcissist mare

  41. Garden poat is fine with me, too, just offering to help.

  42. Because I’m not “gardening,” by not having a huge vegetable garden to tend, it frees up my time for more funner stuff. Like propagating ornamentals, which is NOT gardening-gardening. It’s not work. It’s diversion, unlike having to pick seven quarts of green beans in the hot sun or else they will go to waste.

    So, yes, this is a Not Gardening year.
    shut up you dick

  43. I see you are not gardening.

    I too am also not gardening.

  44. My squash patch is now an impenetrable forest.

  45. Just noticed Leon’s next pistol is on sale:

  46. I’m gonna to go to hell for laughing, but three of the Texas Dems who fled to DC rather than be a quorum for the voting rights law…

    who flew on a private plane without masks and posted proudly on social media about it…

    who’ve been fully vaccinated…

    tested positive for covid.

  47. Favorite comment: they tested positive for TDS, too.

  48. Click on the “Daily Deals”if you were thinking of building an AR, a lot of marked down (blemished) lowers and uppers, kits.

  49. I am planting my beans in shifts. First batch is flowering so I planted the second today

  50. I brought in my geranium last fall to keep it going until this spring. It became a monster. It is back outside, trimmed way back and doing well.. Two of it’s endings have taken root in small pots.

    Also germinated some Pero sweet pepper seeds for shits and giggles. They are growing but slowly. Not sure how they’re grown at Pero farms…outside or climate controlled hydroponics. Per the condition of banana peppers I have in 2 different locations outside, our climate will murder these sweet pepper plants. Maybe get a grow light…?

    Oh oh, let me get to my computer so I can show you what the a-hole rabbits did to my new, beautiful cone flowers.

  51. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 17, 2021 2:59 pm
    My squash patch is now an impenetrable forest.

  52. That guy just got himself twit banned. Ain’t no such thing as biology and differences between men and women or something.

  53. Okay, so we bought and planted this coneflower, two weeks ago. It was doing great, the entire bottom part was lush and green and had young shoots coming up. Stands about two and a half feet tall.
    Love it and I want a long island full of these and any cleomes (that lumpy sent me, ❤ ) at the back of our yard.


  54. I guess it depends on what he means by “struggling with lust.” Is he saying that men are simply never supposed to experience the emotion at all? Not sure where he’s going with that.

  55. Went out there, two days ago and this is what the rabbits, big ones worthy of hunchback snacks, left….f*ckers.
    We immediately chickenwired the crap out of it to try to save it. Looks like a playpen.


  56. Move them to a farm in the country.

  57. beasn, I had a vivid sunset-pink-orange coneflower that got chomped at the roots over winter by some burrowing rodent. Fortunately, not only did I save seeds, but I had started some the prior Summer and had five good sized potted specimens overwintering in the porch. I transplanted them into the front border.

    Well, that original orange plant must have been an F1 cross. The babies are three vivid crimson and two deep buttery yellow. They are gorgeous. I still have seeds…(wink).

    By the way everybody, I must impress upon you how important it is to do something nice for beasn if you get the chance. Her thank you card game is unbeatable. She is very talented. Delightful.

  58. Slow moving thunderstorms visible from the window, on their way to us. Because we haven’t drowned quite enough frogs in the past couple weeks.

  59. Ooo, how and when do you get seeds off a coneflower?

    I’m wondering if the Pero sweet pepper has something hinky so people can’t grow their own. We’ll find out as I continue to pamper the ones I sprouted. Think I started them sometime in April. Tallest is about 10 inches.

    Re: the rest… I thank you. I think I jinxed myself with that one.
    *shakes fist at mare and all hassenpfeffers*

  60. Is he saying that men are simply never supposed to experience the emotion at all?

    Yes, because he’s never looked up from his video games long enough to spend any time near flesh and blood females.

  61. Don’t deadhead the flowers, let them go dark brown and dry and the stem withered, then cut them off. Let them dry quite brittle indoors, then break them apart. Seeds are the little dry thin whitish kernels.

  62. Wondering if I save seeds from these plants if I could conceivably get that hybrid again. They are all blooming together right now and covered in bees, I bet some of those seeds are crosses.

  63. Oso?

  64. I mowed my lush San Augustine yard today and then turned the sprinkler system back on. Does that count as gardening?

  65. World Grand Master on the Chess Thread at the HQ is a DWFM. Decode that shit, Oso.

  66. Love today’s memes!

  67. “Willie Brown’s bratwurst bun”

  68. I guess it depends on what he means by “struggling with lust.” Is he saying that men are simply never supposed to experience the emotion at all? Not sure where he’s going with that.

    The left-wing argument is that women are supposed to be able to wear whatever they want and if men are distracted by it then it’s because we’re rapists who objectify them or some such thing. I remember hearing it anytime there was a discussion about dress codes for school. How dare schools insist that little Mary Jane Rottencrotch wear something less revealing than a thin tank top and a miniskirt! So what if it distracts every healthy heterosexual boy in her classes, that’s not her problem! Those boys just need to learn to have the self discipline and emotional control of a seventy-year-old aescetic fasting in the desert, obviously.

  69. >>>Let them dry quite brittle indoors, then break them apart. Seeds are the little dry thin whitish kernels.

    Yeah, the bees are crazy for coneflowers. When I was carrying the pot to the backyard to plant, one rode along the entire way.
    I hope they help yours cross back to hybrid.

  70. Ants have been taking over my yard and potted plants for the past few years. I need dis.

  71. Great, now I have to visit the HQ on a weekend. 👋🏻 Pendejo

  72. For all of you gardeners, there is a strange plant running amok in my back yard. It looks kind of like ginger. After putting up flowering pinecone things it was much easier to identify, and one of its names is bitter ginger, or shampoo ginger.

  73. I got distracted, Pendejo. Forgot to visit chess links.

  74. That’s a pretty cool plant Vmax! Tropical plants seem so strange to me.

  75. I found a baby pineapple growing under a bush Lumps, my neighbor has a bumper crop of bananas and the mangos and avocados are falling off the trees now, It is interesting here.

  76. Baby pineapple, baby pineapple

    Riding backwards on a plum, baby pineapple

  77. 50% off at the greenhouse, so there are impatiens in the barrels again

  78. kimchi pancake ftw omg so goooood

  79. kimchi pancake
    kimchi pancake

    pleasin’ my tastebuds
    kimchi pancake

  80. that is not a combo i would have considered

  81. kimchi jeong

    savory goodness, fried in a pan

    there is no better late night snack, or rainy day snack, or snacky snack

  82. hmm, korean pancake mix

  83. They make more savory pancakes, few of the sweet kind.

    I don’t use their recipe that has wheat flour and is used fresh. I make the soured rice/dal dosa batter, extra thick, and mix in my kimchi and other additions before pouring out and frying.

    Then I go werewolf on that stuff

  84. “I don’t use their recipe that has wheat flour and is used fresh. I make the soured rice/dal dosa batter, extra thick, and mix in my kimchi and other additions before pouring out and frying.

    Then I go werewolf on that stuff”


    Have you considered seeking professional help? I’m sure there is mental health help available……

  85. The anagram champion of H2 was left in wonder.
    DWFM = Dripping Wet Fuck Monster……..which in my opinion describes tonights chess chick at the HQ.

  86. Totally meant abreviation champion when I said anagram champion. There’s a possibility that I’ve been drinking. I’d bet the over.

  87. Way the fuck over.

  88. Delilah enjoyed Renee’s perfume.

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